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L'enfant du pays. 2003.

C'est l'histoire d'une enfance et d'une adolescence qui s'expriment a travers une centaine de petites sequences se passant dans les annees quarante, cinquante et soixante dans une famille modeste du Pas-de-Calais.
Paul, le personnage principal qu'on retrouve a cinq, treize et dix-huit ans, est le fil de ce recit eclate qui fonctionne dans le desordre du souvenir.
Les rencontres, les joies, les apprehensions, les premieres amours, les amities, les deceptions, les rapports fraternels, les relations avec les parents, la decouverte d'une vocation d'acteur et d'auteur, tout se melange pour former le tissu irremplacable d'un destin ordinaire dont les particularites renvoient le spectateur a sa propre histoire. 
Director: Rene Feret.
Cast: Antoine Taille, Мари Ферет, Jonathan Taverne, Sonia Saurin, Antoine Chappey, Philippe Nahon, Julien Feret, Frederic Hulne, Olivier Brasme, Pauline Foulon.
France, 2003.
Language: French.
Download L'enfant du pays. 2003:



Punťa a čtyřlístek. 1955.

I děti by měly mít rády zvířátka - tak jako kamarádi z tohoto filmu, kteří se vzorně starají o nalezeného pejska. Je jim líto, když se o něho přihlásí skutečná majitelka a zmatek ještě vnese ztracená psí známka. Svou výchovnou dikcí film nezastře, že vznikl v polovině 50. let - a nepomohla ani účast slavného režiséra Jiřího Weisse, jenž zde stěží mohl uplatnit svůj pověstný smysl pro drobnokresbu mezilidských vztahů.
Director: Jiří Weiss.
Cast: osef Bek, Jarmila Smejkalová, Aleš Košnar, Nataša Gollová, Václav Postránecký, Ema Skálová, František Roland, Zdeněk Dítě, Miroslav Koukal, Radovan Lukavský, Věra Srbková, Rudolf Deyl ml., Vladimír Pucholt, Běla Jurdová, Jiří Vršťala, Miloš Vavruška, Jan Maška, Gustav Heverle, Rudolf Princ, Rudolf Křivánek, Dáša Neblechová, Libuše Matějová, Karla Svobodová, Jarmila Pucholtová, Čestmír Studna, Věra Kleinhamplová, Libuše Zemková, Ruppert Dubský, V. Bobková, J. Turek, J. Holub, J. Šubrt, J. Vacek, Chalupník, J. Zelenka, V. Mikulášková.
Czechoslovakia, 1955.
Language: Czech.
Download Punťa a čtyřlístek. 1955: … 5.rar.html



囧男孩 / Jiong nan hai / Orz Boyz. 2008.

CN. 兩位囧男孩在學校常作弄女生欺騙同學,而被老師分別稱為「騙子一號」與「騙子二號」。本片透過一號與二號的童真之眼,追求虛構的異次元空間同時,而在現實的充滿悲劇環境下成長,用詼諧的手法來陳述他們所面臨的生離死別。 電影大致上分為三個段落,一號暗戀對象林艾莉媽媽的過世與艾莉的離開,二號對大人的賴皮而預謀妹妹的綁架事件,最後一段是卡達天王與異次元抉擇,讓一二號之間關係破裂,最後一號偷竊而被警察帶走.
EN. More than just naughty, they play tricks on classmates, tease girls at school, fight with other boys, and lie to everyone until their teacher breaks down. They are named Liar No. 1 and Liar No. 2. The most important act planned in their life is to go to the mysterious water park, where they can leap through the portal at the end of the water slide to the fairy-tale world OZ and live as grown-ups happily ever after. However, the commitment is torn by a careless betrayal.
Director: Yang Ya-Che.
Cast: Bamboo Chu-Sheng Chen, Chi-wen Hsu, Kuan-yi Lee, Na-Dou Lin, Chih-Hsiang Ma, Fang Mei, Chin-Yu Pan, Na-Do, Chen Chia-Hsiang.
Taiwan, 1 Production Film, 2008.
Language: Chinese (Mandarin).
Download 囧男孩 / Jiong nan hai / Orz Boyz. 2008: … 8.rar.html



Rzeka kłamstwa / River of Lies. 1987.

Scenariusz serialu oparto na motywach cyklu powieściowego Ewy Szelburg-Zarembiny. Osobiste dramaty ludzi pochodzących z ubogich warstw społecznych są ukazane na tle ruchów niepodległościowych i rewolucyjnych w zaborze rosyjskim na przełomie XIX i XX wieku. Film przedstawia ich walkę o przetrwanie przy jednoczesnym zachowaniu godności. Jest to też opowieść o rodowodzie znacznej części polskiej inteligencji. Główną bohaterką serialu jest Joanna, osierocona dziewczynka, uparcie poszukująca szczęścia, której życie przypadło na czas burzliwych wydarzeń historycznych, w których uczestniczyli Polacy, od rewolucji 1905 do I wojny światowej. Małą Joannę gra Jowita Miondlikowska. W roli Joanny już nieco starszej zadebiutowała i odniosła sukces Joanna Trzepiecińska, wówczas studentka III roku szkoły teatralnej.
Director: Jan Łomnicki.
Cast: Jowita Miondlikowska, Marzena Trybała, Marta Klubowicz, Alicja Migulanka, Krystyna Feldman, Grzegorz Wons, Waldemar Kownacki, Hanna Skarżanka, Jacek Kawalec, Jan Tesarz, Leonard Andrzejewski.
Poland, 1987.
Language: Polish.
Subtitles: English.
Download Rzeka kłamstwa / River of Lies. 1987: … 7.rar.html



雨鱒の川 / Amemasu no kawa / River of First Love. 2004.

8-year old boy, Shimpei, who loves fishing and painting, lives with his beautiful mother, surrounded by nature. His mother, Satsuki, has a weak constitution and lost her husband years ago. She takes care of her son lovingly but sometimes strictly, on her own. Shimpei's childhood sweetheart, Sayuri, is deaf, but somehow they can understand each other and they always spend time together.
One day, big news comes to their town: Shimpei's picture received the Grand Prize in a Children's Pictures Exhibition in Paris. On the night that Sayuri's father, Takakura, holds a celebration party for Shimpei, Satsuki leaves her son in Takakura's care and goes out of the house. Feeling uneasy, Shimpei goes to look for her but finds his mother dead, lying calmly and peacefully in the beautiful, white snow...Fast forward to the future, Shimpei has been offered a fake job in Tokyo. Sayuri's father arranged everything so that Shimpei would not interfere with Sayuri's marriage.
Director: Itsumichi Isomura.
Cast: Hiroshi Tamaki - Sinpei Kato, Haruka Ayase - Sayuri Takakura, Shunsuke Matsuoka - Kawashima, Hiroshi Abe - Shiro Takakura,   Miki Nakatani - Satuki Kato, Akira Emoto - Hidejiro Tasaki, Ayumi Ito - Mika Inoue, Yuriko Hoshi - Matsuko Takakura, Mirai Shida - Sayuri - adolescent, Kenta Suga - Sinpei - adolescent, Daisuke Honda, Tadashi Sakata.
Japan, 2004.
Language: Japanese.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download 雨鱒の川 / Amemasu no kawa / River of First Love. 2004:



Ilo Ilo. 2013.

Set in Singapore, Ilo Ilo chronicles the relationship between the Lim family and their newly arrived maid, Teresa. Like many other Filipino women, she has come to this city in search of a better life. Her presence in the family worsens their already strained relationship. Jiale, the young and troublesome son, starts to form a unique bond with Teresa, who soon becomes an unspoken part of the family. This is 1997 and the Asian Financial Crisis is beginning to be felt in the region...
Director: Anthony Chen.
Cast: Yann Yann Yeo, Tian Wen Chen, Angeli Bayani, Jia Ler Koh, Peter Wee, Jo Kukathas, Naomi Toh, Stephanie Kiong, Jia Min Chantel Teo, Zhi Fang Xu, Aizuddiin Nasser.
Singapore, 2013.
Download Ilo Ilo. 2013:


Born Innocent. 1974.
Born Innocent is a 1974 American television movie which was first aired under the NBC World Premiere Movie umbrella on September 10, 1974. Highly publicized and controversial, Born Innocent was the highest-rated television movie to air in the United States in 1974. The movie deals with the physical, psychological and sexual abuse of a teenage girl, and included graphic content never before seen on American television at that time.
A constant runaway is given over to the care of the state and finds herself in a remand centre for girls. She is soon caught between the uncaring bureaucracy, the sometimes brutal treatment from her peers and her own abusive family, and only one care worker sees her potential to rise above her tragic circumstances.
Director: Donald Wrye.
Cast: Linda Blair, Joanna Miles, Allyn Ann McLerie , Nora Heflin, Tina Andrews, Sandra Ego, Mitch Vogel, Richard Jaeckel, Mary Murphy, Janit Baldwin, Kim Hunter.
USA, 1974.
Download Born Innocent. 1974: … 4.rar.html



Poil de Carotte / The Red Head. 1932, 1925.

The story itself is simple: a young boy is the odd one out. His parents are much older; his mother unmercifully picks on him, favoring his near-adult siblings, while his long-suffering father has withdrawn into the small pleasures of hunting and meeting with friends. Really, it's a sort of Cinderella: the wicked step-mother (only it's his real mother), the vain pampered older siblings, his having to work and slave for them, wearing tattered hand-me-downs. But it's told with a wonderful leisurely anecdotal naturalism, laced with delightful moments of surrealism (he's surrounded by double-exposure goblins when told to close up the hen house at night, for example). The greatest scene in the film combines the two, as the boy and a young girl "rehearse" a marriage ceremony, marching through the fields while the animals about them burst into song. The father, as delineated by Baur, and the maid, also immeasurably enriched by a subtle performance, are marvelous characters. The film was made during that brief period when the French countryside was a pre-technological world, yet technology was sufficiently advanced so that sound films could document that existence. Certainly there are "literary" story telling elements, such as the family being "introduced" by the father, the older maid telling the new maid what to expect, and the boy's school essay about his miserable family life. But the wonderful thing about the film is its ineffable technique and its enigmatic moments that are the purest styleless cinema. There are many visual joys, like the shot of boys playing leap-frog with the town spread out below them, that are presented with simplicity and unostentatious naturalism. All told, this is a film of the highest cinematic art, approaching the level of Renoir and Ozu. Adapted from various stories by Jules Renard, Poil de Carotte (The Red Head) is the poetically related tale of a delicate domestic situation. Robert Lynen plays the young son of Catherine Fourtenay. Fourtenay's husband Harry Baur knows that Lynen is not his son, but remains married for appearances' sake. Baur remains aloof and distant until he discovers the cruelties heaped upon Lynen by his resentful mother. Foster father and son develop a respect and friendship for one another that finally deepens into love. A remake of a 1925 film of the same name (also directed by Julien Duvivier), Poil de Carotte which made a star out of its juvenile lead Robert Lynen, whose genuine red head needed no touching up by the makeup men; sadly, Lynen was killed while fighting with the Resistance during World War II.
Uncut version.
Director: Julien Duvivier.
Cast: Harry Baur, Robert Lynen, Louis Gauthier, Simone Aubry, Maxime Fromiot, Colette Segall, Catherine Fonteney, Christiane Dor, Marthe Marty.
France, 1932.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Poil de Carotte / The Red Head. 1932: … 2.rar.html
Download Poil de Carotte / The Red Head. 1925: … 5.rar.html



Ryadom s toboy. 1976.

The good old Soviet movie based on the story by Alla Drabkina "...And a little ahead" about one summer of the future builders of communism.
The main character of the film, Masha, in preparation for entering the pedagogical institute, decided to work as a pioneerleader in a pioneer camp. Her energy and spontaneity quickly helps her to find a common language with children, but the camp managers doesn't like it...
Director: Nikolai Zhukov.
Cast: Svetlana Mikhalkova, Andrey Tsyganov, Andrey Kolmogorov, Yura Suyetin, Zhenya Zelenkov, Volodya Yalovenko, Oksana Komarova, Lena Smirnova, Fedya Ostanin, Gennadiy Mironov, Kolya Granchevich, Lena Urasova, Tanya Lapitskaya, Anatoliy Azo, Galina Rogacheva, Valentina Khmara.
USSR,  Sverdlovskaya Kinostudiya, 1976.
Language: Russian.
Download Ryadom s toboy. 1976: … 6.rar.html



С деца на море / S detza na more / With Children at the Seaside. 1972.

The movie consists of two novels with the same characters, but different adventures. A group of kids spend all their holidays together at the seaside. They never grow tired of games and mischief. But sometimes they decide to arrange the lives of the adults, which lead to ludicrous situations.
Director: Димитър Петров / Dimitar Petrov.
Cast: Petar Peychev, Ivaylo Dzhambazov, Emil Petrov, Krasimir Marianov, Ivan Arshinkov, Kiril Petrov, Ruslan Terziyski, Svetlana Kirilova, Mihail Mutafov, Tatyana Novoselska.
Bulgaria, 1972.
Language: Bulgarian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download С деца на море / S detza na more / With Children at the Seaside. 1972: … 2.rar.html



Svampe. 1990.

This is actually a movie originally made for children. A Norwegian one, too. Wow! You might think, this is probably weird. And it is, indeed. The story changes between fiction and real life. A magician is one of the main characters and so are two ravens. The whole story seem to have its foundation in old, Norse tales, but with numerous twists and "modernizations".
Director: Martin Asphaug.
Cast: Martin Bliksrud, Karl Sundby, Øyvin Bang Berven, Edith Carlmar, Brit Elisabeth Haagensli, Tone Helly-Hansen, Bjørn Jenseg, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Erlend SandemEspen Skjønberg.
Norway, 1990.
Language: Norwegian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Svampe. 1990:



Le bel été 1914 / 1914 the Glorious Summer. 1996.

FR. Le Bel Été 1914 est un film français réalisé par Christian de Chalonge, sorti le 21 août 1996. Le scénario est adapté d'après le roman de Louis Aragon, Les Voyageurs de l'impériale.
À la veille de la guerre de 14-18, Pierre et Paulette Mercadier partent en vacances avec leur fils Gabriel encore dans la pré-puberté.
C'est dans le château de leur oncle ruiné, le comte de Sainteville, qu'ils se rendent en vacances, le comte a dû louer une partie de sa demeure à des roturiers lyonnais, Ernest, Blanche et leurs filles, Suzanne et Yvonne.
Les enfants font la découverte des premiers émois de la sensualité et de l'érotisme, alors que Pierre tombe amoureux de la belle Blanche...
Ce vieux château a su garder tout son charme et ses souvenirs, l'été torride est lumineux, et la campagne est bucolique…
EN. A couple take their son for the holidays to an uncle, so short of money that he rents part of his big isolated house to a businessman whose wife and daughters are there on holiday too. An affair develops among the adults, while the children start their own explorations. Deaths, disappearances and financial ruin follow as the world drifts into war.
Director: Christian de Chalonge.
Cast: Claude Rich, Maria Pacôme, Hippolyte Girardot, Judith Henry, Marianne Denicourt, Philippe Torreton, Emmanuel Salinger, Julia Maraval, Robinson Stévenin, Pauline De Boever, Marie-Joséphine Crenn, Maria Lhande, Stéphanie Petiot.
France, 1996.
Language: French, Russian.
Download Le bel été 1914 / 1914 the Glorious Summer. 1996: … 6.rar.html



Svein og rotta / Svein and the Rat. 2006.

NO. Svein og rotta er en norsk barnefilm fra 2006. Filmen er basert på de tre første bøkene i Marit Nicolaysens bokserie om Svein og Rotta. Rollen som Svein spilles av Thomas Saraby Vatle.
Sveins bestevenn er hetterotta Halvorsen, mens alle andre synes at rotter er det ekleste som finnes. Svein og kompisen Dan er ganske alene helt til den nye jenta i klassen foreslår at de skal ta med seg rottene sine i den store kjæledyrkonkurransen. Problemene kommer da Halvorsen stikker av, og avisene skriver at både sykehuset og skolen må stenge på grunn av en invasjon av rotter. Svein må passe på at ikke mamma og pappa finner ut at det er Svein og Halvorsen som er skyld i alt oppstyret, for da kan han ende opp med å miste både Halvorsen og muligheten til å vinne konkurransen.
EN. Sveins best friend is the hooded rat Halvorsen, everyone else thinks rats are nasty. Svein and his buddy Dan is quite alone until the new girl in class suggests they take their roots its in the big pet contest. The problems come when Halvorsen runs away, and the newspapers write that both the hospital and the school must close because of an invasion of rats. Svein must make sure that no mom and dad find out that it's Svein and Halvorsen, who is to blame for all the fuss, because he might end up losing both Halvorsen and the opportunity to win the competition.
Director: Magnus Martens.
Cast: Thomas Saraby Vatle, Luis Engebrigtsen Bye, Celine Louise Dyran Smith, Benjamin Gulli, Miriam Sogn, Aslag Guttormsgaard, Rasmus Hoholm, Jan Gunnar Røise, Janny Hoff Brekke.
Norway, 2006.
Language: Norwegian, Russian.
Download Svein og rotta / Svein and the Rat. 2006: … 6.rar.html



Freiheit für die Liebe / Freedom to Love. 1969.

  DE. Typischer Aufklarungsfilm, zu Teilen bestehend aus Dokumentation, Drama und Interviews. Fur damalige Verhaltnisse gewagt war die Behandlung der Themen Homosexualitat und erste sexuelle Erfahrungen von Kindern.
EN. Documentation, drama and interviews about sex education. Touches on issues of homosexuality and first sexual experiences of children.
Director: Eberhardt Kronhausen, Phyllis Kronhausen.
Cast: Marie Antoinette, H.H. Brydensholt, Kenneth Carr, Betty Dodson, Gaby Esche, Annemarie Graf, Alan Gutmacher M.D, Daniel D. Halleck, Hugh M. Hefner, Inge Hegeler, Sten Hegeler, Monique Kraamwinkel.
Germany, 1969.
Language: German.
Download Freiheit für die Liebe / Freedom to Love. 1969: … e.rar.html



De rouille et d'os / Rust and Bone. 2012.

Put in charge of his young son, Ali leaves Belgium for Antibes to live with his sister and her husband as a family. Ali's bond with Stephanie, a killer whale trainer, grows deeper after Stephanie suffers a horrible accident.
Director: Jacques Audiard.
Cast: Marion Cotillard, Matthias Schoenaerts, Armand Verdure, Céline Sallette, Corinne Masiero, Bouli Lanners, Jean-Michel Correia, Mourad Frarema, Yannick Choirat, Fred Menut, Duncan Versteegh.
France, Belgium, 2012.
Subtitles: Russian, English.
Download De rouille et d'os / Rust and Bone. 2012: … 2.rar.html



Liberté-Oléron. 2001.

Here is another sea holiday comedy, but a much better one. Even though there's nothing original to revel in here, the depiction of this middle-class French family is so accurate that it becomes funny! Anybody can recognize a situation he has already lived. A god mirror to our lives and therefore as we poke fun of the awkward patriarch, we make fun of something not that far from what we have already lived or maybe of what we are in a certain way. Really funny.
Director: Bruno Podalydès.
Cast: Denis Podalydès, Guilaine Londez, Patrick Pineau, Arnaud Jalbert, Ange Ruzé, Lou-Nil Font, Jean Podalydès, Marie Diot, Eric Elmosnino, Bruno Podalydès, Marie-Armelle Deguy, Philippe Uchan, Jean-Noël Brouté, Cécile Bouillot.
France, 2001.
Language: French.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Liberté-Oléron. 2001: … 1.rar.html



Pianese Nunzio, 14 anni a maggio / Sacred Silence. 1996.

A young priest crusades against organized crime in his Naples neighbourhood but falls in love with a 13-year old boy. It's the chance the gangsters were waiting for to get rid of the thorn in their side. Will they be able to force the boy to accuse the priest of sexual harassment and have his reputation destroyed?
Director: Antonio Capuano.
Cast: Gaetano Amato, Emanuele Gargiulo, Beppe Gatta, Livia Imparato, Manuela Martinelli, Vincenzo Pirozzi, Teresa Saponangelo.
Italy, 1996.
Download Pianese Nunzio, 14 anni a maggio / Sacred Silence. 1996:



Briefgeheim / Secret Letter. 2010.

Secret Letter tells about 11-year old Eva, who's fed up with all the tensions at home. In order to make her parents clear how she feels about this, she runs away from home. She hides in the attic of her best friend's place, Jackie en Thomas. When she finds a secret letter and gets caught in neighbor Brandsema's garden, the head of a criminal organization, her plans take an unexpected turn.
Director: Simone van Dusseldorp.
Cast: Hanna Obbeek, Nils Verkooijen, Isabelle Stokkel, Daan Schuurmans, Lies Visschedijk, Finn Poncin, Sophie Houweling, Filip Peeters.
Netherlands, 2010.
Language: Dutch.
Download Briefgeheim / Secret Letter. 2010:



C'est la tangente que je prefere / Love Math And Sex. 1997.

Sabine, an adolescent girl with a gift for mathematics becomes involved with Jiri, a 40-something man-of-the-theatre from Prague. The story of their relationship and the gradual transformation of Sabine's life as a result of it.
Director: Charlotte Silvera.
Cast: Julie Delarme, Georges Corraface, Marie-Christine Barrault, Agnès Soral, Christophe Malavoy, Suzie, Anna Prucnal, Marie Laforêt, Françoise Michaud.
France, 1997.
Language: French.
Download C'est la tangente que je prefere / Love Math And Sex. 1997: … 7.rar.html


Cider with Rosie. 1971.
A semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story set in the Cotswolds during and immediately after the First World War.
Helen Thornhill and Rosemary Leach star in this classic BBC drama, based on novel by Laurie Lee. Set in post-war Gloucestershire in a sleepy Cotswold village, dreamy days spent sampling Granny Wallon (Mary Merrall)'s homebrew gives way to a darker vision of country life. As a young boy suffers at the hands of a sadistic teacher, happiness soon arrives as he then experiences his first love with the precocious Rosie (Thornhill).
Director: Claude Whatham.
Cast: Rosemary Leach, Stephen Grendon, Philip Hawkes, Frances Lee, Tania Robinson, Louisa Martin, Peter Chandler, Andrew Webber, Jonathan Green, Frances Lee.
UK, 1971.
Language: English, Russian.
Download Cider with Rosie. 1971: … 1.rar.html


Cider with Rosie. 1998.
Produced for the PBS TV series Masterpiece Theatre, this adaptation of Laurie Lee's autobiographical novel follows a young man's maturation in the country town of Gloucestershire near the end of World War I. As young Laurie (Dashiell Reece) comes of age under the protective eye of his mother (Juliet Stevenson), he learns to live with an eccentric collection of friends, neighbors, and relatives. As he enters his teenage years, Laurie (now played by Joe Roberts) discovers women, specifically Rosie Burdock (Lia Barrow). Veteran screenwriter John Mortimer adapted Lee's book, with Lee narrating.
Director: Charles Beeson.
Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Dashiell Reece, Joe Roberts, Grant Masters, Robert Lang, Emily Mortimer, Hugh Lloyd, David Troughton, Margery Withers, Freda Dowie, Katharine Page, Amanda Boxer.
UK, USA, 1998.
Language: English.
Download Cider with Rosie. 1998: … 8.rar.html



Sýkorka / Little Chickadee. 1989.

„O velké lásce dvou různých malých dětí“
SK. Sýkorkou nazývá dědeček osmiletou vnučku Danku. Její dětství na malém městě je komplikováno skutečností, že pochází ze smíšeného česko-slovenského manželství a že oba její rodiče jsou zaměstnáni. Tak Danka tráví většinu svého volného času s milovaným dědou - truhlářem, který jí vštěpuje lásku k práci, ústu k lidem a smysl pro věrnost a přáteltví. Ze spolužáků je jejím nejlepším kamarádem chlapec Teo Grossmann, syn bohatého židovského kupce. Danka se téměř na každém kroku střetává s nesmyslnými bariérami národnostními, sociálnímia náboženskými. Píše se rok 1938 a v městečku narůstá napětí. Množí se protičeské a protižidovské výpady. Danka nemůže pochopit jaký rozdíl existuje mezi ní a Teem a třeba chlapci z hitlerjugend, kteří jsou ve slovenském městečku na prázdninách. Nechápe, že její dosud šťastný svět a současně i svět jejích rodičů, jejího dědy a všech čestných lidí se bortí.
EN. Set in Czechoslovakia in the summer of 1938, about two children who play together and who are great friends. However their days of friendship are numbered...
Director: Pavel Gejdoš ml.
Cast: Anna Arpášová, Martin Kováč, Svatopluk Matyáš, Viera Topinková, Eva Matejková, Jana Zvaríková, Peter Jezný, Elena Zemanová, Aleš Rychlík, Marta Nitranová.
Czechoslovakia, 1989.
Language: Slovak.
Download Sýkorka / Little Chickadee. 1989:



Du bout des lèvres / On the Tip of the Tongue. 1976.

FR. Du bout des lèvres est un film belge réalisé par Jean-Marie Degèsves, sorti en 1976.
Fernand est solitaire, observateur, différent des autres adolescents de son âge tout en leur étant si proche. Il a quinze ans, l'âge des regards furtifs, du mensonge et des rêves infinis.
Madame Boirin est elle aussi solitaire, fugitive, ambiguë à l'encontre des amies de Fernand, Georgette la douce et Christine l'allumeuse. Répondra-t-elle a l'intérêt que Fernand lui porte ? Elle qui pourrait être sa jeune mère.
Fernand guette, espionne, observe les allées et venues du corps épanoui de cette femme qui, en certaines circonstances, teint de l'ignorer. Avec précision, astuce, Fernand s'approche, s'élance et lui parle.
Gentiment amusée, dupe ou non, Madame Boirin, l'écoute, sourit et surtout, s'intéresse à lui. Au fil de leurs rencontres et la jalousie aidant, cet amour quasi filial se transformera en attrait physique irrésistible : Fernand vibrera par et pour elle. Elle, tendrement émue, compréhensive ou si seule, acceptera ses avances jusqu'à ce que, devenu son 'petit Dieu'. Elle l'initie.
EN. The love story between a withdrawn and taciturn teenager and a lonely woman of 20 years older. An endearing painting of an awakening to sensuality, against the backdrop of everyday life of the small provincials: Fernand, fifteen the age of stealthy glances, lies and infinite dreams is a solitary, observant, different boy from other teenagers of his age while being so close to them. Locked in his room, he collects pictures of beautiful naked actresses to drown his boredom. His desire will come true in the presence of Catherine, a rich and mysteriously lonely woman next door. As a worker's son, withdrawn and taciturn, will discover a world that is new to him. He watches, spies, observes the comings and goings of the body of hers who, in certain circumstances ignores him. Through their encounters and helping jealousy, this almost filial love will turn into an irresistible physical attraction.
Director: Jean-Marie Degèsves.
Cast: Marie Dubois, Olivier de Saedeleer, Francine Blistin, Georges Aubrey, Martine Regnier, Véronique Bailly, Nathalie Clausse, Gabriel Discry, René Hainaux.
Belgium, 1976.
Language: French.
Download Du bout des lèvres / On the Tip of the Tongue. 1976: … 6.rar.html



Siroce. 1978.

EN. Story of children growing up in Yugoslavia right after the end of World War II.
BA. Trenutak decjeg izrastanja u jednom dobu kada je rastenje bilo ubrzano i u doba rata i odmah posle rata.
Director: Zdravko Sotra.
Cast: Ljubomir Cipranic, Tatjana Lukjanova, Rade Markovic, Dejan Mironja, Nenad Nenadovic, Zivojin Nenadovic, Vesna Pecanac, Dragan Petrovic, Dusan Pocek, Goran Radakovic.
Yugoslavia, 1978.
Language: Serbo-Croatian .
Download Siroce. 1978:



Put the camera on me. 2003.

1. Before he went on to direct Jawbreaker Sparkler Darren Stein grew up making videos. Along with his friend 'Adam Shell' and the other neighborhood kids these young film makers touched on such adult subjects as jealousy, cruelty, and sexuality.
2. The fact that I did not have Internet tonight was more of a blessing than a curse as I get to dig some of the movies that were laying around my external hard drive . Picked an excellent one – it is called “Put the camera on me” and it is a documentary. A documentary – au that must be boring – but no – because that was not an ordinary documentary, but rather fun and very arty made mixture of short movies shoot by Darren Stain.
When he was little boy his dad brought home a camera and Darren being very artistic and imaginative soon learned how to use it and was obsessed with the idea of making movies – regular one and crazy one starring himself and his friends . About 20 years later Daren combined these movies and together with his original stars – created the movie I just watched.
The best part of this movie was that while watching it I unconsciously started to remember similar situations that have happen to me few years ago– you know playing out with yours friends, having a hell a lot of fun, making cool tricks …etc– so the movie of Daren through not complicated or charged with great ideas or thoughts was quite an experience.
It gave me some ideas – like writing down my memories – making a script and getting few friends to play in it – oh I know that that is not probably going to happen – but the idea is cool anyway – imagining how it will be – I guess I will be able to do the first part and if I do you will be able to see few things at my blog.
But back to the movie – if you can get a hold on it see it – you won`t regret it. I remember talking with a friend about it. He said that the movie was shoot in such a way that it captured the time of 80`s and watching it is warming and cool experience – like flipping the pages of your own yearbook.
Directors: Adam Shell, Darren Stein.
Cast: Adam Shell, Ellen Shell, Darren Stein, Evan Stein, Elaine Stein, Ron Stein, Michael Weiner, Lisa Weiner, Robert Weiner, Roz Weiner, Marc Entous, Justin Satinover, Barbara Satinover, Allen Williams, Hillary Dell.
USA, 2003.
Language: English, Russian.
Download Put the camera on me. 2003: … 3.rar.html



Tomboy. 2011.

A family moves into a new neighborhood, and a 10-year-old named Laure deliberately presents as a boy named Mikhael to the neighborhood children. It is heavily implied that Mikhael is a closeted transgender boy. This film follows his experiences with his newfound friends, his potential love interest, Lisa, his younger sister and his parents. It focuses in on the significance of gender identity in social interaction from an early age, the difficulties of being transgender and young, and how Mikhael navigates these in the background of childhood play and love.
Director: Céline Sciamma.
Cast:  Zoé Héran, Malonn Lévana, Jeanne Disson, Sophie Cattani, Mathieu Demy, Rayan Boubekri, Yohan Vero, Noah Vero, Cheyenne Lainé, Christel Baras, Valérie Roucher.
France, 2011.
Download Tomboy. 2011:

Tomboy. 2011. HD.



Sochineniye / Composition. 1970.

Classics of Soviet children's cinema. About romance and a dreamer, a schoolboy Yasha: about the unity of children's imagination with the perception of the unique beauty of the surrounding nature...
Director: Ilya Kolovsky.
Cast: Mikhail Fomchenkov, Andrei Bobok, Irina Krasilnikova, Alla Meshcheryakova, Svetlana Starikova.
USSR, Belarusfilm, 1970.
Language: Russian.
Download Sochineniye / Composition. 1970:



Blauvogel / Blue Bird. 1979.

DE. Der Kinderfilm Blauvogel ist ein DEFA-Indianerfilm aus dem Jahr 1979. Er entstand nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Anna Jürgen, von dem er aber inhaltlich stark abweicht. Alternativtitel ist Der blaue Vogel.
Die Familie Ruster kommt im Jahr 1755 in eine britische Kolonie in Nordamerika. Die Familie ist arm, und hätte in Knechtschaft in England leben müssen. Doch in Nordamerika können sie sich eine eigene Existenz als Farmer aufbauen. Zwar herrscht Krieg zwischen den Engländern und den Franzosen, doch davon lassen sich die Pioniere nicht abhalten. Der 9-jährige George ist begeistert, als ihm sein Vater den Reichtum der Natur zeigt. Am größten Baum auf dem Land, das sie gekauft haben, erklärt ihm sein Vater, dass sie nun im Paradies sind. Die Familie beginnt, die Bäume zu fällen, und das Land zu roden.
EN. In the middle of the 18th Century, the Ruster family immigrates to the United States. The father, a former farm laborer, leads a hard life as a settler along with his family. One day the nine year-old George, his second-youngest son, is kidnapped by Iroquois. He is taken in by an Indian family in the place of a deceased son and receives the name "Blue Bird." The boy has homesickness and difficulties accustoming to the customs of the Indians. But gradually he begins to feel at home with them, and advances to a full-fledged member of his new community. As the regular white settlers are attacked, he feels more associated with the Indians than with his former people. After the victory of the English over the French in 1763, all of the captured white settlers are to be exchanged for the captured Indians, including George/Blue Bird. He decides to remain with the Indians.
Director: Ulrich Weiß.
Cast: Robin Jaeger, Gabriel Marian Oseciuc, Jutta Hoffmann, Kurt Böwe, Jörg Foth, Egon Günther, Jan Spitzer, Niculina Ursaru, Anca Szonyi, Ileana Mavrodineanu, Gheorghe Patru, Petrut Traian, Gheorghe Haliu, Vasile Popa, Adrian Mihai.
DDR, DEFA, 1979.
Language: Russian.
Download Blauvogel / Blue Bird. 1979:



Olle Hexe / Ol' Witch. 1991.

Eight year old Paul and his mother just moved to a skyscraper. After an embarrassing encounter with Anna, Paul meets her in the elevator. Anna makes fun of him and they start to quarrel. They can't arrange about going up or down. The elevator suddenly drops and carries them deep down into the realms of a wicked witch. The witch is out for their youth, since her own time is running out. Their only chance against her is for once to help together. They meet a blind horse, a clock without clock hand and a knight without courage helping them on their journey.
Director: Gunter Meyer.
Cast: Tobias Gottschlich, Ulrike Hanke-Haensch, Joachim Kaps, Anne-Else Paetzold, Joachim Schonitz, Anne Szarvasy, Klaus Piontek, Heike Katzwinkel.
DDR, DEFA, 1991.
Language: German.
Download Olle Hexe / Ol' Witch. 1991.



Les amitiés particulières / This Special Friendship. 1964.

EN. THIS SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP tells of the tender relationship between a twelve-year-old boy and the upperclassman who is the object of his desire. All set in the rigid atmosphere of a Jesuit run school.
The movie is based on Roger Peyrefitte's book. Peyrefitte studied in religious schools during his childhood, lived older/younger male to male love with a fan of his book, and outed many homosexual celebrities of his time, including his friend Henry de Montherlant, whose book (later a movie) La Ville Dont le Prince Est un Enfant has some coincidences with Les Amities Particulières.
FR. L'amitié particulière entre Georges, jeune aristocrate ambitieux, et Alexandre, bel étudiant en cinquième année, dans un Collège de Pères.
Director: Jean Delannoy.
Cast: Francis Lacombrade, Didier Haudepin, François Leccia, François Leccia, Dominique Maurin, Louis Seigner, Michel Bouquet, Lucien Nat.
France, 1964.
Download Les amitiés particulières / This Special Friendship. 1964: … 4.rar.html


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