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Helden wie wir / Heroes Like Us. 1999.

Heroes Like Us presents as heroes ordinary teenagers and young East German adults, who in Thomas Brussig's (the novel and screenplay author) story, caused the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Our young hero falls in love, from an early age, with a girl whose family is not in good standing with the ruling Communist party. Our hero's father, however, is a member of the "Stasi", the secret state police. The father not only hinders his son's relationship with the girl, but he arranges for his son, after finishing school, to become a Stasi spy himself. The absurdities of everyday life in the former German "Democratic" Republic are comically (sometimes tragically) are exposed throughout the film.
Director: Sebastian Peterson.
Cast: Daniel Borgwardt, Xenia Snagowski, Adrian Heidenreich, Luca Lenz, Kirsten Block, Udo Kroschwald, Volkmar Kleinert, Dietmar Huhn, Ulrich Wenzke, Gojko Mitic, Joachim Lätsch, Renate Krößner.
Germany, 1999.
Language: German.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Helden wie wir / Heroes Like Us. 1999: … 9.rar.html



L'année du certif. 1996.

FR. Un roman vivant et chaleureux comme la mémoire collective
Les Cévennes, dans la France des années trente. C'est la grande époque du certificat d'études. Les écoles, les villages même s'affrontent, par l'intermédiaire de eurs champions, pour le prix cantonal. Chaque instituteur se doit d'avoir au moins une fois dans sa carrière le premier du canton...
dès l'été, commence l'année terrible. paul Fontanes, l'instituteur de Saint-André-la-Vallée prépare son fils Antoine ; Mlle Rachel, de Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, lance dans la bataille la tendre et folle Pascaline.
Pendant que les jeunes candidats connaissent leurs premiers émois amoureux et se passionnent pour les romances à deux sous, les espoirs et désespoirs des instituteurs viennent fausser la règle du jeu. Alors, entre adultes et enfants, se noue un drame qui ne connaîtra son épiogue que douze ans plus tard...
L'Année du certif a été adapté pour la télévision en 1996 par Jacques Renard.
EN. This certificate was formerly obtained by pupils at the end of primary school. It disappeared and in the naughties is nothing but a memory for older people, retired or soon-to-be-retired. I thought myself of taking it, but the principal told my mother it was useless.
The teacher of a small village has a dream: he wants his son to get his certificate and to be the best in the district ("Canton"). His younger son is less gifted: he is ashamed of him and treats him like a dunce. His obsession is so strong his marriage (his wife is a schoolteacher too) is soon on the rocks. Enter a handsome teacher and this is no more the perfect family.
The day of the exam is particularly well directed, with the inspector of schools and the inhabitants talking arithmetic and spelling. When the results are announced, there will be some surprises. And even an unexpected twist, ten years later. This is an above average MTV work.
Director: Jacques Renard.
Cast: Jacques Bonnaffé, Mireille Perrier, Jean Yanne, Jean-Yves Berteloot, Laetitia Legrix, Michèle Moretti, Félix Briaud, Sébastien Chamaillard, Ervan Kawczinski, Magali Cotta, Sarah Pradeaud.
France, 1996.
Language: French.
Download L'année du certif. 1996: … 6.rar.html



Goluboy portret / Blue Portrait. 1976.

Old romantic Soviet film about a young dreamer, first mutual sympathy to the girl and a great friendship with her grandmother. And in general - it is a story about another pioneer summer in the village.
Director: Gennadiy Shumskiy.
Cast: Dariya Mikhaylova, Valeri Savishchev, Varvara Soshalskaya, Yuriy Nazarov, Dmitri Samodumov, Vitali Yerikhov.
USSR, Mosfilm, 1976.
Download Goluboy portret / Blue Portrait. 1976: … 6.rar.html



Gauguin, le loup dans le soleil / The Wolf at the Door / Oviri. 1986.

Gauguin, le loup dans le soleil (Oviri) est un film franco-danois d'Henning Carlsen réalisé en 1986.Ce film biographique est basé sur la vie du célèbre peintre français Paul Gauguin.
This biographical film, based on the life of French artist Paul Gauguin (Donald Sutherland), follows the painter as he returns to Paris after a long stay in Tahiti and must confront his wife, his children, and his former lover.
Director: Henning Carlsen.
Cast: Donald Sutherland, Max von Sydow, Jean Yanne, Sofie Gråbøl, Valeri Glandut, Ghita Nørby, Merete Voldstedlund, Solbjørg Højfeldt, Fanny Bastien, Jørgen Reenberg, Henrik Larsen, Morten Grunwald, Jesper Bruun Rasmussen.
Denmark, France, 1986.
Language: English, Russian.
Download Gauguin, le loup dans le soleil / The Wolf at the Door / Oviri. 1986:



Горещо пладне / Goreshto pladne. 1965.

On a hot summer day three boys are splashing around the river. One of them gets his hand caught in the stone masonry of a railway bridge. Many peasants, the passengers from the train, which stops nearby, and the crews of tanks taking part in a military exercise flock to the scene of accident. People drop out whatever they are doing; even the maneuvers get stopped to come to the help of a child. Action must be taken quickly because the water level is rising fast. The concerted efforts of all involved people help save the child. Thus a particular case, an extreme situation has served as a test of significant and insignificant in our life, which often happens to become transposed.
Director: Зако Хеския / Zako Heskija.
Cast: Plamen Nakov, Petar Slabakov, Grigor Vachkov, Rousy Chanev, Gerasim Mladenov, Vladislav Molerov, Kalina Antonova, Ivan Bratanov, Dimitar Panov, Kyamil Kyuchukov.
Bulgaria, 1965.
Language: Bulgarian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Горещо пладне / Goreshto pladne. 1965: … 5.rar.html



Miss Violence. 2013.

It's Angeliki's 11th birthday celebration, and a well-organised party is held in her honour. Everything is in order, and all the ingredients of a usual birthday party are there. A nice fest, a big cake, music, dance, a caring grandfather's embrace... a truly loving family environment. But is it real, or is this an elaborate facade? As we witness a devastating act of despair, we understand that something lies underneath. The story advances, and we slowly get lured into a web of hideous secrets, while gradually getting ourselves dragged into a downward spiral of lies and deceptive appearances. When we unwillingly unravel the mysteries kept behind closed doors, in reality, we plunge into the depths of the human soul and the unfathomable secrets within.
Director: Alexandros Avranas.
Cast: Themis Panou, Reni Pittaki, Eleni Roussinou, Sissy Toumasi, Kalliopi Zontanou, Constantinos Athanasiades, Giorgos Gerontidakis-Sempetadelis, Maria Skoula, Chloe Bolota, Maria Kallimani, Anna Koutsaftiki, Stefanos Kosmidis.
Greece, 2013.
Language: Greek.
Subtitles: Korean, Russian.
Download Miss Violence. 2013: … 3.rar.html



Dirty Paradise. 2009.

The true story of the Wayana people, French Indians of Amazonia who are cursed by living in a region rich in gold. Consequently, the uncontrolled exploitation of this wealth has brought about a severe deterioration of the forest's ecosystem, the irreversible pollution of streams, as well as countless violations of fundamental human rights. This film not only shows the despair of the Amerindians but also their awareness of the problem and how they are trying to cope with their survival. A documentary which gives a human face to a contemporary tragedy which concerns all of us.
Director: Daniel Schweizer.
Switzerland, France, 2009.
Language: French.
Download Dirty Paradise. 2009: … 9.rar.html



Surnuaiavahi tütar. 2011.

EE. Lucia elu ühes Eesti alevikus on lõbus ja vaba, kuid koolis on õpetajad mures, sest hinded on tal halvad. Tema isa, surnuaiavaht Kaido putitab autosid ja teeb muid juhutöid, ema Maria peab töö kaotamisest saadik teiste omasugustega pidu. Lucia kooliasjade jaoks pole kummalgi aega. Juba on asi lastekaitseinspektori laual, kui pere ootamatult kutsutakse Soome külla. Nädal aega elavad nad kirikuõpetaja Sirpa juures, ja Lucia ettekujutus kodust muutub põhjalikult. Tagasi Eestisse jõudes võtavad sündmused sellise pöörde, et tüdruk peab valima, millises kodus elada.
EN. A snapshot of one segment of Estonian present-day life, shown through the eyes of a child: LUCIA is leading a jolly and naughty Pippi-Longstocking-style life in a small town in Estonia. Her father KAIDO, a graveyard keeper, can hardly provide for the family, her mother MARIA is a drunk. Then the family receives an unexpected invitation to spend a week in Finland, in the house of the female pastor SIRPA. This week will change everybody's life in unexpected ways...
Director: Katrin Laur.
Cast: Maria Avdjushko, Epp Eespäev, Kertu-Killu Grenman, Katrin Jarv, Ülle Kaljuste, Eva Klemets, Anti Kobin, Kersti Kreismann, Arvo Kukumägi, Carolina Kuris, Esther Kõiv, Kristel Leesmend, Mait Lepik, Haide Männamäe.
Estonia, Finland, 2011.
Language: Estonian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Surnuaiavahi tütar. 2011: … 1.rar.html



Vive les vacances! 2009.

Vive les vacances! était une série télévisée diffusée en 2009 en France sur TF1 et en Belgique sur La Une.
Une superbe maison de vacances au bord de la mer et trois couples avec enfants qui s'y installent pour le mois d'août. Problème ! Chaque couple a loué cette maison pour lui seul. Arnaque dans l'air... Aucune famille ne voulant céder sa place, la guerre commence. Les vacances idylliques deviennent un enfer. De la jalousie à la mauvaise foi, de l'égoïsme à l'intérêt personnel, de la lâcheté au ridicule, tous les travers de l'être humain sont mis en évidence avec tendresse. Et de cette inimitié naîtra une forte complicité...
Director: Stephane Kappes.
Cast: Timothé Riquet, Hugo de Donno, Zacharie Chasseriaud, Tania Garbarski, Titoff, Cécile Bois,  Stéphane De Groodt, Arnaud Henriet, Julie Dray, Salem Kali, Marie Vincent, Mélusine Mayance, Gwenaëlle Simon, Julie Cavanna,  Louison Blivet, Jean-Marie Paris.
France, 2009.
Language: French.
Download Vive les vacances! 2009: … 9.rar.html


Het Debuut. 1977.
A 14 year old girl and a 41 year old friend of her father's fall in love, and soon their relationship grows into a sexual one as well. For some time all is happy, but then the tension grows too much, because of the secrecy and frustration of being the lover of a married man, and because she feels he starts to treat her too much like a child instead of a lover.
Director: Nouchka van Brakel.
Cast: Marina de Graaf, Gerard Cox, Pleuni Touw, Kitty Courbois, Dolf de Vries, Sandrien Van Brakel, Joop Keesmaat.
Holland, 1977.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Het Debuut. 1977:



Løperjenten / Kamilla / Betrayal. 1981

NO. En familie i oppløsning, sett gjennom datterens øyne.
Familien er Vibeke Løkkebergs tema. I filmene blir vi kjent med familier som kjemper, ofte mot seg selv. Løkkeberg lar kameraet gli ned til de uskyldige og svakeste i konfliktene, barna. Løperjenten er en slik film.
Lille Kamilla bor i etterkrigstidens Bergen. Hennes far, Sverre Konradsen (Helge Jordal), er en konkurs fabrikkeier som vil til Amerika for å starte på ny. Med seg på planene får han Siri, en ung kvinne som overtar både arbeid og sengeplass, mens kona Lisa (Løkkeberg) blir overlatt til den finere kjøpmannen Nilsen. Han er også interessert i pengene Sverre tjente under krige
Dette er en hjerteskjærende, vakker og rystende skildring av etterkrigstidens Bergen, sett gjennom lille Kamillas øyne, laget av en av Norges mest særegne regissører. Filmen ble i 1995 satt på UNESCOs liste over Norges 15 mest betydningsfulle filmer.
EN. 1. Betrayal is set in Bergen in the year 1948. Seven-year-old Kamilla (Løkkeberg) growing up in Bergen, Norway just after the 2nd world war, is trying to deal with the father's adultery and mother's deep depression, as she befriends a boy. This endangers her.
2. Kamilla was originally released in Sweden in 1981, then made the specialty-house rounds in the US four years later. Nina Knapskog is astonishingly perceptive as the 7-year-old daughter of bitterly battling parents. Seeking an escape from the vitriol, Nina develops of friendship with a lonely little boy. Together the kids form a united front against the nastiness and callousness of the rest of the world. Echoes of the earlier child's eye view foreign classic Forbidden Games are inescapable, but the sheer virtuosity of Kamilla enables it to stand on its own lofty merits.
Director: Vibeke Løkkeberg.
Cast: Nina Knapskog, Kenneth Johansen, Helge Jordal, Vibeke Løkkeberg, Cato Alvær, Borge Berggreen, Charles Alvær, Torunn Berggreen, Johnny Bergh, Philip J. Borgli, Karin Zetlitz Haerem.
Norway, 1981.
Attention: the film without the sound track.
Subtitles: Norwegian.
Download Løperjenten / Kamilla / Betrayal. 1981:



Devochka na share / Girl on the Ball. 1966.

"Devochka na share" is a Soviet children's film of 1966, based on the script of Victor Dragunsky based on his stories about Denis Korablev.
After Deniska saw Tanya in the circus he decided that she came to him directly from the Picasso painting.
Directors: Gleb Komarovsky, Levan Shengeliya.
Cast: Irakli Tsirgiladze, Olga Ryabova, Mikhail Kislyarov, Yuriy Yakovlev, Alla Budnitskaya, Galina Kravchenko, Anna Stroganova, Irina Murzayeva, Georgiy Georgiu, Igor Kio.
USSR,  Mosfilm, 1966.
Language: Russian.
Download Devochka na share / Girl on the Ball. 1966:



Das Mädchen Störtebeker. 1980.

DE. 1. Das Mädchen Antje lebt bei ihrem Großvater. Ihr Vater ist Steuermann auf einem großen Kreuzer und seine Frau durfte ihn auf einer weiten Reise begleiten. In Südermünde, am Meer, wird sie von allen Störtebeker gerufen, weil sie in ihrer Phantasie oft mit dem echten Seeräuber Störtebeker redet und sich von ihm verschiedene Ratschläge holt. Ihr Ziel, Steuerfrau auf einem großen Segelschiff zu werden, liegen viele Steine im Weg. Nach einer Menge Tricksereien erkennt sie den wahren Weg und lernt bis dahin große und kleine Freunde zu schätzen.
2. Da ihr Vater zur See fährt und ihre Mutter ihn begleitet, lebt Antje bei ihrem Großvater in Südermünde am Meer. Eines Tages will auch Antje die Meere bereisen und ein so schönes Segelschiff wie die “Immer bereit” steuern, die es dem Mädchen vom ersten Augenblick an angetan hat. In ihrer Fantasie hält Antje oft Zwiesprache mit dem legendären Piraten Störtebeker. Mithilfe seiner Ratschläge will sich das “Mädchen Störtebeker”, wie sie bald im Ort gerufen wird, einen Platz auf Kapitän Martens Segelschiff erkämpfen.
EN. A funny adventures of the twelve years old girl Antje who is fascinated by the stories about a famous pirate Stortebeker.
Episode List:
01 ... träumt von großer Fahrt.
02 ... treibt ein schlimmes Spiel.
03 ... geht baden.
04 ... sieht Land.
05 ... kapert sein Schiff.
Director: Karl-Heinz Bahls.
Cast: Paul Arenkens, Klaus Bamberg, Michael Christian, Werner Dissel, Rainer Doering, Karsten Hopp, Jürgen Kaczmarek, Uwe Kockisch, Lotte Loebinger, Margit Meller, Wolfgang Penz, Ronny Prochino, Hans-Peter Reinecke, Günther Schulze, Violetta Sudmann.
DDR, 1980.
Language: German.
Download Das Mädchen Störtebeker. 1980: … 0.rar.html



La niña de la mochila azul. 1979.

This movie is A Mexican classic. This is about Amy and Raul, two kids in grade school and their adventures. Amy is an orphan and lives with his drunk uncle, they are very poor and because of this, the kids at the school make fun of her.
Director: Ruben Galindo.
Cast: Pedro Fernandez, Maria Rebeca, Adalberto Martinez, Monica Prado, Mario Cid, Jose Luis Estrada, Roberto Jimenez.
Mexico, 1979.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download La niña de la mochila azul. 1979: … 9.rar.html



Den pro mou lásku / Day for My Love. 1976.

Režisér Juraj Herz tentokrát překvapil citově působivým příběhem o manželské dvojici, která se musí vyrovnat s tragickou událostí, které ničivě zasáhla do jejího soužití. Režiséru se podařilo i v časech vypjaté normalizace vyprávění zbavit jakýchkoli politických odkazů, hrdinové si žijí jakoby navzdory době, uzavírajíce se do svého soukromí, do svých radostí i strastí... Všimneme si téměř karnevalového veselí, když i s kamarády podnikají bezmála happeningové akce, smyslem pro nenápadné postižení všední tváře velkoměsta (podíl kameramana Jiřího Macháně na lyrizaci obrazu je nesporný). Režisér nikde nepodlehl svodům melodramatu, příběh líčí střízlivě i emočně vypjaté scény. Film upoutal na svou dobu odvážnou, byť něžně natočenou milostnou scénou.
Director: Juraj Herz.
В ролях: Marta Vančurová, Vlastimil Harapes, Sylva Kamenická, Jiřina Šejbalová, Dana Medřická, Eva Sitteová, Lubomír Černík, Žofie Veselá (Kanyzová), Jan Hartl, Eva Svobodová, Emma Černá, Milada Černá, Jaroslav Heyduk, Libuše Salabová, Zdeněk Srstka, Dagmar Veškrnová-Havlová, Petr Kratochvíl, Václav Vodák, Jiří Zoubek, Milena Kaplická, Magdalena Pakostová, Gabriela Wilhelmová, Marta Richterová, Jindra Kvardová, Jaroslava Tichá, Kateřina Besserová, Šárka Jerieová, Renata Schindlerová, Markéta Světlíková, Jitka Zimová, Vladimír Čech ml., Jan Fišar, Pavel Hekela, Jiří Knot, Jaromír Meduna, Antonín Procházka, Marcel Vašinka, Věra Barešová, Jarka Čapková, Vanda Čehovská, Anna Schugerová, Daniela Smyczková.
Czechoslovakia, 1976.
Language: Czech.
Subtitles: Russian, English, Czech.
Download Den pro mou lásku / Day for My Love. 1976: … 6.rar.html



Eno nakano bokuno mura / Village of Dreams. 1996.

JP. 『絵の中のぼくの村』(えのなかのぼくのむら)は、田島征三の自伝的エッセイ。また、それを原作とした映画作品。映画『絵の中のぼくの村』は1996年、第46回ベルリン国際映画祭で銀熊賞(Silver Bear for an outstanding single achievement)を受賞。
EN. Village of Dreams (絵の中のぼくの村 E no naka no boku no mura) is a 1996 Japanese drama film directed by Yōichi Higashi. It is the story of two Japanese twin brothers growing up in post-war rural Japan. The film won the Silver Bear for an outstanding single achievement at the 46th Berlin International Film Festival.[
Tells of the childhood of nine-year-old twins in a rural village in Japan after World War 2. Includes the boys' relationships with their schoolteacher mother, civil servant father, elderly landlord, a rough new boy at the school, and three mysterious spirits in the form of old women.
Director: Yôichi Higashi.
Cast: Mieko Harada, Keigo Matsuyama, Shogo Matsuyama, Kyôzô Nagatsuka, Kaneko Iwasaki, Hôsei Komatsu, Tokuko Sugiyama, Kôichi Ueda.
Japan, 1996.
Language: Japanese.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Eno nakano bokuno mura / Village of Dreams. 1996: … 6.rar.html



Rakuyôju / Tree without leaves. 1986.

The story is simple. A boy has a mother who is dedicated to him in every way, emotionally engaged and prepared for extreme sacrifice for the smallest pleasure for him. On the other side is a father so stern he makes Bergman's Scandinavian Lutherans seem mild. The mother dies when the boy is 11; all the siblings have fled and the boy at the end is stuck with his father, penniless. The thing is framed as the book the boy writes, now old and missing key parts of his soul. Lots of snow. Lots of lonely stares that contrast with the wide eyes of the boy, selfish and demanding.
It works. It works because its gentle, a gentle knife that wounds. In the west, you'd have Nick Nolte shouting. Beatings. Dark drama and loud. Here, the routineness of how bleakness seeps is much more disturbing. Everything is beautiful.
The anchor scene. There's usually one in such compositions, and here it is obvious because it is recalled a dozen times and repeated about half that. The boy and his sister are in the field playing. Tossing sandals in the air and pretending they are bats. We see the bats in their imagination as they attempt to catch them, which of course they are, continuing to keep them flying. The saintlike mother calls them for supper, which we know was painstakingly and perfectly prepared.
The children ignore her, playing with their imaginary hauntings in fun because they know they can control them. It builds and builds in resonance each occurrence, obviously the center of the movie the adult plays over and over in his head...
Director: Kaneto Shindô.
Cast: Keiju Kobayashi, Nobuko Otowa, Ichirô Zaitsu, Meiko Kaji, Kotoe Hatsui, Taiji Tonoyama, Bin Moritsuka, Rokkô Toura, Yûno Sugawara, Tokiko Miyama, Mami Okamoto, M. Shôjo, Tsuyoshi Naitô.
Japan, 1986.
Language: Japanese.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Rakuyôju / Tree without leaves. 1986: … 6.rar.html



Garçon manqué / Tomboy. 2008.

When a young girl is sent away for being different, she must hold on to what matters most or risk losing herself.
Director: David Delrieux.
Cast: Ryan Azzoug Gaumont, Smain, Fejria Deliba, Biyouna, Taida Vazan, Sabrina Vazan.
France, Belgium, 2008.
Language: French, Russian.
Download Garçon manqué / Tomboy. 2008: … 8.rar.html



The Hummingbird Tree. 1993.

The Hummingbird Tree is a film directed by Noella Smith and starring Patrick Bergin, Niall Buggy and Sunil Ramjitsingh. It was filmed in Trinidad and Tobago in 1992 by the BBC. The script of the movie, by Jonathan Falla, was based on the book The Hummingbird Tree, written by Ian McDonald (Guyanese writer) and first published by Heinemann (publisher) in 1969. The book was republished by Macmillan Publishers in 2004.
Set in 1946 in Trinidad. Tells the story of the friendship between Alan, the 12-year-old son of well-off Catholic parents, and Jaillin and Kaiser, two local East Indian children.
Director: Noella Smith.
Cast: Patrick Bergin, Susan Wooldridge, Tom Beasley, Desha Penco, Sunil Y. Ramjitsingh, Valerie Laurent Stevens, Clive Wood, Rebecca Aldred, Bret Kenny, Kirk Collins, Charles Applewaite, Roger Roberts, Joseph Gilbert.
UK, 1992.
Language: English.
Download The Hummingbird Tree. 1993:



Bimujang jidae / The Demilitarized Zone. 1965.

The film exposes the atrocities of war through the eyes of two children who are stranded in the DMZ after the end of the Korean War. The DMZ, strewn with abandoned tanks, dead bodies, land mines, and unexploded shells, is an exceedingly dangerous place for children. But what most endangers them in the end are not weapons but people.
'Demilitarized Zone' is not unlike the Japanese 'Grave of the Fireflies,' but instead of being based in a post-nuclear bomb attack in Hiroshima it is based in the split Koreas.
Director: Sang-ho Park.
Cast: Mi-lyeong Jo, Kung-won Nam, Bin-a Ju, Yeong-kwan Lee.
South Korea, 1965.
Language: Korean.
Subtitles: English.
Download Bimujang jidae / The Demilitarized Zone. 1965: … 5.rar.html



To dendro pou pligoname / The Tree We Hurt. 1986.

GR: Καλοκαίρι 1960, σ' ένα γραφικό χωριό της Χίου, τελευταίες μέρες του σχολικού έτους. Η φιλία δυο αγοριών της Δ’ τάξης του Δημοτικού κλονίζεται. Το σχολείο κλείνει και τα δυο παιδιά περνούν ένα μεγάλο μέρος του καλοκαιριού χωριστά. Ο ένας βοηθάει τη μητέρα του στα μαστιχόδεντρα, τα δέντρα που πληγώνονται και δακρύζουν την αστραφτερή τους μαστίχα. Ο άλλος, ακολουθεί τον δικό του, μοναχικό δρόμο και προσπαθεί να ξεφύγει από τη δική του αυταρχική μάνα, που συνηθίζει να τον κυνηγά με τον πλάστη στα σοκάκια του χωριού. Μια τυχαία συνάντησή τους κατά τη διάρκεια μιας τέτοιας καταδίωξης γίνεται αφορμή να επανασυνδεθούν και να περάσουν μαζί το υπόλοιπο καλοκαίρι.
EN: It's summer 1960, in the picturesque Greek town of Chios, where people get around by donkey. School is ending, and a present-day narrator is calling up memories of the idyllic weeks he spent between fourth and fifth grades. They compose ''The Tree We Hurt,'' an unassuming Greek movie that opens today at the Public Theater.
In the course of this brief holiday scrapbook, the boy assists his mother in cutting the bark of the gum tree -''the tree we hurt'' - so the gum may drip out like tears or jewels. He frolics with a stray dog, joins in anouting on the beach, frees some trapped birds and is shot at by the bird catcher. He develops a crush on a pretty girl visitor. He and his best friend, Runny-Nose Vangelis, also known as the Cat Strangler, participate in funeral processions to earn a few coins. They splash in a tiny pool, eat ice cream and smoke a cigarette. With some other kids, they make war on wasps and pick on the local lunatic.
Director: Dimos Avdeliodis.
Cast: Yannis Avdeliodis, Nikos Mioteris, Katerina Kyriakodi, Dimos Avdeliodis, Takis Agoris, Yannis Koliaros, Vagelio Misailidou, Kostas Kalamotoessis, Dimitris Sideratos, Stelios Makrias, Despina Psalti.
Greece, 1986.
Language: Greek.
Download To dendro pou pligoname / The Tree We Hurt. 1986: … 6.rar.html



風の中の子供 / Kaze no naka no kodomo / Children in the Wind. 1937.

Brothers Zenta and Sanpei carelessly wile their summer away in the countryside, bullying neighbor Kintaro and fighting over who gets to deliver their father's daily lunchbox. Sunny days come to an abrupt end when their father is accused of forging documents and put in jail. While his mother looks for work, Sanpei is sent away to stay with his father's retired schoolmaster, but he can't stop getting into trouble.
Director: Hiroshi Shimizu.
Cast: Masao Hayama, Tomio Aoki, Bakudankozo, Reikichi Kawamura, Mitsuko Yoshikawa, Fumiko Okamura, Chishu Ryu, Takeshi Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagao, Einosuke Naka, Seiji Nishimura, Chishu Ryu, Takayuki Suematsu, Koji Matsuda, Kanji Kawahara.
Japan, 1937.
Language: Japanese .
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download 風の中の子供 / Kaze no naka no kodomo / Children in the Wind. 1937: … o.rar.html



L'effrontée / Charlotte and Lulu / Impudent Girl. 1985.

Charlotte (Gainsbourg) is being raised without a mother. She is only 13 but ready to be an adult. She meets an older boy and begins a relationship while teaching a young friend about life and learning the ropes herself.
Director: Claude Miller.
Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Clothilde Baudon, Julie Glenn, Bernadette Lafont, Jean-Claude Brialy, Jean-Philippe Écoffey, Raoul Billerey, Richard Guerry, Simon de La Brosse, Philippe Baronnet.
France, 1985.
Language: French, Russian.
Download L'effrontée / Charlotte and Lulu / Impudent Girl. 1985:



Die Kinder vom Friedrichshof / Child of the Commune. 2009.

The commune of Otto Muehl, the acclaimed Vienna Actionist, was one of the most controversial artistic and social experiments of the Seventies. In the countryside, on the compounds of the Friedrichshof, mutual sexuality, common property, the connection of happening and body art as well as the consistent removal of any permanent relationships should serve as the ideal foundation for this project. The most ambitious aim of this Austrian commune was Muhls third generation project/Child production which aimed to create a completely new human being. Twenty years later, in summer of 1991, Muhl was arrested for child abuse and the community dissolved. The company's experiment was a dramatic failure. Through the eyes of these children, the film looks back at the community and examines what has become of the children of this utopia.
Director: Juliane Grossheim.
Germany, 2009.
Download Die Kinder vom Friedrichshof / Child of the Commune. 2009: … 9.rar.html



Children of Russia. 1974.

A documentary about the best vacation spot Pioneers and Komsomol members all over the country - Russian summer camp of the Komsomol "Orlyonok".
Director: Shahverdiyev Tofik Rzaguliyevich.
USSR, 1974.
Download Children of Russia. 1974:



Die Kinder aus Nr. 67. 1980.

DE. Berlin 1932: Die Kinder aus No. 67 treffen sich seit jeher zum Spiel auf dem Hinterhof. Nichts kann ihre Freundschaft stören, scheint es, auch wenn Arbeitslosigkeit und große Not ihren Familien das Leben schwer machen. Erwin und Paul sind dennoch die dicksten Freunde. Als jedoch Hitler an die Macht kommt, wird ihr Zusammenhalt auf eine große Probe gestellt. Paul geht in die Hitlerjunged, während Erwins Vater als SPD-Mitglied verhaftet wird und seine jüdische Freundin Deutschland verlässt. Als Paul nur noch mit der Uniform der Hinterljugend auftritt, zerbricht ihre Freundschaft vollständig.
EN. The "Our Gang" type adventures of German working class kids from a Berlin apartment building (number 67) during the early 1930s. With Nazism's rise, however, their tight-knit group unravels. One leader, Paul, becomes a Nazi. (In a later book of the series, you discover he renounces Nazism and flees to Switzerland.) One, Erwin, resists Nazification. (In a later book, his father takes him to Sweden. He eventually, however, fights for the British.) And the girl, Miriam, who is Jewish, immigrates to Canada. (In a later book, she returns to Europe after the war, where all three comrades finally meet in Geneva to renew their vows of friendship once again.)
Directors: Usch Barthelmeß-Weller, Werner Meyer.
Cast: Bernd Riedel, René Schaaf, May Buschke, Juergen Frei, Stefan Bossenberger, Heike Falkenberg, Peter Franke, Franziska Krumwiede, Johanna Karl-Lory.
West Germany, 1980.
Language: German, Russian.
Download Die Kinder aus Nr. 67. 1980: … 0.rar.html



Gyerekgyilkossagok / Child Murders. 1993.

In this black and white melodrama about children, the child murders that the film's title refers to are the million and one ways that children's souls are ravaged by neglect, unkindness and cruelty, even though several physical deaths take place in the story. Zsolt (Barnabбs Tуth) lives a lonely life with his grandmother, having been left in her care by his mother so that she could leave the country. He spends so much time taking care of his grandmother (rather than the contrary) that he has little time for much else. However, he makes friends with Juli (Mбria Balogh) a homeless young gypsy woman living in an abandoned railway car. This friendship becomes known to the other children in his circle, and results in his being actively ridiculed, ostracized and beaten. When Juli has a miscarriage and Zsolt helps her dispose of the baby's corpse, they are seen by one of the hate-filled local children, who notifies the police. The gypsy girl is taken to a prison hospital, where she hangs herself. Zsolt quietly takes his revenge on the informant. His life takes a turn for the better when his grandmother is hospitalized and he comes to the attention of a kindly policeman.
Director: Ildiko Szabo.
Cast: Barnabas Toth, Mari Balogh, Ilona Kallay, Dora Koves, Peter Andorai, Eszter Csakanyi, Hedi Temessy.
Hungary, 1993.
Download Gyerekgyilkossagok / Child Murders. 1993: … k.rar.html



Detstvo Tyomy / Tyoma's Childhood. 1991.

Two-part television film based on the story of the same name by N. G. Garin-Mikhailovsky. Small Tyoma Kartashov, noble son of a retired general, grows up and learns to understand complex human relationships, to appreciate life with all its beauty and ugliness and to love the people.
Director: Elena Strizhevskaya.
Cast: Sergei Golev, Anna Kamenkova, Leonid Kulagin, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Zinoviy Gerdt, Lyubov Omelchenko, Yuriy Chernov, Alyona Belyak, Valentina Ananina, Vladimir Maksimov, Vera Ivleva, Igor Kashintsev.
USSR, Kinostudiya imeni M. Gorkogo, 1991.
Language: Russian.
Download Detstvo Tyomy / Tyoma's Childhood. 1991:



Unde eşti, copilărie? / Childhood Memories. 1988.

După mai bine de douazeci de ani de la întâlnirea celor doi interpreți ai serialului Năică, Alexandra Foamete și Bogdan Untaru, Smărăndița, azi regizoare, pornește în căutarea interpretului ideal pentru un rol de copil…
Director: Elisabeta Bostan.
Cast: Alexandra Foamete, Bogdan Untaru,
Romania, 1988.
Language: Romanian.
Download Unde eşti, copilărie? / Childhood Memories. 1988: … 8.rar.html



The Girl Next Door. 2007.

The Girl Next Door (also known as Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door and, in Germany, Jack Ketchum's Evil) is a 2007 American horror film adaptation of Jack Ketchum's 1989 novel of the same name. The film is loosely based on true events surrounding the torture and murder of Sylvia Likens by Gertrude Baniszewski during the summer of 1965.
In a quiet suburban town in the summer of 1958, two recently orphaned sisters, Meg and disabled Susan are placed in the care of their mentally unstable aunt Ruth. But Ruth's depraved sense of discipline will soon lead to unspeakable acts of abuse and torture that involve her young sons, Willie, Ralphie, and Donny the neighborhood children, and one 12-year-old boy, David whose life will be changed forever.
Director: Gregory Wilson.
Cast: William Atherton, Blythe Auffarth, Blanche Baker, Kevin Chamberlin, Graham Patrick Martin, Mark Margolis, Daniel Manche, Michael Nardella, Grant Show.
USA, 2007.
Language: English, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Download The Girl Next Door. 2007: … 7.rar.html


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