Tom et Lola / Tom and Lola. 1990. HD & DVD.

FR. Tom et Lola est un film francais realise par Bertrand Arthuys, sorti en 1990.
Tom et Lola sont deux enfants-bulle de 9 ans, qui, depuis leur naissance, sont coupes du monde a cause de leur deficience immunitaire. Ils vivent nus, sans cheveux, dans deux bulles de plastique, entoures de l'affection de leur entourage, et attendant desesperement un remede a leur maladie. Cependant, ils construisent ensemble un monde onirique, communiquent avec un code secret et decident un jour, profitant de circonstances favorables, de realiser leur reve, atteindre l'Alaska ou l'air est si pur qu'ils n'auront plus peur des microbes. Ils s'enfuient donc un soir de l'hopital et commencent leur aventure merveilleuse pleine de peripeties.
EN. Tom et Lola (English: Tom and Lola) is a French film about two ten-year-olds who have always lived isolated in sterile, hermetically sealed plastic bubbles due to an (unspecified) immune-deficiency disease. However, neither their environment or the hospital technicians can keep down the indomitable spirit of these children. Nor can anything stop their quest to one day run truly free, unbound by the medical shackles that bind them.
In this allegorical children's melodrama, nine-year old Tom and Lola (Neil Stubbs and Melodie Colin) have been kept in super-sanitary conditions all their lives, and have only rarely ventured outside their clinical environment wrapped in plastic. They have been told that they have a radical immune deficiency, and will die if exposed to a normal environment. Surreptitiously, they begin to test the truth of this assertion by escaping from supervision in the middle of the night, and discover that whatever their adult captors believe, they are just fine. One day they escape for good.
Trivia: Late in the film when the pair are traveling, they come upon a group of siblings who are all completely naked in their own home. Despite claims to the contrary, this is perfectly normal for European preteens.
Director: Bertrand Arthuys.
Cast: Cecile Magnet, Marc Berman, Catherine Frot, Celian Varini, Neil Stubbs, Melodie Collin, Sophie Arthuys, Olivier Belmont, Nadia Chapuis, Edouard Dequesne, Nicolas Haure, Quiterie Lejosne, Junior John Levis, Gwenaelle Quelme, Janine Souchon.
France, 1990.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English.
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