That night / One Hot Summer. 1992. HD.

That Night is a 1992 American coming-of-age romantic drama film written and directed by Craig Bolotin and starring C. Thomas Howell and Juliette Lewis. It is based on the novel of the same name by Alice McDermott.
This film marks the film debut of both Eliza Dushku and Katherine Heigl.
Alice, a ten-year-old girl, look up to her 17-year-old wild neighbor across the street. She leads a three-person cheering section as the teenager, named Sheryl, falls in love and has forbidden liaisons with a young man from the bowling alley. Eventually, Alice becomes instrumental, in spite of her parents' alarm, in helping the two lovers to resolve the difficulties of their relationship and run away together. In the process Alice herself becomes more mature.
Director: Craig Bolotin.
Cast: C. Thomas Howell, Juliette Lewis, Helen Shaver, Eliza Dushku, J. Smith-Cameron, John Dossett, Katherine Heigl, Michael Costello, Kathryn Meisle, Adam LeFevre, Sarah Joy Stevenson.
France, USA, 1992.
Language: Russian (English).
1920x1080 HD
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