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Белото Циганче / Beloto cigance. 1984.

MK. Белото Циганче е македонска тв серија снимена во 1984 година. Белото Циганче е роман за деца од македонскиот писател Видое Подгорец. За првпат, книгата била издадена во 1966 година. Исто така, таа била екранизирана од страна на Македонската Радио Телевизија.
Во серијата се работи за едно дете кое било оставено за време на војната во некое село. Додека бегале од окупаторот, група Роми го пронашле и го одгледале. Момчето се викало Таруно и немало никаква врска со Циганите, но научило да ги почитува нивните обичаи, научило како да преживее, да заработи за живот плетејќи кошници. Имал пријатели - Цигани и не судел по бојата на кожата туку по карактерот. Останатите луѓе едноставно не го поднесувале Таруно и го викале Белото циганче. Tој бил срамежлив.
Неколкупати се обидел да се спротистави на селските деца но секогаш завршувал во небрано. Таруно имал убав бел коњ по име Белка. Кога Белка ождребува, раѓа црвено ждребе со бел белег на предната нога. Таруно го одгледува ждребето како негово и го крстува Бреско. Кога Белка умира, кога Бреско е сеуште ждребе, немало кој да го рани и сите изгубиле надеж од него, но Таруно успеа да го одржи жив. Неколкупати Бреско бега и повторно се враќа. Некогаш го нема толку долго време што Таруно почнува да жали и плаче. Приказната за Белото циганче станува уште потрогателна со смртта на неговиот старател, Бабa Мулон го одгледал како свое дете и му помогнал да стане добар човек и умен човек.
EN. Beloto cigance is a Macedonian television series filmed in 1984. Beloto cigance children's novel by the Macedonian writer Vidoje Podgorec. For the first time, the book was published in 1966. Also, it was filmed by the Macedonian Radio Television.
The series is about a child who was left during the war in a village. While fleeing from the occupiers, a group of Roma found and bred. The boy was called Tarun and had no connection with the Gypsies but learned to respect their customs, learned how to survive, to earn a living weaving baskets. He had friends - gypsies and not judged by the color of their skin but by their character. Other people just tolerated Tarun and called White Gypsy. He was shy.
TV series, 7 Episodes.
Director: Aco Aleksov.
Cast: Ilija Dzuvalekovski, Snezana Stameska, Kiril Andonovski, Krste Jovanovski, Rubens Muratovski, Aneta Durcevska, Hristos Popovski, Trajce Ivanoski, Igor Madzirov, Petre Arsovski, Salaetin Bilal, Zora Georgieva.
Yugoslavia, Televizija Skopje, 1984.
Language: Macedonian.
Download Белото Циганче / Beloto cigance. 1984: … e-1984.rar



Ben Loke'ah Bat / Boy Takes Girl. 1982..

Two doctors from Tel Aviv join 'Doctors Without Borders' and travel to Thailand to help out refugees. They leave their daughter, Aya (aged 10) at a kibbutz where the children are housed by age, but not gender. Not only does she have to get used to dealing with a lot of children, making friends and enemies, she has to get used to sharing her room with boys. And sharing the showers with them too.
Director: Michal Bat-Adam.
Cast: Gill Dontchevsky, Ayala Fiszel, Erella Ashkenazi.
Israel, 1982.
Language: English.
Download Ben Loke'ah Bat / Boy Takes Girl. 1982:



Bestialita. 1976.

"Bestiality" was directed by Peter Skerl and co-written by infamous George Eastman of "Anthropohagus" and "Porno Holocaust" fame.This ultra-sleazy Italian thriller is about a young girl,who saw her mother having sex with the family dog.When the woman's husband returns home and sees this,he chains the dog to the house and sets it on fire.Years later this event turns little girl into a total nymphomaniac,who enjoys screwing various guests,who visit the island,where she lives with her dog."Bestiality" is a totally sleazy and politically incorrect film that shouldn't disappoint fans of Italian smut.Tons of sex and nudity with a little bit of zoophilia thrown in plus a surprisingly bloody and off-beat climax.The scene of woman having sex with her black dog is obviously simulated.
Director: George Eastman, Peter Skerl.
Cast: Philippe March, Juliette Mayniel, Enrico Maria Salerno, Ilona Staller, Leonora Fani, Marisa Valenti, Katharina Williams.
Italy, 1976.
Download Bestialita. 1976: … a-1976.rar



Blumen für den Mann im Mond / Flowers for the Man in the Moon. 1975.

Adam, Evchen, and Manni are looking at the moon through their home-made telescope. Evchen isn't interested, and dismisses the moon as a lump of cheese. Manni, who is a big fan of technology, sees satellites and a car driving over the moon's surface. But Adam hears the moon speak, and hears it ask for flowers to cover its surface. From then on, Adam is determined to breed a kind of flower that can grow on the moon. Although he is made fun of at school and is yelled at by his father, who develops extra-nutritious vegetables for Professor Vitamin, Adam keeps trying. Eventually things take a positive turn. Kondensmaxe, in his airplane, finds Professor Vitamin's old magic greenhouse. It turns out the Professor was herself concerned with developing such a flower, before the war, and is willing to assist Adam in his research. Manni and Evchen support him every step of the way, and so does Adam's grandfather. Eventually Adam's mother even convinces her husband to assist the children...
Director: Rolf Losansky.
Cast: Jutta Wachowiak, Stefan Lisewski, Sven Grothe, Annemone Haase, Gerhard Bienert, Dieter Franke, Astrid Heinze, Dirk Forster, Yvonne Die?ner, Ronald Schwarz, Carl Heinz Choynski.
DDR, DEFA, 1975.
Language: German.
Download Blumen für den Mann im Mond / Flowers for the Man in the Moon. 1975: … d-1975.rar



Borgere av i morgen. 1950.

NO. Film om Oslos folkeskoler. Historisk blikk på Oslos første skoler, elevtallets utvikling og videre hvordan en moderne skole av 1950 setter elevene i fokus.
Produsert for Oslo kinematografer.
Filmen ble digitalisert som del av et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Oslo byarkiv og NFI/Filmarkivet Nasjonalbiblioteket.
EN. Film about Oslo's primary schools. Historic view of Oslo's first schools, the development of the pupils and further how a modern school of 1950 puts students in focus.
Director:Erik Løchen.
Norway, 1950.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Borgere av i morgen. 1950: … n-1950.rar



Busters verden / Buster's World. 1984.

DK. Filmen 'Busters verden' er en børneserie og film fra 1984, og det er forfatteren Bjarne Reuter der har skrevet manus, baseret på hans børnebog af samme navn.
Drengen er søn af en arbejdsløs tryllekunster, og Buster forsøger at bevare sin optimisme, selvom han bliver mobbet af de store drenge på skolen.
Samtidig kæmper han med at beskytte sin handikappet lillesøster for omverdenen, og jobbet som bybud er heller ikke let.
EN. Busters verden (Buster's World) is a Danish children's television series and movie from 1984. Based on a play by Bjarne Reuter, Buster's verden deals with the experiences of young Buster Oregon Mortensen. The television series was a break-through for director Bille August, and the soundtrack also provided a hit for the young singer Nanna Lüders Jensen.
Buster is an aspiring magician battling his status as a geek. Making things more difficult is his small size. This movie chronicles Buster's unique way of dealing with bullies, school, his first job and girls.
Director: Bille August.
Cast: Mads Bugge Andersen, Katarina Stenbeck, Peter Schrøder, Katja Miehe-Renard, Signe Dahl Madsen, Jannie Faurschou, Berthe Qvistgaard, Bent Raahauge Jørgensen, Lillian Tillegreen.
Denmark, 1984.
Language: Danish.
Download Busters verden / Buster's World. 1984: … n-1984.rar



Carmen Og Babyface. 1995.

A sister and brother must deal with their parents' divorce in this Danish family drama. It is set during the Berlin crisis in 1962. Carmen, the nervous one, and her brother Adrian, aka Babyface, lead happy lives. Their father is a ceramist, and their mother is an earth momma. After their pappa runs away with an apprentice, the family harmony is shattered. The devastated mother and her children move to a drafty old cottage in the country. The children are outcast by their new schoolmates. Carmen avoids them, but Adrian is bullied. He finally does find a friend, but the friendship is temporary. Adrian's teacher finally provides him the nurturance he craves. An electrical storm brings ominous developments to the little family.
Director: Jon Bang Carlsen.
Cast: Joen Bille, Erich Brandt, Aksel Erhardtsen, Kenneth Friis, Sofie Gråbøl, Ulla Henningsen, Kai Løvring, Rikke Løwenstein, Waage Sandø.
Denmark, 1995.
Language: Danish.
Download Carmen Og Babyface. 1995: … e-1995.rar



Celia / Celia: Child of Terror. 1989.

In suburban Melbourne in the 1950s, amidst the Red Scare and a rabbit plague, Celia (Rebecca Smart) is a troubled nine-year-old caught up in these events, as well as family crises, and whose response to them eventually leads to tragic consequences.
Director: Ann Turner.
Cast: Rebecca Smart, Nicholas Eadie, Victoria Longley, Mary-Anne Fahey, Margaret Ricketts, Alexander Hutchinson, Adrian Mitchell, Callie Gray, Martin Sharman, Clair Couttie, Alex Menglet, Amelia Frid, William Zappa, Feon Keane.
Australia, 1989.
Language: English, Russian.
Download Celia / Celia: Child of Terror. 1989:



Charlotte for Ever. 1986.

Stan, screeplay writer, had his time of glory in Hollywood. Today, alcoholic with a certain envy for suicide, his only link to life is his daughter, Charlotte.
A writer played by Serge Gainsbourg, is asking his agent for money which he needs because he is broke. His agent argues with him, and asks for the script he is supposed to be working on. After some prolonged begging, he finally gets the cash after promising to finish the script.
His daughter Charlotte is used as his on screen offspring here for a sense of reality. They argue constantly about her mother's death in a car accident in which she blames her father for causing. We get repeated flashbacks of a Porsche crashing into a fuel tanker and a fiery explosion. In between, old Serge drinks, has sex with various prostitutes, and reads from classic literature, including Lolita, to his fifteen year old daughter. He has inappropriate behavior with her, including some brief nudity of young Charlotte. The film goes nowhere, it just drifts from scene to scene with no direction. Why Mr. Gainsbourg would subject his young daughter to this subject matter at fifteen...
Director: Serge Gainsbourg.
Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Serge Gainsbourg, Roland Bertin, Roland Dubillard, Anne Zamberlan, Anne Le Guernec, Sabeline Campo.
France, 1986.
Download Charlotte for Ever. 1986: … r-1986.rar



ছেলেটা / Chheleta. 1986.

'Cheleta' is the story of Gopal, an orphan boy who lives in his own world that is close to nature. The milk-woman of the village and another village woman care for him but he is a carefree soul. His best friend is the stray dog. He is rebuked for his ways but he doesn't care for anything. He is thrashed by villagers for his naughty ways, thrown out of social gatherings but nothing affects him. The only being he is concerned about is the dog. So, when the dog is killed by Sammadar for eating his food he is left heartbroken. He is an ordinary boy close to nature in the imperialistic society and so seems to be a misfit.
Director: Santosh Ghoshal.
Writer: Rabindranath Tagore.
Cast: Sabitri Chatterjee, Gopal Dutta, Mamoni Dutta, Partho Pratim Ghosal, Partho Mukerjee, Mrinal Mukherjee, Raja Mukherjee, Somenath Mukherjee, Indrani Roy, Taniya Sharma.
India,  Angel Digital Private Limited, 1986.
Language: Bengali.
Download ছেলেটা / Chheleta. 1986: … a-1986.rar



Child Bride. 1938.

Jennie is a twelve-year-old girl living with her parents in extremely rural mountain country. Her schoolteacher, Miss Carol, though a mountain girl herself, has gone off to be educated and returned in hopes of stopping the tradition of child marriage which permeates the culture. Jennie's father Ira is a good man who tries to protect Miss Carol from the men who threaten her if she doesn't call off her crusade. One of these men, Jake Bolby, has his eye on little Jennie and plots to make her his bride.
Director: Harry Revier.
Cast: Shirley Mills, Bob Bollinger, Warner Richmond, Diana Durrell, Dorothy Carrol, George Humphreys, Frank Martin, George Morrell, Angelo Rossitto.
USA, 1938.
Download Child Bride: … e-1938.rar



Boys and girls alone. 2009.

Ten boys and ten girls, aged between eight and eleven, are given the chance to experience life without adults for two weeks.
An ambitious four-part documentary series sees ten boys and ten girls aged between eight and eleven being given the chance to experience life without mum and dad for two weeks. Living in two 'villages' and separated on gender lines, they decide everything about how they live - what they do, what they eat, when they get up, whether they clean and wash and how they organise and entertain themselves.
Who will cope best without mum and dad? And who will build the better world - boys or girls?
Episode 1:
In the first programme, the children arrive in their exciting new surroundings and get to know each other. With comfy beds, and stocks of food, necessities and toys, there's everything they could need to have a...
Episode 2:
After only three days of adventure, the boys - most of who can't cook - are wet, hungry and missing their mums. Meanwhile, the girls have gone from baking cakes to splitting into warring gangs. Looking on, their...
Episode 3:
Last week the children struggled with money, and their self-appointed leaders faced revolution. Now they have a new challenge: a two-day camping trip in the great outdoors.
Episode 4:
The boys and girls face their biggest test: living with the opposite sex. It's not a prospect that thrills everyone - and as the girls make a grab for space they test their limits of the boys' hospitality...
Director: Mark Henderson, Martin Fuller.
United Kingdom, Channel4, 2009.
Language: English.
Download Boys and girls alone: … 09-1-4.rar



Cienie / The Road Home / Shadows. 1987.

PL. Mały Georg (Rafał Synówka) dowiaduje się w 1945 roku, że jest zgermanizowanym dzieckiem polskim. Wraca z repatriantami do kraju, gdzie w sierocińcu odnajduje go matka (Marzena Trybała). Powolna nauka polskiego rozpoczyna się od przypomnienia imienia - Jurek. Matce okazuje zainteresowanie Edward (Bogusław Linda), miejscowy pełnomocnik rządu. Decydują się wziąć ślub. Jurek z niechęcią patrzy na przyszłego ojczyma, tym bardziej że coraz większy wpływ na niego ma dziadek (Jerzy Bińczycki), wróg "bolszewików", tworzący legendę ojca chłopca, kawalerzysty zaginionego we wrześniu 1939 roku.
EN. During the Second World War, tens of thousands of blonde, blue-eyed Polish children were snatched from their parents and given to German families. Lebensborn was part of Hitler's plan to expand the Aryan master race within the Third Reich. In 'The Road Home', eight-year old Jerzy returns home at the end of the war to a joyful reunion with his long-lost mother and grandfather. But problems arise as he is taunted by his peers and, longing for his missing father, burns with resentment for his new communist stepfather.
Director: Jerzy Kaszubowski.
Cast: Zygmunt Bielawski, Jerzy Binczycki, Mieczyslaw Janowski, Jerzy Kaszubowski, Andrzej Kowalik, Bogdan Kuczkowski, Eugeniusz Kujawski, Igor Kujawski, Eliasz Kuziemski, Slawa Kwasniewska, Boguslaw Linda.
Poland, 1988.
Language: Polish, English, German.
Subtitles: English.
Download Cienie / The Road Home / Shadows. 1987:



Cream Lemon Live Action: Ami on the Poolside. 2006.

Ami, raised in China, is a high school student who practices Chinese martial arts and swimming. She comes back to Japan because of her mother's remarriage. Hiroshi, a careless college student, likes to take women’s pictures secretly. Hiroshi goes to a girls swimming pool locker room to take photos with his friend, Takimoto. When he gets home, Hiroshi sees Ami whom he saw at the locker room. Ami's mother and Hiroshi's father gets married and they go on a honeymoon, leaving the two alone in the house. Whenever Hiroshi tries to get near Ami, her martial arts prevents him but gradually they become closer…
Director: Hirota Mikio.
Cast: Kitagawa Emi, Takamine Kakeru, Watanabe Takuma, Anna Tomo, Ezure Kenji, Kitagawa Sayaka, Kosaki Emiri, Kubota Kiyomi, Morikawa Rinko, Nakamoto Tsukasa, Shibata Aya, Yasuma Rie, Mochizuki Misa.
Japan, AMG Entertainment, 2006.
Language: Japanese.
Download Cream Lemon Live Action: Ami on the Poolside. 2006: … olside.rar



Crepuscule. 2009

In this impressionistic experimental drama, a woman walks a fine line between sanity and madness in a world of constant twilight. Nellie Benner plays a young woman who works at a filling station and lives a life of emotional isolation. No one seems to pay attention to her, and she lives in a run-down flat that looks as if it's decaying before our eyes. As the woman wrestles with the demons that are taking hold within her mind, she frequently confronts herself in the mirror, often while naked. An older man (Titus Muizelaar) who has seen the woman through her windows becomes fascinated with her, but his attempts to integrate himself into her world have strange and unexpected consequences, especially when a gun enters the picture. Shot almost entirely without dialogue.
Directors: Victor Nieuwenhuijs, Maartje Seyferth.
Cast: Nellie Benner, Titus Muizelaar, Rietje Janssens, Arie van Dok, Maarten Wijsmuller, Philippe de Voogdt.
Netherlands, 2009.
Language: None
Download Crepuscule. 2009: … e-2009.rar



看上去很美 / Kan shang qu hen mei / Little Red Flowers. 2006.

CN. 《看上去很美》(英語:Little Red Flowers)是一部於2006年3月18日在中国大陸上映的電影,由张元导演,根据王朔同名小说改编。
影片由北京世纪喜讯文化发展有限公司和意大利的Downtown Picture联合出品。讲述3岁男孩方枪枪的成长故事,从孩子的视角看大人的世界,折射出了一些社会问题。
EN. Qiang is a four-year-old little rebel, possessed of a pair of luminous eyes and a precociously indomitable will. His father deposits him at a well-appointed residential kindergarten in post-1949 Beijing, since his parents are often away. Life at the kindergarten appears rich and colourful, made up of a variety of cheerfully sunny rituals and games meant to train these children to be good members of society. But it's not so easy for Qiang to adapt to this kind of carefully organized, minutely scrutinized collective life. A fierce individualist in miniature, he tries but fails to conform to the model his teachers enforce. Yet he still craves the reward that the other students win: the little red flowers awarded each day as tokens for good behaviour. But Qiang doesn't win any flowers: he can't yet dress himself, and doesn't play together with the other kids. He even dares to talk back to the strict Teacher Li and Principal Kong when they try to impose some discipline on him. Gradually, his charisma and bravado start to win over his classmates: their stealthy little rebellions gain steam when he succeeds in convincing everyone that Teacher Li is a child-eating monster in disguise. When their attempt to capture her is thwarted, Qiang's resistance develops a more disturbing dimension, and he is forcibly ostracized from his companions. Will he succumb to the adult-enforced conformity around him, or will he insist on growing up his own way, by his own rules?
Director: 张元 / Yuan Zhang.
Cast: Bowen Dong, Yuanyuan Ning, Manyuan Chen, Zhao Rui, Xinyun Li, Yujia Sun, Ma Du, Runqiu Liu, Ziye Wang, Yanghao Zhang, Jiaheng Zhao, Huacheng Li.
China, Italy, 2006.
Language: Mandarin.
Subtitles: Chinese.
Video: MKV, 960x544
Download 看上去很美 / Kan shang qu hen mei / Little Red Flowers. 2006: … i-2006.rar

看上去很美 / Kan shang qu hen mei / Little Red Flowers. 2006.
花絮-制作特辑 / Highlights - Making Specials.

Documentary about filming a movie.
本片讲述了以方枪枪、陈南燕、陈北燕为主的一群小孩子,在幼儿园这个集体中成长的故事  。本片于2006年3月18日
Director: 张元 / Yuan Zhang.
Language: Mandarin.
Download 花絮-制作特辑 / Highlights - Making Specials: … 06-Doc.rar



Cría cuervos / Raise Ravens. 1976.

ES. Ana recuerda todo lo ocurrido desde de la muerte de su padre, veinte años antes. Su hija, de nueve años, cree tener poder sobre la vida y la muerte de quienes viven con ella. Hay otro poder que Ana cree poseer: el de invocar la presencia de su madre. Con ella, muerta hace años, revive una relación llena de ternura y, a veces, de dominio.
EN. Cría Cuervos (Raise ravens) is a 1976 Spanish drama film directed by Carlos Saura. The film is an allegorical drama about an eight-year-old girl dealing with loss. Highly acclaimed, it received the Special Jury Prize Award at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival.
In Madrid, the orphan sisters Irene, Ana and Maite are raised by their austere aunt Paulina together with their mute and crippled grandmother after the death of their mother and their military father Anselmo. Ana is a melancholic girl, fascinated by death, after seeing her mother having a painful death and her father dead in bed.
Director: Carlos Saura.
Cast: Geraldine Chaplin, Mónica Randall, Florinda Chico, Ana Torrent, Héctor Alterio, Germán Cobos, Mirta Miller, Josefina Díaz, Conchita Pérez, Mayte Sanchez, Juan Sánchez Almendros.
Spain, 1976.
Language: Spanish, English, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Download Cría cuervos / Raise Ravens. 1976: … s-1976.rar



Csutak és a szürke ló. 1961.

Csutakkal mindig csak baj van, a kisfiút még társai sem szívesen veszik be a játékba. Magányosan telik a szünidő, míg egy nap el nem köti a fuvaros nő vágóhídra való rozzant gebéjét. Az új jövevény társasága már belépőt jelent a gyerekcsapatba, együtt próbálják elhelyezni a lovat. Először a lakótelepen, majd Katiék pincéjében rejtegetik, végül a szigeten, egy elhagyott lakókocsiban találnak neki helyet. A gyerekek minden idejüket itt töltik. A fuvaros nő azonban nyomozni kezd a gebe után. A ló egy nap eltűnik a gyerekek elől, s a felnőttek világa a szigetet is kezdi birtokba venni. Mire kezdődik az iskola, már csak az emlékek maradnak. Csutak azonban nincs többé egyedül, a nyári kaland óta ő a gyerekek vezére.
Director: Zoltán Várkonyi.
Cast: Ferenc Kiss, Anna Báró, Ferenc Kállai, Mari Szemes, Erzsi Orsolya, Gábor Veress, Tibor Polgár, Tünde Bedö, István Bánfalvi, Csaba Braun, Gábor Lorenc, Zoltán Veress.
Hungary, Budapest Filmstúdió, 1961.
Language: Hungarian.
Download Csutak és a szürke ló. 1961: … o-1961.rar



Czerwone węże. 1983.

"Czerwone węże" są adaptacją znanej i wielokrotnie wznawianej powieści Heleny Boguszewskiej z 1933 roku. Akcja książki i filmu toczy się dwa lata wcześniej w łódzkim osiedlu włókniarzy. Przybywa tutaj dwunastoletnia Władka - córka jednego z górników, strajkujących właśnie na Śląsku. W ramach porozumienia między związkami zawodowymi dziećmi protestujących mają zaopiekować się robotnicy z Łodzi. Władka trafia do rodziny Stańczaków, gdzie spotyka się z życzliwym przyjęciem, zwłaszcza ze strony młodszej części domowników - Adama i Sabki. Dzieci szybko się zaprzyjaźniają, wspólnie chodzą do szkoły, razem przeżywają właściwe swemu wiekowi radości i dramaty. Władka pomaga nawet Stańczakowej dorabiać handlem na bazarze. Jednak pewnego dnia dochodzi do strajku w fabryce Stańczaka. Konflikt między robotnikami i pracodawcami przybiera groźne rozmiary...
Director: Wojciech Fiwek.
Cast: Agnieszka Wielgus, Magdalena Scholl, Adam Probosz, Alicja Jachiewicz, Stefan Szmidt, Zbigniew Bielski, Miroslawa Marcheluk, Zdzislaw Szymanski, Jolanta Koczwara, Ewa Frąckiewicz.
Poland, 1981.
Language: Polish.
Download Czerwone węże. 1983: … e-1983.rar



Daddy. 1973. And Bonus.

Two films, fiction and documentary, from and about Niki De Saint Phalle, the painter of theatre, sculptor, filmmaker and creative person.
1. Daddy. 1973.
A fantasy about a woman’s attempts to exorcise the influence of her sexually domineering father.
Peter Whitehead and Niki de Saint Phalle's 1973 film Daddy (UK) was an angry retort to oppressive regimes, particularly that most destructive one of childhood sexual abuse. But its power lies equally in its ambivalence and, in the end, its profound negativity. While Whitehead and de Saint Phalle resolutely sought to free representations of women from the triad of narcissism, masochism, and passivity, insisting that the feminine is home to the full range of aggressive and sexual drives, they also stripped away even the most facile hopes for a better world. In this, Whitehead and de Saint Phalle joined other creative radicals of the 1960s and 1970s (such as poets like Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton, who wrote eloquently about both female resistance and resignation in the face of paternal sexual abuse) in presenting a pessimistic account of late modernity.
In the section entitled "The Monster," Daddy sexually abuses the Daughter during a game of Blind Man. The daughter's response is ambivalent: she wants to scream; she promises to "lead [Daddy] to many countries" and to "conquer the world" for him; she commands "Down on your knees Daddy, say please say please ... Dirty dirty Daddy." The Daughter's abuse is symptomatic of the Daddy's cruelty generally: Daddy also beats and rapes the Mother. When the Daughter dons her Mother's wig, Daddy punishes her by locking her in a dark cupboard.
Director: Niki De Saint Phalle, Peter Whitehead.
Cast: Rainer Diez, Mia Martin, Clarice Mary, Niki De Saint Phalle, Marcel Lefranc, Jean-Pierre Raymond, Sere Inhof.
UK, France, 1973.
Language: English.
2. Bonus.
Niki de Saint Phalle: Wer ist das Monster - du oder ich? / Résumé de Niki de Saint Phalle : Qui est le monstre, toi ou moi ? / Niki de Saint Phalle: Who Is the Monster, You or Me? 1996.
EN. In the sixties the painter and sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle started her career with shooting paintings, reliefs that were fired at with paint bags. She became famous and popular for her Nanas, colorful sculptures of big and cheerful women, and for the cooperation with Jean Tinguely. The frame of this film is a tour through her tarot garden in Tuscany.
FR. S'appuyant sur les souvenirs de Niki de Saint Phalle et des images d'archives très swinging sixties, une plongée en couleurs dans l'univers de l'artiste. «Je cherchais qui était la femme...» Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle, surnommée Niki par sa mère, n'a cessé d'explorer ses démons, se réjouissant dès ses débuts d'ulcérer son aristocratique famille et de dénoncer un père incestueux dans un film déjanté, Daddy. Des premiers tableaux au fusil aux «Nanas» qui l'ont rendue célèbre, dont «la plus grande putain de la planète» (29 mètres de long, 6 de hauteur et 9 de largeur) créée pour le musée d'art moderne de Stockholm.
Director: Peter Schamoni.
Csat: Niki De Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely.
Germany, Switzerland, 1996.
Language: French.
1280x720 HD
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Dann steig' ich eben aus... 1977.

In der literarischen Vorlage für diese TV-Produktion (das Buch “Doppelzweier”, erschienen im Kinderbuchverlag der DDR) hatte Hans-Ulrich Lüdemann Fragen aufgeworfen, die für viele Kinder und Jugendliche von Interesse waren: Ist es im Leistungssport ein freiwilliger Kampf um den Sieg oder werden die Betreffenden “gedrillt”? Welche Mittel sind im Kampf mit den sportlichen Rivalen erlaubt?
In diesem Fernsehspiel nun steht der Junge Klas (Karsten Köhler) im Mittelpunkt; er ist der sportlich Beste in seiner Mannschaft. Leider sind ihm seine Erfolge in den Kopf gestiegen, so dass sich der Trainer (Herbert-Wolfgang Krause) veranlasst sieht, Klas in den Doppelzweier umzusetzen, wo er zusammen mit Heiner (Bernd Jurke) ein Team zu bilden hat. Aber um auch in dieser Bootskategorie zu siegen, wendet Klas faule Tricks an. Doch seinem Umfeld gelingt es schließlich, Klas nach sportlichen und persönlichen Niederlagen und nach Abklärung aller damit verbundenen Probleme und Missverständnisse auf den richtigen Weg zurückzuführen, und zur bevorstehenden Spartakiade wollen Klas und Heiner gemeinsam um den Sieg kämpfen.
Director: Fred Noczynski.
Cast: Rieke (Hella Barknecht), Klas (Karsten Köhler), Heiner (Bernd Jurke), Frank (Udo Niedziella), Thomas (Jens Richter), Fiene, Heiners Schwester (Mandy Helle), Breiting, Übungsleiter (Herbert-Wolfgang Krause), Bootswart (Rudi Reich), Herr Miggelsen, Klas` Vater (Hans-Dieter Krone), Frau Miggelsen, Klas` Mutter (Jutta Spychalski), Drews, Klassenlehrer (Wolfgang Seher), Käpt`n vom Dampfer (Karl Wilcke), Frau Kruse (Helga Krystek), Übungsleiter der Mädchen (Anne Basknecht), Übungsleiter der Jungen, Gruppe I (Olaf Stief), Übungsleiter der Jungen, Gruppe II (Gerhard Paul).
DDR, Fernsehen der DDR, 1977.
Language: German.
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Das Wunder der Liebe II - Sexuelle Partnerschaft / Sexual Partnership. 1968.

In einem Prolog unterhält sich Kolle mit zwei Wissenschaftlern darüber, ob die Sexuelle Revolution noch aufzuhalten sei und ob "die Pille die Moral verdirbt". Im Hauptteil des Films beschreibt Kolle anhand ausgewählter Beispiele wie das menschliche Verhältnis zur Sexualität schon von klein auf durch traumatische Kindheits- und Jugendereignisse geprägt werden kann und sich jeder Mensch durch diese Erlebnisse seine eigenen Vorstellungen von Sexualität und einer erfüllten Partnerschaft bildet. Dieses wird am Beispiel von Michael und Monika, einem jungen Ehepaar, verdeutlicht. Die jeweilige Kindheit der beiden, sowie deren erste sexuelle Erfahrungen werden dem Zuschauer vor Augen geführt.
Der Prolog, sowie die Kindheit der beiden Protagonisten wurde in Schwarz-Weiß gedreht, während der Hauptteil (ab dem Punkt, wo sich Michael und Monika zum ersten Mal begegnen) in Farbe gedreht wurde. Der Film, sowie auch der erste Teil, können als Vorbild für die ersten Report-Filme der frühen 1970er Jahre (Schulmädchen-Report) angesehen werden, jedoch steht bei Kolle noch die Aufklärung und nicht der bloße Sexualakt im Vordergrund. Weshalb der Report-Film auch als Parodie des Aufklärungsfilms angesehen werden kann.
Director: Alexis Neve.
Writer: Oswalt Kolle.
Cast: Petra Perry, Michael Maien, Solvi Stubing.
Germany, 1968.
Language: German.
Download Das Wunder der Liebe II - Sexuelle Partnerschaft / Sexual Partnership. 1968: … schaft.rar



Das Märchenschloß. 1961.

Die Brüder Peter, Günter und Klaus wandern los, um das Objekt ihrer Träume zu finden. Günter und Klaus wollen einen Mähdrescher und einen Traktor finden, geben jedoch schon nach kurzer Zeit auf. Der jüngste, Peter, sucht das Märchenschloss, von dem er in seinem Buch gelesen hat, und macht sich allein auf den Weg. Auf einer Wiese läuft ihm ein Pony zu, das dem Pony seines Buchs gleicht. Er nennt es Pedro und reitet mit ihm los. Unterwegs trifft er auf einen Schäfer, der ihm den Weg zum Rosenschloss weist, wo Pedro offensichtlich herstammt...
Director: Herrmann Zschoche.
Cast: Lutz Bosselmann, Jürgen Krüger, Rosemarie Stein, Andreas Neugebauer, Peter Piesick, Volker Scharf, Paul Borgelt, Heinz Brehm, Heinz Brehm, Sigrid Göhler, Horst Lampe, Hanna Rimkus, Werner Wenzel..
DDR, DEFA, 1961.
Language: German.
Download Das Märchenschloß. 1961: … chloss.rar



Daughter of the Sun. 1962.

When she is discovered to be a nudist, a school teacher is called before the board of education to defend herself. A young male teacher decides to accompany her to her nudist camp to find out for himself exactly what goes on there.
Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis.
Cast: Rusty Allen, Jerome Eden, Michael Borgine, Pearl Krohn, Avis Holmes, Darrin Ainsworth.
USA, 1962.
Language: English.
Download Daughter of the Sun. 1962: … n-1962.rar



De uanstændige / Topsy Turvy. 1983.

Filmen foregеr i 1939, hvor den attenеrige Thomas (Lars Bom) har andet at tжnke pе end de store verdensbegivenheder. Han er fra et stift og smеborgerligt hjem, men mшdet med nabofamilien Thamms, der har tvillingerne Topsy (Nonny Sand) og Mick (Thomas Alling) pе hans egen alder, vender op og ned pе alt, han har lжrt. Det er et excentrisk kunstnerhjem, hvor han mшder en frigjort indstilling til alle former for sex.
Director: Edward Fleming.
Cast: Lars Bom, Nonny Sand, Thomas Alling, Axel Strobye, Lene Brondum, Jess Ingerslev, Gitte Naur, Lisbet Dahl, Jess Ingerslev, Elin Reimer, Torbjørn Hummel.
Denmark, 1983.
Language: Danish.
Download De uanstændige / Topsy Turvy. 1983: … e-1983.rar



De qué color es el viento / What Color Is the Wind? 1973.

ES. De qué color es el viento es una película mexicana filmada en 1972 (aunque sería estrenada comercialmente el 13 de octubre de 1973) y fue producida y dirigida por Servando González, quien también escribió el guion junto con su esposa Miriam Salinas, sobre la base de una idea de Aida Berkman. El título de la película fue cedido por la poetisa Griselda Álvarez, y fue tomado de Letanía erótica para la paz: "Las auroras eran amargas / como niños ciegos que quieren saber de qué color es el viento".
Sergio y Eva son dos niños invidentes que estudian en la misma escuela de capacitación para ciegos y pronto se hacen amigos, a pesar de que él proviene de una familia humilde y ella de una familia de clase alta, por lo que la madre del chico le prohíbe que la vaya a visitar a su casa.
Por suerte para Sergio, su maestra Luz María decide ayudarlo costeando una parte de la operación con sus ahorros para que pueda ver. La operación resulta todo un éxito pero, ahora, el niño comienza a percatarse de que el mundo no es tan maravilloso como se lo había imaginado cuando estaba ciego y, aunado al hecho de que es ahora la mamá de Eva quien no quiere el trato con su hija (ya que la niña también había sido operada con anterioridad pero sin conseguir el mismo resultado), Sergio decide tomar una medida drástica para poder recuperar la amistad de su amiguita.
EN. A boy and a girl, both blind, became friends, and after hearing about a medical procedure that may restore one's vision; the next problem is the cost and these children are, by no means, rich.
Director: Servando González.
Cast: Héctor Suárez, Virma González, Ahui Camacho, Maria Andrea, María Eugenia San Martín, Enrique Pontón, Gaspara Galindo, Raúl Quijada, María Elena García, Ofelia Medina.
Mexico, 1972.
Language: Spanish.
Download De qué color es el viento / What Color Is the Wind? 1973: … o-1973.rar



De rode zwaan. 1999.

NL. De rode zwaan is een Nederlandse speelfilm uit 1999, geregisseerd door Martin Lagestee. Het is gebaseerd op het gelijknamige boek van Sjoerd Kuyper, die eerder Het Zakmes schreef.
Na jaren in Frankrijk te hebben gewoond, keert grootvader Jakob terug naar zijn geboortehuis. Hij heeft het huis gekocht en zijn kleinzoon Jakob komt tijdens de herfstvakantie meehelpen om het op te knappen. Als opa bij het opknappen van het huis uitglijdt en zich bezeert, komt er een oudere dame uit de buurt op hem passen. De dame blijkt het buurmeisje uit opa's jeugd te zijn. Zij vertelt Jakob over opa's rode zwaan, een houten speelgoedbeest dat hij altijd bij zich had en waarover hij nu in zijn koortsdromen van alles roept. Omdat opa de rode zwaan ooit is kwijtgeraakt, besluit Jakob om hem te zoeken in de hoop dat dit opa beter zal maken. Net aan zijn zoektocht begonnen, komt Jakob in een "sprookjeswereld" terecht, waar hij het meisje Neeltje ontmoet. Samen beleven zij spannende avonturen met "het Houtvolk" en "de Karpermannen". Jakob en Neeltje zetten alles op alles om de rode zwaan te vinden en hierbij blijken opa's verhalen te kunnen helpen...
EN. After years living in France, The grandfather of Jakob returns back too his old house. He buys the house and asks his grand-son too help renovate it. When his grandfather falls and get hurt, an older woman decides too look out on Jakob. The older woman tells Jakob a story about a red swan, an wooden toy that his grandfather always had with him, because his grandfather lost the wooden swan, Jakob decides he's going to search for it, with the hope that his grandfather will feel better when it returns. When he begins with his quest Jakob comes in a fantasy world, here he meets Neeltje. Together they have big adventures with the 'woodfolk' and the 'fishmen' Jakob en Neeltje decide to do everything for the wooden swan, and the stories of Jakobs grandfather could help.
Director: Martin Lagestee.
Cast: Liz Snoyink, Rufus Heikens, Pierre Bokma, Sanne Himmelreich, Saskia Elise, Thekla Reuten, Ariane Schluter, André van den Heuvel, Marloes van den Heuvel, Mark van der Laan.
Netherlands, 1999.
Language: Dutch.
Download De rode zwaan. 1999: … n-1999.rar


Wereld van Ludovic, De / Monde de Ludovic, Le / Ludovic`s World. 1993.
NL. Ludovic iseen twaalfjarig jongetje dat houdt van videospelletjes, horror- en SF-strips, waardoor hij zich een verkeerd beeld heeft gevormd van de werkelijkheid. Hij krijgt een vriendinnetje, Sophie, en als hij bij haar thuiskomt, ontdekt hij traditie, warmte en genegenheid, die voor hem onbekend zijn omdat hij gewend is aan zijn kille fantasiewereld. De volwassenen dragen echter maskers om de schijn op te houden en als die vallen, raakt hij zo in de war dat hij in een psychiatrische inrichting verpleegd moet worden.
EN. Ludovic, a young boy neglected by his artsy parents, falls in love with Sophie, the daughter of a piano teacher. They meet in secret places in the city. Not long after Sophie's father finds them naked together in her room, Ludovic is sent away to spend time with his grandparents. Sophie runs away from home to join him, and they hide along the seashore and in abandoned buildings. After they are found, their parents try to keep them separate, but they both fall into deep depressions.
Director: Jean-Pierre De Decker.
Cast: Mathias Coppens, Bella van Meel, Didier Bezace, Annick Christiaens, Peter Tuinman, Will van Kralingen, Tijn Schmits, Leslie de Gruyter, Ludo Busschots, Hilde Van Mieghem, Andrea Croonenberghs.
Belgium, Netherlands, France, 1993.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Wereld van Ludovic, De / Monde de Ludovic, Le / Ludovic`s World. 1993: … c-1993.rar



De Daltons. 1999-2000.

De serie gaat over de zes en een half jaar oude Tim die drie broers heeft: Jelle, Erik en de veel jongere Daantje. Samen met hun ouders wonen ze aan de Daltonstraat 123. Ze worden daarom ook wel "De Daltons" genoemd. In iedere aflevering maken de broers iets mee, waarbij alles door de ogen van Tim wordt bekeken. De ene keer mag Tim met Jelle en Erik in een tent slapen, de andere keer wil hij op blokfluitles. Ook komen er nieuwe buren wonen en maakt Tim kennis met Gijs-Jan, een leeftijdsgenootje waarmee hij ook geregeld omgaat.
Director: Rita Horst.
Cast: Mick Mulder, Dajo Hogeweg, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Rick Hartjes, Oscar Kieft, Carine Crutzen, Peter Blok, Rick Hartjes, Tessa Velsink, Joke Tjalsma.
Netherlands, Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep, 1999-2000.
Language: Dutch.
Download De Daltons. 1999-2000: … p-2000.rar



El cantor / The Singer. 1977.

DE. El Cantor ist ein deutscher Fernsehfilm von Dean Reed aus dem Jahr 1977. Der von der DEFA im Auftrag des Fernsehens der DDR produzierte Film beschäftigt sich mit den letzten Wochen im Leben des Sängers Víctor Jara.
Der zeitweilig in der DDR lebende US-amerikanische Sänger und Schauspieler Dean Reed übernahm für die Herstellung dieses Fernsehfilms gleich mehrere Aufgaben:
Im Jahre 1976 erarbeitete er das Szenarium, schrieb danach zusammen mit Wolfgang Ebeling das Drehbuch, inszenierte diesen Film als Regisseur und agierte in der Hauptrolle des populären chilenischen Sängers Victor Jara, der von Kräften der chilenischen Putschisten umgebracht wurde. Dean Reed wollte mit diesem Film seinem langjährigen Freund Jara eine Denkmal und gleichzeitig ein Zeichen im Kampf gegen die Militärjunta in Chile setzen.
In diesem Streifen zeigt Reed viel Persönliches aus den letzten Wochen in Victor Jaras Leben, so die enge Bindung zu seiner Frau - hier Janet genannt und von Friederike Aust interpretiert - und zu seinen beiden Kindern. Daneben schildert er Jaras alltägliches Bemühen um eine menschliche Gesellschaft, so auch als Mistreiter für die Sache der UNIDAT POPULAR, und die damit verbundene direkte Bedrohung seitens seiner politischen Gegner.
Der Film wurde ab Februar 1977 in Bulgarien gedreht, weil Reed der Auffassung war, dass die bulgarische Architektur der in Chile ähnele. Für Szenen über eine Kundgebung der UNIDAD POPULAR standen Mitglieder des bulgarischen Jugendverbandes als Komparsen bereit.
EN. Victor Jara is one of the most popular singers in Chile. In 1973 he is arrested by the military and his body is found dead.
Director: Dean Reed.
Cast: Dean Reed, Friederike Aust, Gerry Wolff, Thomas Wolff, Djoko Rosic, Damyan Antonov, Wladimir Jotschew, Dimitrina Savova, Christina Sotirowa, Alexander Patino, Stella Amandowa.
DDR, DEFA, 1977.
Language: German.
Download El cantor / The Singer. 1977: … r-1977.rar


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