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Anthology of short films.

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Anthology of short films. Part 39.

The 39th issue is a compilation of short films on air, it consists of eight mini-films of different countries and epochs - from old Soviet to modern Western ones. Today, I will not disclose the content of the films because I'm lazy)).
1. Brakkvann.
Norway, 2007.
2. Ståtrold.
Denmark, 2009.
3. Mi primer beso.
Spain, 2014.
4. De Loods.
Belgium, 2015.
5. Devochka i smert / Girl and Death.
Ukraine, Russia, 1997.
6. S lyogkim parom.
Russia, 2010.
7. U yunykh aybolitov.
USSR, Belarusfilm, 1980.
8. Rusalchyn tyzhden.
USSR, Odesskaya kinostudiya, 1988.
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Anthology of short films. Part 7.

Seventh issue of a collection of short films, 7 very different but interesting short films from the whole world.
1. Mimozemstan.
Napinavy pribeh o tom, co se stane, kdyz svet kolem vas zacne najednou fungovat jako vase oblibena pocitacova hra.
Reziser Karel Janak nataci dalsi z uspesne serie kratkych filmu pro deti, ktere vznikaji ve spolupraci s EBU (Evropska vysilaci unie). Hrdina filmu, osmilety Michal, travi vetsinu casu pronasledovanim mimozemstanu ze sve pocitacove hry. Sam si ovsem pripada tak trochu mimozemstan ve sve sportovne zalozene rodine. Jsem soustavne nicen tremi nejhorsimi vecmi na svete: mym bratrem Viktorem, ktery me nuti byt jako on, zdravou vyzivou, kterou by podle me meli zakazat jako jiny mucici nastroje, ale hlavne pravidelnymi sobotnimi vylety na kolech. Nesnasim soboty!? A prave na takovem vylete se Michalovi prihodi neco neuveritelneho. Svet kolem nej zacne fungovat jako pocitacova hra. Michal ovsem velmi brzy ke svemu zdeseni zjisti, ze tentokrat je tou vyhlednutou obeti on sam. Z pronasledovatele je najednou pronasledovany?
Director: Karel Janak.
Cast: Vlastimil Kanka, Josef Tucek, Lenka Vlasakova, Vasil Fridrich.
Czech Republic, 2012.
2. Daughter.
Very scary story...
Director: Eduardo Rodriguez.
Cast: Jennifer-Ashlyn Qualey, Marcie Seklecki.
USA, 2002.
3. Cachorro.
A funny story about a dad with his son on the beach...
Director: Miguel Albaladejo.
Cast: Jorge Amat, Daniel Diaz Moreno.
Spain, 1996.
4. Pandora.
Three Irish boys found a porn magazine...
Director: Paul Farren.
Cast: Cain Williams, Conor McEvoy, Daniel Brocklebank.
Ireland, 2005.
5. Peter's Room / Peters rum.
It's late morning, but Peter's mother is unable to get him to get out of bed. Could there be another reason why the boy is pretending to be asleep?
Director: Nicolas Kolovos.
Cast: Peter Alvden, P-A Ericson, Emilie Strandbergm, Jerker Fahlstrom, Anders Axen.
Sweden, 2010.
6. This is It.
About the adventures of a baby on a nearby world space.
7. Naakt / Naked.
A little boy goes to a sauna with his mother. The required nudity is a bit scary at first, but interesting after a while. After all he enjoyed it.
Director: Diederik Ebbinge, Albert Jan van Rees.
Cast: Sem Roeters, Marike van Weelden, Frederieke Pijl.
Netherlands, Cake TV, 2006.
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Anthology of short films. Part 69.

New release by Anthology of short films number 69, today there are 6 minifilms.
1. El nudista / The Nudist. 2015.
Raul looks absorbed at a naked couple at the beach. When he was just 10 years old, stripped of all kind of prejudice, he understands the relationship between human body and nature. The taboo that nudity represents is a big burden for Raul, who must get rid of the vision that has taunted him in order to achieve his goal: to be nude.
Director: Alex Waudby.
Cast: Leo Aguilar, Manuel Bobis, Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa, Inmaculada Moral, Leonardo Aguilar Marés.
Spain, 2015.
Language: Spanish.
1280x720 HD
2. Siemiany. 2009.
Andrzej and Michal are two young teenagers who come together every summer in the small tourist village Siemiany on the countryside. Their friendship has grown into years of great memories. And the boredom of the countryside and the feeling of unity amongst the boys, takes their friendship to a new level of sexually loaded intimacy.
Director: Philip James McGoldrick.
Cast: Damian Ul, Michal Wlodarczyk, Aleksandra Radwanska, Kamil Grenda, Joanna Opozda, Roman Pozoga.
Belgium, Poland, 2009.
Language: Polish, Russian.
1024x576 HD
Subtitles: English.
3. Treitum. 2003.
Ser TREITUM es lo peor que te puede pasar y Blas, un niño de 10 años, vive atemorizado por ello. El Jose, líder indiscutible de la pandilla, dicta las reglas con autoridad: si juegas con las niñas o no eres del Barça, serás automáticamente considerado TREITUM con las consecuencias que esto acarrea…
Director: Javier Ruiz Caldera.
Cast: Héctor Castellnau, Ramon Alconada, Enrique Benz, Xus Estruch, Manel Bronchund, Dani Villegas, Javier Gavilan, Javier Torres, Marc Ferràs, Manuel Giménez, Jesus Moreno, Dolors Duque, Ona.
Spain, 2003,
Language: Spanish.
4. Rocco. 2017.
Los problemas de Carlos aumentan cuando al llegar a casa se entera que Rocco, su perro, ha mordido al hijo de sus caseros. Mientras Luis, su hijo, le cuenta una versión que exime al perro de toda culpa, los caseros amenazan con acabar con él de una vez por todas. Las circunstancias llevan a Luis a ser el único que puede salvar a Rocco.
Director: Gerard Nogueira.
Cast: Jesús Lloveras, Josep Julien, Tamara Casellas, Nico Castañal.
Spain, 2017.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
5. Upír. 2016.
Quand Arthur, un petit garçon de 8 ans, est persuadé que sa nounou est un vampire…
Director: Laura Rembault.
Cast: Thomas Millot, Virginia Atenza, Virginie Lisb, Matthieu Lancian.
France, 2016.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
6. Pommel. 2018.
Set within the world of competitive gymnastics, Pommel is a coming-of-age drama about the tumultuous relationship between two young east Asian brothers as they compete for recognition and approval in an up coming gymnastics competition. When their Coach begins to recognise potential in Noah, Isaac, his older brother and a gifted gymnast, begins to develop deep feelings of jealousy and resentment. Noah suffers under the harsh treatment of a scornful Isaac as the two vie for recognition; Isaac seeking the approval of his Coach, and Noah, unbeknownst to Isaac, works desperately to gain his acknowledgment.
Director: Paris Zarcilla.
Cast: Ian Reddington, Orion Lee, Micheal Tang, William Tang.
Croatia, Singapore, UK, 2018.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
Downlod Anthology of short films. Part 69.



Anthology of short films. Part 68.

A new edition of the collection of short films in which 5 mini-films.
1. Boy-Razor. 2016.
SE. En mobbad pojke försöker ge igen på sina plågoandar genom att sticka in ett upphittat rakblad på undersidan av rutschbanan han och hans fritidskompisar åker i. En historia om hur moralen får ta ett steg tillbaka när känslorna får styra. Och att när vi väl passerat gränsen har allt ett pris.
EN. A bullied boy tries to get even with his tormentors by sticking a razorblade through a crack in a waterslide. When he realizes his revenge is out of proportion he starts a race against time to set things right again.
Director: Peter Pontikis.
Cast: Emanuel Addis, Frida Boström, Casper Engström, Kewin Engström, Ida Giorgi.
Sweden, 2016.
Language: Swedish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
2. Princess. 2017.
When gang leader Ole (11) and his buddies Marco (10) and Milan (12) nicked twelve year old Davie's school bag, Ole would never in his wildest dreams have imagined that a short time later he would appear on stage with Davie at a school karaoke contest dressed as a princess with makeup on... neither could his friends.
Director: Karsten Dahlem.
Cast: Phillip Breu, Noah Lakmes, Emil Pai Pötschke, Avo Taremizod.
Germany, 2017.
Language: German.
1280x720 HD
3. Alicia. 1994.
A naked teen girl is sitting on a chair while listening to the radio, when she suddenly starts to bleed. Then, two men dressed in latex drug her and take her away…
Director: Jaume Balagueró.
Cast: Danae, Ana Luna, Elena Luna, Pedro Antonio Segura.
Spain, 1994.
Language: English.
Subtitles: Russians.
4. Nezabyvaemiy den / Unforgetable day.
Good old, yet Soviet, Georgian cinema - to the village from a city came the girl. She met with the two boys, brothers, who roam on local surroundings and scare women "wolf howl".
Director: Tengiz Magalashvili.
USSR, Georgia-Film, 1978.
Language: Russian.
5. Beauty. 2014.
Animator Rino Stefano Tagliafierro tackles the emotions evoked by classic art. Take a selection of classic, centuries old paintings, captured moments of great beauty, and bring them to life, ever so gently, so as not to disturb or somehow cheapen the emotions they evoke. That's exactly what Rino Stefano Tagliafierro did in his short film. Through the use of modern digital tools, Rino lifts from the immobility of the canvas the expressive force behind the original subjects.
Director: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro.
Italy, 2014.
Language: None.
1280x720 HD
Download Anthology of short films. Part 68:



Anthology of short films. Part 67.

The new issue of the anthology of short films number 67 online now. Today this collection contains 8 minifilms both old and new, both documentaries and feature films from around the world.
1. Rakastan Annaa / I Love Anna. 2016.
Santeri (13) looks on as older guys are driving their motor bikes and wants to be part of their world. He combs his hair and goes to meet his friend Anna (13). At Anna's home childhood's anarchy meets puberty.
Director: Joonas Rutanen.
Cast: Sebastian Ruotanen, Anna Kare, Hilla Pekkarinen.
Finland, 2016.
Language: Finnish.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
2. The Maiden Affair. 2014.
The film captures the life of Coddy, a 12 year old boy, who is immensely attracted to his Nanny. A classic story of love at first sight.
Director: Amit Chandra.
Cast: Nazar Atay, Leila Rusciani, Ana Carolina Lima, Matthew De Cola.
USA, 2014.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
3. Tin & Tina. 2013.
Tin and Tina are not eating the purée tonight.
Director: Rubin Stein.
Cast: Ana Blanco de Córdova, Sasha Di Bendetto, Manolo Cuervo.
Spain, 2013.
Language: Spanish, English.
1280x720 HD
4. Dag vreemde man / Hello, Stranger. 2016.
Arthur is a single dad, struggling with the care for his seven-year-old son Max and the combination of his secret life as a drag queen.
Director: Anthony Schatteman.
Cast: Delfine Bafort, Tobias Giët, Wim Opbrouck, Arend Pinoy, Tine van den Brande.
Belgium, 2016.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
5. Peterchen auf Rügen. 2014.
Peterchen besucht seinen Cousin Paul auf Rügen, dort gehen sie mit Pauls bestem Freund Robert an einen FKK-Strand. Zuerst sieht es nach einem tollen Tag aus ... doch dann erwacht Peterchen am Strand und ist ganz allein und nackt! Was soll er jetzt bloß tun? Am Horizont ziehen bereits erste dunkle Wolken auf, und so steuert er eine Bushaltestelle an, um mit dem Bus nach Hause fahren zu wollen ... Doch da hat Peterchen seine Rechnung ohne die zahlreichen Erwachsenen gemacht, die ihn mit Verwürfen konfrontieren, warum er hier an der Haltestelle nackt sitzt und auf den Bus wartet ... Ein schreckliches Tohuwabohu nimmt seinen Lauf, das Peterchen nicht versteht. Denn noch vor 10 Minuten war es völlig in Ordnung, nackt an einem Strand zu liegen ... Erste Erwachsene ergreifen Partei für den Jungen und die Geschichte nimmt einen sonderbaren Verlauf ... bis sie sich auf magische Weise in Wohlgefallen auflöst...
Director: Marlon Baker.
Cast: Philipp Redöhl, Iris Schröter, Steven Kleinert.
Germany, 2014.
Language: German
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
6. En el espejo del cielo / In the Mirror of the Sky. 1998.
A reflection on a young boy's steps toward maturity. A boy of seven or eight lives with his mother in a small house in rural Mexico. He wants to capture a jet airplane that flies over the fields every day. He tries to grab its reflection when it passes across the animals' watering hole. First, he tries leaping astride the reflection, another day he flings one of his mother's blankets over it as it passes. Then, he builds a box with a side flap he can close as the plane's reflection travels the surface of the pond. With success comes responsibility: what should he do with the plane once he's captured it in his box?
Director: Carlos Salcés.
Cast: Malcom Vargas, Alicia Laguna.
Mexico, 1998.
Language: None.
7. Bilakoro. 1989.
A group of children get together after school in a makeshift workshop, where they make toys: cars, catapults, guns, etc. This film takes us into their world: their games, their fights, their separations and reconciliations.
Director: Dani Kouyate, Issa Traore
Cast: Not available.
Burkina Faso, 1989.
Language: French.
8. Dasihâ Zumze.
Dasihâ Zumze - um registro da infância Xerente: vídeo faz um registro sobre as antigas brincadeiras infantis da Aldeia Porteira, etnia Xerente, localizada em Tocantínia, TO. Realizado dentro da disciplina de Projeto Experimental II, Curso de Comunicação Social - Jornalismo, da UFT - Universidade Federal do Tocantins.
Produção e Roteiro: Edvaldo Xerente, Joana D'arc Oliveira, José do Patrocínio e Juliana Carneiro.
Imagens: Bob Maia; Edição: Joana D'arc Remígio; Projeto Acadêmico: Flávia Melo; Orientação: Profas. Dras. Liana Vidigal e Edna Mello.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 67:



Anthology of short films. Part 66.

The new issue of the anthology of short films number 66 online now. Today this collection contains 6 minifilms both old and new, both documentaries and feature films from around the world.
1. Dalaw. 2017.
Neneng, a pre-teen suburban girl, enters puberty. Meanwhile, her deeply religious mother associates the natural occurrence to that of the arrival of Sitan, the town's infamous demon just waiting for the next girl to possess.
Director: Dominic Obias-Chung.
Hong Kong, 2017.
Language: Unknown.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
2. My animal &​ me: Breno and the Dolphins. 1997.
A series of short films presenting friendships between children and animals, from the four corners of the globe. Breno and the dolphins: Breno is 7 years old. He lives in Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago off the coast of Brazil. Like his father, Breno loves going diving with the dolphins. When Breno plays with these mammals on the sea-bed, he is in the biggest playground in the world.
Director: Antonie Laguerre.
Australia, 1997.
Language: English.
3. Learning to Live. 1964.
School programme and Educational film.
A British sex-educational film, which is directed at British Teenagers who are going through puberty (thus doubling as a social guidance film).
Directors: Guy Fergusson, Phillip Sattin.
Cast: Vernon Greeves.
UK, 1964.
Language: English.
4. Воспитание осанки и профилактика сколиоза у детей / Vospitaniye osanki i profilaktika skolioza u detey. 1988.
The film reveals the possible causes of the disease scoliosis - curvature of the spine.
Director: I.Bryzgalova.
USSR, Sverdlovskaya studiya kinokhroniki, 1988.
Language: Russian.
5. Garden of Eden. 1954.
Fragment from nudists film "Garden of Eden", full movie not found yet.
Director: Max Nosseck.
USA, 1954.
Language: English.
6. Boules Of Death. 2014.
Sur la plage, Tim et son frère vont se trouver confrontés à un démoniaque vendeur de delicatessen mortelles…
Director: Manuel Janssens.
Cast: Lucas Tavernier, Frederik Nys, Helder Onkelinx, Laura Massart, Ester Cattoir.
Belgium, 2014.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Anthology of short films. Part 66:



A'Mare. 2008.

Two boys, 11 or 12, perhaps brothers, take a rowboat from shore to fish. Andrea, who's tougher, complains a lot, sometimes criticizing Felice, sometimes just complaining about life and his situation. Out of sight of shore, Andrea sees a suitcase; he jumps into the water, swims to it, and starts to push it back to the boat. While he's doing that, Felice sees a man floating, face up. While he tries to grab the man and hold on, he knocks an oar into the sea. The boys are unable to lift the man into the boat, and without two oars, can't head to shore. Will rescue come? Andrea tries to reassure Felice while also figuring out who the man is and what he's doing in the sea.
Director: Martina Amati.
Cast: Andrea Puglisi, Felice Puglisi, Abdul Majid.
United Kingdom, 2008.
Language: Italian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download A'Mare. 2008:



Correo de guerra. 1972. HD.

Strange Spanish short film "Military Mail", one of the first works in the cinema of the famous director Augusto Martínez Torres. I do not know what the film is about, what the author wanted to say with this creative, but it's worth looking at.
Director: Augusto Martínez Torres.
Cast: Laura Bayonas, Lola Salvador, Cecilia Bayonas.
Spain, 1972.
Language: Spanish.
1024x576 HD
Download Correo de guerra. 1972: … 2.rar.html



Soup and Me. 1978.

On the day of the Halloween party, boys Soup and Rob are finding plenty of ways to get into trouble: swimming in a local pond (though their mothers prohibit swimming so late in the year), pitching apples over a barn, and borrowing a cart which had drifted away from its owner. The grandest mischief of all, however, comes from their attempt to win the prize at the Halloween party, given to the entrant with the largest pumpkin.
Based on Rober Newton Peck's fantastic "Soup" Books.
Director: Dennis Donnelly.
Writers: Mark Fink, Robert Newton Peck.
Cast: Frank Cady, Shane Sinutko, Christian Berrigan, Mary Margaret Patts, Owen Bush, Kathleen Freeman.
USA, 1978.
Language: English.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Soup and Me:



Blodsøstre / Blood sisters. 2006.

"Blood Sisters", Danish filmmaker Louise Friedberg's sophomore short film, is the kind of flick that you simply can't take your eyes off of. It's a relatively simple story that has been played out time and time again: a young girl feels threatened by her best friend's new friend/neighbour, jealousy brews, and tempers flare.
A slow but steady pace brings to mind late 20th century minimalist music, creeping along with perseverance and contemplative awe. The aura is distinctly Scandinavian: simultaneously chilly and warm, dominated by icy whites, whimsical laces and the splash of blood red. But what makes Friedberg's film resonate so loudly is how straight she plays archetype. There is no homage, no winking at the audience. Just bravura filmmaking that pulses with beauty, tension and breathtaking performances.
Director: Louise Friedberg.
Cast: Malou Z. Bruun, Angela Bundalovic, Liv Corfixen, Clara Bruun Sandbye.
Denmark, 2006.
Language: Danish.
Download Blodsøstre / Blood sisters. 2006:



Brotherly. 2008.

Based on a true story of two brothers in 1970's Ohio. It tells of their abandonment by their alcoholic parents and how the brothers turned to each other for support.
Director: J.C. Oliva.
Cast: Kevin Fabian, Malcolm McRae, Mathis Fender, Jonathan Robert Kaplan, Lisa Michel.
USA, 2008.
Language: English.
Download Brotherly:



Cadavre exquis. 2013.

Maëlys, huit ans, habite dans une campagne reculée avec ses parents. Insolente et solitaire, elle passe sa vie dans les bois et les marais. Un jour, elle découvre le cadavre d'une jeune fille nue au milieu des roseaux. Fascinée par sa beauté et sa texture, elle décide de l'emmener dans sa cabane.
Director: Léa Mysius.
Cast: Ena Letourneux, Elsa Letourneux, Brune Renault, Alexandra Hökenschnieder, Jean-Claude Tisserand.
France, 2013.
Language: French.
Download Cadavre exquis. 2013: … 3.rar.html



Displaced. 2010.

The story of Daniel, an 11 year-old victim of the foster system, and his last chance at finding a family.
Director: Rick Stevenson.
Cast: Nathan Gamble, Darius Williams-Watt, Marlette Buchanan, Rachel Pate, Amy Prestas, Kevin Warren, Bryan Sevener, Nick Robinson.
USA, 2010.
Language: English.
Download Displaced. 2010:



Elf Panties: The Movie. 2001.

One elf's fondest hopes and dreams while changing some dirty diapers.
Director: Nick Zedd.
Cast: Reverend Jen Miller.
USA, 2001.
Language: English.
Download Elf Panties: The Movie. 2001: … 1.rar.html



Anthology of short films. Part 70.

The new issue of Anthology of short films number 70, today there are 7 minifilms.
1. Antychryst. 2002.
Four boys act out games in a nearly barren landscape near a mining excavation where blasting is going on. The oldest, Szafran, is their leader. When he gets into a frenzy, so do the others: running barefoot through thistles, rubbing dirt in their hair, catching fish barehanded. Szafran says he is the Antichrist and gives orders. Are these games or something else?
Director: Adam Guzinski.
Cast: Dariusz Maciuk, Marcin Zaluski, Tomasz Szczesniak, Wlodzimierz Przadkiewicz.
Poland, 2002.
Language: Polish.
Subtitles: Russian. 2016.
2. Le dieu Bigorne / The Mighty Bigorne. 2016.
Holidays are almost over for Vinca and Jeremy, both 7. They are in love and Vinca can not stand that Jeremy is soon leaving her. To hold him back she knows she can count on the tremendous power of the Mighty Bigorne, who haunts the nearby forest.
Director: Benjamin Papin.
Cast: Ninotchka Peretjatko, Rayan Rabia, Ania Svetovaya, Arthur Harari, Ayana Fuentes Uno.
France, 2016.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
3. Komm und spiel / Come and Play. 2013.
Berlin. Grisha, a Russian-German boy, fools around with a toy-gun. The longer he plays, the further he is thrust into an altered reality. The boundaries between the present and the past start to blur. Images from a bygone Berlin appear; streets and buildings still carry the memories of war. Suddenly, he is caught in a nightmare of another lifetime.
Director: Daria Belova.
Cast: Alexander Josef Shtol, Maria Zharkova, Julia Gorr, Roman Sdobnyakov.
Germany, 2013.
Language: Russian, German.
1280x720 HD
4. Hollands børn. 1946.
Et rystende dokument om det ødelagte Holland, hvorfra vi følger en bilkonvoj med børn, der er inviteret til Danmark af Red Barnet.
Director: Poul Bang.
Denmark, 1946.
960x720 HD
5. The Strange and Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom. 2012.
The Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom is a humorous coming of age story chronicling a boy's journey through adolescence. Tortured by childhood monsters, Billy enlists the help of outcast Hirskill Fischmascher. Billy's attempts at a normal childhood are constantly interrupted by supernatural forces. At times both humorous and scary, much like childhood, Billy Wuthergloom is a spooky and heartwarming tale of what happens when you turn out the lights.
Director: David Antoniuk.
Cast: Jake Goodman, Peter DaCunha, Kristina Pesic, Drew Davis.
Canada, 2012.
Language: English, Russian.
1280x720 HD
6. Rhabarber Boy. 2007.
The film Rhabarber Boy (rhubarb boy) describes the life of a boy, living in a forest without the influences of civilization. He is keeping an old comic-collage in his cottage and is trying to understand the colorful and figurative images of this icon. The film is setting a fantasy-world in relation to the archaic nature of a child, and raises the question about the moral responsibility of virtual content.
Director: Ulu Braun.
Cast: Anton Vogt.
Germany, 2007.
7. A Daughter of the Gods. 1916.
Slideshow consisting of frames of a lost movie by Herbert Brenon "A Daughter of the Gods".
1280x720 HD
Download Anthology of short films. Part 70:



Héraclite l'obscur. 1967.

Deval shot “Heraclite l’obscur” in Tunisia in 1967, with his then-girlfriend and editor Jackie Raynal, in 35 mm and in color. He was the first Zanzibar member to shoot a film not only outside of Paris but also in an exotic location. “Heraclite l’obscur” is described by its author as a “philosophical peplum” – spectacle theater.
Director: Patrick Deval.
Cast: Abdallah Chahed, Rene-Jean Chauffard, Charles Denner.
France, 1967.
Language: French.
Subtitles: Russian, English.
Download Héraclite l'obscur. 1967:



Holger & Vilde. 2010.

SE. Holger & Vilde skildrar den starka vänskapen mellan en pojke och en flicka och hur den förändras på deras väg att bli vuxna.
Holger & Vilde spelades in i Linköping, juli 2009 som en pilot för en långfilm. Filmen är producerad av Envis Film med regi & manus av Erik Green Petersson. Fotograf är Lisabi Fridell, producent är Malin Idevall. Huvudrollerna spelas av Marcus Karlsson (Holger), Sara Svedberg (Vilde), Ebba Hultkvist (Vildes storasyster) & Sanna Krepper (Holgers mamma).
Filmen har visats på filmfestivalerna i Cannes & Göteborg samt tävlat i Tysklands största ungdomsfilmfestival i Frankfurt under 2010.
EN. Do you remember how much of a difference a few months in the summer made when you were a kid?
The Swedish director Eric Green Petersson will help you recall in his 2010 short-film Holger & Vilde.  The film features a bitter-sweet story about friendship, growing up, first love and everything in between. Holger and Vilde are best of friends, which makes them inseparable.
When the summer holidays begin they have to split, but they promise each other they’ll re-unite as soon as possible. While on their own, they face different situations, meet new people and thereby they don’t fully realize how much they have changed during their separation…
Director: Erik Green Petersson.
Cast: Marcus Karlsson, Sara Svedberg, Ebba Hultkvist, Sanna Krepper, Marika Strand, Sven Angleflod, Julia Avenstedt, Ralf Novak Rosengren.
Sweden, 2010.
Language: Swedish.
Subtitles: English.
Download Holger & Vilde. 2010:



Anthology of short films. Part 71.

Another, this time very small, issue of Anthology of short films number 71, only 3 mini-films including a rare Soviet documentary.
1. Khushi / Happiness. 2012.
Child Safety Film.
Director: Sumeet Sahu.
India, 2012.
1280x720 HD
2. Bajo el sol. 2012.
ES. Un gran mito en un contexto tropical. La exuberancia y la belleza como entorno. Dos hermanos gemelos, de apenas seis anos de edad, escenifican una biblica historia de envidia fraternal que aun sigue vigente.
EN. An extract of myth in a tropical context. Exuberance and beauty are the surroundings. Two twin brothers, only six years old, portray a biblical story of fraternal envy that is still current today.
Director: Arcadi Palerm.
Cast: Iveth Gonzalez, Inaki Gonzalez, Pablo Gonzalez.
Mexico, 2012.
Language: Spanish.
1920x1080 HD
3. Deti tsirka / Circus children. 1977.
Soviet documentary. Children of circus artists, will they want to connect their life with the circus? And if they fail, and these tears, falls and bruises are in vain? About preparing for his first performance in Krasnodar and the first steps of young artists in the big arena.
Director: Vadim Grunin.
USSR, Ekran, 1977.
Language: Russian.
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Kompis. 2014.

Kent only has his buddy Thomas, but that doesn’t mean he is a good friend for that reason. But today something happens that will change their relationship forever.
Director: Mads Eriksen.
Cast: Jone Kalvig Egdetveit, Bjarne Fiskå-Andersen, Emma Aasland, Asbjørn Røen Halsten.
Norway, 2014.
Language: Norwegian.
1920x1024 HD
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La bouche de Jean-Pierre. 1996.

DESPITE its weighty mood, "La Bouche de Jean-Pierre" manages to avoid any notable insights into its serious subject matter. Mimi, a young French girl, is in the aftershock of her mother's attempted suicide. No father is in the picture. She suffers neglect when she goes to live with her Aunt Solange in a highrise ghetto, and sleazy advances from her Aunt's boyfriend, Jean-Pierre. Added to these themes of depression, physical and sexual abuse, are those of pornography, racism, and the perversity of a pill-pushing society. With weak dialogue and a lack of clear direction, none of these themes are developed, let alone given an interesting or sensitive spin. The dull quality of acting barely inspires the sympathy for Mimi that might have rendered the end poignant if predictable.
Director: Lucile Hadzihalilovic.
France, 1996.
Language French.
Subtitles: Russian, English.
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La fille et l'amande / The Girl and the Almond. 1996.

FR. Portrait d'une jeune fille qui n'a jamais fait l'amour et qui en meurt d'envie.
EN. Portrait of a girl who never made love and who dies of envy.
Film was demonstrated at the Cannes International Film Festival.
Director: Bénédicte Brunet.
Cast: Laure Cavallera, Hélène Force, René Fernandez, Prune Lieuthier, Quentin Conessa.
France, 1996.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English.
Download La fille et l'amande / The Girl and the Almond. 1996: … 6.rar.html



La ritirata / Retreating. 2009. HD.

IT. Rosa ha tredici anni.
Ha due fratelli più piccoli Lucia e Dumì.
Ha due genitori che al momento sono assenti.
Ha un compito giornaliero da sbrigare che la madre ha affidato loro.
Questo lo sanno tutti, a partire dai nonni ai quali i fratelli sono stati affidati.
Ma Rosa ha un amore di cui prendersi cura, da proteggere ad ogni costo e questo lo sa solo lei.
Un grande amore, speciale e pericoloso.
Rosa corre, corre a perdifiato attraverso i campi, ogni giorno lo stesso tragitto, sotto il sole cocente, per raggiungere il suo amore, anche solo per poche ore.
Da lei dipende la sua sopravvivenza.
Ma qualcuno la spia e Rosa è costretta ad un gesto estremo.
Lei per salvare lui.
Lui per non compromettere lei.
Nel mondo e tutt’ intorno, la seconda guerra mondiale.
EN. Rosa is thirteen. She has a younger sister, Lucia, and a younger brother, Dumì. At the time of the story her parents are away. She has a daily chore her mother gave her and that everybody knows about, especially her grandparents, to whom she and her brothers have been left. Rosa has a big love that she has to take care of, that she has to protect at any cost, and she is the only one to know about it. It is a love that is special and dangerous. Rosa races through the fields, every day the same path underneath a scorching sun, to reach and stay with her love, even if only for a few hours. His survival depends on her. But someone has been spying on her and she is forced to commit an extreme gesture to save her love. And he has to do the same not to compromise her. World war two is around them and in the rest of the world.
Director: Elisabetta Bernardini.
Cast: Valery Usai, Julian Siravo, Romano Talevi, Federica Dezi, Leonardo Caneva, Patrizio Cigliano, Gabriele Tuccimei.
Italy, 2009.
Language: Italian.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
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Le silence, d'abord. 2003.

Claire, 11 years old, bears a heavy secret. But neither her dad, nor anybody else must ever know. Except maybe Eric, her playmate, who is not afraid of Uncle Etienne…
Director: Pierre Filmon.
Cast: Nathalie Jouin, Рюдигер Фоглер, Carol-Anne Rouvier, Youri Babillot, Christophe Thebault.
France, 2003.
Language French.
Download Le silence, d'abord. 2003: … 3.rar.html



Like a Kiss from Jesus. 2015.

A boy frolicking about on the beach meets this girl who gives him his first kiss.
Director: Benjamin Borderie.
Cast: Anthony Ursin, Hermine Pruvost, Walter Franziska, Cédric Mézin, Rémy Scaranuzzino, Hortense Bozetti.
France, 2015.
Language: French.
Download Like a Kiss from Jesus. 2015: … 5.rar.html



Lus / Lice. 1983. HD.

Lus er en dansk børnefilm fra 1983 instrueret af Anette Pilmark og efter manuskript af Anette Pilmark og Per Schultz.
Lisa er 6 1/2 år gammel og går i børnehave. En dag får hun lus. Filmen viser, hvordan kammeraterne og de voksne omgivelser reagerer.
Director: Anette Pilmark.
Cast: Julie Find, Jesper Bredgaard, Anna Emilie Graae, Ivan Harsløf, Jonas Preisler, Iben Wurbs, Gunvor Bjerre.
Denmark, 1983.
Language: Danish.
1920x1080 HD
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Anthology of short films. Part 1.
A collection of short films of independent filmmakers from around the world, consisting of 4 mini-movies.
1. Sister.
Director: Michael Rittmannsberger.
Cast: Melanie Gemeiner, Mira Reisinger, Christine Renhardt.
1280х544 HD
Austria, 2010.
2. The Boy Who Builds Boats.
Director: Rachel Harris.
Cast: Peter Vander Meulen, Mira Kalmey, Drew Tholke, Chiara Russi.
USA, 2010.
3. My Favourite Things.
Director: Edward Styles.
Cast: Theo Styles, Amelia Cook.
USA, 2009.
4. Barnerov.
Director: Camilla Ramonn.
Cast: Toke Lars Bjarke, Esben Sloth Andersen, Jonas Leth Hansen, Christian Kasper Bacher Helsinghof.
Denmark, 2010.
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Anthology of short films. Part 2.

The second issue of a collection of short films of independent filmmakers from around the world, this time consisting of 5 mini-movies.
1. La Valiente.
Girl for a few seconds closes his eyes trying not to think about anything but her fears attack and those seconds seem like an eternity...
Director: Isabel de Ayguavives.
Spain, 2004.
2. Lille Mand / Little Man.
Junior Matias got a job at school to write an essay on a free topic...
Director: Esben Tonnesen.
Cast: Nikolaj Rasmussen, Malene Rasmussen.
Denmark, 2006.
3. Marzipan.
Surrealism. Beautiful young woman rides in a cart drawn by boys and collects it all the girls he meets on his way.
Cast: Robert Bosser, Christoffer Gabbor, Leo Hoffmann, Benjamin Keferstein, Falco Pieczonka, Maximillian Wegner, Levi and Seph Blouw-Espinosa.
Director: Carolina Feix.
Netherlands, 2006.
4. Rita.
About a blind girl...
Director: Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza.
Cast: Marco Correnti, Marta Palermo.
Italy, 2009.
5. Things I Don't Remember.
Remembering childhood, it's like watching a videotape forgotten that you once found in a corner of the basement...
Director: Nicholas Santos.
Cast: Jackson Quinn Gray, Parker Pogue, Alison Walter, Tyler Gardella.
USA, 2011.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 2:



Anthology of short films. Part 3.

The third edition of the collection of short films of independent directors from around the world, of different genres, 5 short films.
1. No Bikini.
Robin takes us back to that glorious time when she was seven years old and shows us how it defined her for the rest of her life.
Director: Claudia Morgado Escanilla.
Cast: Matreya Fedor, Christine Lippa, Apollonia Vanova.
Canada, 2007.
2. Att doda ett barn.
It is a short story about a little boy who is about to borrow some sugar from their neighbors. When he is crossing the road he suddenly hit by a SAAB which is driving very fast. This short movie is a message for those who don't know how it's like to be responsible for a little boys death. Inside the car their was a young man who drove the car and his girlfriend who sat in the other seat.
Director: Alexander Skarsgard, Bjorne Larson.
Cast: Christer Fjallstrom, Valter Skarsgard, Evalena Ljung-Kjellberg, Jonas Sjoqvist, Sofia Zouagui, Stellan Skarsgard.
Sweden, 2003.
3. Blodsøstre / Blood Sisters.
"Blood Sisters", Danish filmmaker Louise Friedberg's sophomore short film, is the kind of flick that you simply can't take your eyes off of. It's a relatively simple story that has been played out time and time again: a young girl feels threatened by her best friend's new friend/neighbour, jealousy brews, and tempers flare. A slow but steady pace brings to mind late 20th century minimalist music, creeping along with perseverance and contemplative awe. The aura is distinctly Scandinavian: simultaneously chilly and warm, dominated by icy whites, whimsical laces and the splash of blood red. But what makes Friedberg's film resonate so loudly is how straight she plays archetype. There is no homage, no winking at the audience. Just bravura filmmaking that pulses with beauty, tension and breathtaking performances.
Director: Louise Friedberg.
Cast: Malou Z. Bruun, Angela Bundalovic, Liv Corfixen.
Denmark, 2006.
4. Buldermanden.
Director:  Jesper W. Nielsen.
Denmark, 1996.
5. Kiddo.
When a meek young man helps his friend rob a diner, he must come to terms with the newfound power at the end of his gun.
Director: Nicholas Santos.
Cast: Jackson Quinn Gray, Jordan Littlefield, Heather Newberger, Alison Walter, Brendan Murphу, Coco Hill-James.
USA, 2010.
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Anthology of short films. Part 4.

The 4th issue of a collection of short films of independent filmmakers from around the world, this time consisting of 6 mini-movies.
1. 2 minutter.
A boy lies in a bathtub, holding his breath. He is trying to break his personal record - 2 minutes.
Director: Jacob Tschernia.
Cast: Mark Emil Schwarz, Frederik Schwarz.
Denmark, 2001.
2. A visszhang titka.
A filmben szereplo furcsa kislany visszahangokat gyujt, s csodalatos gyujtemenyet megmutatja kis baratjanak is. Kesobb a kisfiu is dicsekedni akar a visszahangokkal, de a hegyek nemak maradnak.
Director: Karoly Wiedermann.
Cast: Rita Orosz, Tamas Albert, Jozsef Molnar.
Hungary, 1972.
3. Dat zit wel snor.
Director: Tamara Miranda.
Netherlands, 2004.
4. Engel en Broer.
A young boy and his young sister are playing on a rubbish dump, acting out their parents' divorce. For this they use their father's things which their mother brought to the dumping ground out of anger. The girl only wants to use their fathers things, but the boy finds something that he finds much more interesting.
Netherlands, 2004.
5. Jimmy.
Tim alone in his family...
Director: Jamille van Wijngaarden.
Cast: Rogier d'Ancona, Jeremy Bruin, Jennefer Siegrist, Rene Maasbach, Bente Reutelingsperger.
Netherlands, 2010.
6. Lover Boy.
For his ninth birthday Myles (Jackson Quinn Gray) asks for nothing but wood. With his once vivacious grandmother slowly dying, and his burdened mother struggling for relevance he is constructing the everlasting life he desires. Within this wintry upstate New York world, there are indeed mighty forces at play.
Director: Zia Anger.
Cast: Jackson Quinn Gray, Lynn Sher, Sueanne Cunliffe.
USA, 2008.
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Anthology of short films. Part 5.

The fifth issue of a collection of short films, two old Soviet propaganda documentary films.
1. U tyoplogo morya / By the warm sea.
Soviet propaganda film from 1940 about pioneers rest in the most famous Soviet pioneer camp Artek.
Director: Nikolai Solovyov.
USSR, 1940.
2. On meie keskel suvi.
Estonian musical documentary about a cheerful holiday for young musicians.
Cast: the Theatre of Song "Entel-Tentel".
USSR, Eesti Telefilm, 1974.
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