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Poletje v školjki / A Summer in a sea-shell. 1985.

Young Tomaz has many problems. Not only is he quite lonely, but he also has to leave his hometown and move to the city with his family because of his father's new job. In these difficult times, during the middle of summer, his only help is his computer Vedi. Even the rivalry between local children gangs from Piran and Portoroz can not solve any problems, at least not until both gangs get a common enemy - motorcyclists who steal shells.
Director: Tugo Štiglic.
Cast: Дэвид Слуга, Кайя Штиглиц, Борис Краль, Марьяна Карнер, Даре Валич, Майда Потокар, Альма Благданич, Жига Кобилица, Юре Сотлар, Uros Rus, Zlatko Causevic, Joze Suhadolnik.
Yugoslavia, 1985.
Language: Serbian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Poletje v školjki / A Summer in a sea-shell. 1985: … i-1985.rar



Giochi d'estate / Summer Games. 2011.

The story of an adult and a teenage couple during a brief summer holiday by the sea. While Nic's parents remain trapped in a precarious mutual dependency despite repeated attempts at reconciliation, their 12-year-old son tries to come to terms with his father's traumatizing violent outbursts in games with other children. He tries to teach Marie, who is of his age and suffers from her own relationship with her father, to feel nothing. In fact, both of them are transformed by their experience of the joys and pains of first love. A film about the first steps towards a life of one's own.
Director: Rolando Colla.
Cast: Fiorella Campanella, Armando Condolucci, Alessia Barela, Antonio Merone, Roberta Fossile, Marco D'Orazi, Aaron Hitz, Monica Cervini, Francesco Huang, Chiara Scolari, Giorgio Gobbi.
Switzerland, France, 2011.
Language: Italian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Giochi d'estate / Summer Games. 2011: … s-2011.rar



El verano de la señora Forbes / The Summer of Miss Forbes. 1989.

ES. El verano feliz de la señora Forbes, escrito originalmente en 1976, es el décimo del compendio de doce cuentos escritos y redactados por Gabriel García Márquez a lo largo de dieciocho años, que conforman el libro llamado Doce cuentos peregrinos.
El cuento fue adaptado en 1989 para la televisión por Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, con Hanna Schygulla como Frau Forbes
La señora Forbes, una institutriz alemana, es contratada para cuidar durante seis semanas a los dos hijos de un matrimonio que emprende un viaje de placer. Su temperamento autoritario y represivo someterá a los niños a una férrea disciplina, alimentando en ellos un odio sordo, que desemboca en un plan para asesinarla. Al espiarla en las noches, descubren sorprendidos a una voluptuosa mujer que se pasea desnuda por su habitación. Mientras bebe y entona extrañas canciones en alemán, evoca el nombre de Aquiles, un joven instructor con quien establecerá un juego amoroso de provocaciones y rechazos que concluirá con un sorprendente final.
EN. Mrs. Forbes, a German governess, is hired for six weeks to take care of two children, while their parents are away. She is authoritarian and repressive, so the children plan to murder her. But when they spy on her during the night, they discover Mrs. Forbes' secret.
Director: Jaime Humberto Hermosillo.
Cast: Hanna Schygulla, Francisco Gattorno, Alexis Castanares, Víctor César Villalobos, Guadalupe Sandoval, Fernando Balzaretti, Yuriria Munguía, Roberto Perdomo, Alejandro Herrero.
Mexico, Cuba, Spain, 1989.
Language: Spanish, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
The archive contains 2 versions of the film of different quality.
Download El verano de la señora Forbes / The Summer of Miss Forbes. 1989: … s-1989.rar



Leto na pamyat. 1987.

A two-part feature film based on Arkady Gaidar’s short stories "Blue Cup", "The Fourth Dugout", "Hot Stone", diaries and letters from the writer.
A young family - father and mother with daughter Svetlana - rented a summer cottage for the summer: an old shed in which they had to fix the roof immediately after the move, nail the fence around it, clean and repair something all the time. Their relationship was spoiled because everyone wanted to rest, gather mushrooms, fish and lie on the grass. And then some stranger pilot came to visit mom, and dad and daughter were completely depressed...
Director: Yuri Kuzmenko.
Cast: Andrey Rostotskiy, Ulyana Lapteva, Anastasiya Belova, Zoya Aleksandridi, Maksim Kuzmenko, Vera Karavayeva, Mikhail Treshchalin, Mariya Vinogradova, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Fodor Odinokov, Natalya Khorokhorina, Aleksandr Ilin, Anton Voropayev, Boris Tokarev, Vladimir Gerasimov, Vera and Nadya Voronenkova, Lev Letunovskiy, Konstantin Stepanov, Grigoriy Dunayev, Gennadiy Bogdanov.
USSR, Odessa Film Studio, 1987.
Language: Russian.
Download Leto na pamyat. 1987: … t-1987.rar



Leto s Katkou / Summer with Kate. 1975.

Desaťročná Katka cestuje z Bratislavy na prázdniny. Ide na dedinu ku svojej tete, ktorá ju ale nečaká, pretože ju náhle museli odviezť do nemocnice. Čo teraz? Domov sa vrátiť nemôže, pretože mamička odišla za oteckom do zahraničia. Katky sa ujíma suseda Juríčková, no jej deti ju prijímajú ako nevítaného hosťa. Nakoniec sa nasťahuje k ďalšiemu príbuznému, k ujovi Jožovi a okamžite plánuje, ako mu dá jeho staromládeneckú domácnosť do poriadku...
Zoznam jednotlivých epizód:
1. Ujo Jožko
2. Kamaráti
3. Vohľady
4. Nápoj lásky
5. Kúzelník
6. Pohroma
7. Svadba.
Director: Radim Cvrček.
Cast: Katka Zatovičová, Jiří Vala, Ida Rapaičová, Emília Steigerová, Norbert Judt, Martin Masner, Ladislav Korený, Eva Krížiková, Jana Drbohlavová, Peter Debnár, Lubomír Kostelka, Ján Kramár, Pavla Severinová, Stanislav Tříska, Jaromír Roštínský, Mária Hájková, Mária Hojerová, Vlasta Mecnarowská, Jolana Hollá, Bohumil Slezáček, Milan Rabas, Jana Hliňáková, Jiřina Bohdalová, Ivan Krivosudský, Adam Matejka, Míla Šulc.
Czechoslovakia, Televízia Bratislava (CST), 1975.
Language: Slovak.
Download Leto s Katkou / Summer with Kate. 1975: … 75-1-7.rar



Dong dong de jia qi / A Summer At Grandpa's. 1984.

This film is inspired by screenwriter Chu Tien-wen's childhood memories. It is the first installment of director Hou Hsiao-Hsien's "Coming-of-Age Trilogy" that features three prominent Taiwanese screenwriters' coming-of-age stories - the other two are "Time to Live and a Time to Die, A (1985)" (inspired by the coming-of-age story of Hou Hsiao-Hsien, who is a screenwriter-turned-director) and "Dust in the Wind (1986)" (inspired by the coming-of-age story of Wu Nien-Jen).
One summer in Taiwan, a young boy and his sister are sent to the country home of their grandparents, as their mother has been hospitalized. The movie is told from the children's point of view, and nothing terribly important happens in much of it, just life passing by during one summer in a rural village in Taiwan. The boy interact with the other children in the picturesque mountain village, while her younger sister, who is unable to understand what has happened to her mother, mostly stays at home of their grandparents. What is best about the movie is the warm portrayal of the characters, especially the grandfather, a stern doctor.
Director: Hou Hsiao-hsien.
Cast: C. Chen Li, Hsiu-Ling Lin, Mei-Feng, Ching-kuo Yan, Edward Yang, Lai-Yin Yang.
Taiwan, 1984.
Language: Chinese.
Subtitles: Russian, English, Chinese, Japanese.
Download Dong dong de jia qi / A Summer At Grandpa's. 1984: … n-1984.rar



Sonagi / The Shower. 1979.

Rain Shower", also "Shower" or "Sonagi," is a Korean short story written by Korean writer Hwang Sun-won in 1959. "Rain Shower" is a translation of the Korean title “Sonagi.” A sonagi is a brief but heavy rain shower that starts suddenly, usually on a hot afternoon. In Hwang’s story, the rain shower symbolizes the short but heart-rending love between the boy and the girl. The story begins with the boy encountering the girl playing by the stream on his way back home.
Although many of Hwang’s short stories are notable, “Rain Shower” is cited as his timeless Korean classic by Koreans. Koreans of all ages are acquainted with this story. It is famous for its poignant depiction of the Korean countryside and of innocent adolescent love. The picturesque scenes from this story stir nostalgia for many people.
Director: Young Nam Ko.
Cast: Yeong-su Lee, Yun-suk Jo, Shin-jae Kim.
South Korea, 1979.
Language: Korean.
Subtitles: Russian, English.
Download Sonagi / The Shower. 1979: … r-1979.rar


Geschwister. 1975.
Herbert und Hella sind beide allein erziehende Zugbegleiter. Sie heiraten und damit die Kinder sich zusammenfinden, schicken sie die drei Kinder in die Sommerferien an die Ostsee.
Director: Wolfgang Hübner.
Cast: Marijam Agischewa, Carola Braunbock, Hannelore Erle, Angelika Herrmann, Elli Jessen-Somann, Hans Klering, Ingeborg Krabbe, Reinhard Michalke, Stefan Naujokat.
DDR, DEFA, 1975.
Download Geschwister. 1975: … r-1975.rar



Rewizja osobista / Personal Search. 1973.

PL. Barbara (Wiesława Mazurkiewicz), jej kilkunastoletni syn Piotrek (Krzysztof Wowczuk) oraz kuzynka Krysia (Katarzyna Kaczmarek) wracają do Polski zza zachodniej granicy. Ich auto jest wypełnione deficytowymi towarami, które chcą sprzedać z zyskiem w kraju. Zostają zatrzymani do kontroli celnej. Szef zmiany Roman (Zdzisław Maklakiewicz) to zimny służbista, zarządza rewizję osobistą kobiet, jednak będzie ona możliwa dopiero gdy na kolejnej zmianie dotrze celniczka. Szmuglerki są gotowe zrobić wiele, aby przedostać się na drugą stronę granicy.
EN. Basia and Krystyna, are trying to smuggle clothes, perfumes and other things purchased abroad through the border back to Poland during communist period. They are accompanied by Basia's son Piotrek, infatuated with Krystyna. At the beginning everything appears to go smooth. Suddenly, however, the custom officer Roman (played by brilliant Zdzisław Maklakiewicz) stops pretending being fooled and demands body search which has to be carried out by next shift. Basia tries to aid the inconvenience by calling her husband Jerzy. She also tries to psychologically abuse Roman. Meanwhile Krystyna tries to bribe other younger customs officer (Łukasz) by sleeping with him on a meadow. They make out (film contains some nudity) but Łukasz says he knows why she gave herself to him. Young Piotrek is shocked to observe that scene. At the end Jerzy, an important figure in communist party, appears, threatens and later begs Roman to allow everybody to go through border. When in the end Roman agrees, heart-broken Piotrek torches the car with smuggled goods, burning everything.
Director: Witold Leszczyński, Andrzej Kostenko.
Cast: Zygmunt Hübner, Katarzyna Kaczmarek, Zdzislaw Maklakiewicz, Wieslawa Mazurkiewicz, Krzysztof Wowczuk, Tomasz Wowczuk, Edward Stachura.
Poland, 1973.
Language: Polish.
Subtitles: English.
Download Rewizja osobista / Personal Search. 1973: … a-1973.rar



Lilja 4-ever. 2002.

While waiting for her mothers reply to take her to the USA, Lilya idles the time away smoking, drinking and having fun with her, too, outcast friend Volodya. In time, the chance of a new life becomes non-existent; her life is going nowhere. Meeting a young man, she then finds a plane ticket in her hand and a new life in Sweden: a job, an apartment and prospects. All is not what it seems. There shall be work, there shall be housing and there shall be no escape. This is the stark, frank and disturbing vision of the life of a young victim of the underground sex trade and in all its tone of realism of abject poverty, despicable actions and of wanting to show that dreaming of a better life is not a crime but that life can shatter the illusion of a happy ending.
Based primarily on the real life of a Lithuanian girl Danguole Rasalaite, who ended up in Sweden after her mother took off and went to America. The film follows the events of Danguole's life pretty closely, with the main exception of the boy Volodja who is entirely fictional.
Director: Lukas Moodysson.
Cast: Oksana Akinshina, Artyom Bogucharskiy, Pavel Ponomaryov, Liliya Shinkaryova, Elina Benenson, Pavel Ponomaryov, Tomasz Neuman, Anastasiya Bedredinova, Tõnu Kark, Nikolai Bentsler, Aleksander Dorosjkevitch, Aleksandr Sokolenko.
Sweden, Denmark, 2002.
Language: Russian, Swedish, English, Polish.
Download Lilja 4-ever. 2002: … r-2002.rar



Edges of the Lord. 2001.

Polish 12 year-young city Jew Romek gets a crash-course in Catholicsim from his daddy ('stay hanging by your arms till your prayers are perfect') so he can be sent away and escape deportation (Auschwitz?) hiding in the country where the clergy found a host, Gniecio's simple peasant family, posing as their city relative. Gniecio's eldest son Vladek proves rather tyrannical but no brighter then gullible junior Tollo, who takes a role play in catechism class to 'become' a Last Supper character, in his case Jesus, to the extreme, even training for a crucifixion from a tree. Neighbor Batylin and his wife are executed by the Nazis when their illegally kept pig is found. Kluba plays a dirty trick when Gniecio tries to sell his in the city; his son is as problematic for the boys, who meanwhile play involving a single girl-playmate, Maria, who takes Romek in when he's stupidly thrown out by his widowed host by mistake. The horror of war itself suddenly shows its ugly head again, big time and in weird ways with unforeseen consequences...
Director:  Yurek Bogayevicz.
Cast: Haley Joel Osment, Willem Dafoe, Richard Banel, Liam Hess, Olaf Lubaszenko, Malgorzata Foremniak, Andrzej Grabowski, Chiril Vahonin, Olga Frycz, Dorota Piasecka, Wojciech Smolarz, Marek Weglarski, Ryszard Ronczewski.
USA, Poland, 2001.
Language: English, Russian.
Download Edges of the Lord. 2001: … d-2001.rar



Beyond the Reef. 1981.

Tikoyo lives by the Bora Bora lagoon in the South Pacific, where he found a man-eating tiger shark when it was an orphaned baby, just a foot long. He named it Manidu, and it grew to be sixteen feet long. Tikoyo believes that his companion houses the soul of a wise old man, and helps him guard the sacred black pearls in the lagoon. In fact, Manidu does protect Tikoyo and his girlfriend Diana, only eating those who are their enemies, or who seek to destroy their environment, or steal the pearls. 
Director: Frank C. Clarke.
Cast: Dayton Ka'ne, Maren Jensen, Kathleen Swan, Keahi Farden, Titaua Castel, Oliverio Maciel Diaz, Joseph Ka'ne.
USA, 1981.
Download Beyond the Reef. 1981: … f-1981.rar



მაგდანას ლურჯა / Magdanas Lurja. 1955.

GE. ეს არის ყველასათვის საყვარელი ფილმი, რომელიც არის ქართული კინემატოგრაფიის ერთ–ერთი შედევრი.. ეს ფილმი 1955 წელს გამოუშვა კინოსტუდია "საქართველოს ფილმმა"... ფილმი გადაღებულია ცნობილი ქართველი მწერლის ეკატერინე გაბაშვილის ამავე სახელწოდების მოთხრობის მიხედვით... ამ ფილმში მოთხრობილია და ნაჩვენებია ხალხის გაჭირვება და დედა, რომელიც ყველაფერს აკეთებს თავისი შვილებისათვის... ვისაც გიყვართ და ვისაც არა ქართული ფილმები, მაინც ყველამ გადაწერეთ და უყურეთ მართლა მაგარი კინოა...
EN. Small Georgian village (ca. 1890) Magdana a widow lives in a shack with her 3 children and ekes out a living selling yogurt. When the children find a donkey lying by the road and nurse it to health, it seems the family's troubles are over.
Director: Tengiz Abuladze, Rezo Chkheidze.
Cast: Dudukhana Tserodze, L. Moistsrapishvili, Mikho Borashvili, Nani Chikvinidze, Akaki Kvantaliani, Karlo Sakandelidze, Akaki Vasadze, Aleksandre Omiadze, Aleksandre Takaishvili, Aleksandre Alaznispireli.
USSR, Georgia-Film, 1955.
Language: Russian.
Download მაგდანას ლურჯა / Magdanas Lurja. 1955: … y-1955.rar



Den Bästa Sommaren / A Summer Tale. 2000.

The summer of '58, the year Sweden almost won the world championship in soccer over Brazil, Yngve Johansson accepts two children to live with him during the summer, as told through the eyes of a young boy. His name is Mårten, and the other child's name is Annika. She is a rough girl, with many problems. The three of them do not get along, and Yngve is a true dictator to the children's eyes. However, when the children discover that their new guardian has a crush on their teacher (Cecilia Nilsson), they do what they can to bring the two together. Soon enough, the three will discover that they have a lot more in common than they previously imagined, and together they can make their lives worth living again. This is a sweet story about life in Sweden in the mid 1900's. It is about family, love, hate, innocent friendship that we all can relate to, and much, much more. The movie invites laughter as well as tears, and the actors, both the young and the old, are very talented...
Director: Ulf Malmros.
Cast: Kjell Bergqvist, Anastasios Soulis, Rebecca Scheja, Cecilia Nilsson, Brasse Brännström, Marcus Hasselborg, Gachugo Makini, Göran Thorell, Ann Petrén, Pale Olofsson, Anna Kristina Kallin, Ralph Carlsson, Jerker Fahlström.
Sweden, Denmark, 2000.
Language: Swedish, Russian.
Download Den Bästa Sommaren / A Summer Tale. 2000:


Jim, the World's Greatest. 1976.
A real rarity of American independent cinema: a teenage boy struggles to cope with his alcoholic father and physically abused little brother...
Don Coscarelli has a knack for seeing the world through the eyes and heart of a young boy. He offers a Peter Pan-esque adventure to men from the boomers to present day, with each generation being introduced to a more innocent time.
Director: Don Coscarelli, Craig Mitchell.
Cast: Gregory Harrison, Robbie Wolcott, Angus Scrimm, Marla Pennington, Karen McLain, David Lloyd, Lawrence Gabriel Jr., Reggie Bannister, Tim Simmons, Ralph Richmond.
USA, 1976.
Language: English.
Download Jim, the World's Greatest. 1976:



Así del precipicio / On the Edge. 2006.

ES. Así del precipicio es una película mexicana de 2006 de género dramático, dirigida por Teresa Suárez. Protagonizada por Ana de la Reguera, Ingrid Martz y Gabriela Platas.
Después de una intensa noche de drogas y sexo, Lucía, cansada de las mentiras de Matías, decide terminar con él definitivamente. La vida de excesos harán que llegue tarde al llamado de un comercial, donde trabaja, y será despedida. Un altercado con un limpiavidrios que insiste en limpiar el parabrisas de su coche, hará que pierda el control y, obedeciendo a un impulso irrefrenable a causa de su estado, le disparará con una pistola. Lucía es detenida, pero gracias a las influencias pasará solamente unas cuantas horas en la delegación. Hanna se encuentra en una crisis matrimonial. Mientras espera convencerse de que el divorcio es realmente lo que quiere, se va a vivir con Lucía y Carmen. Hanna conocerá a la Señora Romano en la tienda lujosa donde trabaja, y por primera vez considerará que le guste una mujer. Carmen, una artista conceptual, retrasa el término de su obra pasando día y noche drogándose en un reventón. Lucía promete no meterse más drogas y alcohol, y logra mantenerse limpia dos semanas, hasta que vuelve a ver a Matías. Él le vuelve a mentir y recae en las drogas. Carmen mira cómo unos narcotraficantes (a quienes confunde con la policía judicial) se llevan a Piti, y paranoica, corre a esconderse. Al tratar de huir de la ciudad, cae al precipicio. Lucía acepta que no puede sola y pide ayuda. Lo primero es reconocer que es adicta.
EN. Three flatmates in Mexico City face uncertainties: Lucía who has a great job as an art director for TV commercials is abusing alcohol and cocaine. She risks losing her job, going to prison for assault, and she's woefully in love with a bullfighter who may be two-timing her. Carmen, an artist without income, can be manic - snorting lots of cocaine and hanging out with a gay man and a transvestite. What's her future? Hanna contemplates divorce from Abraham, a wealthy momma's boy, and she's disoriented by feelings of attraction to Sandra, a customer at her jewelry store. Can any of these poor little rich girls sort things out in a world of excess?
Director: Teresa Suarez.
Cast: Ana de la Reguera, Ingrid Martz, Gabriela Platas, Daniel Vives, Anna Ciocchetti, Sandra Romano, Alejandro Nones, Rafael Amaya, Roberto Medina.
Mexico, 2006.
Language: Spanish.
Download Así del precipicio / On the Edge. 2006: … o-2006.rar



L'enfant lion / The Lion Child. 1993.

In the village of Pama, Sirga the lioness and Oule the young boy, born the same day, grow up together as sister and brother. Oule discovers the world alongside Sirga, and it is through her that he learns the secrets of the brush. He knows how to speak to the trees, the beasts, the bees and the wind. But one day, horsemen arrive from the Nord to take away all of the children of the village in chains and sell them into slavery. Oule and his friend Lena are bought by a nobleman of the high plains who, terrified by Oule's powers, sends him into exile. But Oule posesses the strength of lions and he finds Sirga. With Lena, they will reconstruct the village of Pama...
Director: Patrick Grandperret.
Cast: Mathurin Sinze, Were Were Liking, Souleymane Koli, Салиф Кейта / Salif Keita, Sophie-Veronique Toue Tagbe, Сиди Ламин / Sidy Lamine, Дамуре Зика / Damoure Zika, Лам Ибрахим Диа / Lam Ibrahim Diaz.
France, 1993.
Language: French.
Subtitles: French, English, Russian.
Download L'enfant lion / The Lion Child. 1993: … n-1993.rar



Un poison violent. 2010.

Anna a young teenager comes home from her Catholic boarding school for the holidays and discovers her father has left. Her mother is devastated and confined in the company of the local priest, who is also a childhood friend. Anna clings to her beloved grandfather. She also grows close to Pierre, a free-spirited teenager who cares little about God. Anna is preparing for her confirmation, but her budding desire for Pierre shakes her faith. She longs to give herself over, body and soul... but doesn't know if it is to God, or something else?
Director: Katell Quillevere.
Cast: Clara Augarde, Lio, Michel Galabru, Stefano Cassetti, Thierry Neuvic, Youen Leboulanger-Gourvil, Philippe Duclos, Francoise Navarro, François Bernard, Catherine Riaux.
France, 2010.
Language: French, Russian.
Download Un poison violent. 2010: … t-2010.rar



Spermula / L'amour est un fleuve en Russie. 1976.

FR. Spermula is a French softcore fantasy film from 1976 director by Charles Matton.
Aux États-Unis, dans les années 1930, une secte composée de libertins riches et excentriques qui rejettent toute idée d'amour, considérait la création artistique comme une forme de mal et tentait de trouver dans la liberté sexuelle totale l'extase de l'être pur. À la suite d'une conférence qu'ils ont convoquée à New York en 1937, tous les membres de la secte ont disparu. D'aucuns ont supposé qu'il s'agissait d'extraterrestres infiltrés. Des années plus tard, un journaliste les a retrouvés dans un endroit secret dans les forêts d'Amérique du Sud, mais on ne les entendit plus jamais. De la brume, un énorme vaisseau flotte dans le ciel nocturne. À l'intérieur, Spermula et ses cohortes sont en train de retourner à la civilisation pour transmettre leur message de paix et de liberté à un monde devenu fou en "spermulant" les hommes, ce qui implique de leur retirer leur essence sexuelle qui provoque l'agression, l'ambition et la jalousie. Ils s'installent dans une maison de maître, dont les voisins comprennent le maire de la ville, son épouse malheureuse et maltraitée, son assistant et une veuve. Spermula et sa compagnie rassemblent les éléments de l'intrigue qui se termine par une orgie. Les femmes sont corrompues par ce contact avec le monde extérieur et leur belle chef, Spermula, tombe amoureuse d’un jeune artiste et sacrifie son immortalité pour une nuit de passion avec lui.
EN. This refers to the original French film, "L'Amour est un fleuve en Russie" [Love is a River in Russia]- a superior film to the English dubbed "Spermula" which is more widely known. English subtitles are available that make this film more accessible. Plot: In the 1930's, a notorious secret society known as Spermula - centered around the "rapture of being" achieved through a total liberation of the senses - disappeared from "civilized society." They were rumored to have developed supernatural powers. Over time they have honed their powers, and put in motion a plan to return from the future and conquer the world that once exiled them. An elite force of commandos - in the guise of several beautiful females - are charged with the task of neutering the male population. This is to be achieved by extracting the male reproductive fluids (orally) - allowing the decadent human race to eventually die off from natural attrition. Ingrid (Dayle Haddon), leading the Spermulan assault, sets about neutralizing the leaders of the community in which they have established the invasion's beachhead ... and then plans to gobble up the rest of the male population in one lavish orgiastic party. Unfortunately, as Ingrid herself has foreseen, members of her cadre begin to succumb to the unfamiliar temptations of the flesh, and develop emotional attachments to their intended victims. Blighted by the curse of emotional love, the invaders are forced to withdraw ... for now. [Note: the English-dubbed "Spermula" was significantly re-written in the dubbing, invoking a hokey plot about the planet Spermula about to be destroyed in a giant collision, prompting the decision to invade Earth.]
Some facts.
In 1976 a German magazine featured an article, ranting in indignation about Irina Ionesco letting her then 11 year old daughter, Eva Ionesco, appear in this 'adult' film, and appearing naked at that (though evidently not in any sex scenes). This article included still shots of Eva from the set, both dressed and fully nude, as well as alongside other women who do appear in the film, so clearly she was attached to the project at one point or another. However, there are currently 3 different versions of this film floating around now-days, none of which has *any* scenes with Eva Ionesco, nor does any of them include her name in the credits. So it is highly plausible that all of her scenes were never intended to actually be included in the final version of the film, but whether the whole thing was just a publicity stunt orchestrated by her mother (one of quite a few in the mid 70's), or what other reasons there may have been is anyone's guess.
Director: Charles Matton.
Cast: Dayle Haddon, Udo Kier, François Dunoyer, Jocelyne Boisseau, Ginette Leclerc, Eva Ionesco, Isabelle Mercanton, Georges Géret, Radiah Frye, Angela McDonald, Suzannah Djian, Myriam Mézières.
France, 1976.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
This is the original version 103 minutes.
Download Spermula / L'amour est un fleuve en Russie. 1976: … a-1976.rar



Lütt Matten und die weiße Muschel. 1964.

Lütt Matten und die weiße Muschel ist ein deutscher Kinderfilm der DEFA von Herrmann Zschoche aus dem Jahr 1964. Er beruht auf dem gleichnamigen Kinderbuch von Benno Pludra, der auch am Drehbuch beteiligt war.
Der Fischerjunge Lütt Matten will es unbedingt den Erwachsenen gleichtun und zieht mit seiner eigenen kleinen Reuse los, um Fische zu fangen. Doch der Erfolg stellt sich nicht ein, und er wird zum Gespött der anderen Kinder und auch einiger Erwachsener. Nur seine kleine Freundin Mariken hält zu ihm. Um sich zu beweisen, begibt sich Matten in große Gefahr, indem er auf der Suche nach einer weißen Muschel, die der Legende nach Fischschwärme herbeisingt, nachts auf den Bodden hinausfährt. Ein Sturm erwischt ihn, und die großen Reusen der Fischer erweisen sich als Todesfalle, als der Junge darin hängen bleibt. Doch die Rettung naht in Gestalt seines Vaters und seiner Fischerfreunde. Der Vater erkennt dabei, dass er offenbar zu selten für Matten da war. Zur Wiedergutmachung hilft er dem Jungen, eine neue Reuse zu bauen. Und plötzlich klappt′s auch mit den Fischen.
Director: Herrmann Zschoche.
Cast: Lutz Bosselmann, Erik S. Klein, Johanna Clas, Heike Lange, Joachim Krause, Otto Saltzmann, Hans Heisler, Herbert Köfer, Harry Studt, Herbert Sturm, Ernst Striesow.
DDR, DEFA, 1964.
Language: German.
Download Lütt Matten und die weiße Muschel. 1964: … n-1964.rar



Malabimba / The Malicious Whore. 1979.

After the matriarch of once rich and influential aristocratic Caroli family dies, her nearly bankrupt family decides to hold a seance in their decrepit castle and contact her spirit. Unfortunately, they contact instead the malicious and possibly demonic spirit of their evil, hedonistic and decadent late cousin Lucrezia that, after assaulting and messing a bit with those present at the summoning, ends up possessing the dead woman's virginal teenage daughter Bimba. Bimba suddenly becomes overtly sexual and starts acting out in a completely unhinged, aggressive and sexually provocative manner in front of her family and their guests, all while brutally insulting them. She tries to satisfy her confusing demonic urges with masturbation but quickly moves on to seducing those around her, starting with her deathly ill uncle Adolfo, who's unable to stop her from performing fellatio on him which leads to his death during the incestuous act. Meanwhile, his buxom young wife and Bimba's aunt Nais looks for sexual satisfaction in Giorgio, who hangs around the castle. However, unsatisfied with his s&m play, she seduces her brother-in-law Andrea (Bimba's father and Adolfo's brother) instead. When Bimba discovers this, she tries to seduce her father herself but he rejects her in disgust and calls a psychiatrist who concludes that Bimba is just acting out her grief over her mother's death. Adolfo's nurse, a beautiful nun called Sister Sofia becomes the next target of Bimba's lust. Can Sofia save Bimba from the evil spirit or will Bimba's lust consume Sofia as well? There are two versions of the movie - the softcore version and the hardcore version.
Director: Andrea Bianchi.
Cast: Katell Laennec, Patrizia Webley, Enzo Fisichella, Giuseppe Marrocco, Elisa Mainardi, Giancarlo Del Duca, Pupita Lea Scuderoni, Mariangela Giordano.
Italy, 1979.
Language: Italian, Russian.
Download Malabimba / The Malicious Whore. 1979: … a-1979.rar



Little Feet. 2013.

1. A couple of young kids living in Los Angeles (played by Rockwell's children Nico and Lana), decide that they want to see "the river." Setting out alone, their encounters along the way provide the heart and soul of the movie. Moments of wordless play are interspersed with the camera exploring the city as if through the eyes of his youthful protagonists.
2. A micro-budgeted delight that could have been made at the dawn of the Sundance indie boom, Little Feet finds one of that scene's participants, Alexandre Rockwell, imagining his own children as near-orphans fending for themselves on a day-long mission through Los Angeles. Commercial prospects are hobbled by an hour-long running time, but few who see the picture will fail to be charmed; word of mouth will be good if, perhaps paired with a simpatico short, it makes its way into non-fest arthouse bookings.
Lana and Nico Rockwell play Lana and Nico, whose unnamed father dresses in a funny-animal suit for a living and collapses drunk upon getting home from work. "How did Mommy die?" is the film's first whispered line of dialogue, and the children devote much of their imagination to ways she may still be present: They see her underwater in the bathtub, as a feather in the air...
Director: Alexandre Rockwell.
Cast: Lana Rockwell, Nico Rockwell, Rene Cuante-Bautista, Olinga Bolden, Benjamin Keepers, Tussi Bolden.
USA, 2013.
Language: English.
Subtitles: English.
Download Little Feet. 2013: … t-2013.rar



Agosto / August. 2015. HD.

IT. Un bimbo, una bimba e il vagabondare sospeso tra gli indizi dellТestate. Agosto ш unТatmosfera, ш il caldo che dilata il tempo e lascia esplodere i luoghi negli occhi dei due piccoli protagonisti.
FR. Deux enfants, la campagne. Les heures que s’écoulent, lentes dans un chaud mois d’août. Leur désir d’aventure.
EN. For the courageous idea to narrate the magical suspension of childhood expanded time, Agosto received the Jury Special Mention. The short film is the first collaborative work between Adriano Valerio and Eva Jospin. It is about two children and their adventures in the countryside during a very hot month of August spent in Northern Italy.
Directors: Eva Jospin, Adriano Valerio.
Cast: Ada Thoretton, Oscar Thoretton.
France, Italy, 2015.
Language: French.
Subtitles: Italian.
1280x720 HD
Download Agosto / August. 2015:



La petite bande / The Little Bunch. 1983.

FR.  Pétris d'ennui dans leur cours de musique, en Angleterre, six enfants s'enfuient, rejoints par un 7ème, sourd muet. Ils traversent la Manche et rejoignent la France d'où commence une grande aventure. Protégés de loin par l'énigmatique voyageur, ils font la rencontre d'individus peu recommandables. Au fur et à mesure de leurs aventures ils tentent de libérer une petite fille française, prisonnière de ces individus. A son tour, le jeune homme sourd se fait capturer par les méchants, et retrouve la petite fille. Les méchants, grâce à une machine, aspirent leur jeunesse et les transforment en vieillards, sous le regard effrayé de leurs petits amis, cachés. C'est alors que l'énigmatique voyageur leur vole en aide et inverse le processus de vieillissement. Les enfants s'enfuient alors sur la péniche des méchants et se réfugient sur une île.
EN. A great child group adventure music movie -no words spoken - le petite bande - small band - scape from their music class... excellent for every age, a film that you can watch happily with your children.
Director: Michel Deville.
Cast: Andrew Chandler, Helene Dassule, Nicole Palmer, Hamish Scrimgeour, Katherine Scrimgeour, Nicolas Sireau, Remi Usquin, Valerie Gauthier, Yveline Ailhaud, Michel Amphoux, Roland Amstutz, Pierre Banderet.
France, 1983.
Language: None.
Download La petite bande / The Little Bunch. 1983: … e-1983.rar



Little Darlings. 1980.

Fifteen year olds Ferris Whitney and Angel Bright meet when they attend the same summer camp and are assigned the bunks next to each other in the same cabin. It's hate at first sight as they are seemingly polar opposites: romantic and literate Ferris comes from a wealthy and thus privileged background, while streetwise and chain-smoking Angel is from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks. But they share one similarity: they are both virgins, the only ones of their age in their cabin. Due to pressure from their cabin mates, most specifically the aggressive Cinder Carlson, the two enter into a bet on who will lose their virginity first and by the end of the summer. Ferris, who initially seems more interested in the pursuit of the opposite sex, quickly sets her sights on Gary Callahan, the much older coach at the camp. But Angel finds her own target, namely Randy Adams, an equally streetwise boy attending the camp across the lake...
Director: Ronald F. Maxwell.
Cast: Tatum O'Neal, Kristy McNichol, Armand Assante, Matt Dillon, Cynthia Nixon, Margaret Blye.
USA, 1980.
Language: English, Russian.
Download Little Darlings. 1980: … s-1980.rar



Little Fugitive. 1953.

Joey, a young boy, runs away to Coney Island after he is tricked into believing he has killed his older brother. Joey collects glass bottles and turns them into money, which he used to ride the rides.
Director: Ray Ashley, Morris Engel.
Cast: Richie Andrusco, Richard Brewster, Tommy DeCanio, Winifred Cushing, Jay Williams, Will Lee, Charlie Moss, Ruth Orkin.
USA, Little Fugitive Production Company, 1953.
Language: English.
944x720 HD
Download Little Fugitive. 1953: … e-1953.rar



Xilu xiang / Little Cheung. 2000.

In 1997, Little Cheung is a street-wise nine-year-old boy living in a bustling neighbourhood of Hong Kong, just before the reunification with China. His parents are always working at their restaurant, so Little Cheung becomes much closer to his grandmother and her Filipino maid Armi. Little Cheung befriends Fan, a girl his age who is an illegal immigrant from China. He splits his tips with her when she helps him deliver take-outs for his father. The pair have some amusing adventures, and delight in peeing in the drinks of a troublesome thug. Against his father's will, Little Cheung starts searching for his older brother, whom his father disowned because he became a gangster.
Director: Fruit Chan.
Cast: Yuet-Ming Yiu, Wai-Fan Mak, Yuet-Man Mak , Chum-Yuk Chuen, Armi Andres, Robby, Wai Yiu Yung, Sun-yau Chu, Gary Lai, Teoh Chang.
Hong Kong, 2000.
Language: Cantonese.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Xilu xiang / Little Cheung. 2000: … g-1999.rar



The Geisha Boy. 1958.

The Geisha Boy is a 1958 American comedy film starring Jerry Lewis, distributed by Paramount Pictures. Filmed from June 16 to August 7, 1958, it had its first screening in New York City on December 19, 1958. This film marked the film debut of Suzanne Pleshette.
Gilbert "The Great" Wooley (Jerry Lewis) is a down-on-his-luck magician who has been invited to entertain GIs in Japan. However, even before his flight from Los Angeles has taken off the ground, he unwittingly -- and with some participation of his pet, friend and co-star in the act, Harry the rabbit -- incurs the wrath of the show's headliner, actress Lola Livingston (Marie McDonald), with a series of unfortunate accidents. Upon their arrival, as he tries to apologize to Lola, he causes her more embarrassment by tearing up her dress, knocking her down the gangway, and rolling her up in the red carpet to cover up her lack of proper attire.
An orphan, Mitsuo Watanabe (Robert Hirano), who attends the reception in the company of his aunt Kimi Sikita (Nobu McCarthy), an interpreter for the United Service Organizations, or USO, witnesses the spectacle and laughs for the first time since his parents died. When Kimi brings the boy to Gilbert to thank him, he and the boy become close. This, however, irritates the aunt's boyfriend Ichiyama (Ryuzo Demura), a Japanese baseball player; and his subsequent chase of Wooley, which culminates with Ichiyama's fall into a bathhouse pool that floods the street outside, almost motivates the furious USO commander Major Ridgley (Barton MacLane) to revoke Wooley's entertainment-service status. Wooley's USO liaison Sergeant Pearson (Suzanne Pleshette), who has fallen for him, is able to reverse that decision - though it is under the condition that Wooley perform for the American troops at the Korean frontlines. However, she becomes jealous of Gilbert's growing relationship with Kimi.
In time, Gilbert, Mitsuo, and Mitsuo's family become inseparable, but Wooley's failure as a troop entertainer makes Ridgley remand him back to the United States. Not wanting to disappoint Mitsuo by letting him find out that he has been a total flop, Gilbert tries to sneak away when it is time for him to return. Mitsuo follows him, and Gilbert is forced to pretend that he no longer cares for the boy, which makes him cry. However, Mitsuo still follows him to America by stowing away on the plane. Once in America, they are reunited, but Gilbert is accused of kidnapping Mitsuo, who is then returned to Japan. Wooley follows in the same way that Mitsuo did, but is "smarter" by hiding in a specially marked trunk. However, when the airliner lands, he cannot get out of the trunk, and tha Sikitas have to rescue him from it. Wooley decides to stay and become a successful performer of magic in Japan.
The film ends with Harry the rabbit giving birth to a litter in mid-performance, as Gilbert hollers in shock and disbelief, "Hey, you're not a Harry; you're a Harriet!".
Director: Frank Tashlin.
Cast: Jerry Lewis, Marie McDonald, Sessue Hayakawa, Barton MacLane, Suzanne Pleshette, Nobu McCarthy, Robert Hirano, Ryuzo Demura, The Los Angeles Dodgers, Carl Erskine, Tsunagorô Rashômon.
USA, 1958.
Language: English, Russian, Japanese.
Download The Geisha Boy. 1958: … y-1958.rar



Drenge. 1977.

Filmen bestеr af tre episoder i en drengs forhold til det seksuelle; Fшrst mшdet som femеrig med den stшrre og mere erfarne fжtter, dernжst den fшrste alvorlige forelskelse som syttenеrig og endelig studentertidens ubekymrede pigejagt.
And: In the scene where the two boys 'play bar' in the bathroom, the boys were filmed one at a time with Malmros (the director) as the opposing player off screen. To evoke the right embarrassed expression on each of the boys, Malmros took off his pants suddenly during filming.(C)imdb.
Director: Nils Malmros.
Cast: Mads Ole Erhardsen, Jesper Hede, Mette Marie Hede, Lone Rode, Poul Clemmensen, Lotte Hermann, Mikkel Hede, Karen-Margrethe Nyborg, Charlotte Winther Nielsen.
Denmark, 1977.
Language: Danish, Russian.
Download Drenge. 1977:



Mario und der Zauberer / Mario and the Magician. 1994.

The Twenties: The German Fuhrmann family spend their holidays in Italy again. The country is full of mysteries in that time. The Fuhrmann's have to realize the upcoming and growing fascism and their children are fascinated by a magician visiting the town. Soon nothing is as usual. The times are changing...
Director: Klaus Maria Brandauer.
Cast: Nina Schweser, Ivano Marescotti, Tony Palazzo, Luigi Petrucci, Domiziana Giordano, Anthony Pfriem.
Austria, France, Germany, 1994.
Download Mario und der Zauberer / Mario and the Magician. 1994: … r-1994.rar


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