Playa Prohibida / Forbidden Beach. 1985. DVD.

When a new neighbour stops by to say hello, Michel starts becoming jealous. The 2 boys and their mother lost their father/husband 2 years ago and the mother is ready to start dating again, but the kids feel that they don't need another man in the home. When the mother (Sasha Montenegro) starts developing feelings for Carlos (Jose Alonso), the eldest son decides to do something about it...
Director: Enrique Gomez Vadillo.
Cast: Sasha Montenegro, José Alonso, Jaime Garza, Óscar Alejandro, Luis Mario Quiroz, Isaura Espinoza, Donald Cloug, Claudio Báez, Rosalia Goyco, Carla Ivonne.
Mexico, 1985.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
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