Der Schlunz. Ep. 1-3. 2010-2012. HD.

Schlunz is a boy who lost his memory. The day when the family Schmidtsteiner finds the neglected, completely intimidated guy in the wood, that's the beginning of a new turbulent time for Dad, Mom, the nine-year-old Nele and and especially for Lukas, who becomes Schlunz' best friend. The only thing, on what the boy with the tousled hair remembers, is, that he was called "der Schlunz"...
While the first three series, to be continued...
Director: Rainer Hackstock.
Cast: Finn Lucas Mayer, Luca Claar, Lea Sophie Schmidt, Hanna Steidle, Gabi Koch, Klaus Beyer, Yvonne Gallo, Timo Ehrmann, Laura Petri, Dorothea Luise Kläs, Sinnikka Auner, Lena Krauthäuser, Finni-Marie Eigenbrodt, Nick Wenserit, Samuel Schneider, Lukas Siering.
Germany, 2010-2012.
Language: German.
1024x576 HD
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