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Marcelka. 1971.

Slovenská filmová rozprávka o smutnom dievčatku, ktoré ani jeho otec bohatý a mocný pán nedokáže rozveseliť. Podarí sa to až figliarovi Petríkovi a jeho psíkovi Bobíkovi, ktorí žijú na dvore ich kaštieľa.
Director: Jan Iván.
Cast: Matěj Forman, Lubomír Lipský st., František Filipovský, Vladimír Hrubý, Lubomír Kostelka, Karel Effa, Libuše Havelková, Milan Jonáš, Alena Vránová.
Czechoslovakia, 1971.
Language: Slovak.
Download Marcelka. 1971: … a-1971.rar



Sippur Kayitz / Summer Story. 2004.

The film is set in the early 80's in the heat of the first war with Lebanon (also called the Sinai war). Summer Story is a charming tale of a young boy named Gal (Kosta Kaplan) who is the mail boy in a small village in Israel. On his daily routes he befriends Chaya (Aya Stienovitz)a 19 year old girl with a heart condition who corresponds with soldiers who have been sent to battle. The relationship between Chaya and Gal is charming and fascinating to watch unfold.
Director: Shmuel Haimovich.
Cast: Itamar Cohen, Tikva Dayan, Moshe Folkenflick, Evelin Hagoel, Albert Iluz, Kosta Kaplan, Eden Katz, Danny Steg, Aya Steinovitz, Sarah von Schwartze.
Israel, 2004.
Language: Hebrew, Russian.
Download Sippur Kayitz / Summer Story. 2004: … z-2004.rar



მანანა / Manana. 1958.

GE. ანცი გოგონა მანანა თავის ნებაზე ათამაშებს მოხუც ბებიასა და ბაბუას, რომლებიც დედის სიკვდილის შემდეგ ზედმეტად ანებივრებენ შვილიშვილს. ბავშვი გაკვეთილებს აცდენს, მამას, მეზობლებს და ამხანაგებს ატყუებს. საკუთარ ტყუილებში გახლართული მანანა ყველას უსიამოვნებაში გარევს და მიხვდება, რომ ასე გაგრძელება აღარ შეიძლება. ის პატიებას ითხოვს და პირობას დადებს, რომ ამიერიდან სამაგალითო მოსწავლე გახდება.
EN. Old Georgian funny comedy on the theme of "what is good and what is bad," a summary of the network: since his wife died of sea captain Sergo, grandparents endlessly indulged his nine year old daughter Manana. To forgive her all pranks and even deception. One day, to take time off from school early, she invented that grandparents are very sick.
After school classmates came to Manana, to help a friend in trouble. The news of the illness of parents came up to Manana's father, who left an urgent job, hurried home. But it turned out to be cheated. After this act people stopped believing girl. And she felt: a person hard to live when he does not believe. And she had to completely change their behavior.
Directors: ზაქარია გუდავაძე / Zaza Gudavadze, შალვა მარტაშვილი / Shalva Martashvili.
Cast: Nanuli Sarajishvili, Sesilia Takaishvili, Aleksandre Jorjoliani, Yakov Tripolsky, Medea Chakhava, Ipolite Khvichia, Lamzira Chkheidze, Aleksandre Kuprashvili, D. Kuchaidze, Revaz Baramidze, Zaza Gachechiladze.
USSR, Georgia-Film, 1958.
Language: Russian.
Download მანანა / Manana. 1958:



Alice in den Städten / Alice in the Cities. 1974. HD.

Alice in the Cities (German: Alice in den Städten) is a 1974 German road movie directed by Wim Wenders. It is the first part of Wenders' "Road Movie trilogy", also which includes The Wrong Move (1975) and Kings of the Road (1976). The film is shot in black and white by Robby Müller with several long scenes without dialogue. The film's theme foreshadows Wenders' later film Paris, Texas.
German journalist Philip Winter has a case of writer's block when trying to write an article about the United States. He decides to return to Germany, and while trying to book a flight, encounters a German woman and her nine year old daughter Alice doing the same. The three become friends (almost out of necessity) and while the mother asks Winter to mind Alice temporarily, it quickly becomes apparent that Alice will be his responsibility for longer than he expected. After returning to Europe, the innocent friendship between Winter and Alice grows as they travel together through various European cities on a quest for Alice's grandmother.
Director: Wim Wenders.
Cast: Yella Rottländer, Rüdiger Vogler, Lisa Kreuzer, Edda Köchl, Ernest Boehm, Sam Presti, Lois Moran, Didi Petrikat, Hans Hirschmüller, Sibylle Baier, Mirko.
West Germany, 1974.
Language: German, English, Dutch.
1920x1080 HD
Download Alice in den Städten / Alice in the Cities. 1974:
2 parts archive: … .part1.rar … .part2.rar



Maškarada / Masquerade. 1970.

Banned for over a decade because of its "explicit" sexual situations, when this film was released in Yugoslavia in 1983 the "explicit" scenes had become tame. Other than the notoriety it obtained through censorship, the film has an undistinguished story about the forbidden love affair between the older wife of a sports director and a young athlete.
Director: Boštjan Hladnik.
Cast: Vida Jerman, Igor Galo, Miha Baloh, Iva Cadez, Marjan Ferencak, Crt Kanoni, Franjo Kumer, Sonja Lambersek, Miran Miljkovic, Tone Sojer, Bojan Setina, Rado Prajs, Branko Oman.
Yugoslavia, 1970.
Language: Slovenian, Russian.
Download Maškarada / Masquerade. 1970: … a-1970.rar



Med osy. 1990.

Rare Belarusian film, surreal psychological drama with elements of animation. The film tells about the fate of the twin brothers Boris and Gleb, whose childhood coincided with the first post-war years. Through religion, Boris and Gleb come to eternal universal human values, at the same time realizing that in real life there is much suffering and people do not always adhere to Christian morality..
Director: Igor Volchek.
Cast: Andrei Bubashkin, Dmitri Kamenka, Aleksandr Labush, Marina Levtova, Ivan Matskevich, Tamara Muzhenko, Gennadiy Ovsyannikov, Aleksandr Sajko, Olga Sizova, Mikhail Yasuchek.
USSR, Belarusfilm, 1990.
Language: Russian.
Download Med osy. 1990:



Melody / S.W.A.L.K. 1971.

Two youngsters declare to their parents that they want to get married. Not sometime in the future but as soon as possible. The story is told from the children's point of view.
Alan Parker spent several months visiting schools in London and tape recording conversations with the children about their experiences and thoughts before writing the script. According to David Puttnam, " ...large chunks of the film were lifted directly from the childrens ideas"
Director: Waris Hussein.
Writer: Alan Parker.
Music: Bee Gees.
Cast: Mark Lester, Tracy Hyde, Jack Wild, Roy Kinnear, Colin Barrie, Billy Franks, Ashley Knight, Craig Marriott, William Vanderpuye, Sheila Steafel.
UK, 1971.
Language: English.
Download Melody / S.W.A.L.K. 1971:



Az én nevem Jimmy. 1987.

Hungarian TV Mini-Series.
Gál tanár úrnak, a biológiai tábor vezetőjének pár napra Pestre kell mennie. Helyettesítésre idős kollégáját kéri meg. Távollétében Jimmy, egy meteorológiai robot száll le a tábor közelében.
Director: Bohák György.
Cast: Bajor Imre, Rosta Sándor, Pálfi György, Hegedűs Csaba, Bohák Ildikó, Csoma Judit, Mátyássy Szabolcs, Lukács Dávid, Borok Róbert, Fabricius Gábor, Papp Tibor, Lakner Judit, Bajor Imre, Márton András, Szerednyey Béla, Juhász Viktória.
Hungary, Magyar Televizio, 1987.
Language: Hungarian, Russian.
Download Az én nevem Jimmy. 1987: … y-1987.rar



Lovely Rita. 2001.

Lovely Rita is not lovely at all. She is a sulky, deceitful, calculating teenager bent on seducing the local bus driver. She is very much an outsider at school and is the source of many arguments at home.
In the title role Barbara Osika gives a good rendition of a frustrated and unbalanced youngster, despite the fact that the script is both rather dull and uninteresting.
A couple of sex scenes are suggested rather than portrayed in any detail. The faces of the participants are immobile and unseen by the camera. The back of the young girl's head is seen blocking out the face of the bus driver. With very little movement the rest is left to the imagination of the viewer. The scene is short. One wonders if the censor has been at work here.
The director seems to have an obsession with the backs of heads, but sometimes it can be quite effective. The bus driver is filmed from behind as he sits at the wheel ( just as the passengers see him) while Rita exchanges fleeting glances with him in the mirror above his head.
It's amazing how the lid of a pedestal toilet seat can start an argument which grows from day to day to an unexpectedly very tense situation.
The final climax comes quite suddenly and adds a nice bit of drama sadly lacking in the earlier part of the film.
Director: Jessica Hausner.
Cast: Harald Urban, Felix Eisier, Agnes Napieralska.
Austria, 2001.
Language: German.
Download Lovely Rita. 2001:



Metichara, zver morskoy. 1988.

A girl from a well-off family discovers that her real father is a photographer on a beach. That meeting makes her change her attitude to life.
Director: Neli Nenova, Geno Tsulaya.
Cast: Nino Surguladze, Temur Natsvlishvili, Nato Tsulaia, Shota Kristesashvili, Palika (Paul) Nozadze, Gizo Sikharulidze, Tamar Skhirtladze, Nino Khomasuridze, Zurab Begalishvili, Kote Burjanadze, Alexander Gegechkori, Badri Kakabadze, Tatiana Lavrent'eva, Beso Megrelishvili, Nana Kvachantiradze, Sergei Karabashyan..
USSR, Georgia-Film, 1988.
Language: Russian.
Download Metichara, zver morskoy. 1988: … a-1988.rar



Schatjes! / Darlings! 1984.

NL. John Gisberts is een helikopterpiloot bij het Nederlandse leger. Samen met zijn vrouw en hun vier kinderen woont hij in een riante villa, net als de familieleden van de andere officieren. Van een warme gezinssfeer is er echter geen sprake. John zelf is amper thuis en zijn vrouw blijkt niet vies van een slippertje. Hun twee jongste zoontjes, Jan-Julius en Valentijn, krijgen geen degelijke opvoeding en de twee pubers van het gezin, Thijs en Madelon zijn het onverantwoord gedrag van hun ouders grondig beu.
EN. A peaceful family-life is suddenly disturbed when the children enter puberty. The children take over the house and ban their parents from their lives.
Director: Ruud van Hemert.
Cast: Peter Faber, Geert de Jong, Akkemay, Frank Schaafsma, Pepijn Zomer, Olivier Zomer, Rijk de Gooyer, Erik Koningsberger, Arie van Riet, Esgo Heil, Sue Ellen Somer.
Netherlands, 1984.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Schatjes! / Darlings! 1984:



Young Bodies Heal Quickly. 2014.

At the age twenty, Older escapes incarceration and seeks out his ten year old little brother, Younger. Clearly the bad influence, Older gets the boys mixed up in the "accidental" killing of a young girl and they are forced to go into hiding as they wait for their mother to rescue them. Thanks to their mother, the brothers now have a car and enough money to begin their bizarre road trip. Along the way, they encounter a host of people ranging from their unwelcoming sister to a troubled maid and her violent lover. Eventually, they wind up on the doorstep of their father's compound, wherein the three of them are quickly reminded why they are estranged in the first place. Just as the walls are about to close in, their father packs up his brood and takes them on a road trip of his own. They join several militaria enthusiasts in a remote forest where they re-enact actual Vietnam War battles. Once in the "jungle," the three of them revert to hostile tendencies building up to a final confrontation between father and sons, leaving the audience to decide what is real and what is make believe.
Director: Andrew T. Betzer.
Cast: Gabriel Croft, Хейл Hale Lytle (Fort Apache), Jay Featherstone, Johnathan Frasier, Sandra L. Hale, Daniel P. Jones, Adrian Lemon, Ali Lynch, Pilisa Mackey.
USA, Andrew T. Betzer Film Production, 2014.
Language: English.
Download Young Bodies Heal Quickly. 2014: … e-2014.rar



Chroniques sexuelles d'une famille d'aujourd'hui / Sexual Chronicles of a French Family. 2012.

FR. Des petits déjeuners où les silences sont parfois pesants, des dîners où on parle de tous les sujets sauf de sexe ; le quotidien d’une famille d’aujourd’hui est ébranlé quand le fils cadet est pris en flagrant délit, lors d’un cours de biologie à l’école, en train de se masturber...
EN. The school catches 18-year-old Romain video taping himself masturbating in class and suspends him. Though the school drops the matter after learning it's only one incident in a game in which all students participate, Romain remains distressed. He's still a virgin and the only member of his family not engaged in sexual activity.
Director: Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr.
Cast: Mathias Melloul, Valerie Maes, Stephan Hersoen, Leila Denio, Nathan Duval, Yan Brian, Adeline Rebeillard, Philippe Duquesne.
France, 2012.
Language: Russian (French).
Download Chroniques sexuelles d'une famille d'aujourd'hui / Sexual Chronicles of a French Family. 2012: … i-2012.rar



Mify Moego Detstva / Myths of My Childhood. 2005.

New Russian independent cinema in the best classical traditions of Soviet tragicomedy. The action  of this poetic film is set in a small village on the shore of the Azov Sea in the early 1960s. Teenagers dream of passionate love, which is known only from the stories "experienced" people. 16-year-old Ignat first know the real feeling. His love for the beautiful adventuress, presenting itself as the capital of the singer, becomes destructive. This is a story of first love and betrayal. The woven fabric of the film funny and incredible local legends and myths associated with the cult of the ancient settlements.
Director: Yuriy Feting.
Cast: Irina Patrakova, Klim Zvezdin, Angelica Nevolina, Denis Kasimov, Tatiana Rasskazova, Alexander Petrov (III), Vera Chmeleva, Lyubov Makeyeva, Vera Makushkina, Vladimir Karakhanyants, Irnat Telnov.
Russia, 2005.
Language: Russiann.
Download Mify Moego Detstva / Myths of My Childhood. 2005: … d-2005.rar



Thalassa, Thalassa - Die Rückkehr zum Meer / Thalassa, Thalassa. Return to The Sea. 1994.

DE. Eine Gruppe rumänischer Kinder entdeckt ein herrenloses Jaguar-Cabriolet. Der zehnjährige Fane will die Freunde zum Meer fahren. Alkohol und eine Pistole aus dem Kofferraum lassen die fröhliche Anarchie der Rasselbande bald in gefährliche Protzerei umschlagen… Die jungen Darsteller in dieser klugen und preisgekrönten "Herr der Fliegen"-Variante sind ein echter Volltreffer.
EN. A group of young boys, and one girl, find and steal a Jaguar convertible, and decide to drive to the sea. What starts out as a lark deteriorates into a rather grueling journey.
Director: Bogdan Dumitrescu.
Cast: Silvia Gheorghe, Alexandru Cirstea, Alexandru Anghel, Cristian Paulica, Viorel Patrut, Constantin Tanase, Danut Podzo.
Germany, Romania, 1994.
Language: German.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Thalassa, Thalassa - Die Rückkehr zum Meer / Thalassa, Thalassa. Return to The Sea. 1994: … a-1994.rar



Mitt liv som hund / My Life as a Dog. 1985.

Ingemar lives with his brother and his terminally ill mother. He may have a rough time, but not as bad as Laika - the russian dog sent into space... He gets sent away to stay with relations for the summer. While there, he meets various strange characters, giving him experiences that will affect him for the rest of his life.
Director: Lasse Hallstrom.
Cast: Kicki Rundgren, Lennart Hjulstrom, Ing-Marie Carlsson, Leif Ericson, Christina Carlwind, Ralph Carlsson.
Sweden, 1985.
Download Mitt liv som hund / My Life as a Dog. 1985: … g-1985.rar



Mouchette. 1967.

Mouchette is a young teenager living in the tough country. Her mother is going to die, and her father does not take care of her. Mouchette does not manage to express her rebellion against the humiliations she undergoes. One night, in the wood, she meets Arsene. Arsene is the poacher of the village. He thinks he has just killed Mathieu, the rural policeman. He tries to use Mouchette to build an alibi.
Director: Robert Bresson.
Cast: Nadine Nortier, Jean-Claude Guilbert, Marie Cardinal, Paul Hebert, Jean Vimenet, Marie Susini, Liliane Princet, Suzanne Huguenin, Raymonde Chabrun.
France, 1967.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Mouchette. 1967: … e-1967.rar



My tři a pes z Pětipes. 1971.

CZ. Prázdninový příběh pražského kluka Tondy Houdka se odehrává v malé vesničce Pětipsy. Bude také muset překonat nepřátelství se svým nenáviděným spolužákem Rudou, ale hlavně zažije velké a nezapomenutelné dobrodružství při nočním lovu obrovského úhoře...
EN. The summer holidays are approaching and the children are bragging about all the exciting places they are going to visit during the long-awaited two months of summer. Only Tonda is not looking forward to staying in Prague over the holidays. He brightens up after his father announces that the boy can visit some friends of the family in the village of Petipsy.
Director: Ota Koval.
Cast: Jiří Kúkol, Robert Krásný, Jana Petrusová, Jindřich Matys, Helena Růžičková, Karel Augusta, Václav Postránecký, Jana Andresíková, Václav Kotva, Radim Mahdal, Antonín Kasper, Václav Halama, Josef Paclt, Richard Medek, Viktorie Čermáková, Roman Tkačuk, Mirko Musil, Jaroslav Kučera.
Czechoslovakia, 1971.
Language: Czech.
Download My tři a pes z Pětipes. 1971: … s-1971.rar



Wir kaufen eine Feuerwehr. 1970.

DE. Der kleine Matti ist einsam: Er hat keine Spielkameraden und in den Kindergarten darf er laut DDR-Bestimmung auch nicht gehen, da seine Mutter wegen der neugeborenen Zwillinge ohnehin zu Hause ist. Eines Tages aber lernt Matti den sympathischen Herrn Clasen kennen. Er nimmt den Jungen mit in seine Autowerkstatt, die fur Matti mit ihren zahllosen Autoteilen und Werkzeugen zu einer echten Spielwiese wird. Als der kleine Kerl auf einem Schrottplatz einen ausrangierten Feuerwehrwagen entdeckt, kauft der wohlhabende Clasen das Fahrzeug und macht es mit Unterstutzung seiner Lehrlinge und der Nachbarskinder wieder flott. Und zu guter Letzt kommt die illustre "Feuerwehrtruppe" sogar zu einem echten Einsatz...
EN. Little Matti is lonely. He does not have any playmates, and due to the GDR’s policy he is not allowed to attend kindergarten, since his mother stays at home anyway to take care of the newborn twins. One day, Matti meets the charming Mr. Clasen. He takes the boy to his garage, which turns out to be a wonderful playground for Matti. When the little fellow detects a discarded fire engine on a junkyard, the wealthy Clasen buys the vehicle and fixes it with the help of his apprentices and the neighbor’s children. Eventually, the illustrious "fire brigade" is employed in a real operation.
Director: Hans Kratzert.
Cast: Erwin Geschonneck, Lars Pelschus, Friedel Nowack, Petra Kelling, Jaecki Schwarz, Madeleine Lierck, Karin Poloni, Holger Mahlich, Hans-Joachim Stiegler, Otto Krieg-Helbig, Thomas Lück.
DDR, DEFA, 1970.
Download Wir kaufen eine Feuerwehr. 1970: … r-1970.rar



A ma soeur! / Fat Girl / For My Sister. 2001.

A Ma Soeur! is a provocative and shocking drama about sibling rivalry, family discord and relationships. Elena is 15, beautiful and flirtatious. Her less confident sister, Anais, is 12, and constantly eats. On holiday, Elena meets a young Italian student who is determined to seduce her. Anais is forced to watch in silence, conspiring with the lovers, but harbouring jealousy and similar desires. Their actions, however, have unforeseen tragic consequences for the whole family.
Director: Catherine Breillat.
Cast: Anaïs Reboux, Roxane Mesquida, Libero De Rienzo, Arsinée Khanjian, Romain Goupil, Laura Betti, Albert Goldberg, Odette Barrière, Ann Matthijsse, Pierre Renverseau, Jean-Marc Boulanger, Frederick Bodin.
France, Italy, 2001.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Download A ma soeur! / Fat Girl / For My Sister. 2001: … r-2001.rar



Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn. 1986.

In a family film written by Astrid Lindgren and directed by Lasse Hallstrom you might expect quite a bit of fun and fancy free. Instead "Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn" turns out almost completely free of fantasy. With thinly disguised autobiographical narration by lead character Lisa, this story of simple country life recalls simpler times gone by and is a welcome alternative for parents to show today's toddlers accustomed to Manga style entertainment (if their attention spans have not already been affected that is).
Director: Lasse Hallstrom.
Cast: Soren Petersson, Ingwar Svensson, Elisabeth Nordkvist, Crispin Dickson Wendenius, Henrik Larsson, Tove Edfeldt.
Sweden, 1986.
Language: Swedish.
Download Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn. 1986: … n-1986.rar



Bast i Sverige! / We Can Be Heroes! 2002.

Ulf Malmros' Bast I Sverige! (We Can Be Heroes!) is a family film about the problems of a ten-year old. Marcello (Ariel Petsonk) has two loving, but odd, parents. Father Giuseppe (Michael Nyqvist) wants the boy to group and play soccer, while mother Gunilla (Anna Pettersson) wishes the young boy would join the church choir. A trio of bullies constantly picks on Marcello at school. After talking to a statue of Jesus at the church, Marcello is surprised when it (Pontus Stenshall) talks back, providing advice on how Marcello can confront his problems. When a Lebanese family buys the house next door, Marcello befriends their child, Fatima (Zamand Hagg). Fatima improves Marcello's soccer skills, while Marcello provides Fatima with some protection when the bullies attack.
Director: Ulf Malmros.
Sweden, 2002.
Language: Swedish.
Download Bast i Sverige! / We Can Be Heroes! 2002: … verige.rar


Au bout du bout du banc. 1979.
Four generations of Oppenheim men gather in Paris for Isaac's 90th birthday. He's "Romeo," still a lady's man, waiting to hear from a woman to whom he has proposed, threatening suicide if she says no. They gather at Isaac's grandson's, Ben, who lives with Peggy and their son Mathias who's 10. Joining them, from Israel, is Isaac's son Elie. Against a backdrop of Elie's attempts to call his ex-wife, Ben and Peggy's marital difficulties, Mathias's budding sexuality, everyone's love of chess and practical jokes, Ben's house (shifting dangerously on its foundation), and the twentieth-century struggles of the Jews, the film explores their relationships and Isaac's aging.
Director: Peter Kassovitz.
Cast: Victor Lanoux, Jane Birkin, Georges Wilson, Henri Cremieux, Mathieu Kassovitz, Patrick Chesnais, Max Vialle, Georges Staquet, Yvonne Clech, Chloe Caillat, Fred Pasquali, Florence Giorgetti, Jean-Pierre Coffe, Patrice Minet, Odette Laure, Andre Thorent, Francoise Bertin, Rosine Young, Nathalie Guerin, Christian Varini, Jose Madeira, Caroline Cartier.
France, 1979.
Language: French.
Download Au bout du bout du banc. 1979: … c-1979.rar



Na tebya upovayu / I Hope for You. 1992.

The story of a young woman who is giving up his own newborn baby, passing the road of suffering and sorrow, after a suicide attempt and psychiatric hospital on the advice of the priest gets a job at a children's shelter.
Director: Elena Tsyplakova.
Cast: Irina Rozanova, Natalya Sokoreva, Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya, Tatyana Markhel, Natalya Fisson, Vladimir Ilin, Dmitriy Pevtsov, Margarita Shubina, Galina Makarova. Natalya Fedortsova, Aleksandr Tikhonovich.
USSR, Belorussia, 1992.
Language: Russian.
Download Na tebya upovayu / I Hope for You. 1992: … u-1992.rar



Blumen für den Mann im Mond / Flowers for the Man in the Moon. 1975.

Adam, Evchen, and Manni are looking at the moon through their home-made telescope. Evchen isn't interested, and dismisses the moon as a lump of cheese. Manni, who is a big fan of technology, sees satellites and a car driving over the moon's surface. But Adam hears the moon speak, and hears it ask for flowers to cover its surface. From then on, Adam is determined to breed a kind of flower that can grow on the moon. Although he is made fun of at school and is yelled at by his father, who develops extra-nutritious vegetables for Professor Vitamin, Adam keeps trying. Eventually things take a positive turn. Kondensmaxe, in his airplane, finds Professor Vitamin's old magic greenhouse. It turns out the Professor was herself concerned with developing such a flower, before the war, and is willing to assist Adam in his research. Manni and Evchen support him every step of the way, and so does Adam's grandfather. Eventually Adam's mother even convinces her husband to assist the children...
Director: Rolf Losansky.
Cast: Jutta Wachowiak, Stefan Lisewski, Sven Grothe, Annemone Haase, Gerhard Bienert, Dieter Franke, Astrid Heinze, Dirk Forster, Yvonne Die?ner, Ronald Schwarz, Carl Heinz Choynski.
DDR, DEFA, 1975.
Language: German.
Download Blumen für den Mann im Mond / Flowers for the Man in the Moon. 1975: … Mond-1975_(2).rar



Xiao he shang chu ma / Little Heroes of Shaolin Temple. 1972.

1. Per the film's title, the Ninja masters this time out are adolescents. Disaster reigns supreme when the Prince of Blood invades a Shaolin temple. Most of the adults are killed, and it looks bad for Our Side. But the "little heroes" come through in a manner that would make their elders proud.
2. What a bizarre little film. What the story is really about or who the little kids are is not worth worrying about in this film. It is the amazing acrobatics that should entertain you through this movie. The scene where a drunk kid dances around a table with a bottle is pretty amazing as are the balancing acts.
Director: Cheng-da Tang.
Cast: Tien-chi Cheng, Ming Chi, Lun Hua, Kuo Chu Huang, Chun Hua Li, Tso-yung Li, Ching-Shun Mao, Chung Yen, Ming Cheng Tseng.
China, Taiwan, 1972.
Language: English.
Download Xiao he shang chu ma / Little Heroes of Shaolin Temple. 1972: … a-1972.rar



Et la tendresse?... Bordel! № 2 / Zig Zag Story. 1983.

FR. Bob, photographe érotique, partage un loft avec Gil, un peintre daltonien. Au hasard d'un embouteillage, ce dernier rencontre Catherine, animatrice radio, dont il tombe éperdument amoureux. Le trio sympathise, mais Gil se trouve bientôt harcelé par un inspecteur de police, chargé d'une affaire de rapt...
EN. Gil, a color-blind painter, is caught in a traffic jam and meets Cat, a woman radio D.J. They date and Gil introduces Cat to his roommate, Bob, who is a photographer and "sex-addict." Both Gil and Cat want to have control of their lives, but a series of events send the lives of all three spinning out of control: Cat is injured, Gil is suspected in a kidnapping, and Bob meets women who are as kinky as he is. A classic cult comedy from the 80's.
Director: Patrick Schulmann.
Cast: Diane Bellego, Christian Francois, Fabrice Luchini, Ronny Coutteure, Jean-Marie Fertey, Philippe Khorsand, Claude Marcault, Alain Marguerite, Daniel Sarky, Didier Attar, Beatrice Avoine, Nathalie Bertheaux.
France, 1983.
Language: French.
Download Et la tendresse?... Bordel! № 2 / Zig Zag Story. 1983: … y-1983.rar



Tumman veden päällä / Above Dark Waters. 2013.

A small boy opens his eyes in the morning, astonished by the sunlight. The family life is as usual, almost idyllic. But the boy starts to hear noises during the nights; arguments and crying. The father disappears; the mother takes the kids to the grandparents’ house. What are the consequences when the child’s unconditional trust and admiration for his parents breaks?
Director: Peter Franzen.
Cast: Olavi Angervo, Matleena Kuusniemi, Milja Tuunainen, Samuli Edelmann, Ismo Kallio, Marja Packalén, Peter Franzén, Mio Hamari, Tommi Raitolehto, Jonna Järnefelt.
Finland, 2013.
Language: Finnish.
Subtitles: English.
Download Tumman veden päällä / Above Dark Waters. 2013: … paalla.rar



Naydi menya, Lyonya! 1972.

"Naydi menya, Lyonya!" Soviet film, staged at the Lenfilm studio in 1971 by director Nikolai Lebedev based on the theme of Valentin Oseeva’s "Dinka". The first screen version of the work.
The film premiered in the USSR on October 30, 1972.
Russia beginning of XX century. A teenager, Lyonka, who escaped a greedy and cruel merchant who was walking along the Volga barge, meets a girl named Dina, whose family is associated with "political" revolutionaries who spread the proclamation among the workers and becomes an active participant in this activity. Friendship with Dinka helps him not to fail his comrades, to get rid of the fat and find his way in life.
Director: Nikolay Lebedev.
Cast: Anna Aleksakhina, Larisa Baranova, Viktor Chekmaryov, Aleksandr Demyanenko, Sergey Dvoretskiy, Igor Efimov, Nina Veselovskaya, Andrei Trofimov.
USSR, Lenfilm Studio, 1971.
Language: Russian.
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Na végre itt a nyár / It's Summer at Long Last. 2002.

HU. A Na végre, itt a nyár! színes magyar ifjúsági vígjáték, melyet 2002-ben mutattak be, és melyet az alkotók később egy 13 részes televíziós sorozattá bővítettek. A történet főszereplői napjaink Magyarországán élő gyerekek, akikre izgalmas, mulatságos és megható kalandok sora vár.
A történet helyszíne egy fiktív falu, Modolány. A Virág gyerekek évek óta nagyszüleiknél nyaralnak, amit ők egymás között Poldi ligetnek hívnak, ám úgy tűnik, idén töltik itt a nyarat utoljára. A nagyszülőknek ugyanis 5 000 000 forintnyi tartozásuk van a falu gazdag üzletembere, Sima Lajos (Reviczky Gábor) felé. Ha nem fizetik vissza ezt a kölcsönt legkésőbb augusztus végéig, akkor Simáé lesz Poldi liget. Kiderül, hogy azért kellett ennyi pénz, mert Virág apuka (Rudolf Péter) repülős cégét ebből alapították meg, az üzlet azonban több mint veszteséges. Virág anyukának (Nagy-Kálózy Eszter) elege lesz férjéből és hazudozásaiból, és úgy dönt: elválik...
EN. When the home where they grew up and spent the best days of their childhood is threatened, a group of kids bands together to try and save it.
Director: Gergely Fonyó.
Cast: Margit Földessy, Tamás Végvári, Gábor Reviczky, Andrea Szulák, József Szarvas, Ildikó Tóth, István Hunyadkürthy, Zoltán Rátóti, Péter Rudolf, Eszter Nagy-Kálózy, Mihály Szabados.
Hungary, Megafilm Kft, 2002.
Language: Hungarian.
Download Na végre itt a nyár / It's Summer at Long Last. 2002: … r-2002.rar


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