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Jhing Chik Jhing. 2009.

The film is set around the problem of agrarian debt and farmer suicides in Maharashtra. Mouli (Bharat Jadhav), a farmer who ekes out a living on a 2 acre farm is trying his best to support his family. He is in debt to the tune of Rs. 10,000 to the local money lender (Uday Sabnis). Mouli's wife Manda (Madhavi Juvekar) tries her best to sustain the family on the little that they have. Mouli and Manda's children Shyam (Chinmay Kambli) and Dipti (Aarti More) go to the local school - and both are bright children who have a lot to look forward to. Shyam wants to become 'someone' and Dipti has her first crush ! When it seems that all is lost - including the land - and suicide is the only option - Shyam decides that he is not going to die and tries his best to save the family. What he does and the alternative to suicide and debt free farming (the word used in the film is swawalambhi) is the crux of the film.
Director: Nitin Nandan.
Cast: Chinmay Kambli, Arti More, Pratik Dalvi, Bharat Jadhav, Madhavi Juvekar, Sanjay Mone, Sachin Patil, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Uday Sabnis.
India, 2009.
Language: Marathi.
Subtitles: English.
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Jutro będzie lepiej. 2011.

PL. Trzech bezdomnych chłopców, dwaj bracia i ich kolega, mieszka na rosyjskim dworcu kolejowym. Pewnego dnia postanawiają wyruszyć w poszukiwaniu lepszego jutra. Chcą przejść przez zieloną granicę do Polski, aby znaleźć wszystko to, czego do tej pory nie mieli - dom, przyjaciół, szczęście...
EN. Six-year-old named Petya (Oleg Ryba). Petya, his brother Vasya (Jewgieni Ryba), and their friend Liapa (Akhmed Saralov) travel overland with dreams of a better life in Poland and the hope that tomorrow will be better. They learn they must rely on each other to find their new home.
Director: Dorota Kędzierzawska.
Cast: Oleg Ryba, Jewgienij Ryba, Akhmed Sardalov, Stanisław Sojka, Aleksandra Billewicz, Zygmunt Gorodowienko, Kinga Walenkiewicz, Antoni Łanczkowski, Maria Cichonczyk.
Poland, 2011.
Language: Russian, Polish.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Jutro będzie lepiej. 2011: … 0.rar.html



Kouzelný den. 1960.

Honzik je pysny, ze nacvicuje se skolaky na spartakiadu, zejmena proto, ze jeste sam nechodi do skoly. Necekane se do obce pristehuje pan Horak se synem skolniho veku, ktery Honzika nahradi. Honzik si zoufa. V den oblastni spartakiady deti odjedou a Honzik je ve vesnici sam. Z chalupy Horaku vybehne jejich syn, ktery zaspal a nevi, co delat. Honzik vi, jak situaci resit. Jde za dedeckem Slipku a ten rychle vytahne brycku a zaprahne konika. Brycka nevydrzi vahu deti a dedecka, tak chlapci cestuji vselijak, ale do mesta se dostanou jen taktak. Spartakiadni cvicenci uz pochoduji, ale stane se, ze se deti mezi ne vmisi a ukaze se, ze jedno dite stejne chybelo.
Director: Jan Valasek st.
Cast: Jiri Lukes, Ladislav Holomcik, Jaroslav Bloch, Tomas Hadl, Josef Havlik, Ludek Simаk, Stepanka Hanicincova, Josef Mixa, Jarmila Krulisova, Oldrich Vykypel, Nina Jirankova, Eman Fiala, Vera Koktova, Lubomir Bryg, Jaroslav Drahokoupil, Vera Bila, Milan Brezina, Renata Milosovicova, Hana Brachtlova, Ivan Brachtl, Pavel Komarek, Tamara Vaneckova, Eva Remsova.
Czechoslovakia, 1960.
Language: Czech.
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Forbudt for børn / Little big sister. Making Of. 1998.

Documentary about the making of the trilogy Jesper W. Nielsen Forbudt for born / Little big sister.
Director: Jesper W. Nielsen.
Cast: Stephania Potalivo, Martin Brygmann, Amalie Dollerup, Ole Dupont, Birgitte Federspiel, John Hahn-Petersen, Hanne Hedelund.
Denmark, 1998.
Language: Danish.
Download Forbudt for børn / Little big sister. Making Of. 1998: … 8.rar.html



L'albero delle pere. 1998.

Fourteen-year-old Siddharta lives in Rome with his mother, Silvia - an affectionate, rambling, though shifty woman. She does not work. She lives by her wits, her friendships, her relationships. She's separated from Siddharta's father, Massimo, who does his best to help them. With Roberto she has a five-year-old daughter, Domitilla, who lives with her own father, from whom Silvia is also estranged. The two siblings love each other very much. Domitilla moves in for the Christmas holidays, and, one day while rummaging among her mother's trousse, gets hurt by a syringe. Emotional turmoil ensues. Siddharta has to live on in spite of his parents' mis-doings. He sends Domitilla to do HIV, HBV and HCV tests without their parents' knowledge. Hence, he has to use his own name. That causes unexpected trouble.
Director:  Francesca Archibugi.
Cast: Valeria Golino, Niccolo Senni, Francesca Di Giovanni, Sergio Rubini, Stefano Dionisi, Corrado Invernizzi, Chiara Noschese, Victor Cavallo, Maria Consagra, Giuseppe Del Bono.
Italy, 1998.
Download L'albero delle pere. 1998: … 8.rar.html



Hounddog. 2007.

«Gotta always somehow make good outta what can poison you.»
Hounddog is a 2007 coming-of-age drama film written, directed, and produced by Deborah Kampmeier and starring Dakota Fanning, Isabelle Fuhrman, Robin Wright Penn, and Piper Laurie, among others. It is also Isabelle Fuhrman's debut film. Penn also serves as an executive producer. The film was produced by Raye Dowell, Jen Gatien, and Terry Leonard. It premiered in competition at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, and was given a limited release in 11 North American theaters on September 19, 2008.
Shot near Wilmington, North Carolina and taking place in the late 1950s rural Alabama, the film stars Fanning as Lewellen, "a troubled 12-year-old girl who finds solace from an abusive life through music of Elvis Presley."
The film was panned by critics, due in part to a controversial scene in which Fanning's character is raped. The film was also a box office failure, grossing only $131,961, against an estimated $3.75 million production budget.
A drama set in the American South, where a precocious, troubled girl finds a safe haven in the music and movement of Elvis Presley.
Director: Deborah Kampmeier.
Cast: Dakota Fanning, David Morse, Piper Laurie, Granoldo Frazier, Isabelle Fuhrman, Cody Hanford, Charlie Lucas, Herman McCloud, Chandler McIntyre, Robin Mullins, Afemo Omilami, Tim Parati, Robin Wright.
USA, 2007.
Language: English.
Subtitle: English, Russian.
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Beasts of the Southern Wild. 2012.

Hushpuppy, an intrepid six-year-old girl, lives with her father, Wink, in the Bathtub, a southern Delta community at the edge of the world. Wink's tough love prepares her for the unraveling of the universe; for a time when he's no longer there to protect her. When Wink contracts a mysterious illness, nature flies out of whack, temperatures rise, and the ice caps melt, unleashing an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs. With the waters rising, the aurochs coming, and Wink's health fading, Hushpuppy goes in search of her lost mother.
Director: Benh Zeitlin.
Cast: Quvenzhané Wallis, Dwight Henry, Levy Easterly, Lowell Landes, Pamela Harper, Gina Montana, Amber Henry, Jonshel Alexander, Nicholas Clark, Joseph Brown, Henry D. Coleman, Kaliana Brower, Philip Lawrence, Jimmy Lee Moore.
USA, 2012.
Language: Russian (English).
Download Beasts of the Southern Wild. 2012: … 2.rar.html


Der grüne Heinrich / Henri le Vert / Henry's Romance. 1993.
It is carnival time in Munich and participants are overindulging in alcohol and sensual pleasures. "Follow us into madness" beckons Lys who is drunk on life, but the sensitive Henry does not follow him. Lys has betrayed his fiance, as Henry once betrayed his lost love Anna. In memory of Anna and his cruel Dickensian childhood, Henry challenges Lys to a duel to try to appease his guilt.
Director: Thomas Koerfer.
Cast: Thibault de Montalembert, Andreas Schmid, Florence Darel, Anna Scheschonk, Assumpta Serna, Christine Schorn, Arno Chevrier, Dominique Sanda, Nadja Uhl, Pierre Besson.
Switzerland, France, Germany, 1993.
Download Der grüne Heinrich / Henri le Vert / Henry's Romance. 1993: … 3.rar.html



I et speil i en gåte / Through a Glass darkly. 2008.

It is close to Christmas. In a snow covered landscape in the countryside of Norway we meet 12 year old CECILIE, her friend KLARA and Cecilie's family. They are all preparing for Christmas Eve. Cecilie, however, is seriously ill and spends most of her time in bed, daydreaming about the Spanish boy SEBASTIAN who she met on holiday last summer. One night ARIEL shows up in Cecilie's bedroom, a small strange looking fellow who claims he is an angel and starts talking to Cecilie about the wonders of life. Cecilie finds Ariel quite irritating, but they agree that if Cecilie tells Ariel how it feels to be a human being, Ariel will tell Cecilie about angels and the mysteries of the universe. "Through a Glass, Darkly" is a moving, magic and playful story about a young girl who, at the end of her life, learns to accept death and understands how wonderful life really is. The script is based on the novel "Through a Glass, Darkly" by world famous Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder ("Sophie's World")... 
Director: Jesper W. Nielsen.
Cast: Marie Haagenrud, Aksel Hennie, Trine Wiggen, Mads Ousdal, Maria Sundell, Johannes Piene Gundersen, Àlex Batllori, Liv Ullmann, Asta Busingye Lydersen, Celine Engebrigtsen.
Norway, Denmark, 2008.
Language: Norwegian.
Subtitles: Russian, Danish, English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian.
Download I et speil i en gåte / Through a Glass darkly. 2008: … 8.rar.html



Zlaté časy / Great Times. 1978.

CZ. Návrat do doby posledných dní druhej svetovej vojny videný očami detí. Súčasne s ich zážitkami a ich chápaním vojny sa rozvíja tragicky ladený príbeh mladého muža s veľkými životnými snami a mocnou túžbou žiť za každých okolností ako človek.
EN. Return until the last days of World War II seen through the eyes of children.
Director: Štefan Uher.
Cast: Milka Zimková, Viliam Polónyi, Ondrej Jariabek, Milan Kiš, Anton Šulík, Štefan Mišovic, Anton Trón, Jan Vlasák, Oľga Vronská, Martin Učík, Štefan Halás, Jindřich Světnica, Ryszarda Hanin.
Czechoslovakia, 1978.
Language: Czech.
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Zlatí úhoři / Golden Eels. 1979.

CZ. Karel Kachyňa, jeden z velkých českých režisérů, vytvořil mnoho mimořádně působivých filmů nejen pro plátna, ale i pro obrazovku. Ve všech jeho dílech se setkáváme s nevšední citovou i obrazovou kulturou, s pochopením pro velká i malá lidská trápení, s laskavým humorem. K vrcholům televizní dramatické tvorby bezesporu patří jeho film Zlatí úhoři, inspirovaný povídkami Oty Pavla, o malém chlapci, který spolu s tatínkem podléhá kouzlu řeky Berounky, ale zároveň také prožívá krutou válečnou realitu. "Zlatí úhoři" získali v roce 1979 hlavní cenu na mezinárodním festivalu Prix Italia.
EN. A little boy, named Prdelka, traveled with his father from Prague to the country during the Second World War. There, the boy became friends with a local fisherman and learned to catch the golden eels. Eventually, his father and mother were arrested by the Nazis and the boy stayed with the fisherman.
Director: Karel Kachyňa.
Cast: Vladimír Menšík, Slávka Hozová, Martin Mikuláš, Rudolf Hrušínský, Radoslav Brzobohatý, Eliška Balzerová, Jiří Císler, Tomáš Murdych, Michal Vejrostek, Zdeněk Martínek, Bronislav Poloczek, Karel Augusta, Václav Mareš, Josef Vorel, Zdeněk Zindel, Luděk Munzar.
Czechoslovakia, 1979.
Language: Czech, Russian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Zlatí úhoři / Golden Eels. 1979:



Ivana v útoku / For Boys Only Is for Girls Too. 1964.

Příběh tohoto dětského filmu vznikal v dobách, kdy děvčata prostě některé sporty provozovat nemohla. Titulní hrdinka Ivana vynikala v kopané, zastínila i malé sportovce, dosud hrající jen na plácku mezi domy, dokonce o ni projevil zájem opravdový trenér. Jenže v ryze "klukovském" sportu není pro Ivanu místo. Aby mohla zaskočit za zraněného hráče, nechá se ostříhat a trenér ji považuje za kluka...
Director: Josef Pinkava.
Cast: Eva Járková, Vlastimil Vidlicka, Jiri Kudela, Vladimir Honig, Rudolf Jurda, Eva Matalova, Miloslav Jaksik, Vojtech Stasa, Eliska Hrncirova, Eva Spacilova, Зденек Винклер / Zdenek Winkler, Мария Дурнова / Marie Durnova, Petr Sobotka, Libuse Havelkova, Eva Klepacova.
Czechoslovakia, 1964.
Language: Czech, Russian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Ivana v útoku / For Boys Only Is for Girls Too. 1964: … 3.rar.html



Les jeux de la Comtesse Dolingen de Gratz / The Games of Countess Dolingen of Gratz. 1981.

FR. Après un voyage en train, effectué en compagnie de trois Argentins, Louis Haines-Pearson visite son amie Nena, qui est malade. Nena lui parle de son dernier livre, où une fillette se débat avec des fantasmes érotiques et la douloureuse absence de son père. Est-ce Nena, cette fillette ? En tout cas, Louise est renvoyée à sa propre souffrance, née de l'indifférence de son mari, un collectionneur maniaque qui s'est juré de prendre au piège le cambrioleur qui se promène régulièrement dans sa propriété, au beau milieu de ses précieux anges anciens en bois sculpté. La fillette n'en finit plus de chercher l'amour. Elle le rencontre sous les traits de l'un des Argentins du train mais, punie par sa mère, elle se suicide...
EN. In Paris, a young woman, Louise Haines Pearson, visits her disturbed friend Nena who tells her that she has just written a book on the history of a little girl troubled by her senses, perhaps because of the tyranny of his mother and the absence of her father. Louise recognizes the difficulties of this little girl, being herself deeply affected by the indifference of her husband.
Director: Catherine Binet.
Cast: Michael Lonsdale, Carol Kane, Katia Wastchenko, Marina Vlady, Emmanuelle Riva, Roberto Plate, Marilu Marini, Robert Stephens, Marucha Bo, Antoine Binet, Raoul Escari, Tobie Schumer, Francois Mouren-Provensal.
France, 1981.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Download Les jeux de la Comtesse Dolingen de Gratz / The Games of Countess Dolingen of Gratz. 1981: … 0.rar.html



Impudicizia / Perversion A Un Menor / Games of Desire. 1990.

Florentine is a young, beautiful and passionate woman with a desire for love. Feeling abandoned by her husband's impotency, she searches for outside affection and seduction within brief, but often passionate encounters. During this web of desire she encounters Dorothy. Unknown to Florentine she is her husband's accomplice. In this twisted, frenzied fantasy her husband Jake becomes excited and aroused by the seduction of his wife. With his secret darkrooms and two-way mirrors he begins to desire his wife once more. Florentine, with the help of their adopted son, discovers his world of distorted fantasy. Amazed, but realising that Jake still loves her, she must act.
Director: Pasquale Fanetti.
Cast: Malu, Branki dj Uric, Lidija Zovkic, Negic Slobodan, Izudin Bajrovic.
Italy, 1990.
Language: Italian.
Download Impudicizia / Perversion A Un Menor / Games of Desire. 1990:



XXY. 2007.

In a small coastal town of fishermen in Uruguay, the biologist Kraken works and lives in a house at the sea side with his wife Suli and their aggressive fifteen year-old daughter Alex. When Suli welcomes her former best friend Erika that comes with her husband, the surgeon Ramiro and their teenage son Alvaro to spend a couple of days with her family, Kraken learns that his wife invited Ramiro to operate Alex. Meanwhile Alex and Alvaro feel attracted by each other; however, Alvaro finds that Alex is hermaphrodite and she finds that Alvaro is gay. But the troubled and outcast Alex has the right to choose what gender she wants for her.
Director: Lucia Puenzo.
Cast: Guillermo Angelelli, Cesar Troncoso, Jean Pierre Reguerraz, Ailin Salas.
France, Spain, Argentina, 2007.
Download XXY. 2007:



Inostranka / The Foreigner. 1965.

A young French girl (Madeleine) travels with her Grandmother to Odessa. The Grandmother has business there (hoping to receive some sort of compensation for the house that she owned there before the revolution). While she is sorting this out, her granddaughter meets some local Soviet children and goes on various adventures in and around the city with them. Also tagging along is a young eastern Prince, whom Madeleine befriended on the ship on the way to Odessa. Madeleine is well meaning and always eager to help people but often seems to cause a commotion due to misunderstandings. Her rendition of the song "Darling I love you" (sung in English at a local school) is hilarious and not to be missed.
Directors: Aleksandr Sery, Konstantin Zhuk.
Cast: Lyudmila Shabanova, Azer Kurbanov, Igor Kryukov, Yuri Bondarenko, Valentina Sokolova, Rina Zelyonaya, Sergey Filippov, Yuri Prokopovich, Evgeniy Vesnik, Roman Khomyatov.
USSR, Odessa Film Studios, 1965.
Language: Russian.
Download Inostranka / The Foreigner. 1965:



Kunsten at græde i kor / The Art of Crying. 2006.

Follows a precocious, eleven-year-old Allan, who tries desperately to keep his dysfunctional, rural family together during the social upheavals of the early seventies. Allan reveres his father, Henry, the local milkman, and can't understand why others don't feel the same way. His family life is so twisted he thinks it's perfectly normal to stay awake all night dealing with his father's hysterics and suicidal threats. Allan's older brother left town several years ago, and his mother gave up long before that, relying on sleeping pills to escape Henry's tantrums. Allan then becomes obsessed with a rival family, whom he considers foolish white trash until they start taking away Henry's customers. He is frustrated that his mother doesn't take his father's complaints seriously, and is perplexed by the increasingly rebellious and bizarre behavior of his sister, Sanne. Incapable of understanding what's going on and heavily influenced by his father, Allan commits appalling acts...
Director: Peter Schønau Fog.
Cast: Jannik Lorenzen, Jesper Asholt, Hanne Hedelund, Julie Kolbech, Thomas Knuth-Winterfeldt, Gitte Siem, Rita Angela, Bjarne Henriksen, Laura Kamis Wrang, Tue Frisk Petersen.
Denmark, 2006.
Language: Danish.
Subtitles: Russian, English.
Download Kunsten at græde i kor / The Art of Crying. 2006: … 6.rar.html



Storia Di Piera. 1983.

Piera's story is that of a young girl whose sexual awakening is not only tolerated but actively encouraged by her parents, with whom she seems to have some kind of an incestuous relationship. The disturbing subject matter is not what is wrong with this film, though. This is a film with loose scenes, no discernible plot, secondary characters that appear and disappear at random, nonsensical dialogue... Hey, if you want to challenge our morals by showing mother and daughter kissing naked on the beach that's fine, but try to do it in a way that is watchable.
Director: Marco Ferreri.
Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Hanna Schygulla, Marcello Mastroianni, Angelo Infanti, Tanya Lopert, Bettina Gruhn, Renato Cecchetto, Maurizio Donadoni, Aiche Nana, Girolamo Marzano, Lidia Montanari.
Italy, Germany, France, 1983.
Language: Italian, Russian.
Download Storia Di Piera. 1983: … 3.rar.html



Jørgen + Anne = sant / Totally True Love. 2011.

NO. Det er noen voksne som ikke tror man kan bli forelsket når man bare går i femte klasse. Men det kan man. Jørgen + Anne = sant fikk femmere av et samlet norsk kritikerkorps, og er en varm barnefilm for hele familien.
Ti år gamle Anne Lunde har aldri brydd seg om forelskelse. Inntil hun møter den nye gutten i klassen, Jørgen Ruge. I tillegg har han flyttet inn i det forlatte og mystiske Helgahuset. Et hus som rommer mange hemmeligheter og et rykte om at Helga ble murt inn i veggen av sin egen far fordi hun gjorde alt, og mye hun ikke burde, for kjærligheten. Fra å være mest opptatt av ryktene om Helgahuset, ser Anne plutselig historien med nye øyne. For når Anne selv har vært mest opptatt av å slå guttene i håndbak eller løpe fra dem, tilspisses situasjonen når skolens peneste jente også forelsker seg i Jørgen Ruge. Og i motsetning til Anne har Ellen verdens lengste, vakreste hestehale, alltid pene, rene klær og jobb som skuespiller i en reklamefilm på TV. Kjærester siden barnehagen har hun også hatt. Men Anne har bestemt seg. Oddsene er kanskje ikke på hennes side, men Jørgen Ruge skal bli hennes kjæreste, ikke Ellens.
EN. Totally True Love, also known as Jørgen + Anne er Sant, is a 2011 Norwegian film based on the 1984 novel Jørgen Anne er Sant by Vigdis Hjorth.
Anne, 10 years old, is an energetic girl with more important affairs than falling in love. But when she meets Jørgen, the new boy in class, she falls in love immediately. Some grown-ups do not think you can fall in love for real when you are 10 years old, but Anne knows better: You can! Jørgen is moving into the mysterious and scary Bandit House. A house none of the kids dare to come close. But that is of no hinder for Anne, she is willing to go further than most to win him over. When done in the name of love, everything is allowed, isn't it?
Director: Anne Sewitsky.
Cast: Maria Annette Tanderø Berglyd, Otto Garli, Aurora Bach Rodal, Vilde Fredriksen Verlo, Kristin Langsrud, Peter Holene, Sigurd Saethereng, Torkil Høeg, Adrian Holte Kristiansen, Anna Jahr Svalheim, Emir Mulasmanovic, Silje Breivik.
Norway, 2011.
Language: Norwegian, Russian.
Download Jørgen + Anne = sant / Totally True Love. 2011: … 1.rar.html



Alamar / To The Sea. 2009.

ES. Con sólo cinco años, el pequeño Natan siente que este viaje con su papá Jorge no es un viaje más, sino el capítulo previo a abandonar la tierra mexicana –paterna– rumbo a la de los orígenes de su mamá –italiana–. Sin embargo, la ruptura familiar del pasado, lejos de convertirse en un nudo traumático, abre una nueva perspectiva para padre e hijo en su trayecto hacia el arrecife de coral de Banco Chinchorro, donde el vínculo entre ellos crece al ritmo del contacto con la naturaleza. Bucear en Alamar, junto a los personajes, nos permite expandir todo un mundo de experiencias que se transmiten o se dejan incorporar; como si esta sorprendente –extática, lírica, oceánica– película de González Rubio siempre tuviera nuevos secretos escondidos para revelarnos, y para hallarlos debiese nadar entre el documental y la ficción. Sin la necesidad de perseguir grandes ballenas imposibles, Alamar prueba que los milagros (cinematográficos) existen.
EN. Alamar (To the Sea) is a 2009 Spanish-language documentary-style film about a boy visiting his father on the Banco Chinchorro. It is by Pedro González-Rubio. Alamar won best picture and the audience award at the seventh Morelia International Film Festival.
A young boy and his father learn about living in harmony with nature in this languid drama from filmmaker Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio. A man from Mexico (Jorge Machado) travels to Italy and falls in love with a beautiful local woman (Roberta Palombini). Their feelings for one another are strong, but they prove to be short lived, and when they decide to beak up after the birth of their son Natan, he returns to Mexico while she stays in Italy and takes primary custody of the child. However, the father strives to remain a presence in his son's life, and the boy visits his father at least once a year. As the five-year-old Natan travels to Mexico, his father has joined the family' fishing operation near the coral reefs of Banco Chinchorro. Living in an elevated cottage near the shore, Natan and his family devote their summer to an idyllic existence, spending their days catching the plentiful fish and observing the wildlife, and their nights sitting by the fire and admiring the stars. To the father, this simple life teaches an important lesson of existing in peace with the natural world, and Natan comes to see himself as being as much a part of this environment as the fish, the waterfowl and the seaweed. Alamar (aka To The Sea) was the first solo directorial credit for cinematographer Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio.
Director: Pedro González-Rubio.
Cast: Jorge Machado, Roberta Palombini, Natan Machado Palombini, Nestór Marín, Garza Silvestre.
Mexico, 2009.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Alamar / To The Sea. 2009:



Noyuki yamayuki umibe yuki / To the Fields, to the Hills, to the Beaches. 1986.

During the fervently nationalist months leading up to World War II, a rebellious teenager is transferred to a new primary school in a small Inland Sea town. He vies with the school’s reigning bully, who takes a romantic interest in his older stepsister. When they learn she’s going to be sold to a brothel to pay off her father’s debts, they form an uneasy alliance to free her. With surprising moments of caricature and slapstick, Obayashi celebrates the anarchic world of adolescence while also satirizing adult hypocrisy and conformism.
Director: Nobuhiko Ôbayashi.
Cast: Saburoh Bouya, Sen Hara, Yasufumi Hayashi, Jun'ichiro Katagiri, Wakaba Irie, Guts Ishimatsu, Shigeru Izumiya, Nenji Kobayashi, Jô Shishido, Toru Minegishi, Tomokazu Miura, Toshie Negishi, Toshinori Omi, Koichi Sato, Makoto Sato.
Japan, 1986.
Language: Japanese.
Subtitles: English.
Download Noyuki yamayuki umibe yuki / To the Fields, to the Hills, to the Beaches. 1986: … 6.rar.html



Kazaki-Razboyniki. 1979.

Old Soviet adventure film based on the novel by E. Berne "The horse without a head" of schoolchildren who for the first year after the war helped the police to defuse a group of dangerous criminals
Director: Valentin Kozachkov.
Cast: Valentin Bukin, Georgiy Drozd, Oleg Korchikov, Lidiya Korolyova, Stepan Krylov, Pyotr Kupriyanets, Ruslan Mikhnevich, Sergei Mikhnevich, Aleksey Mishin, Tatyana Naumova.
USSR, 1979.
Download Kazaki-Razboyniki. 1979:[/b] … 9.rar.html



სახლში, როგორ ხარ? / Kak doma, kak dela? 1987.

EN. About life in Tbilisi children in prewar and war years. Mika sees off his father to the front and it remains in the family in charge. On his shoulders lie care of his mother and younger brother. Mick and his friends spread  EN. About life in Tbilisi children in prewar and war years. Mika sees off his father to the front and it remains in the family in charge. On his shoulders lie care of his mother and younger brother. Mick and his friends spread letters to soldiers, to help families of the victims. Old noisy courtyard with many inhabitants - their home.
GE. პატარა ბავშვის ცხოვრება, რომლის მამაც საომრად წავიდა...
Director: სამველ გასპაროვი / Samvel Gasparov.
Cast: Michael Janibekyan, Ramaz Chkhikvadze, Ia Ninidze, Abesalom Loria, Mziya Kvirikashvili, Lia Eliava, Zanda Ioseliani, Pavel Kazaryan, Lia Gudadze, Soso Jachvliani, Gagik Adylkhanov.
USSR, Gorky Film Studios, 1987.
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Towelhead. 2007.
Against the backdrop of the first Gulf War, Jasira Maroun is 13, physically well developed but naive and unable to say no. As puberty arrives, her mother sends her from Syracuse to Houston to her curt, up-tight, Lebanese-born father. Over the next few months, Jasira must navigate her father's strict indifference, her discovery of sexual pleasure, the casual racism of a neighbor boy and her classmates, the sexual advances of the boy's father, the proffered friendship of a pregnant neighbor, and her attraction to Thomas, an African-American classmate whom her father forbids her to see. Things happen to her, but can she take responsibility and control, or is tragedy inevitable?
Director: Alan Ball.
USA, 2007.
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Como Desenhar um Círculo Perfeito / How to Draw a Perfect Circle. 2009.

PT. Cinco anos depois de "Alice", Marco Martins regressa com uma história dramática sobre as primeiras descobertas da adolescência e sobre um isolamento que conduz ao amor incestuoso entre dois irmãos.
Numa sombria e decadente mansão, no centro da cidade de Lisboa, vivem os gémeos Guilherme e Sofia (Rafael Morais e Joana de Verona), de 16 anos, e Leonor (Beatriz Batarda), uma mãe ausente, que delega nos dois filhos a responsabilidade de cuidarem da casa e de si próprios. Os dois cresceram habituados a depender apenas dos afetos um do outro e, de mãos dadas, vão despertar para a vida, para o amor e para a sexualidade. Sofia desde pequena prometeu a sua virgindade a Guilherme e essa será a obsessão do rapaz até ao dia em que ela decide cumprir com o prometido...
EN. In a house, the last trace of a Lisbon that has long disappeared, Guilherme and Sofia grow up sharing experiences and slowly discovering their sexuality. Guilherme, sheltered in a female universe, unable to deal with the uncorresponded love of his sister and her relationships with other boys, ends up running away. After the death of his grandmother Clara, Guilherme refugees himself in his father's house, who is immersed in a almost autistic world, which leaves him increasingly isolated. Guilherme discovers that life can not be held in a perfect circle and returns home. When the twins finally meet, they rediscover the sexual tension that surrounded them since the beginning, and love finally takes shape. "How To Draw a Perfect Circle" is intimate and silent in style, offering the pleasure of exploring the limits, creating a closed, claustrophobic universe, innocent and contagious in the simplicity of its emotions, where everyday situations become at times brutal, cruel, yet infused with a strangely perverse beauty.
Director: Marco Martins.
Cast: Rafael Morais, Daniel Duval, Joana de Verona, Beatriz Batarda, Gonçalo Waddington, Albano Jerónimo, Lourdes Norberto, João Pedro Vaz, Catarina Mira, Thomaz Valentim, Joana Bárcia, Tiago Rodrigues, Carla Maciel, Alexandra Viveiros.
Portugal, 2009.
Language: Portuguese, French.
Subtitles: Russian.
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Nachhilfe für Vati. 1984.
EN: This made for TV children's film is a simple tale of two youngsters who want to reunite their estranged parents. Because of her work commitments, Mum has to leave the children with their absent father for an extended vacation and so he has to learn how to be a proper Dad to them. Meanwhile, the kids do their best to bring the family back together.
DE: Die Geschwister Sebastian und Bettina kommen in den Ferien zu ihrem von der Familie getrennt lebenden Vater, da die Mutter fur einige Wochen beruflich verreist ist. Wahrend er sich mit der ungewohnten Vaterrolle schwertut, versuchen die Kinder mit allerlei Tricks, die Eltern wieder zusammenzubringen.
Director: Karola Hattop.
Cast: Sebastian Paasch, Martina Eitner-Acheampong, Dieter Montag, Falk Rockstroh, Barbel Rohl, Katrin Sass, Jana Zeller.
DDR, DEFA, 1984.
Language: German.
Download Nachhilfe für Vati. 1984: … 4.rar.html



Ferien / Vacation. 2007.

A relaxing vacation becomes an impromptu family reunion when a family of three takes a sun soaked trip to their summer cottage, only to find the entire extended family unexpectedly showing up on their doorstep. Anna, Robert, and their adolescent son Max were looking forward to a quiet retreat to the Uckermark region of Germany, but their peace is soon shattered by the arrival of children, parents, siblings, and grandchildren. At first everyone does their best just to get along, though it doesn't take long for old wounds to fester and buried secrets to surface.
Director: Thomas Arslan.
Cast: Angela Winkler, Karoline Eichhorn, Uwe Bohm, Gudrun Ritter, Anja Schneider, Wigand Witting, Amir Hadzic, Babette Semmer, Leyla Bobaj, Aaron Raabe, Maria Hengge, Helge Niesytka.
Germany, 2007.
Language: German.
Subtitles: Russian.
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Vakáció a halott utcában. 1978.

Épül az új lakótelep, de mellette még ott vannak a régi kis házak. Lebontásra ítéltettek, lakóik már el is költöztek, de egy-egy ottmaradt tárgy, egy elfelejtett névtábla még emlékeztet a régi lakókra és foglalkozásukra. Az új házakba pedig már költöznek be a "boldog" új lakók. Illetve költöznének, mert a lakásokat nem lehet használni, éjszakánként újra eltűnnek a mosdók, a csapok, de még a WC-csészék is. Az új lakókkal érkeznek gyerekeik is, akik hamarosan felfedezik a régi, elhagyott házakat, s birtokba is veszik őket. Többek között egy volt magánnyomozó irodáját, s mi sem természetesebb, hogy nyomozni kezdenek. S a nyomoznivaló is adva van, hiszen a felnőttek még mindig tehetetlenek a mosdók, csaptelepek tolvajaival szemben. A film sok humorral ábrázolja a gyerekek kalandéhségét, s enyhe szarkazmussal a felnőttek időnkénti tehetetlenségét.
Director: György Palásthy.
Cast: András Ambrus, Irén Bódis, Zsuzsa Csala, István Fillár, József Fonyó, Szergej Gabányi, Árpád Gyenge, András Gyetvai, László György, Józsa Hacser, László Halász, Gábor Harsányi, László Horesnyi, Gyula Horváth, László Inke.
Hungary, 1978.
Language: Hungarian.
Download Vakáció a halott utcában. 1978: … 8.rar.html



Kanikuly U Morya / Vacations at the sea. 1986.

Traditional Soviet film about the pioneer summer from Armenfilm, the story is: the eighth grade students from the Armenian village was awarded a trip to the sea. The teacher Anaita Migranovna worried about is whether the guys for the first time to go far away from home, be friendly and disciplined. At first, all was well, but in the midst of the holiday was a surprise ... On the beach boys met Grazyna, and all as one, fell in love with her. Each of them, trying to please a girl, shows some human qualities inherent in him alone.
Director: Jacov Iskudaryan, Martiros Fanosyan.
Cast: Marina Lipchenko, Pille Pihlamyagi, Artem Martirosyan, Vahram Merangulyan, V. Mardoyan, Roland Gazaryan, Karina Arutyunyan, Anna Bagdasaryan, Elena Krmoyan, Emma Zograbyan, Gor Oganesyan, Varfolomey Saakyan.
USSR, Armenfilm, 1986.
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Kapitán Korda / Captain Korda. 1970.

V poetice dětského filmu lze řešit závažné problémy - třeba citovou rozervanost malého chlapce z dětského domova, jenž přilnul ke svým adoptivním rodičům, avšak po čase se ozvala jeho biologická matka... Příběh je samozřejmě hodně didaktický, uzpůsoben vnímání cílové divácké skupiny, takže mu odpustíme lecjaká zjednodušení, avšak vyhmátnutí ústředního sporu je přesné.
Director: Josef Pinkava.
Cast: Michal Vavruša, Vladimír Brabec, Milena Dvorská, Drahomíra Hofmanová, Jiří Vala, Václav Babka, Vlastislav Hudec, Jiří Sika, Roman Skřivánek, Jan Stibor, Ota Kadleček, Rudolf Vavřínek, Antonín Ženčák, Božena Böhmová .
Czechoslovakia, 1970.
Language: Czech.
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