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Dein Kind, das unbekannte Wesen. 1970.

This is a continuation of the sex education films by Oswald Kolle. The entire Kolle family appears nude and openly discusses sex among the parents, two daughters and one son. The father recommends masturbation for children unless the act would be traumatic for the participant. Some mention of the Oedipal complex is discussed, but no details are given because individual situations may vary. The color process is not credited.
Director: Werner M. Lenz, Oswalt Kolle.
Cast: Wolf-Michael Hoffmann, Martin Jente, Cornelia Kolle, Marlies Kolle, Nino Kolle, Oswalt Kolle, Stefan Kolle, Till Kolle, Erich Joey Pfluger, Renate Weprich.
Germany, Konstantin Films, Arca, 1970.
Language: German.
Download Dein Kind, das unbekannte Wesen. 1970: … n-1970.rar



Demi-Tarif. 2003.

Actress Isild Le Besco (Girls Can't Swim) makes her feature debut as a director with Demi-Tarif (Half-Price). The movie, shot on digital video on a miniscule budget, garnered attention in its native France after renowned filmmaker Chris Marker compared the experience of seeing it to the experience he and his friends had upon seeing Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless for the first time. Demi-Tarif follows the low-key adventures of three young siblings, Romeo (Kolia Litscher), Launa (Lila Salet), and the youngest, Leo (Cindy David), left on their own in a rundown Paris apartment. One of them narrates, wistfully explaining how their mother abandoned them and calls them once in a while to see how they are doing or tell them she loves them. The three kids do as they please, roaming the streets, running out of restaurants without paying for food, and shoplifting from the local grocery store. They eat whatever and whenever they want, gorging themselves on sweets. They beg for change on the Metro and show up late for school in tattered, dirty clothes. All the while, they try to keep the fact that they are alone a secret from the world of adults. Demi-Tarif had its U.S. premiere at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival.
Director: Isild Le Besco.
Cast: Cindy David, Kolia Litscher, Lila Salet.
France, 2003.
Download Demi-Tarif:

DVD take here - Demi-tarif / Half-Price. 2003. DVD.



Den Åttonde dagen / The Eighth Day. 1979.

SE. Ända sedan förra sommaren har den tolvåriga Anna väntat på Pejter -- väntat och väntat i ett helt år, berättar hon i inre monolog.
Men när den krullhårige Pejter anländer med båten för att bo hos pappa en vecka (mamma har semester), vågar Anna nästan inte tala med honom. Hon följer honom på avstånd, när han med en tung väska vandrar vägen till pappa. Det är han som börjar tala med henne. Han ger henne en pärla som hon till synes motvilligt tar emot.
Anna har kommit hem. Hon gråter i smyg och är arg på sig själv. Ilskan går ut över familjen. Värst drabbas lillebror som förundras över att hon är arg jämt. Över honom häller hon en balja vatten.
Anna är på stranden i skymningen. Hon ser ett par tonåringar närma sig, Mariette och en kille med kassettspelare. Mariette visar brösten för honom och berättar att killen med krullet kommit tillbaka. De upptäcker att de är iakttagna av Anna som för att freda sig ger Mariette pärlan. När Anna berättar att hon fått den av Pejter, kastar Marietta ut den i vattnet. Vad brukar ni hålla på med? frågar Mariette, dra ner brallorna? Du är för liten för sånt, säger Mariette. Killen med krullet ska få ångra sig.
Anna springer i väg gråtfärdig. Tonåringarna skrattar.
EN. Children as real human individuals with the difficulties this involves. Anna and Peiter are 11 years old. Peiter's parents are divorced. Only for one week a year does he live with his father, on the same island as Anna. The children have been friends for years. But this year (because of beginning puberty?) they have difficulty in getting in real touch. Day after day they fail. - Outside a café Peiter boasts that he can do everything. Anna tells him to fetch the thing she is thinking of. He goes inside, asks a guest to rise and brings his chair to Anna. This was indeed the right thing, and this chair will re-appear in other scenes. Another day Peiter boasts that he is not afraid of being locked up in a desolate tower for a few hours. Anna closes the lock on the outside. But her parents prevent her from going out again and Peiter remained alone in the tower for the entire night. -Finally all seven days have gone and the gap that prevented full contact is still not closed. Though when time is up Peiter is permitted to stay for one more day. And during 'the eighth day' (the Swedish name of the film) they succeed.
Director: Anders Grönros.
Cast: Susanna Rådö, Benny Fehér, Sten Johan Hedman, Sten Johan Hedman, Mimmo Wåhlander, Lars Amble, Tintin Anderzon, Per Lönnström, Nina Säbom, Bo-Patric Gusterman, Susanne Frankzén.
Sweden, 1979.
Language: Swedish.
Download Den Åttonde dagen / The Eighth Day. 1979: … n-1979.rar



Der Leihopa. Episode 1. 1985.

Der Leihopa ist eine 26-teilige Fernsehserie des Österreichischen Rundfunks, die von 1985 bis 1989 als Familienserie auf ORF 2 und Südwest 3 ihre Erstausstrahlung hatte. Ab Januar 1986 wurde sie vom Bayerischen Fernsehen gesendet.
Der Leihopa Waldemar Herzog ist Witwer und Rentner, und ihm ist ziemlich langweilig. Außer den regelmäßigen Treffen mit seinem hypochondrisch veranlagten Freund Franz und den Zankereien mit dem grieskrämigen Briefträger gibt es nur wenige Höhepunkte in seinem Leben. Da hört er zufällig von einer Agentur, die Leihomas als Babysitter vermittelt, und er sagt sich: ”Warum eigentlich nicht?”
This is Episode 1 "Zu jung, um sich alt zu fühlen".
Director: Otto Anton Eder.
Cast: Alfred Böhm, Hans Holt, Louis Strasser, Claudia Martini, Felicitas Ruhm, Birgit Machalissa, Karlheinz Hackl, Maresa Hörbiger, Walter Kaufmann.
Austria, Germany, 1985.
Language: German.
Download Der Leihopa. Episode 1. 1985: … 5-ep-1.rar



Den sommeren jeg fylte 15 / The summer I turned 15. 1976.

Den sommeren jeg fylte 15 (The summer I turned 15) is the story Peter is telling the about a special summer, when he is invited over to summer holiday from bickering parents, to his aunt and uncle in th country. He's been there before, but this summer was quite one to remember.
The film is based upon the Youth novel by Knut Faldbakken, and is about a boy sensing his first real sexual feelings. Directed by Knut Andersen, it become a good and well told coming of age story. Peter has become in the age where he starts noticing sexual tension and what's going on around. Like noticing that his aunt and uncle also quarrels, when they think he is not noticing. H also discovers that his uncle is having an affair.
Together with a comrade the same age, he uses time looking at old erotic magazines. But the real important thing is when he meets up with a girl his same age and a 6-7 year older single mother which is not afraid to bathe naked, both giving him his first real sexual feelings and sexual experiences. His first real kiss before I goes on...
There"s also some subtle dramatic sequences here, but the film can be view by anyone above grown enough to understand the sexual tension, but teenagers will appreciate it most. Well played by all actors, and a charming story, but it feels quite dated today.
Director: Knut Andersen.
Cast: Steffen Rothschild, Anne-Lise Tangstad, Kaare Kroppan, Grethe Ryen, Carina Ruude, Arne Lendl, Helge Linaae, Inger Teien, Wilfred Breistrand, Knut Hultgren.
Norway, 1976.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Den sommeren jeg fylte 15 / The summer I turned 15. 1976: … 5-1976.rar



Den vita stenen. 1973.

SE. Den vita stenen ar en svensk TV-serie pa 13 delar fran 1973. Den var baserad pa Gunnel Lindes barnbok Den vita stenen fran 1964. TV-serien premiarvisades pa SVT1 fran 6 oktober till 29 december 1973. Serien visades ocksa pa norsk tv forsta gangen i 1975. Det har varit flera ganger i repris pa NRK, bland annat 1982.
Serien regisserades av Goran Graffman.
Fia bor i Haradshovdingens hus och ager den vita stenen, som inte bara ar vit och vacker utan aven len. Fia haller stenen kar men en dag traffar hon Hampus som lovar att mala ogon-nasa-mun pa kyrkklockan om han far stenen av Fia. Fia i det fina huset och skomakarens brorson Hampus utvecklar en spannande vanskap byggd pa utmaningar.
Tva barn, Fia som bor i haradshovdingens hus, och Hampus som ar skomakarens brorson, inleder en lek dar de maste utfora olika uppdrag for att kunna erovra en vit sten fran varandra. Hampus, som kallar sig Farornas konung efter en figur pa en cirkus, lovar att mala oga-nasa-mun pa kyrkuret, och lyckas med det. Fia, som anvander namnet Fideli, far utmaningen att vara tyst en hel dag, men det gor det valdigt svart for henne att varna Farornas konung nar haradshovdingen tanker undersoka vem som klottrat pa kyrkans egendom.
EN. Fia and her mother, a piano-teacher, live in the country villa with bad-tempered housekeeper Malin. One day a boy called Hampus comes to the village together with his uncle, a shoemaker.
Script: Gunnel Linde.
Director: Goran Graffman.
Cast: Julia Hede-Wilkens, Ulf Hasseltorp, Eva Dahlqvist, Mona Dan-Bergman, Goran Graffman, Monica Nordquist, Ulf Johansson, Betty Tuvén, Gunilla Söderholm, Ann-Charlotte Lithman.
Sweden, 1973.
Language: Swedish.
13 episodes, the series total duration of approximately 6.5 hours.
Dowload Den vita stenen. 1973: … n-1973.rar



Apflickorna / She Monkeys. 2011.

She Monkeys (Swedish: Apflickorna) is a 2011 Swedish drama film directed by Lisa Aschan, starring Mathilda Paradeiser, Linda Molin and Isabella Lindqvist. The film focuses on psychological power struggles between two teenage girls engaged in equestrian vaulting.
«She Monkeys is a modern western about power, sex, and creatures.»
When Emma meets Cassandra, they initiate a relationship filled with physical and psychological challenges. Emma does whatever it takes to master the rules of the game. Lines are crossed and the stakes get higher and higher. Despite this, Emma can't resist the intoxicating feeling of total control.
Director: Lisa Aschan.
Cast: Mathilda Paradeiser, Linda Molin, Isabella Lindquist, Sergej Merkusjev, Adam Lundgren, Sigmund Hovind, Kevin Caicedo Vega, Nasrin Pakkho, Rebecka Ahlström.
Sweden, 2011.
Language: Swedish, Russian.
Download Apflickorna / She Monkeys. 2011: … a-2011.rar



Der zehnte Sommer / The Tenth Summer. 2003.

DE. Der zehnte Sommer (Internationaler Titel: The Tenth Summer) ist ein deutscher Kinderfilm aus dem Jahr 2003. Die Literaturverfilmung des Regisseurs Jörg Grünler, nach dem Kinderroman Der zehnte Sommer des Kalli Spielplatz von Dieter Bongartz, hatte ihre Uraufführung beim Kinderfilmfest der Berlinale im Februar 2003.
Es ist Sommer in einer Kleinstadt am Niederrhein des Jahres 1960. Der 9-jährige Kalli Spielplatz, ein überzeugter König in seinem Kinderreich, hat entsprechend große Pläne: Nicht nur will er mit seinen Freunden Polli und Walter einen geheimen Ferien-Zoo gründen – Hauptattraktion ist das Äffchen Kappu –, Kalli hat sich außerdem in die Nachbarstochter Franzi verliebt. Zuhause aber drücken der verletzt aus dem Krieg heimgekehrte Vater Karl und seine prekäre Arbeitssituation die Stimmung, und als auch noch Kappu erkrankt, drohen die Sommerträume des kleinen Königs zu platzen. Doch König Kalli findet unverhofft Hilfe. Gerade die missachtete und mit einem schlechten Ruf geschlagene Nachbarsfrau Hilfers und ihre beiden Töchter werden zu Retterinnen in der Not: Der König und seine "drei Hexen" meistern alle Unbill, und nach diesem Sommer wird nichts mehr sein wie zuvor.
EN. Summer holidays have always been magical. Perhaps because they idealize the memory of adults at the time of the greatest possible freedom: no school, no work, but room for a lot of new experiences, adventure, and first romances. Whether in the world of Astrid Lindgren, which seems to be always set in summer vacation, or in somewhat rougher renditions such as "Stand by Me," a single summer can define one's whole life. The tenth summer of Kalli is certainly one of these magical experiences. Along with his friends, he initially planned great things, including opening a zoo - however, one that not only offers the ordinary creeping or fluttering items in a preserving jar, but a true sensation. And suddenly there appears a little monkey, from dubious origins. But where to keep it? Kalli has an idea and his thoughts turn to his mysterious neighbors. The strange neighbor Mrs. Hilfers and her daughters, who have earned both an extremely wicked reputation and also a surprisingly warm reaction to Kalli's father, agrees to Kalli's plan: She takes in the monkey during the day. And so things can take their course during Kalli's special summer: a family crisis, a first kiss, and some challenging new friendships. Kalli's tenth summer takes place in 1960, and one of the greatest pleasures of the film is the artistry of Bernd Lepel, who created unobtrusive, but lovingly decorated long shots. In general, there is a lot to see in Jörg Grünler's family film, whose story appeals to audience of all ages.
Director: Jörg Grünler.
Cast: Kai Wiesinger, Katharina Böhm, Martin Stührk, Erika Marozsán, Michelle Barthel, David Kötter, Pino Severino-Geysen, Camilla Renschke, Nadja Bobyleva, Christina Schumacher.
Germany, 2003.
Language: German, Russian.
Download Der zehnte Sommer / The Tenth Summer. 2003: … r-2003.rar



Der Kuß meiner Schwester. 2000.

EN. Teen brother and sister who rarely get to see each other fall in love with one another one summer.
DE. Ein Geschwisterpaar kann nicht voneinander lassen und lost damit eine Tragodie aus. TV-Inzestdrama mit Teen-Beau Christian Wunderlich.
Felix (Christian Wunderlich) ist schockiert. Sein Freund Mattis (Florian Heiden) liebt Mieke, die eigene Schwester. In einer lauen Sommernacht passiert es, die Geschwister steigen zusammen ins Bett. Aber nicht allein der Inzest lost eine Tragodie aus: Ihr verwitweter Vater (August Zirner) hat eine Neue, Freund Felix nimmt Drogen, ist allein und leidet an einem Tumor… Story und Dialoge wie aus einer Teeniepostille.
Director: Dror Zahavi.
Cast: Florian Heiden, Alexandra Schalaudek, August Zirner, Christian Wunderlich, Friederike Wagner, Vanessa Jung, Stefan Born, Ulrike Arnold, Thomas Czerniejewski.
Germany, 2000.
Language: German.
Subtitles: Japanese.
Download Der Kuß meiner Schwester. 2000: … S-2000.rar



Krankenschwestern-Report / Nurses Report. 1972.

DE. Ein Reporterpaar untersucht die skandalösen Zustände im Münchner Sankt Martin Krankenhaus, wo Krankenschwester Beate gegen ihre unrechtmäßige Entlassung kämpft. Es stellt sich heraus, dass die einzige Abwechslung für die unterbezahlten und überarbeiteten Krankenschwestern und Schwesternschülerinnen darin besteht, die Hüllen fallen zu lassen und Zuneigung bei Ärzten und Patienten zu suchen.
EN. Teeny sex "report" about Krankenschwestern (nurses). Mildly exciting and amusing. Most remarkable is the first-time appearance of Ingrid Steeger and Elisabeth Volkmann who became both famous movie and TV stars after.
Director: Walter Boos.
Cast: Doris Arden, Ibrahim Aslahan, Dieter Assmann, Ulrike Butz, Claudia Fielers, Felix Franchy, Leopold Gmeinwieser, Karin Heske, Gernot Möhner, Frank Nossack.
West Germany, 1972.
Language: German.
Download Krankenschwestern-Report / Nurses Report. 1972:[/b] … Report.rar



Des enfants qui s'aiment. 2005.

FR. Des vacances en famille à la montagne.
Eliane, une petite fille de neuf ans, est aussi libre qu'un oiseau en cage. Elle tente d'échapper à l'autoritarisme de sa mère qui exerce sur elle et sur ses autres enfants une pression maladive.
Souffrant de semi-surdité, Eliane utilise son handicap pour se protéger des adultes qui l'entourent. En dépit des blessures et des traumatismes, elle se confronte à son propre enfermement et cherche la liberté dans les grands espaces.
EN. A family vacation in the mountains.
Nine-year-old Eliane is as free as a caged bird. She tries to escape her bossy mother, who lives in a state of pathological stress that affects Eliane and her siblings. Partially-deaf, Eliane uses her disability to protect herself from the adults around her. Despite the emotional bruising and trauma, she faces up to her own isolation and looks for freedom in wide open spaces.
Director: Gilles Volta.
Cast: Elbera Volta, Marie Balmelle, Félicie Roger, Nina Franchetti, Sabrina Franchetti, Pierre-François Jaouen, Emile Gruyer, Karim Fathi, Jalal Fathi, Dorothée Decoene, Yannick Le Perff, Xavier Champagnac, Vincent Gruyer.
France, 2005.
Language: French.
Download Des enfants qui s'aiment. 2005: … t-2005.rar


Deseos. 1977.
1. The inexplicable adventures of Timoteo Limon as he returns to his home town (that for some reason is some kind of post-apocalyptic barren land), Merceditas Toledo (a masturbating nun who wipes her ass over and over...) who takes a dump while timoteo`s father washes his body on a barrel.., Jesus is carried on his shroud trough some sort of cliff endless times.
2. Impenetrable and bizarre mobius strip of surrealist scenes... It's as if someone filmed a Mexican soap episode while under the influence of both Christian guilt and a dose of LSD. The father, and a jaded ex-lover, mixed with scenes of a treatment and burial of a Christ-like figure, a masturbating nun who frequently goes to the toilet, an angel with a whip, a suffering priest, the four horsemen, lots of nudity and artsy representations of lust, strange sets and costumes in a desert or amidst ruins, a group of mean circus performers in the desert drawing the attention of a village girl, and some pretentious narration making poetic statements about sin...
3. Snippets of a family drama involving a rebellious son coming to his depressing home village, his father, and a jaded ex-lover, mixed with various surrealist scenes and some pretentious narration making poetic statements about sin.
Director: Rafael Corkidi.
Cast: Ana Luisa Peluffo, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Angélica Chain, Jorge Humberto Robles, Gina Morett, Martin LaSalle, Ana De Sade, María de la Luz Zendejas, Juan Barrón, Elpidia Carrillo, Federico González, Zonia Rangel, Ana Iris Nolasco.
Mexico, 1977.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Deseos. 1977:


Desideria: La vita interiore. 1980.
The ugly duckling becomes a swan and exacts her revenge in this complex drama. All her life, the fat, homely child had been ignored by her rich, and gorgeous mother. The child bitterly resents this. Tensions explode when the daughter catches her mother in bed with her lover and the maid. The enraged mother tells the girl that she was bought from a hooker because the mother could not bear children. This drives the poor girl to suicide. She fails and is hospitalized. There she loses her weight and blossoms into a great beauty. She returns home with vengeance in her heart.
Director: Gianni Barcelloni.
Cast: Stefania Sandrelli, Lara Wendel, Klaus Lowitsch, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Orso Maria Guerrini, Lory Del Santo, Rossana Marra, Francesca Giordani, Barbara Valmorin, Giovanna Mainardi.
Italy, Germany, 1980.
Language: Italian.
Subtitles: Spanish.
Download Desideria: La vita interiore. 1980: … eriore.rar



Det gror mellom steinene. 1949.

NO. En film om Oslos parker. Vi er innom Studenterlunden, Stensparken, Slottsparken, Frognerparken med Vigelands barneferge, St. Hanshaugen og Botanisk Hage på Tøyen. Vi ser endel av den nye given for å gi Oslo en ansiktsløftning: "nybrottsområdene" i Iladalen og på Torshov, med saueprosjekter, konserter og friluftsteater for barn.
Produsert for Oslo kinematografer.
Filmen ble digitalisert som del av et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Oslo byarkiv og NFI/Filmarkivet Nasjonalbiblioteket.
EN. A film about Oslo's parks. We are at Studenterlunden, Stensparken, Slottsparken, Frognerparken with Vigeland's children's ferry, St. Hanshaugen and Botanical Garden on Tøyen. We see some of the new given to give Oslo a facelift: "The Breakthrough Areas" in Iladalen and Torshov, with sheep projects, concerts and open air theater for children.
Director: Ulf Greber.
Norway, 1949.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Det gror mellom steinene. 1949: … e-1949.rar



Det skaldede spøgelse / Jasper's Ghost. 1992.

EN. 11-year-old Jasper may just be starting puberty, but so far he has experienced a lifetime of emotions. On the day his beloved grandfather dies, he is charged with taking care of the elder's pet cat. The local town bully, Mourids, however, has his own ideas on how to take care of the frisky feline and wastes no time with showing Jasper just what he thinks of cats. Enter Far, a significantly more mature girl who Jasper is attracted to. It's love at first sight for Jasper, but will Far return the puppy love or will Jasper find out the hard way that she is actually Mourid's girlfriend?
ES. En una villa rural vive Jasper con sus padres. Jasper es un chico de una conducta excelente. Es amistoso, noble, y quiere mucho a Puss, el gato que heredó del viejo Aron que falleció. Pero Jasper es envidiado por el hijo del Pastor de su parroquia, quien no pierde oportunidad para ofenderlo, debido a que Jasper tiene dos queridas amigas y compañeras de clase.
Director: Brita Wielopolska.
Cast: Benjamin Rothenborg Vibe, Jannie Faurschou, Søren Østergaard, Ove Sprogøe, Peter Larsen, Patrick Ytting, Stig Hoffmeyer, Kirsten Lehfeldt, Jytte Pilloni, Steen Svare, Birgit Sadolin, Helle Fagralid.
Denmark, 1992.
Language: Danish.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Det skaldede spøgelse / Jasper's Ghost. 1992: … e-1992.rar



Guldregn / Showers of Gold. 1988.

DK. Nogle børn finder byttet fra et røveri og kommer alvorlig i fare, da røverne bliver klar over det.
EN. 4 Danish kids find a cookie jar filled with cash while playing in the woods. They decide to keep the money, at least until a reward is offered. But the crooks want "their" money back and will do whatever necessary to accomplish this.
Director: Søren Kragh-Jacobsen.
Cast: Ricki Rasmussen, Tania Frydenberg, Ken Vedsegaard, Nanna Bøndergaard, Torben Jensen, Søren Østergaard, Helle Merete Sørensen, Hans Henrik Clemensen, Jens Okking.
Denmark, 1988.
Language: Danish, Russian.
Download Guldregn / Showers of Gold. 1988: … n-1988.rar



Podróż / Journey. 2006. HD.

PL. Bohaterką filmu jest Iwona (Gabriela Muskała). Ma męża i dwie córeczki. Stanowią pospolitą polską rodzinę mieszkającą w typowym, jak na polskie warunki, blokowisku. Iwona pracuje jako kasjerka w supermarkecie spożywczym. Jej mąż, Janusz (Jacek Braciak), jest bezrobotny i tylko od czasu do czasu dorabia pomagając przy przeprowadzkach. Brak pieniędzy i ciągłe kłótnie są w tej rodzinie na porządku dziennym. Pewnego dnia do Iwony dzwoni jej dawny przyjaciel Wojtek i proponuje wyjazd do niego, do Londynu i rozpoczęcie nowego życia. Dla Iwony ta propozycja z czasem staje się coraz bardziej kusząca...
EN. It's a story of a young woman from Warsaw - Iwona who has two children and works in a supermarket. He lives with his unemployed husband in a block of flats. They are always short of money - that causes many quarrels and destroys their relationship . One day Iwona receives a great offer from her old friend - Wojtek. He wants her to move to London and start a brand new life.
Director: Dariusz Glazer.
Cast: Gabriela Muskala, Jacek Braciak, Karolina Paczynska, Katarzyna Paczynska, Maria Maj, Slawomir Orzechowski, Slawomir Grzymkowski, Aleksandra Poplawska.
Poland, 2006.
Language: Polish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Podróż / Journey. 2006:



Deux enfoires a Saint-Tropez. 1986.

Deux enfoires a Saint-Tropez est un film francais de Max Pecas sorti en 1986. C'est le deuxieme film de la « trilogie tropezienne » de Pecas, apres Les Branches a Saint-Tropez avant On se calme et on boit frais a Saint-Tropez.
Le film debute par la sortie de prison de Paul, condamne a quatre mois de prison a la place de son ami Julius. Afin de changer les idees de Paul, Julius decide de l'emmener a Saint-Tropez. Les deux jeunes hommes "empruntent" au passage une voiture et font sur le trajet la connaissance d'une charmante auto-stoppeuse, Evelyne, dont Julius ne tarde pas a tomber amoureux. Pour Paul, l'amour resurgit sous la forme de son ancienne compagne Milka, aux bras d'un marchand d'art quelque peu desagreable denomme Saedi. C'est alors qu'on propose a Paul et a Julius de subtiliser deux statuettes pre-colombiennes appartenant a Saedi, qui s'avere en fait etre un escroc. Mais le larcin ne se deroulera pas forcement comme prevu par nos deux comperes.
Director: Max Pecas.
Cast: Philippe Caroit, Jean-Michel Noirey, Lillemour Jonsson, Caroline Tresca, Denis Karvil, Claude Bruna, Jean Vinci, Stephanie Billat, Marie Daems, Gerard Croce, Daniel Mitrecey, Carole Keeper.
France, 1986.
Language: French.
Download Deux enfoires a Saint-Tropez. 1986: … z-1986.rar



Die Liebesquelle / The Fountain of Love. 1966.

DE. Die Liebesquelle ist ein österreichischer Spielfilm von Ernst Hofbauer aus dem Jahr 1965 mit Ann Smyrner, Hans-Jürgen Bäumler und Sieghardt Rupp in den Hauptrollen. Das Drehbuch verfasste Walter Schneider. In der Bundesrepublik Deutschland kam der Streifen am 20. Januar 1966 erstmals in die Kinos.
Um den Tourismus im Städtchen Jonkborn anzukurbeln, gräbt der stellvertretende Bürgermeister eine alte Sage aus. Demnach soll sich im Ort eine Liebesquelle befinden, die den Männern gesteigerte Potenz und den Frauen Schönheit bescheren soll. Schon bald stürmen Touristen den kleinen Ort und bringen das Nachtleben gehörig durcheinander…
EN. In this comedy, set in an Austrian mountain village, the town leaders conspire to attract tourists by touting a mythical "fountain of love" that runs nearby the village. When the minister of tourism discovers this, she immediately sends her agents to check out the veracity of the potentially scandalous water. After the village mayor declares a 3-day ban on sexual activity, he then plugs up the fountain. When the agents come, they find nothing. One of the agents wants to have his boss come and check it out personally, but changes his mind after he drinks some of the water. It really is an aphrodisiac! Soon tourists are arriving by the hundreds to sample the mysterious water. Unfortunately, the minister finds out and claims the water for the state
Director: Ernst Hofbauer.
Cast: Hans-Jürgen Bäumler, Sieghardt Rupp, Eddi Arent, Ann Smyrner, Hartmut Hinrichs, Christa Linder, Christiane Rücker, Marianne Schönauer, Walter Buschhoff.
Austria, 1966.
Language: German.
Download Die Liebesquelle / The Fountain of Love. 1966: … e-1966.rar


Diep. 20055.
A story about the 14 year old Heleen who makes the transition of child to adult with pain and effort in the wild 70s. While her parents going to divorce she is exploring the world of sex, drugs and love on her own.
Director: Simone van Dusseldorp.
Cast: Tjeerd Bischoff, Hunter Bussemaker, Marcel Faber, Monic Hendrickx, Damien Hope, Melody Klaver, Bart Klever, Stijn Koomen, Hadewych Minis, Tommy Parker, Sunsy Pasay, Jorik Scholten.
Netherlands, 2005.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: Russian, English.
Download Diep. 2005:



Urwisy z Doliny Młynów / Die Kinder vom Mühlental. 1985.

Urwisy z Doliny Mlynow – telewizyjny serial dla dzieci, produkcji polsko-zachodnioniemieckiej, nadawany po raz pierwszy na przelomie lat 1985 i 1986. W roku 1986 powstal jego trzynastoodcinkowy sequel pt. Klementynka i Klemens – gesi z Doliny Mlynow.
Przygody – czasami zabawne, innym razem dramatyczne – grupki dzieci na typowej polskiej wsi.
Zrealizowany w koprodukcji polsko-zachodnioniemieckiej pogodny serial o przygodach grupki dzieci, mieszkajacych na wsi (zdjecia realizowano w malowniczych plenerach w Dabrowie nad Czarna, a takze w piaskowych pieczarach kolo Sulejowa). Najwieksza atrakcja okolicy jest zabytkowy mlyn wodny, ktory dla rozbrykanej gromadki staje sie wspanialym miejscem zabaw. Jak to zwykle bywa na wsi, jej rownoprawnymi mieszkancami sa - obok ludzi - zwierzeta. Nic zatem dziwnego, ze mali bohaterowie zaprzyjazniaja sie z nimi. I tak plyna im wspolnie dni. Niemal kazdy z nich niesie ze soba nowa, niesamowita i niespodziewana przygode. Dziecieca wyobraznia sprawia bowiem, ze nawet zwyczajne wydarzenia nabieraja posmaku bajkowosci i tajemnicy. Dzieki talentowi maloletnich aktorow oraz rezysera Janusza Leskiego ("Rodzina Lesniewskich", "Na tropach Bartka", "Przygrywka", "Janka") owa aura niezwyklosci szybko udziela sie takze widzowi.
Episode List
4. Kapitan Grozny.
5. Mustang.
6. Sciana.
7. Dziki.
8. Kryjowka.
Director: Janusz Leski.
Cast: Jacek Wojcicki, Wiktor Zborowski, Bronislaw Pawlik, Roman Klosowski, Jolanta Zolkowska, Zdzislaw Szymborski, Jerzy Michotek.
Poland, West Germany, 1985.
Language: Polish, German.
Download Urwisy z Doliny Młynów / Die Kinder vom Mühlental. 1985: … w-1985.rar



Dolores. 2009.

At 14, Dolores, though loved by her folks at home, was deprived of a mature understanding that there is such a thin line between love and lust. Her seeming sense of innocence was betrayed. Her enigma eventually vanished when her grandfather, father, brother and uncle took advantage of that twisted sense of innocence. Soon after that grim realization, Dolores comes face to face battling her personal demon. She finally redeems herself in a way that a child naturally would, amid an indifferent and angry world. This domestic drama about a poor family in rural Philippines is based on a true story culled from a news clip the writer-director presented in his anthropology class in graduate school.
Director: Lito Casaje.
Cast: Lara Buenaventura, Dido De La Paz, Miles Canapi, Amante Pulido, Conrado de Guzman, R.J. Maximo, Keith Cabanez, Joseph Garcia, Redentor Esguerra.
Philippines, 2009.
Language: Filipino.
Subtitles: English.
Download Dolores. 2009:



Dolina miru / Valley of Peace. 1956.

Valley of Peace (Slovene: Dolina miru) is a 1956 Yugoslavian (Slovenian) war film directed by France Štiglic. It was in competition at the 1957 Cannes Film Festival, where John Kitzmiller received the Best Actor award for his role as Sgt. Jim.
The music for the film was written by the composer Marjan Kozina. He won the Golden Arena for Best Film Music for it.
In English speaking countries, it was released under the titles "Mr. Jim – American, Soldier, and Gentleman", "Sergeant Jim" and "The Valley of Peace".
The film was selected for screening as part of the Cannes Classics section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
A boy and a rather younger girl lost their families in an air raid. They have heard about a valley where there is always peace and fancy that this is the house of the boy's uncle. They start wandering for the valley. At the same time an airplane is shot down and the black American pilot jumped by parachute. He finds the children at a ford. There is absolutely no danger. But the girl is standing in the middle of the river, scared and crying and neither daring to go forth or back. The pilot cannot abandon the children although they will reduce his chance of escaping. Both the Germans and the partisans know that the pilot had survived. Who will find him first? Several things happen in rapid succession. The children and the pilot find the uncle's house, which had since a long time been abandoned. The Germans arrive and catch the pilot. The partisans attack and liberate the pilot, who joins them. But during the fight he is soon deadly wounded and orders the children to run away....
Director: France Stiglic.
Cast: John Kitzmiller, Evelyne Wohlfeiler, Tugo Štiglic, Boris Kralj, Francek Drofenik, Maks Furijan, Anton Homar, Janez Cuk, Aleksander Valic, Polde Dezman, Rudi Kosmac, Franjo Kumer, Pero Skerl.
Yugoslavia, VesnaFilm, 1956.
Language: Slovenian, German, English.
Download Dolina miru / Valley of Peace. 1956: … u-1956.rar



Do Começo ao Fim / From Beginning to End. 2009.

PT. A medica Julieta (Julia Lemmertz) e mae de Francisco (Lucas Cotrim quando crianca e Joao Gabriel quando adulto), fruto de seu relacionamento com o argentino Pedro (Jean-Pierre Noher). Depois da separacao, ela conhece o arquiteto Alexandre (Fabio Assuncao), com quem tem um outro filho, Thomas (Gabriel Kaufman / Rafael Cardoso). Como cria os meninos juntos, Julieta e a primeira a perceber que no carinho dos irmaos se desenha uma solida paixao.
EN. Two brothers develop a very close relationship as they are growing up in an idyllic and happy family. When they are young adults their relationship becomes very intimate, romantic, and sexual.
2. Two men find love in defiance of convention in this drama from writer and director Aluizio Abranches. Six-year-old Thomas (Gabriel Kaufmann) is best friends with his half-brother, twelve-year-old Francisco (Lucas Cotrim). Julieta (Julia Lemmertz) is delighted that her son Francisco gets along so well with her second husband Alexandre (Fabio Assuncao) and his son Thomas, but a few neighbors wonder if the boys are closer than is healthy. As the boys grow older, the bond between them grows stronger, and after the death of their parents, 21-year-old Thomas (Rafael Cardoso) and 27-year-old Francisco (Joao Gabriel Vasconcellos) are finally willing to acknowledge their physical attraction to one another. After they've become lovers, Thomas gets some exciting news -- a competitive swimmer, he's been accepted to join Brazil's Olympic team. However, as part of his training program, he's expected to spend the next three years at a camp for championship swimmers in Russia. Can Thomas stand to be taken away from the support of his friend, his brother, and his lover? Do Comeco ao Fim (aka From Beginning to End) was an official selection at the 2010 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.
Director: Aluizio Abranches.
Cast: Julia Lemmertz, Fabio Assuncao, Jean Pierre Noher, Louise Cardoso, Lucas Cotrim, Gabriel Kaufmann, Rafael Cardoso, Joao Gabriel Vasconcellos, Mausi Martinez, Eduardo Coutinho.
Brazil, 2009.
Language: Russian (Portuguese).
Download Do Começo ao Fim / From Beginning to End. 2009: … m-2009.rar



Dorsvloer vol confetti / Confetti Harvest. 2014.

NL. De jonge Katelijne groeit op in een streng protestants boerengezin. Als enige meisje tussen zes broers wordt ze nauwelijks betrokken bij het werk op de boerderij en buitengesloten in de dagelijkse gesprekken. Hierdoor laat ze haar verbeelding de vrije loop door zich over te geven aan Bijbelse verhalen, roddels en zelfs sprookjes, hoewel ze die eigenlijk niet mag lezen. Tijdens de bruiloft van haar broer overdondert ze echter haar familie met literatuur, waarmee ze afscheid neemt van haar jeugd.
EN. The young Katelijne grows up in a strict Protestant peasant family. As the only girl between six brothers, she is hardly involved in farm work and is excluded from daily conversations. Hereby she lets her imagination run free by surrendering to Biblical stories, gossip and even fairy tales, although she is not allowed to read them. During her brother's wedding, however, she overwhelms her family with literature, saying goodbye to her childhood.
Director: Tallulah Hazekamp Schwab.
Cast: Hendrikje Nieuwerf, Suzan Boogaerdt, Steven van Watermeulen, Yannick de Waal, Tom van Kessel, Marie Louise Stheins, Genio de Groot, Beate Uma Haije.
Netherlands, Belgium, 2014.
Language: Dutch.
Download Dorsvloer vol confetti / Confetti Harvest. 2014: … i-2014.rar



Domenica. 2001.

IT. E' l'ultimo giorno di lavoro dell'ispettore Sciarra, malato, disilluso, sconfortato, e gli viene chiesto un favore difficile. Deve portare la piccola Domenica, orfana che vive in un istituto di religiose, all'obitorio a riconoscere in un uomo che si è suicidato il giorno prima al commissariato l'aggressore che l'ha violentata. Due solitudini che si incontrano ed imparano a conoscersi, in una Napoli piena di auto e di vicoli. Non sarà facile per entrambi e, per giunta, il morto si rivelerà non essere l'aggressore. Alla fine Sciarra parte per la Sicilia, probabilmente per finire i suoi giorni. E il distacco è doloroso.
EN. Domenica (also known as Sunday) is a 2001 Italian drama film directed by Wilma Labate. It entered the "Panorama" section at the 51st Berlin International Film Festival.
Director: Wilma Labate.
Cast: Claudio Amendola, Domenica Giuliano, Annabella Sciorra, Valerio Binasco, Peppe Servillo, Rosalinda Celentano, Francesca Fago, Giuseppe Incoronato, Jessica Maresca, Peppino Mazzotta, Salvatore Sansone.
Italy, 2001.
Language: Italian.
Download Domenica. 2001: … a-2001.rar



Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal / Dont Deliver Us From Evil. 1971.

Anne and Lore, neighbors and best friends, barely into their teens, board at a convent school where they have taken a vow to sin and to serve Satan. Anne keeps a secret diary, they read a salacious novel, they get a classmate in trouble, they spy on the nuns, they set aside their communion wafers; they make a pact of devotion. Summer vacation starts: Anne's parents leave her alone with the servants for two months at the family chateau. She and Lore are free to make mischief. They are cruel as well and play games of seduction. As summer ends and fall term begins, things come to a head.
Director: Joel Seria.
Cast: Jeanne Goupil, Catherine Wagener, Bernard Dhéran, Gerard Darrieu, Marc Dudicourt, Michel Robin, Veronique Silver, Jean-Pierre Helbert, Nicole Merouze, Henri Poirier, Serge Frederic, René Berthier, Jean-Daniel Ehrmann.
France, 1971.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal / Dont Deliver Us From Evil. 1971: … l-1971.rar


Dreamwood. 1972.
DREAMWOOD is James Broughton’s most surreal, abstract, dreamlike and bizarre movie. A man plagued by an industrial, modern world hates what he has become, has visions of a strange woman and goes on some kind of quest on an island where he encounters all kinds of tests, tribulations and adventures. This includes naughty nuns, materialism in the form of a man in front of a dresser with drawers full of pigeons which he promptly axes, a swarm of aggressive naked children, naked river nymphs, a leather-clad dominatrix, an alternate version of himself, what may be a succubus helped by masked men, and various other odds and ends, until he makes love to nature and defecates on her. Dream-like super-impositions, cinematography and sound add to this hippy-esque and symbolic fantasy-cum-parable.
Director: James Broughton.
Cast: Henry Taylor, Margo St. James, Diane Nelson, Roger Somers, Monica Taylor,Claxton Taylor.
USA, 1972.
Language: English.
Download Dreamwood. 1972: … d-1972.rar



Držanje za vazduh / Holding the Air. 1985.

HR. Priča o ratnom siročetu koje se sjeća prvih poslijeratnih dana, svoga boravka u domu za ratnu siročad, svojih odgajatelja, prijatelja, a najviše svoga "jedinog brata". To je u isto vrijeme priča o ljubavi i nesporazumima, o dječačkim snovima kroz koje se sagledava sva ljepota i čistoća dječjih duša, kao i prvi poslijeratni dani poleta i izgaranja.
EN. The story of a war-orphan, who remembers first post-war days, his stay in Home for war-orphans, his teachers, friends, and mostly his "only brother". At the same time, a story of love and misunderstanding, of childish dreams through which all the beauty and purity of children's soul is seen, as well as the first post-war days of vigor and enthusiasm.
Director: Zdravko Šotra.
Cast: Slavko Štimac, Velimir 'Bata' Živojinovič, Danilo 'Bata' Stojkovič, Dragomir 'Gidra' Bojanič, Katica Zeli, Zoran Radmilovič, Slavko Simič, Predrag Milinkovič, Jelica Sretenovič, Milivoje 'Miča' Tomič, Dušan Tadič.
Yugoslavia, 1985.
Language: Serbo-Croatian.
Download Držanje za vazduh / Holding the Air. 1985: … h-1985.rar



Du måste förstå att jag älskar Fantomen. 1981.

Serien kretsar kring Toffe, en pojke som nyligen har fyllt sju år och går på dagis. Toffe saknar sin pappa som han sällan träffar efter föräldrarnas skilsmässa. Både hemma och på dagis är han bråkig och utåtagerande. Handlingen utspelar sig till stor del i badrummet där Toffe leker och fantiserar att han är lika stark som Fantomen. I scenerna på dagis skildras gräl och samhörighet med kamrater, men även slagsmål om leksaker och samlagslekar. Relationen med mamman handlar främst om bråk och försoning i badrummet. Toffes fantasier gestaltas med ett formspråk med estetiska effekter och specialeffekter så att tittarna förstår att det bara är fantasier.
Director: Christina Nilsson.
Cast: Kristina Adolphson, Mats Bergman, Petrus Bergstrand, Pontus Gustafsson, Lena T. Hansson, Christina Nilsson.
Sweden, 1981.
Language: Swedish.
Download Du måste förstå att jag älskar Fantomen. 1981: … n-1981.rar


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