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All Films. Alternative Links. Part 2.

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Micike és az Angyalok. 1987.

Elvira idősödő férjezetlen hölgy, akinek ügyvédje kideríti, hogy a házával szomszédos játszótér nem közterület, hanem az ő tulajdona. Ezen a címen tehát le lehet záratni. De hát akkor hol focizzanak a srácok? A játszóteret ki kell tehát nyittatni - de ezt csak Elvira kisasszony díjnyertes cicája, Micike elrablásával vélik elérhetőnek az angyalok, azaz a három Angyal gyerek. A hadművelet sikerül, Micike azonban megszökik elrablóitól, aminek aztán kemény következményei lesznek.
Director: Miklós Markos.
Cast: Itala Békés, Róbert Szabó, Szilvia Mester, András Tóth, Gyula Szersén, Zoltán Bezerédy, Gábor Reviczky, István Dégi, Juci Komlós, Judit Karádi, Annamária Detre.
Hungary,  Magyar Televízió, 1987.
Language: Hungarian.
Download Micike és az Angyalok. 1987: … k-1987.rar


Mi faccio la barca. 1981.
As an ex-husband, his wife and their two children take a vacation on the ex's new yacht, the scene is set for disaster when it becomes clear that the ex-husband knows absolutely nothing about yachting. The crew quickly find out that the Mediterranean has its own challenges, and the wife discovers her particular nemesis in a thoroughly unlikeable playboy who has his sights set a little too firmly on her alone. The interaction between the triad of wife, ex-husband, and playboy reaches a final resolution as the yacht moves closer to its own special fate.
Director: Sergio Corbucci.
Cast: Laura Antonelli, Johnny Dorelli, Marco Massoni, Christian De Sica, Cariddi Nardulli, Itaco Nardulli, Daniela Poggi.
Italy, 1981.
Language: Italian.
Download Mi faccio la barca. 1981: … a-1981.rar



Migove v kibritena kutiyka / Moments in a Matchbox. 1979.

The romantic melodrama about the younger generation of socialist Bulgaria. During the summer holidays, Aneta and Boy, two children from a familiarity families go to the province.
Director: Mariana Evstatieva-Biolcheva.
Cast: Violeta Doneva, Dossio Dossev, Leda Taseva, Stefan Danailov, Lyuba Aleksieva, Mikhail Mikhajlov, Stefan Kostov, Nadya Todorova, Mimoza Bazova, Dora Staeva, Alexander Pritup.
Bulgaria, Boyana Film, 1979.
Language: Bulgarian.
Download Migove v kibritena kutiyka / Moments in a Matchbox. 1979: … a-1979.rar



Mitt hem är Copacabana / My Home Is Copacabana. 1965.

My Home Is Copacabana (Swedish: Mitt hem är Copacabana) is a 1965 Swedish drama film directed by Arne Sucksdorff. It was entered into the 1965 Cannes Film Festival and the 4th Moscow International Film Festival. Sucksdorff won the award for Best Director at the 2nd Guldbagge Awards.
Jorginho, his white friend Rico, Lici and Paulinho are homeless best friends living in a slum in a hill in Copacabana. They spend their hopeless life playing with kite; trying to survive getting food from the street market or the fishermen; learning how to pickpocket; working on the streets polishing shoes. Rico escaped from an institution in Caxambu that symbolizes hell on Earth for them. When he gets ill, he decides to return to the place because he does not want to die on the streets.
Director: Arne Sucksdorff.
Cast: Leila Santos de Sousa, Cosme dos Santos, Josafá Da Silva Santos, Toninho Carlos de Lima, Herminia Gonçalves, Dirce Migliaccio, Flávio Migliaccio, Andrey Salvador, Benedito de Assis.
Sweden, 1965.
Language: Swedish, Portuguese.
Download Mitt hem är Copacabana / My Home Is Copacabana. 1965: … a-1965.rar



Anthology of short films. Part 75.

Next issue of Anthology of Short Films, seventy fifth now. Today, the program has six fresh high-resolution mini-films.
1. She-Pack. 2018. HD.
Anarchy emerges at a public pool party when a group of small girls push the limits of their strength and power.
Director: Fanny Ovesen.
Cast: Elen Kippersund Frogner, Martine Hammerstad, Håkon Mathias Vassvik.
Norway, 2018.
Language: Norwegian.
1280x720 HD
2. Wing: The Fish That Talked Back. 2007. HD.
Wing is six years old and is living in the Netherlands with her family, who are expatriates from China. Little Wing is fascinated by marine life and curious about her ancestral homeland of China. Fantasy and reality begin to mingle in a story concerning little Wing, an old lady who does not talk, some fish and a cup of tea.
Director: Ricky Rijneke.
Cast: Moon Lee Ho, Kiemlang Tjong, Winola Wong.
Netherlands, 2007.
Language: Mandarin.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
3. Girls Room. 2007. HD.
A timid young girl's horrific trip to the school bathroom results in an unexpected friendship.
Director: Maria Gigante.
Cast: Amri Berry, Erin Burniston, Hannah Doty, Alexandria Frisch.
USA, 2007.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
4. Benidorm 2017. 2018. HD.
A tsunami is aproaching the coast of Benidorm. The city becomes empty. Teresa, the owner of a seafront hotel, decides to stay as if nothing was going to happen.
Director: Claudia Costafreda.
Cast: Yolanda Ramos, Tamar Novas, Mara Bahima, Andrea Belil.
Spain, 2018.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
5. Pastel. 2017. HD.
A shy girl must learn how to dance with her brother for their parent's wedding. The dance will mean another pressure to accompany her step into adulthood.
Director: Lallie Doyle.
Cast: Edie Deffebach, Hadley Heckmann, Abigale Martin, Meleah Moore.
UK, 2017.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
6. Vihollinen sisälläni / The Enemy Within Me. 2019. HD.
Cutting is a globally growing phenomenon among today's youth. Physical pain seems to ease internal anxiety. You can look outwardly balanced and healthy yet experience deep anxiety and loneliness. They might see their own body as the only thing they can influence and control. The pain and blood from the cut can create a positive feeling of independence and existence. The pain releases endorphins, which increase pleasure and soothe the mind - you can quickly get hooked. But there is hope - it is possible to leave this dangerous, mind- and body-damaging habit behind.
Director: Milja Viita.
Finland, 2019.
Language: Finnish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Anthology of short films. Part 75:



Mondo. 1995.

Mondo is a 1995 French drama film written and directed by Tony Gatlif based upon the short story by Jean-Marie G. Le Clezio. The film debuted at the Unifrance French Film Festival in Japan 1995, and premiered in France April 17, 1996.
A fable unfolds. One summer day, a boy of about ten appears on the streets of Nice - no family, no possessions, no schooling, but with a brilliant smile. Mondo's most at home in gardens, fields, and at the seashore. The bustle of the city can seem to overwhelm him. He has good survival instincts, running from police and from threatening adults, and he is looking for a family. Over time, people come to know him - he helps out a street magician, befriends an old man who keeps doves in his suitcase, and finds a mother, herself an outsider. That smile is always at hand. Yet, no vagabond child sits well with the authorities. Can Nice keep this treasure of the spirit?
Director: Tony Gatlif.
Cast: Ovidiu Balan, Philippe Petit, Pierrette Fesch, Jerry Smith, Schahla Aalam, Maurice Maurin, Catherine Brun, Ange Gobbi, Jean Ferrier, Marcel Lemuet, Benjamin Massi.
France, 1995.
Language: French, Russian.
Download Mondo. 1995:



Mords pas, on t'aime / Beiss nicht, man liebt dich. 1976.

Der 10-jahrige Frederic verbringt zusammen mit seiner gleichaltrigen Freundin Rose einige schone Ferientage in einem kleinen franzosischen Ort. Dort lebt er bei seinen Gro?eltern. Sein Vater kummert sich nur sehr selten um den Jungen. Frederic und Rose machen das, was alle Kinder gerne machen. Sie hecken Streiche aus. So entwenden sie ein Schild aus der Kirche, auf dem auf einen heiligen Brunnen hingewiesen wird, in dem Touristen Munzen an die Heilige opfern. Sie bringen das Schild an einem See an, so dass die Touristen denken, dort ware die heilige Quelle. Nachdem die Touristen wieder weg sind, baden die beiden nackt in dem See, und tauchen nach den reingeworfenen Munzen. In der Zwischenzeit entwendet der Opa von Frederic ihre Kleider. Daher mussen beide nackt zuruck ins Dorf laufen. Frederic ist daruber so erbost, dass er vorgibt, sich vom Dach zu sturzen. In Wirklichkeit wollte er nur die Erwachsenen argern.
Das gemeinsame Nacktbad kommt vor allem beim Vater von Rose uberhaupt nicht gut an. Und so entschlie?t sich dieser, Rose in eine reine Madchenschule zu bringen, die von Nonnen geleitet wird. In dieser Schule sind Besuche strengstens untersagt. Nur nach dem Sportunterricht gelingt es Frederic an Rose heranzukommen. Die Umkleideraume liegen in einem Flachdachbau. Durch eine Dachluke kann er mit Rose sprechen, wahrend diese gerade am Duschen ist. Sie vereinbaren, sich zu einem spateren Zeitpunkt zu treffen.
Director: Yves Allegret.
Cast: Sylviane Bessy - Rose, Yves Coudray - Frederic, Bernard Fresson, Catherine Allegret, Jean-Pierre Darras, Annette Poivre, Micheline Presle, Fred Personne, Tonie Marshall, Yves Robert, Daniel Colas, Sarah Sterling, Jean-Marc Therin, Therese Clay.
France, 1976.
Language: German, Russian.
Download Mords pas, on t'aime / Beiss nicht, man liebt dich. 1976: … e-1976.rar



Moře začíná za vsí. 1987.

Dětský film o přátelství, zradě a o velkém námořním dobrodružství, které začíná hned za humny. Parta vesnických kluků plánuje ve své skrýši za vsí výpravu na moře. Chlapci nejprve složí krví spečetěnou přísahu, potom si rozdělí hodnosti a nakonec začnou s pečlivými přípravami. Shromažďují zásoby jídla a vše, co budou k výpravě potřebovat. Vyrazit by chtěli prvního srpna ráno, ale protože rodiče nemají pro jejich hru pochopení, staví malým námořníkům do cesty neustále nové a nové překážky. K rozkolu však dochází i v samotné partě cestovatelů, do které je přijata i slovenská holčička Katarína... Jak dopadne soupeření mezi kapitánem Jakubem a prvním důstojníkem Bohoušem uvidíme v dětském filmu o všedních starostech a o touze po dobrodružství, který podle námětu Ireny Dobrovolné natočil režisér Zdeněk Flídr.
Director: Zdenek Flídr Sr.
Cast: Filip Novotný, Pavel Špachman, Katarína Hazuchová, Tomáš Baťha, Ondřej Veselý, Jan Olšakovský, Kryštof Ungrád, Jiří Schmitzer, Jan Hrušínský, Dana Bartůňková, Zdeněk Mucha, Oldřich Vlach, Marta Hrachovinová, Markéta Světlíková, Jaroslav Urban .
Czechoslovakia, 1987.
Language: Czech.
Download Moře začíná za vsí. 1987: … i-1987.rar



Mormor og de åtte ungene / Grandma and the eight kids. 2013.

NO. Mormor og de åtte ungene er en norsk musikal og barnefilm fra 2013. Filmen er regissert av Lisa Marie Gamlem. Marit Opsahl Grefberg spiller hovedrollen som Mormor.
Mormor og de åtte ungene er historien om Mona på 7 år og familien hennes som får overrakselsesbesøk av Mormor som i all hemmelighet har reist fra gamlehjemmet. Så blir familiens lastebil borte - og sammen legger Mona og Mormor ut på tur i byen, på jakt etter tyven.
Mormor og de åtte ungene er inspirert av Anne Cath Vestlys populære barnebøker med samme navn. FIlmen er laget som en musikal og skuespillerne synger flere låter i filmen. Komponistene Kate Havnevik, Stein Johan Grieg Halvorsen, Eyvind Andreas Skeie og Nils Petter Mørland skrev alle låtene til filmen. Nils Petter Mørland skrev sang tekstene. Sangene ble spilt inn med Stavanger Symfoniorkester og utgitt på CD i forkant av filmen. Musikken ble nominert til Kanonprisen.
Filmen hadde et budsjett på drøyt 10 millioner kroner.
EN. Mormor og de åtte ungene (Grandma and the eight kids) is the story of Mona, 7 years, and her family that gets a surprise visit from Grandma, who secretly have traveled to the city from the old home. The family of almost eight kids lives in a small one-room apartment. The family truck gets stolen, and Mona and her Grandmother takes it upon themselves to recover the truck from the thief.
Director: Lisa Marie Gamlem.
Cast: Marit Opsahl Grefberg, Petronella Nygaard, Hedda Kanutte Grytten, Ada Elektra Grytten, Emma Spetalen Magnusson, Frida Hellen, Amund W. Blakstvedt, Arnold E.V. Granqvist, Ella Eunike Gihlemoen, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Marianne Mørk Larsen.
Norway, 2013.
Language: Norwegian.
Subtitles: Dutch, Norwegian.
Download Mormor og de åtte ungene / Grandma and the eight kids. 2013: … e-2013.rar



Mort un dimanche de pluie. 1986.

Thriller about a psycho looking for revenge. Bronsky is a paraplegic because of an accident at a construction site that was partly due to the head architect, David Briand. Many years after the accident, Bronsky shows up at Briand's residence with his family and his trailer looking for assistance. He and his wife insinuate themselves into the household without revealing their true identity. They start to work for Briand and his wife Elaine as a gardener and a babysitter with the sole objective of wreaking havoc on their lives and avenging Bronsky's disabilities.
Director: Joël Santoni.
Cast: Nicole Garcia, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Dominique Lavanant, Jean-Pierre Bisson, Etienne Chicot, Jean-Pierre Malo, Marshall Titus, Cerise Leclerc, Céline Vauge, Christine Laurent.
France, Switzerland, 1986.
Language: French.
Download Mort un dimanche de pluie. 1986: … e-1986.rar



Mormor og de åtte ungene i skogen. 1979.

The eight kids Maren, Martin, Marte, Mads, Mona, Milly, Mina and Morten has moved with their parents and grandmother from the tiny apartment in the city to a cozy, red house in the forest. Here there is plenty of room for everyone to play, and having grandmother around proves to be useful. She watches the kids, sells waffles to passing ski-goers, and mediates between her own local knights and the attacking Indians from Tiriltoppen.
Director: Espen Thorstenson.
Cast: Anne-Cath Vestly, Jon Eikemo, Eli Skolmen Ryg, Inger Johanne Byhring, Svend Skjønsberg, Siri Stonex, Peter Jackson, Charlotte Borgersen, Inger Lise Nilsen, Karen Olsen, Grim Snorre Langen, Espen Blakstad, Jan-Erik Kristiansen.
Norway, 1979.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Mormor og de åtte ungene i skogen. 1979: … e-1979.rar



Mormor og de åtte ungene i byen / Grandma and the Eight Children. 1977.

NO. Filmen handler om de åtte ungene som bor i en leilighet i byen sammen med mor og far. De bor på et lite kjøkken og bare ett soverom. Så en dag blir den grønne lastebilen til far stjålet og alle ungene begynner å lete etter den. Til slutt finner de lastebilen, men nå er den blitt rød. Det er Henrik som har tatt lastebilen og han blir en god venn av familien. Mormor som bor i sin lille stue ute i skogen reiser til byen og hun synes det er vanskelig å tilpasse seg livet i byen. Men hun får god hjelp av alle de åtte ungene.
EN. The eight children Maren, Martin, Marte, Mads, Mona, Milly, Mina and Morten Minstemann, live with their parents in a tiny apartment in the city. Grandmother lives in the country side, but one day she comes to town for a visit. Everything is new and unusual for her, and she doesn't act like other people in the city. However, the children helps her out and they go for a trolley ride. When it's time for Grandmother to go back home she has no money for the train ticket. She spent her money on kitchen supplies, and now the children tries to come up with a plan to get her home. Easier said than done.
Director: Espen Thorstenson.
Writers: Espen Thorstenson, Anne-Cath Vestly.
Cast: Inger Johanne Byhring, Svend Skjønsberg, Siri Stonex, Peter Jackson, Charlotte Borgersen, Inger Lise Nilsen, Karen Olsen, Grim Snorre Langen, Anne-Cath Vestly, Jon Eikemo, Eli Skolmen Ryg, Jorunn Kjellsby.
Norway, 1977.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Mormor og de åtte ungene i byen / Grandma and the Eight Children. 1977: … n-1977.rar



Motyle / Butterflies. 1973.

Poetycka opowieść o pierwszych miłosnych nadziejach i rozczarowaniach. Dwunastoletni Edek przyjeżdża na wakacje do ciotki Heli, mieszkającej nad jeziorem. Poznaje tam grupę swoich rówieśników, a wśród nich uroczą Monikę. Spacerują po lesie, chodzą na plażę, jednak znajomość kończy się, gdy Monika zostawia Edka dla Alka, który ma bogatych rodziców, a zakochana w Edku Honorka zdradza mu tajemnicę Moniki.
Director: Janusz Nasfeter.
Cast: Bozena Fedorczyk, Гражина Михальска, Roman Mosior, Piotr Szczerkowski, Bogdan Izdebski, Krzysztof Sierocki, Mieczyslaw Czechowicz.
Poland, 1973.
Language: Polish.
Download Motyle / Butterflies. 1973:



Møv og Funder / The Hideaway. 1991.

A 12-year-old kid who misses his father becomes really affectionate with a young delinquent he just met.
Martin finds the going tough. Manhood is approaching, but so far mostly as aches and pain. His mother's men friends are definitely nothing like the father he does not have. So some kind of male bonding is inevitable when he meets Funder, a juvenile droput on the run from the police. There is also girl-friend Rikke to consider. Who needs Martin the most? Coming of age isn't so easy.
Director: Niels Gråbøl.
Cast: Kasper Tuxen, Allan Winther, Ditte Gråbøl, Niels Skousen, Kristine Horn, Steen Svare, Kim Jansson, Nikolaj Thide, Morten Lindberg, Jonas Hannemann Møller.
Denmark, Sweden, 1991.
Language: Danish, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Download Møv og Funder / The Hideaway. 1991: … r-1991.rar



Mrkáček Čiko. 1982.

Za přezdívkou Mrkáček se skrývá chlapec, jehož rodiče se právě vrátili z Jižní Ameriky. Mrkáček Čiko je maminkou hýčkaný, nervózně mrkající chlapec, zneurotizovaný přecivilizovaným prostředím a po návratu z ciziny se těžko zařazující do všedního života. Až za pomoci svých nových kamarádů objevuje krásný svět přírody, odhaluje tajemné kořeny života dávné minulosti a konečně se cítí volným, přirozeně a štastným. Zbavuje se dokonce i svých neurotických projevů.
Director: Vera Plivova - Simkova, Drahomira Renakova - Kralova.
Cast:  Filip Menzel, Michal Nesvadba, Marcela Peňázová, Vít Olmer, Marie Málková, Pavel Nový, Ivan Vyskočil, Václav Helšus, Jiří Prýmek, Michaela Bendová, Jan Kreidl, Hana Houbová, Jakub Štěpán, Pamela Kneschková, Gabriela Bešťáková.
Czechoslovakia, 1982.
Language: Czech.
Download Mrkáček Čiko. 1982: … o-1982.rar



Widziadło / The Phantom. 1984.

PL. Nad szczęśliwym i poukładanym życiem Piotra Strumieńskiego jak fatum ciąży wspomnienie jego pierwszej żony - pięknej i ekscentrycznej malarki Angeliki. Obsesja "szału uniesień", które z nią przeżywał, rujnuje jego drugi związek. Czy to demon Angeli? Czy demony tkwiące w głowie Piotra? Skonwencjonalizowaną rzeczywistość jak wulkan rozsadza potęga podświadomości - sfera zmysłów, popędów, snów i wyobrażeń. Film inspirowany wątkami "Pałuby" Karola Irzykowskiego.
EN. Early 20th century; Piotr, a rich landowner and father of a large family is driven to the edge by haunting memories of his dead wife, Angelika. Everything in the house reminds him of her; in every woman - in his new wife Ola, neighbor, maid, he sees her image. And because of his obsession his new wife is driven to taking a lover - who mysteriously becomes paralyzed. Piotr keeps a special house on his property dedicated to Angelika, and daydreams about making love to her there. Meanwhile, his teenage son Pawelek begins to wonder who his parents are and disappears from the house every night. Piotr's visions are so intense and real that when he sees his son with Ksenka, a mute young local girl while getting his first taste of sensual experience, he shoots and wounds her because deluded, he thinks she is Angelika. After that tragedy, Piotr razes "Angelika's" house and it looks as though his fixation is healed, and everything should continue as normal - but that turns out to be a deception.
Director: Marek Nowicki.
Cast: Roman Wilhelmi, Marzena Trybala, Hanna Mikuc, Mariusz Benoit, Mariusz Dmochowski, Anna Chodakowska, Dorota Kwiatkowska, Monika Braun, Maciej Mazurkiewicz, Olgierd Lukaszewicz.
Poland, 1984.
Language: Polish.
Download Widziadło / The Phantom. 1984: … o-1984.rar



泥の河 / Doro no kawa / Muddy River. 1981.

JP. 「泥の河」(どろのかわ)は宮本輝の小説。1977年『文芸展望』18号初出、1978年に筑摩書房より刊行された『螢川』に収録。宮本はこの作品で第13回太宰治賞を受賞し作家デビューしている。1981年に木村プロダクションにより自主制作の形で映画化された。
EN. Muddy River (泥の河 Doro no kawa) is a 1981 Japanese drama film directed by Kōhei Oguri. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It was also entered into the 12th Moscow International Film Festival where it won the Silver Prize.
Two boys, whose parents ply their trade by the mouth of a muddy river in Osaka, become close friends. The two families' "businesses" are in fact dining and prostitution. When Nobou, the restaurateur's son, loses his pocket money during the Tenjin Festival, Kiichi, the prostitute's boy, invites him home, and he learns the truth.
Director: Kôhei Oguri.
Cast: Takahiro Tamura, Mariko Kaga, Nobutaka Asahara, Makiko Shibata, Minoru Sakurai, Yumiko Fujita, Gannosuke Ashiya, Reiko Hatsune, Yoshitaka Nishiyama, Taiji Tonoyama.
Japan, 1981.
Language: Japanese.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download 泥の河 / Doro no kawa / Muddy River. 1981: … r-1981.rar



My Family's Crazy Gap Year. 2010.

Ordinary British families up sticks and travel the globe in search of life-changing experiences.
Six ordinary British families achieve what many of us dream of, uprooting to travel the globe in search of life-changing experiences.
This observational series captures their travels on camera as they swap the day-to-day grind and conventional routines for treks and adventures in exotic and remote corners of the world.
Their itineraries are as varied as their budgets, but each parent is equally determined to show their children a way of life far removed from their own, without the usual comforts and luxuries.
But what happens when a road trip along the length of Africa results in a car crash involving young children, miles away from medical aid and family support? Or when a daring sea expedition in search of a Pacific island paradise ends in life-threatening food poisoning?
Despite the adventures awaiting them, will the intensity of life together 24 hours a day, often in remote destinations and confined spaces, really help these families come together and change?
Episode-1. Cocooned by wealth and private schooling, John Willmott, 55, and his three children - Cyrus (12), Emile (nine) and Eliane (six) - have lived a charmed existence. But now mum Rafia, 33, wants to burst their privileged bubble, hoping the whole family will learn some valuable lessons.
In the Himalayas, the Mongolian steppes and deep in the Papuan rainforest, she seeks out places and people untouched by the modern world. Theirs is an epic journey that includes encounters with the Dalai Lama and one of the world's remotest tribes, but will it make a lasting impact on their lives?
Episode-2. All his life, yachting fanatic Jason Lawrence has dreamed of sailing around the world. Now he's decided it's time to fulfil his ambition, and he's taking his wife and two young children.
This episode follows the Lawrences on their formidable maritime quest as they set out to cross the world's largest oceans on a mammoth journey from England to Australia. Battling through heavy seas it's not just their boat that's nearly pushed to breaking point.
Isolated for months at a stretch with his wife and children, Jason Lawrence is forced to confront what it really means to be a father.
Episode-3. Rosanna and Ajay Pindoria pack their three young kids into the back of a 4x4 and head off to spend a year driving the length of Africa.
The family take the back roads of Africa, all the way from Cape Town to Cairo, dreaming of an epic journey through some of the most dangerous and inhospitable places on earth.
But an adult's dream can be a child's nightmare, and the expedition proves to be both overambitious and underprepared, as a holiday of a lifetime nearly ends up costing them their lives.
Episode-4. Nikki McClements takes her nine-year-old daughter Beth around the world. Little does she know how dramatically the trip will affect the course of her life.
Single mum Nikki McClements is on a mission to show her nine-year-old daughter Beth how the world's poor live. Nikki had to hold down three jobs in order to save the ?10,000 needed to fund the trip. Nikki has also left behind her boyfriend, who she's promised to marry on her return. In the meantime however their epic journey takes them from their home in Devon to volunteer in poor communities across three continents.
But how will a nine-year-old used to all the comforts of British life cope working in a South African orphanage? Or with subsistence living in a remote Thai village?
Episode-5. When John Tregembo hit 50 he began to change everything in his life. He gave up his job to become an artist, then he sold the family house and, now, he's taking his wife and two teenage kids on a search to the other side of the world to find a new home.
But the family have only been abroad once before, and they struggle to adapt to life off the tourist trail in Japan and Cambodia. John sets his hopes on Australia. But their road trip across the Outback ends up threatening his whole family's future.
Episode-6. Gary Fisher always thought there must be more to life than a car in the garage and a mortgage round his neck, and now he plans to find out.
Gary wants to see if it's possible for a welder from Warrington to take on the middle class dream and buy an ocean-going yacht and sail his wife and twin toddlers to America.
But the only way he can afford his dream is to do all the restoration work on the boat himself. Over two gruelling years he spends every penny, and every spare minute of his time attempting to get the boat on the water. But as the yacht nears completion his marriage falls apart.
This film charts the emotional journey of a man whose desire to build a better life for his family risks losing them entirely.
Director: James Nutt.
UK, 2010.
Language: English.
Download My Family's Crazy Gap Year. 2010: … 10-1-6.rar



My queen Karo. 2009.

Ten-year-old Karo grows up with her parents in an Amsterdam commune in the Seventies. She leads a carefree existence in this utopia-for-adults. Everything is shared in the squat, but not everyone is able to honor these ideals. Karo gets confused because of the internal conflicts that start to divide the group. Karo slowly realizes that nothing can stay the same forever.
Director: Dorothée Van Den Berghe.
Cast: Matthias Schoenaerts, Déborah François, Anna Franziska Jaeger, Christelle Cornil, Cezanne Cuypers, Samuel du Chatinier, Rifka Lodeizen, Hadewych Minis.
Netherlands, Belgium, 2009.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download My queen Karo. 2009: … o-2009.rar



Naked as Nature Intended / As Nature Intended Featuring the Five Nature Girls. 1961.

Three girls on a tour of the English countryside meet up with two young women who introduce them to the joys of life in a nudist camp.
The first feature-length production from the man who took great delight in the female form, George Harrison Marks, and one of the most popular of all the British 'nudist' movies released at the turn of the 1960s. NAKED AS NATURE INTENDED is a short, hour-long travelogue in which a trio of young and beautiful women tour the English countryside and enjoy the sights of Stonehenge before making their way to a nudist beach.
Director: George Harrison Marks.
Cast: Bridget Leonard, Angela Jones, Petrina Forsyth, Jackie Salt, Pamela Green, Stuart Samuels, Guy Kingsley Poynter, George Harrison Marks.
UK, 1961.
Language: English.
Download Naked as Nature Intended / As Nature Intended Featuring the Five Nature Girls. 1961: … d-1961.rar



Nagai sanpo / A Long Walk. 2006.

A Long Walk (長い散歩 Nagai Sanpo) is a 2006 film directed by Japanese director Eiji Okuda.
Matsutaro Yasuda, a retired girl's High School Principal who has lost his wife to alcoholism and is forsaken by his Daughter, moves to an old apartment in a country town. Yasuda, at his new address, meets a little five years old girl who lives next door. Sachi, the little girl, clenches on an iron fence at the apartment. All alone, she is gazing into the distance. Angel's wings made of cardboard are on her back. She is barefoot and wears a summer dress in spite of it being winter. On her leg there are scratches and bruises. Yasuda speaks to Sachi but she does not smile or say a word. When night falls, violent voices can be heard from next door to the mother and her lover echoing in Yasuda's room almost every night. Yasuda blocked out his emotions. He didn't want to hear or see anything. However, little by little something moved his emotions we can call it passion. When he looked into the little girl's eyes, which are also lacking in emotion, something seemed to overlap his wounded heart. "Have you ever seen a blue sky? Where clouds appear like cotton candy and a white bird is flying high?" "Would you like to walk with me?" Yasuda and Sachi begin their long walk.... During their walk, the two meet a young boy named Wataru at a small desolate train station. Wataru seems to be easygoing. However, he is also lonely and holds an empty feeling in his heart. The passing Wataru joins the two on their journey but the trip goes in an unexpected direction when one day Sachi begins to open her heart to Yasuda and Wataru. Cardboard Angel wings begin to fly toward a real sky...
Director: Eiji Okuda.
Cast: Ken Ogata, Hana Sugiura, Saki Takaoka, Shôta Matsuda, Eiji Okuda, Kiwako Harada, Midori Kiuchi, Masahiko Tsugawa, Tomokazu Ôhashi.
Japan, 2006.
Language: Japanese.
Download Nagai sanpo / A Long Walk. 2006: … o-2006.rar


My summer of love. 2004.
A tale of obsession and deception, and the struggle for love and faith in a world where both seem impossible. The film charts the emotional and physical hothouse effects that bloom one summer for two young women: Mona, behind a spiky exterior, hides an untapped intelligence and a yearning for something beyond the emptiness of her daily life; Tamsin is well-educated, spoiled and cynical. Complete opposites, each is wary of the other's differences when they first meet, but this coolness soon melts into mutual fascination, amusement and attraction. Adding volatility is Mona's older brother Phil, who has renounced his criminal past for religious fervor - which he tries to impose upon his sister. Mona, however, is experiencing her own rapture. "We must never be parted," Tamsin intones to Mona but can Mona completely trust her?
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski.
Cast: Natalie Press, Emily Blunt, Paddy Considine, Dean Andrews, Michelle Byrne, Paul Antony-Barber, Lynette Edwards, Kathryn Sumner.
UK, 2004.
Language: English, Russian.
Download My summer of love. 2004: … e-2004.rar



Në ditët e pushimeve / In holidays. 1982.

AL. Një grup fëmijësh kalojnë pushimet në bregun e Adriatikut. Midis tyre është Detini një djalë i ndrydhur dhe fjalëpak shokët e vënë në lojë dhe ai mendon të largohet. Por shoku i tij më i afërt Gjini e ndihmon të rimarrë veten dhe të futet në shoqëri.
EN. Rare Albanian film about the pioneer summer. A group of children pass the vacation in the shore of Adriatic. Among them is also Detini a self isolated and shy boy. His friends play with him so he thinks to leave them. But his close friend Gjini helps him to recover and integrate with the others.
Director: Drita Koçi-Thana, Besim Kurti.
Cast: Helidon Kongo, Genti Mehmeti, Artan Pogoni, Arben Mitrushi, Elvis Kaba, Lazarin Mazreku, Erton Boçi, Sokol Balla, Genti Molko, Konstandin Kazanxhiu, Eno Bozgo.
Albania, Albfilm, Tirana, Shqipëria e Re, 1982.
Language: Albanian.
Download Në ditët e pushimeve / In holidays. 1982: … e-1983.rar



Naš avto / Our Automobile. 1962.

  SL. Naš avto je slovenski film iz leta 1962 v režiji Františka Čapa. Scenarij je napisal Čap po predlogi pisatelja Vitomila Zupana. Film, burka na temo avtomobila kot statusnega simbola, je tekom let pridobil status klasike. Kritiki in gledalci ga v času nastanka niso dobro sprejeli. Ob premiernem prikazovanju ga je videlo nekaj več kot 13.000 gledalcev.
Piranski mladenič Pino Vrabec dobi časopisno nagrado za fotografijo. Pri lokalnem časopisu ga sprejmejo za fotoreporterja in Pino se odloči, da si bo z denarjem, ki ga bo dobil za nagrajeno fotografijo, kupil avto. Novica o nenadni sreči Vrabčevih se hitro razširi po Piranu. Poštar prinese nagrado, a namesto pričakovanega premoženja je v kuverti zgolj diploma. Posmeh sosedov Vrabčeve še bolj podžge k nakupu avta. Družina se odpelje v mesto in se pusti pretentati mešetarju, ki jim proda star in hrupen buick. Polomija vse družinske člane stane vedno več. Za plačilo popravil začno razprodajati stvari iz svojega stanovanja, Pino pa zaradi nenehne skrbi zanemarja svoje dekle. Naposled jih reši babica, ki se z avtom zaleti in ga uniči. Avto odpeljejo z oslom, Pino in njegova prijateljica pa sta spet srečna: odslej se vozita s kolesom.
EN. A photographer decides to buy a car with the money he'll get for his prizewinning photo, but the postman brings only a diploma instead of money. Being subjected to the ridicule of their neighbors, his family decides to buy an used Buick, in spite of being against it at first. That would turn out to be a huge mistake, since the breakdowns are more often that they can afford.
Director: František Čap.
Cast: Ruša Bojc, Metka Bučar, Janez Čuk, Milan Srdoc, Dusan Stefanovic, Sonja Krajsek, Olga Bedjanic, Dusan Puh, Janez Albreht, Slavko Belak, Stefka Drolc, Luce Florentini, Manja Golec, Julij Gustin, Tine Guzelj, Judita Hahn.
Yugoslavia, 1962.
Language: Slovenian.
Subtitles: English.
Download Naš avto / Our Automobile. 1962: … o-1962.rar



初恋・地獄篇 / Hatsukoi: Jigoku-hen / Nanami: The Inferno of First Love. 1968.

Hatsukoi Jigokuhen (初恋・地獄篇) is a 1968 film directed by Susumu Hani and co-scripted by him with Shūji Terayama. It is one of Hani's best known works. In the West, it is known as Nanami, The Inferno of First Love or as Nanami, First Love. The movie focuses on the pain of emerging from adolescence. The film was nominated for the Golden Bear award at the 18th Berlin International Film Festival in 1968. Many film scholars consider this work to be one of Hani's major achievements, while others judge the film to be commercial and exploitive.
An insecure guy falls in love with a young nude model. But his past sexual abuse hinders him of loving inhibitedly. He meets a little girl in the park instead... The story isn't that linear and that's why the freely linked episodes of this film just takes you on a shaky underwater rollercoaster ride. Beautiful camera-shots, excellent editing, great music, great acting...
Writers: Susumu Hani, Shûji Terayama.
Director: Susumu Hani.
Cast: Haruo Asanu, Kazuko Fukuda, Kuniko Ishii, Ichirô Kimura, Kazuo Kimura, Kôji Mitsui, Misako Miyato, Kimiko Nakamura, Akio Takahashi, Minoru Yuasa.
Japan, 1968.
Language: Japanese.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download 初恋・地獄篇 / Hatsukoi: Jigoku-hen / Nanami: The Inferno of First Love. 1968:



Neatmenu tavo veido / Ne pomnyu litsa tvoyevo. 1988.

LT. „Neatmenu tavo veido“ – 1988 m. Lietuvos kino studijoje sukurtas meninis filmas jaunimui. Socialinė drama.
Jie susipažino vaikų širdies ligų sanatorijoje. Jai – 13 metų, jam – 14. Netikėtai ir liūdnai prasideda pirmosios meilės istorija. Bet tėvai ir pedagogai nutarė jiems padėti ir „apsaugoti“ nuo pavojingo ir abiem tariamai nereikalingo jausmo.
EN. Story about teenage love in sanatorium. Leta, a girl with a heart disease, and Saulius, a new boy in sanatorium, fall in love with each other, but doctors try to forbid young people feelings.
Director: Raimundas Banionis.
Cast: Inna Rosenaite, Lukas Zilis, Dalia Melenaite, Linas Paugis, Albinas Keleris, Eleonora Korisnaite, Augustas Savialis, Gabija Jaraminaite, Audrone Marcinkeviciute, Gediminas Karka.
USSR, Lietuvos Kinostudija, 1988.
Language: Lithuanian.
Download Neatmenu tavo veido / Ne pomnyu litsa tvoyevo. 1988: … o-1988.rar



Nevidni bataljon / The Invisible Battalion. 1967.

SI. V majhnem mestu daleč od gora se skupina nemkih vojakov počuti varno pred nenadnimi napadi partizanov. Mestni fantje, ki so nezadovoljni zavoljo pasivnosti svojih očetov, organizirajo zarotniko skupino in izvedejo akcijo. Eden od nemkih ujetnikov pobegne in dečki se odločijo, da mu pomagajo. Ob kopici iznajdljivosti in nevarnosti uspejo prepeljati ujetnika z nevarnega območja. Akcija nevidnega bataljona je uspela.
EN. Nevidni bataljon (The Invisible Battalion) is a 1967 Slovene film directed by Jane Kavčič.
A group of German soldiers begins to feel safe from partisan attacks while staying in a small town, far from the mountains where the fighting is taking place. Local lads, unhappy with their elders' passive stance, organise themselves into a group and take action. They write anti-German slogans all over the town and the Germans become more alert. A prisoner escapes and the boys decide to help him. They succeed despite the dangers.
Director: Jane Kavčič.
Cast: Miha Baloh, Milan Srdoc, Demeter Bitenc, Klara Jankovič, Janez Škof st., Danilo Bezlaj , Matija Poglajen, Metka Bučar, Milan Srdoč, Iztok Urbanc, Franci Trkov.
Yugoslavia, 1967.
Language: Slovenian.
Download Nevidni bataljon / The Invisible Battalion. 1967: … n-1967.rar



Νεφέλη / Nefeli / Nefele y las seductoras de lesbos. 1980.

EN. A beautiful young woman goes to the island of Lesbos to rest, He meets two beautiful young and have a great time fucking around the world.
ES. Una bella joven se va a la isla de Lesbos a descansar, allí conocerá a otras dos hermosa jóvenes y se lo pasarán de maravilla haciendo el amor con todo el mundo.
Director: Omiros Efstratiadis.
Cast: Rosana Caskan, Alejandra Grepi, Tania Moshito, Dimitris Tsaftaridis, Lefteris Giftopoulos, Panos Derezeas, Giannis Hristou, Giorgos Mattheou, Tasos Pavlou.
Greece, 1980.
Language: Spanish.
Download Νεφέλη / Nefeli / Nefele y las seductoras de lesbos. 1980:



Newton - Pubertet. 2015. Mini-series 1-8.

NO. Newton er et naturvitenskapelig program for aldersgruppen 8-12, men på NRK Super sin app er det fri tilgang for alle.
Newton NRK mener de bedriver kunnskapsformidling på barnas premisser. Foreldre reagerer på at barn i alle aldre har fri tilgang.
EN. Newton is a scientific program for the age group 8-12, but on NRK Super's app is the free access for everyone.
Episodes List:
1. Hvordan begynner den? / How Does It Start?
In 2015 it is quite common to reach puberty sometime between 8 and 15 years of age, and usually the girls earlier than the guys. But why and how does it all start?
2. Pupper / Tits.
They can be round, pointed, large, small, firm or hanging. Tits is the theme of this episode of Newton's series on puberty. What is happening with tits when girls reach puberty, and why does it happens?
3. Guttetissen / Boy Genitals.
When guys are small, the penis has one function - it is used to pee with. But during puberty, it gets another function too. What happens to the penis when boys reach puberty, and why is this happening?
4. Hår på kroppen / Hair.
You may have heard that you get more hair during puberty? No, your hair was there all the time, but suddenly it becomes completely different.
5. Kroppsvekst og stemmeskifte / Body Growth and Voice Change.
One of the last things that happens during puberty, the voice changes and gets lower. This is because the larynx grows. But before this happens, there is much else in the body that has grown.
6. Jentetiss og mensen / Girl Genitals and Menstruation.
When girls reach puberty, the ovaries begin to produce sex hormones. When it starts, this is what happens with the body of the girls.
7. Kviser og svette / Pimples and Sweat.
In puberty, the skin changes, and it has often means pimples and perspiration odor. What is it that makes this suddenly becomes a problem when you reach puberty?
8. Sex og sånn / Sex and stuff.
The appearance and characteristics of the body change during puberty, and the purpose is to enable us to make children - if we have sex. But before you start having sex, you might want to become acquainted with yourselves.
Programleder: Line Jansrud.
Norway, 2015.
Languages: Norwegian.
Download Newton - Pubertet. 2015. Mini-series 1-8: … -2015-1-8_(2).rar



Nicki. 1979.

DE. Nach dem versehentlichen Tod ihrer Mutter muss der 12-jährige Nicki die Familie besonders für ihre beiden jungen Geschwister sorgen. Aus der Geschichte "Nicky oder die Liebe einar Königin" von Jens Bahre.
EN. After the accidental death of her mother, 12 year old Nicki must care for the family particularly her two young siblings. From the story 'Nicky oder die Liebe einar Königin', by Jens Bahre.
Director: Gunther Scholz.
Cast: Katrin Raukopf, Ralf Häger, Andrea Brose, Jörg Panknin, Margot Busse, Klaus Manchen, Hans-Otto Reintsch, Reimar J. Baur, Petra Hinze, Eva Schäfer.
DDR, DEFA, 1979.
Language: German.
Download Nicki. 1979:


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