Cordero de Dios / Lamb of God. 2020. Previews.

New feature film by Iván Noel Cordero de Dios AKA Lamb of God, 4K Trailer.
Only a few priests and interns remain in a secluded run-down boys religious boarding school in North Argentina in 1961. Arrives Father Martin, who's intentions are not as clear as he claims they are.
Director: Iván Noel.
Cast: Iván Noel, Manuel Figueiro, Jorge Booth, Santiago Acevedo, Emanuel Renzini...
Argentina, 2020.
The film coming soon but now we can watch "Making of" about the start of filming.
1280x720 HD
Download Making of Cordero de Dios / Lamb of God. 2020: … d.rar.html