My Daughter the Teenage Nudist. 2012. HD.

London, January 2012 Ц Channel 4's new one-off documentary 'My Daughter the Teenage Nudist' hits the small screen on Thursday 12th January at 10pm courtesy of ZKK. Full post was completed by Prime Focus on the programme which traces the emergence of naturism in the young as an alternative lifestyle choice.
Mollie and Alex are part of a growing group of teens and twenty-somethings embracing the world of public nudity. They are on a quest to normalise nudity, question the media's obsession with the body beautiful, and encourage other young people to liberate themselves by simply going naked - in the streets, in cafes or at art shows.
Director: Amanda Blue.
Cast: Mathew Horne (Narrator).
UK, 2012.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
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