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Anthology of short films.

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Anthology of short films. Part 6.

Sixth issue of a collection of short films, various countries and genres. 6 films but content some of these let it remain a mystery.
1. All Over Brazil.
With Scotland in the World Cup in 1974, Stephen (Iain de Caestecker) is more into Glam Rock than football. A story of a family coming to terms with change in uncertain times.
Director: David Andrew Ward.
UK, 2004.
2. Secret.
Director: Rob Birks.
USA, 2009.
3. Pinchas.
Nine-year old Pinhas and his mother, a non-practicing Jew, are new immigrants from Russia. His mother barely makes a living working night shifts, and devotes her spare time to an affair she has with a married man. On the third floor lives a religious family. Pinhas is drawn to the warmth and unity that characterize this family. He meets a girl his age, and her older brother, who slowly introduce him to religion.
Director: Pini Tavger.
Cast: Anthony Berman, Michael Coresh, Jenya Dodina, Jonathan Rozen.
Israel, 2008.
4. Musen.
Love, cowardice, and jealousy lie at the core of this story about 10-year-old Liv, who receives a mouse as a present from her classmate, Mike. They start dating. However, when Liv's friend, a popular girl, starts flirting with Mike at school, Liv becomes exceedingly jealous.
Director: Pil Maria Gunnarsson.
Cast: Eva-Theresa Jermiin Anker, Frederikke Hjort Arentz, Magnus Wettendorff Dyring, Christine Exner.
Denmark, 2009.
5. Vestido nuevo.
Director: Sergi Gomez Perez.
Cast: Ramon Novell, Kevin Puertas.
Spain, 2009.
6. 13 ans.
Director: Rudi Rosenberg.
France, 2009.
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Matías y Jerónimo / Matias and Jeronimo. 2015.

ES. Matías y Jerónimo se conocen desde la infancia. Su amistad, una fuerte alianza, mezcla de juego y deseo, cambia la noche en que van al carnaval. Juntos presencian cómo un grupo de jóvenes le da una paliza a un chico gay detrás de las gradas. No dicen nada de lo que ven, y el silencio da paso a la distancia entre los amigos.
EN. Matías and Jerónimo have known each other a long time. Their friendship is a mix of fun and desire, but everything changes the night they go to the carnival and they see how a group of hooligans beat a gay dancer. guy behind the scene.
Director: Papu Curotto.
Cast: Rodrigo Coutinho Da Silva, Gabriel Rost, Regina Lara Do Santos, José Sandoval, Ivan Colunga, Sergio White, Rodrigo Benitez.
Argentina, 2015.
Language: Spanish.
1920x1080 HD
Download Matías y Jerónimo / Matias and Jeronimo. 2015: … 5.rar.html



Anthology of short films. Part 8.

The new, eighth in a row, collection of short films from around the world is ready. Today, this issue can be titled as "Cat in the bag." Why so - everything is simple: there will be no description of these ten films, only screenshots that are in complete disarray, purely for fun, but this is enough to understand what is going on in these mini-films.
So 10 short films are ready for viewing.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 8:



Anthology of short films. Part 10.

Another, the tenth in a row, a collection of short films, this time very short, only 2 films.
1. Vkhodyashchaya v more. 1965.
This film is a thesis work by Leonid Osyka. He was publicly accused of "existentialism", "decadence", "borrowing from the "new wave". The director, despite the opinion of the leadership, did not back down from the film and refused to redo it. "Vkhodyashchaya v more" (Entering the sea) is a short poetic parable about the beginning of human life. A little girl played on the seashore, and it stretched before her as a free poetic element of being, and on the beach, next to her, there was an adult life, life, everyday life, prose...
Directors: Leonid Osyka, Vladimir Saveliev.
Cast: Tanya Malysh, Antonina Leftiy, Zoya Nedbay, Gennadiy Yukhtin.
USSR, Kinostudiya Dovzhenko, 1965.
Language: Russian.
2. The Quarry. 2010.
Set in the 1990's, The Quarry takes place over the course of one day, following the main character, Charlie. 12-year-old Charlie's best friend Natalie is moving away, and as he confronts his growing feelings towards her, he learns to cope with the added pressure from his friends and family. Charlie attempts to make Natalie's last day one to remember.
Director: Ryan Hanson.
Cast: Jacob Ahearn, Meagan Brodie, Ruben de Baat (Charlie), Tess McManus, Justin Millar, Olexandra Pruchnicky, Matthew Rogers.
Canada, 2010.
Language: English.
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Anthology of short films. Part 11.

Another one, this time the eleventh in a row, is a collection of short films from around the world, of different genres and years of release. This archive contains 7 minifilms.
1. Der Aufreißer / The Pick-Up Artist.
This German language Indie Film is about a man who awakens in a woman's apartment being questioned by her Pre-teen daughter regarding his intentions towards her mother. The ensuing very uncomfortable confrontation and question and answer sessions between the very resourceful daughter and this increasingly eager to leave good looking Casanova become the centerpiece of this very clever short film which should serve as a warning to everyone seeking one night stands!
Germany, 2006.
2. Prima Ballerina (Ulyana Lopatkina).
A documentary about the leading ballerina of the Mariinsky Theater, her memories of the beginning of classes at the ballet school and her future career...
USA, 2008.
3. Dik.
A very funny film in the genre of family-sex tragicomedy about the misunderstanding of the closest people and what can come of it.
Australia, 2010.
4. The War Game.
Two boys quarrel about a toy pistol. The game becomes serious. On the roof in a skyskraper district they risk their lifes for the toy pistol.
UK, 1962.
5. Le dernier chaperon rouge.
A old red riding hood, badly crippled after killing a monster many years ago, comes up with a sinister plan to dance again.
France, 1996.
6. Naturellement.
A modest and run-of-the mill early-middle aged couple, Sandra and Benoit, travel to a vacation house in southern France, to spend some holidays with friends. When they arrive, they find that all their companions live completely according to nature; that is all are nudists.
France, 2002.
7. Turning.
On his sixth birthday Robert receives three beautiful broken old birds in his mother's sitting room. A memory of an afternoon with tea and cake, lacy pink slips and a tale of an emperor with no skin.
UK, 2010.
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Anthology of short films. Part 12.

The twelfth edition of the collection of short films, as usual minifilms from around the world - from different countries and eras, only 4 units.
1. Anna. 2009.
In a small Danish fishing village, a young girl faces the challenges of puberty and first love.
Director: Runar Runarsson.
Cast: Marie Boda, Daniel Stampe, Petrine Agger, Kristianna Nordoy, Henrik Noël Olesen.
Denmark, 2009.
Language: Danish, Russian.
2. Endeavour.
A short film that was inspired from my own childhood memories. Made with the help of students from the College of West Anglia, Joe Yates and Paul Joy.  Peter Naylor.
Director: Peter Naylor.
Cast: Nick Croucher & Lilly Neal.
USA, 2009.
3. Woensdagen.
Every Wednesday, 8 year old Kris accompanies 28 year old Willem to the swimming pool.
They swim, go down the slide and have a lot of fun.
But one Wednesday Willem confronts Kris with a frightening request...
Director: Aaron Rookus.
Cast: Tyn Hageman, Viktor Griffioen.
Netherlands, 2011.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: English.
4. Krasnyy agat.
The girl, in order to save her sick grandfather, goes to the sea in search of red agate.
Director: Aleksandr Pologov.
Cast: Lyudmila Dyatko, Igor Mirutko, Valery Voronin, Janis Grantins, Regina Bakusova, Vyacheslav Voronin.
USSR, Belarusfilm, 1973.
Language: Russian.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 12:



Anthology of short films. Part 13.

The thirteenth part of a collection of short films, this time mostly old and rare 5 minifilms.
1. Ya syuda bolshe nikogda ne vernus / Lyuba.
The tragic short story of Rolan Bykov, shot by order of UNESCO, is included in the international film almanac Haw are the kids. An alcoholic mother beats up and kicks six-year-old Lyuba out of the house. The child runs off into a nook in the forest where she hides her toys. She plays with them, copying her life full of nightmares, beatings and swearing at her mother. She simply does not know anything else. Then she goes home, but, remembering what her is waiting there, she shouts: "I will never come back here again!"...
USSR, 1990.
Language: Russian.
2. Pioniri maleni.
Documentary short film by one of the founders of the Yugoslav black wave and is dedicated to street children.
Director: Zelimir Zilnik.
Yugoslavia, 1967.
3. Eight.
One day in the life of an eight-year-old football fan who is experiencing stress due to the loss of his father and moving to a new place of residence.
Director: Stephen Daldry.
UK, 1998.
4. Días sin luz / Days Without Light.
Another narcotic delirium by Jaime Balagueró on the topic "Why do mothers abandon their children?"
Director: Jaume Balagueró.
Spain, 1995.
5. Something very ancient called "Surprise", let it remain so a surprise...
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Anthology of short films. Part 14.

The fourteenth issue of a collection of short films, this time mainly classics of world cinema, 5 short films and directors from different countries about life.
1. Lykke til, pappa / Ice.
At daddy with a head is not all right....
Director: Stian Einar Forgaard.
Norway, 2008.
2. Mistons, Les / The Kids.
During the hot summer, 5 kids, "Les Mistons", spy on two lovers. They follow Gerard and Bernadette everywhere. Les Mistons send a suggestive postcard to Bernadette once Gerard is away. But a newspaper learn to all of them that Gerard just died by accident.
Director: François Roland Truffaut.
Cast: Bernadette Lafont, Gerard Blain, Michel Fransois, Alain Baldy.
France, 1957.
3. Le Ballon rouge / The Red Balloon.
Famous French short film.
.Director: Albert Lamorisse.
France, 1956.
4. La Cambrure / The Curve.
A couple of young lovers in the morning talk about art on display by masters of painting and sculpture in the works of the female.
Director: Edwige Shaki.
France, 1999.
5. Nezabyvaemiy denn / Unforgetable day.
Good old, yet Soviet, Georgian cinema - to the village from a city came the girl. She met with the two boys, brothers, who roam on local surroundings and scare women "wolf howl".
Director: Tengiz Magalashvili.
USSR, Georgia-Film, 1978.
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Anthology of short films. Part 16.

The sixteenth issue is a compilation of shorts. As usual minifilms from around the world, interesting and one almost brilliant, just exactly 5 pieces.
1. Once upon a time on the beach.
The story of a young boy, bullied at school. His thirst for revenge and desire to win back his mother's attention and love lead him to a confrontation with the dark undercurrents of his own identity and the familial relationships that help to define him.
Director: Byron Lamarque.
Cast: Jaryd Heidrick, Riley Cantner, Mikka Dargel, Gardiner Millar.
Canada, 2002.
2. Foretaste Of Spring.
A young boy about 10 or 11 is playing in the woods by himself. Then he meets a woman who then gives him a head band and a
feather and paints some stripes on his face with her lipstick. So now he looks like a little indian. The boy then strips of all his clothes
and continues to play in the woods.
Director: Angela Rohrer.
Cast: Fabio Fusco, Anna Greipl, Noemi Stöckli.
Switzerland, 2007.
3. Eremittkrepsen.
Short movie about 8 years old girl who lives with quarreling parents. She tries to build psychological screen taking care of little mollusc.
Director: Tove C. Sverdrup.
Cast: Nicoline Haugsvær, Anneke von der Lippe, Jan Grønli,
Norway, 1995.
4. Palace II.
Two young boys, Laranjinha and Acerola, living in Cidade de Deus, one of the most violent neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, need some money to go to a concert. The "easiest" (and most dangerous) way to get it is working for some drug-dealers.
Directors: Kátia Lund, Fernando Meirelles.
Cast: Douglas Silva, Darlan Cunha, Rubens Sabino.
Brazil, 2000.
5. Stuhle im Schnee.
Just a horrible story....
Director: PeeWee Horris.
Cast: Josefine Preuß, Alexander Sternberg.
Germany, 2007.
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Anthology of short films. Part 17.

The seventeenth issue of a collection of short films, three documentaries on the theme of nudism and naturism.
1. Centres Naturistes En France Et En Grece.
About special resorts for naturists in France...
2. Randonue De La Voie De La Liberte.
Video report about the campaign of the militant group of French naturist, they made September 6, 2009 in the beautiful corners of nature, their adventures, including clashes with police.
3. Nature Zones.
Beautiful music video about nudists near a waterfall...
Download Anthology of short films. Part 17:



Anthology of short films. Part 18.

The eighteenth issue of a collection of short films, 4 films from various countries, films content let it be a mystery.
1. Supernova.
Norway, 2007.
2. Chlapska dovolenka.
Czechoslovakia, 1988.
3. Gisberta.
As a tender friendship blossoms between 14 year old bullied Elischa and 31 year old Gisberta,
the new cleaning help at the orphanage, the jealousy of the other 14 yo boys (Alex, Timo,
Sascha, and Mika) becomes dangerously brutal...
Germany, 2009.
4. Beating Hearts.
USA, 2010.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 18:



Anthology of short films. Part 19.

The nineteenth issue of a collection of short films, today 4 mini-films about childhood memories, mystic and something strange.
1. Idmallion.
An ancient being clashes with an evil entity in an epic struggle to save one precious soul.
Director: Brent Wisdom.
USA, 2011.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD.
2. Munecas.
Director: Miguel Salgado.
Cast: Meraqui Rodriguez, Guillermo Larrea, Mariana Beyer, Sophie Gomez.
Mexico, 2010.
3. El Balancin de Ivan.
Argentina, Spain, 2002.
4. Spring.
Nine-year-old Franz has climbed onto the diving-board to proof to himself that he is not a coward. For the first time in his life hes going to jump from a five-meter-board. Being sky-high, though, his attitude changes. He goes back. Or better, he tries. Because his friend Partrick is blocking the way back. Now he has to jump. Hand in hand with Patrick - eyes closed - he dares the jump. With the help of the most modern computer technology we experience Franz fears and become witnesses of a human fate.
Director: Oliver Held.
Cast: Marcus Venghaus, Konstantin Moser, Susanne Fernkorn, Arved Birnbaum.
Germany, 2002.
Language: German.
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Anthology of short films. Part 20.

The new release of the collection of short films number 20, this time rather unusual and even strange, just four mini-films.
1. Houdinis hund / Houdini's Hound.
En gutt og en pike lekte på stranden.
Han var hennes slave nedgravd i sanden.
En hund forsvant og gutten ble vekk.
Den sjefete piken fikk seg en smekk.
Director: Sara Johnsen.
Cast: Klara Amanda Felicia Døving, Jo Mikkel Sjaastad, dog.
Norway, 2002.
Language: Norwegian.
Subtitles: Russians.
2. Hormoner og andre demoner.
Eddie ønsker å vokse opp og å ha bryster. Under sommerferien sammen med familien treffer hun Lukas og hun håper nå at hans oppmerksomhet gjør henne til en kvinne. Men er vi egentlig definert hvem vi er gjennom andres øyne?
Director: Sara Johnsen.
Cast: Elena Biuso, Celine Engebretsen, Thomas Robertson, Knut Simensen.
Norway, 2001.
3. Margelle / On the Edge.
In Boujaâd, a Moroccan town where ancient myths and legends are rife, seven-year-old Karim, the only son of his modest parents struggles with his childhood fears and his urgent desire to be a man.
Director: Omar Mouldouira.
Cast: Touria Alaoui, Hamza Alkaoui, Oussama Bahouane, Hatim Seddiki.
Morocco, 2012.
4. A Day with the Boys.
And one more strange short film, the name speaks for itself...
Director: Clu Gulager.
Cast: Mike Hertel, Jack Grindle, John McCaffrey, William Elliott, Craig Williams, Mark Spirtos, John Gulager.
USA, 1969.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 20:



Anthology of short films. Part 21.

The twenty-first issue of a collection of short films, today in the program the good old Soviet movies. Only three units: two feature films and one documentary.
1. Aistyonok.
Based on the novel by Aleksei Dudarev. The ten-year-old Vaska in his native village was nicknamed the Constructor for always inventing or improving something. His favorite activity was tinkering and flying kites.
Director: Valery Basov.
Cast: Slava Yurevich, Yura Bardian, Aleksandra Zimina, Alla Yelyashevich, Gennadiy Garbuk, Sergey Zhuravel, Arnold Pomazan, Viktor Gudinovich, Pavel Dubashinskiy, Nikolay Kirichenko, Sergey Kravchenko, Yevgeniy Kryzhanovskiy, Yuriy Lesnoy, Anatoliy Lutsevich.
USSR, 1981.
2. სოლო სალამურისთვის / Solo dlya svireli.
The old Georgian short film about the rich imagination of the five-year-old boy Irakly, his musical experiments and relationships with adults. In one of their episodes also used the plot of the story of Herbert Wells "The Magic Shop." In the film, the orchestra of kindergarten No. 27 in Tbilisi was filmed.
Director: Darya Gurina / დარია ხოჯავა.
Cast: Irakli Beriashvili, Yazon Bakradze, Ramaz Chkhikvadze, Rusudan Kiknadze, Meya Megrelishvili.
USSR, Georgia Film, 1976.
Language: Russian.
3. Voskresnyye deti.
Documentary film about the life of children from the Zhigulevsk orphanage.
Director: A. Mironova.
USSR, Kuybyshev-telefilm, 1989.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 21:




Anthology of short films. Part 27.

  The new release of the collection of short films number 27, four completely different minifilms.
1. Lille Mand.
A young boy decides to write an article about the opposite sex for his homework assignment, entitled "The Way Girls Are".
Director: Esben Tønnesen.
Cast: Nikolaj Rasmussen, Malene Rasmussen, Lotte Bergstrøm, Beate Bille.
Denmark, 2006.
2. The Six Dollar Fifty Man.
It's hard to look after yourself in the playground when you're different. Set in 1970s New Zealand, The Six Dollar Fifty Man follows Andy, a gutsy eight year-old boy who lives in a make believe superhero world where his imagination allows him to perform extraordinary physical feats, to deal with playground bullies. But when Andy gets in trouble with the headmaster, he realises that to save himself & his only friend Mary, he must face up to the real world.
Directors: Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland.
Cast: Oscar Vandy-Connor, Celina Russo-Bewick, Nick Blake, Carmel McGlone, Thomas Kimber, Sam Ahie.
New Zealand; Sticky Pictures, 2009.
Language: English.
3. The 8-limbed Boy.
Ten year old Indian Boy , from Bihar, was suffering from Parasitic until his operation done in October, 2010 by six surgeons in Fortis Hospital. His parents and doctor who delivered him was astonished when they found that Deepak had 8 limbs. Immediately his parents brought him to city hospital but doctors couldnt do anything because it might cost his life and suggested them to wait for few years till he became mature enough so that he could tolerate this long operation and made them aware that he mightnt survive because case fatality rate is extremely high in Parasitic twin.
Local media gave him a name The Eight-Limbed Boy and his story grabbed enough attention. Some considered this innocent baby was possessed by demon and they stayed away from him. Even his school friends avoided him...
Director: Ashok Prasad.
Cast: Deepak Kumar Paswan, Indu Devi Paswan, Viresh Paswan, Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan.
USA, 2010.
4. Bolero.
Fractured account of a boy who breaks free from his miserable life after meeting a mysterious girl who lives in the wall, all set to the entirety of Ravel's 'Bolero'.
Director: Dennis Brucks.
Cast: Christian Traeumer, Eva Marie Ford, Philip Marlatt, Terry Maratos, Lucy Rayner
USA, 2012.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 27:



Anthology of short films. Part 28.

The twenty-eighth collection of short fiction films, traditionally from different countries and nations, from different times - from retro to new products and completely different content that does not look at each other, exactly 5 short films - the oldest and most amusing of them in 1932...
1. Sokolik / Vanadzins.
By the same story by Vilis Latsis.
The film tells about a little boy, the son of a fisherman, whom his father calls Sokolik. Every day, the father goes to sea, and the boy is left alone...
Director: Janis Dzenitis.
Cast: Ainars Gailis, Daumants Milgravis, Leva Murniece, Janis Jaudzems, Modris Verners, Vilnis Rozentals, Andris Bickovskis.
USSR, Riga Film Studio, 1978.
Language: Latvian.
2. War Babies.
A group of soldiers in a cafe watch a dancer as she entertains them, but later two of them become rivals over her.
Director: Charles Lamont.
Cast Shirley Temple, Georgie Billings, Eugene Butler
USA, 1932.
3. Rotkappchen.
Little Red Riding Hood lives with her mother and five brothers in a village house on the outskirts of the forest. Since the father died, the brothers work as loggers to provide for the family. A girl helps her mother in the household...
Director: Walter Janssen.
Cast: Maren Bielenberg, Elinor von Wallerstein, Ellen Frank, Wolfgang Eichberger, / Peter Lehmann, Michael Beutner, Rudolf Gerhofer, / Gotz Wolf, Helge Lehmann.
West Germany, 1956.
Language: German.
4. Veo veo.
Argentina, 1977. A class project leads 8-year-old Juancho to discover the shocking truth behind his father's two year absence.
Director: Benjamin Avila.
Argentina, 2011.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
5. Tabu.
Short film, Danish, fresh, 2011, the content should remain taboo ...)))
Download Anthology of short films. Part 28:



Anthology of short films. Part 29.

The twenty-ninth issue of a collection of short films, three mini-movies and cut scenes from a famous film.
1. Love is all you need?
Love is All You Need? tells the story of Ashley, a young teen who is raised in the picture perfect all-American family with two moms, two grandpas, two uncles, and a little brother. But Ashley has a problem, she has a crush on a boy at school, which is against everything this world has ever taught her. This undeniable attraction to the opposite sex causes her to be the constant target of verbal and physical abuse until she is driven to a tragic end. This film hopes to shed light onto the highly controversial issue of human and equal rights in the LGBT Community, and also raise awareness to our current world as to the obstacles that this community faces.
Director: Kim Rocco Shields.
Cast: Dante Thorn, Jax Malcolm, Lexi DiBenedetto, Ashleigh Caldwell.
Language: English.
USA, 2011.
2. Mon Copain Rachid.
A nine-year-old boy is obsessed with the sizable penis of his older friend.
In this award winning and funny exploration of youth, race, and sex, a nine-year old boy works through his obsession with an older boy.
This short is amazing. In ten minutes it tells the story some films take 90 boring minutes to do. It's fast, furious, funny and completely believable.
Director: Philippe Barassat.
Cast: Nordine Mezaache, Jonathan Reyes, Mathieu Demy, Corinne Lentretien.
France , 1997.
Language: French, Russian.
3. Contracuerpo / The Body Against.
This short is just great! It's about anorexia. It makes you think, they should show this movie to kids in high school. The girl who plays the lead role does a great job. The music goes nicely with the scenes. The song that the violinist plays is very sad and well performed. This short reflects the cruel reality of anorexia. It mixes the dream of the girl with the real world. You'll think after watching it. The girl obsessed with her weight, she losses weight to be able to fit inside a doll. She finally can fit inside and spends her time besides a window in a fashion shop. She is like a model, her dream becomes a nightmare.
Director: Eduardo Chapero-Jackson.
Cast: Sarai Encinas Martin, Yaiza Guimare, Javier Illan Ortiz.
Spain, 2005.
4. The Holy Mountain Extras Cut Scenes.
Cutted out by director Alexandro Jodorowsky scenes of his famous film "The Holy Mountain" and were not included in the final version of this cult film. And the last one, where the young son of a local oligarch fun with a girlfriend, even for the 1970s was a very "dangerous".
Director: Alexandro Jodorowsky.
Mexico, 1973.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 29:



Anthology of short films. Part 30.

Another, thirtieth in a row, a collection of short films, mostly documentaries. 7 mini-films, scandalous and surreal, strange and interesting, generally good and different.
1. Nordmennenes Egen Historie: Fra 1905 Til I Dag - Opplevelser fra Oslo.
Norwegian's own history told through the memories of people close to the events as they happened. This gives a unique description of the history of Oslo over the last 100 years.
Norway, 2005.
2. Summerhill at 70.
An insight into the unorthodox Suffolk boarding school where lessons are optional, swearing is common, and it's the pupils who decide the rules.
UK, 1992.
3. Underage.
Underage is a video documentation aimed at understanding the minds of underage male prostitutes in a most candid and visceral way. Author wanted the process to uncover a bit of the life, choice, and consequences that these young boys are experiencing.
Directors: Danny Linsner, Ohm Phanphiroj.
Thailand, 2010.
4. Hunger.
A small authentic and strange film tells a short and sad story about two brothers....
Director: Carolina Hellsgard.
Cast: Dennis Seiler, Robin Langert.
Germany, 2009.
5. Teluki.
Terrible Brunei(!) Film about the ghost Teluki, who catches and eats children.
Director: Abdul Zainidi.
Cast: Fadzile bin Izzul Iman, Abdul Zainidi.
Brunei, 2013.
6. Sumo Kids.
This National Geographic documentary film includes original footages from several championships, interviews and comments of the sumo wrestlers and their relatives and illustrates the hopes of coaches while sending their sumo wrestlers to international championships. Among all, the Wanpaku Sumo championship always attracts wrestlers from all over the Japan. This film shows the special preparations made by the sumo wrestlers and their coaches for these championships so that their sumo wrestlers can be selected by the potential adopters who can take them to international championships or provide them with more diversified trainings.
Director: Hideyuki Tokigawa.
USA, 2009.
7. Boy.
About what this short film let remains a terrible secret...))
Download Anthology of short films. Part 30:



Anthology of short films. Part 31.

On the screens of the country and the world is a new, thirty-first in a row, issue of a collection of short films. All minifilms are new, or almost, as always, of different countries and peoples with the most diverse problems - from fiction and horror to lyrics and fun, so in this collection exactly 7 short films.
1. I Love Sarah Jane.
Jimbo is thirteen and he has a crush on Sarah Jane, the girl of his dreams. She still doesn't want to hear of him. But Jimbo is persistent. He will make Sarah Jane fall for him, no matter how long it must take. And what does he care if he lives in a post-apocalyptic environment? If all the adults are dead? If the place is infested with zombies? Jimbo loves Sarah Jane. That's that.
Director: Spencer Susser.
Cast: Brad Ashby (Jimbo), Mia Wasikowska (Sarah Jane), Vladimir Matovic (Joey), Richard Mueck (Zombie).
Australia, 2008.
1024x576 HD.
2. Julian.
Set in a year 4 classroom in 1981, "Julian" explores a day in the life of a 9-year-old boy. Julian's need to speak his truth and his strong urge to do what he thinks is right begins to unravel his world. Throughout the day Julian is forced to deal with a bully, an impatient teacher turning a blind eye and a principal with a secret. As Julian faces these challenges we begin to see the qualities that will inform the man he is to become.
Director: Matthew Moore.
Cast: Ed Oxenbould (Julian), Leon Ford (Mr. Braybon), Morgana Davies (Cassandra), Will Cottle (Carl), Christopher Stollery (Mr. Dexter).
Australia, 2012.
3. Sortie de route / Off the road.
Paul, fourteen, neglects his studies to spend all his time on his moped, to the consternation of his parents. When his beloved moped disappears, none of his nearest and dearest seem to realize what this means to him. Paul soon tracks down the thief, Karim, a young apprentice mechanic of his own age. From this an unexpected relationship develops.
Director: Tristan Aymon, David Maye.
Cast: Benjamin Eggenberg, Samir Melly, Eric Chappot, Allan Gapany, Stefanie Gunther.
Switzerland, 2014.
Language: French.
1280x720 HD.
4. Kus.
Boy accompanies his father to the war.
Director: Joost van Ginkel.
Cast: Koen Dobbelaer, Thijs Romer, Margien van Doesen.
Netherlands, 2009.
Language: Dutch.
5. Tits.
Sam is a 13-year-old boy. He goes to a school for boys where the corridors seem to exude centuries-old testosterone. In that world of small uniformed men, Sam grows a pair of tits. His desperate attempts to hide the monstrosity in his body fail when he is forced to take swimming lessons. The belts, the t-shirts and the shirts with which Sam kept his secret will no longer be of any use. Blythe, the class bully, has discovered why the new kid is so reserved. Blythe and Sam test each other, fear each other, each of them is, to the other, a glance of what they'll become and, in that suspicion, they find themselves being accomplices to their own insecurities.
Director: Alex Winckler.
Cast: Josh Beaney-Ford, Arthur Byrne, Juliet Cowan.
UK, 2013.
Language: English.
Subtitles: Russian.
6. All Flowers in Time.
"I am not from this place," declares a French cowboy. An old toothless man asks, "Do you know why you're here?" These shape-shifting personalities infect young children with an evil signal in the form of a Dutch TV show. The red-eyed girls and boys believe they can now become other people and monsters, much to their delight.
Director: Jonathan Caouette.
Cast: Chandler Frantz, Carolyn Bosco, Joshua Caouette.
USA, Canadn, 2010.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD.
7. Valuri.
A beautiful Western woman asks a Gypsy to watch her four-year-old child while she is taught how to swim by a flirtatious married man.
Director: Adrian Sitaru.
Cast: Sergiu Costache, Roberto Bors, Adrian Titieni, Vlad Voda, Clara Voda.
Romania, 2007.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 31:



Anthology of short films. Part 33.

The thirty third issue of a collection of short films, just 4 movies - 2 of which are completely fresh and one old Soviet.
1. Océan.
It's the holiday period of the Summer of 79, by the ocean. 10-year-old Jean realizes that his mother and father don't love each other anymore. Suddenly, the family is confronted with death.
Director: Emmanuel Laborie.
Cast: Adam Lenglen (Jean), Julia Favre (Sylvie), Michaël Abiteboul (Serge), Cyrius Rosset (Julien).
France, 2013.
Language: French.
2. Superman n'est pas juif et moi un peu / Superman Isn't Jewish and I Am, a Bit.
When he finds out that it's because he's Jewish that his willy is different, young Benjamin decides to do everything he can to hide his religion and keep his secret...
Director: Jimmy Bemon.
Cast: Kolia Abiteboul (Benjamin enfant), Jules Rigault (Benjamin ado), Ivan Cori (Benjamin adulte),  Jean-Marie Lamour (Le papa de Benjamin), Aleksandra Yermak (La maman de Benjamin).
France, 2014.
Language: French.
3. Risunok na peske / Drawing on the sand.
The old Soviet film, a combination of feature film and animation...
USSR, Soyuzmultfilm, 1969.
Director: Anatoly Karanovich.
4. No Bikini.
Robin takes us back to that glorious time when she was seven years old and shows us how it defined her for the rest of her life.
Director: Claudia Morgado.
Cast: Matreya Fedor, Apollonia Vanova, Christine Lippa, Cole McLeod, Shermaine Chu, Kye Fedor, Morgan Fleming, Andrew French.
Canada, 2007.
Language: English.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 33:



Anthology of short films. Part 34.

1. Rhabarber Boy.
The film Rhabarber Boy (rhubarb boy) describes the life of a boy, living in a forest without the influences of civilization. He is keeping an old comic-collage in his cottage and is trying to understand the colorful and figurative images of this icon. The film is setting a fantasy-world in relation to the archaic nature of a child, and raises the question about the moral responsibility of virtual content.
Director: Ulu Braun.
Cast: Anton Vogt.
Germany, 2007.
2.  Sanzhyra.
Lyrical tragicomedy. Through the eyes of a young hero, who is to undergo a circumcision ceremony, the life of the Kirghiz aul on the day of the holiday is shown.
Sanzhyra is a genealogical tree of sorts and interpretation of the meaning of all Kyrgyz custom, traditions and the language of ancestors.
Director: Nurbek Egen.
Cast: Nursultan Sayakbaev, Jypara Kalygul, fulfills Batyrkanov.
Russia, Kyrgyzstan, 2001.
Language: Kyrgyz.
3. Voltereta.
10-year-old Andalusian boy Lolo, who knows about America only on movies, that he watched in a movie theater next door, comes with his grandmother to New York.
Director: Alexis Morante.
Cast: Peter Cevallos, Isaiah Aud, Ivan Escott.
Spain, 2010.
4. Barbie Boy.
Bobby is a bright, imaginative seven-year-old who plays with dolls. One day his father tells him that dolls are for girls, sending Bobby on a personal mission to find what he should be playing with. He must choose accept his love for dolls or conform.
Director: Nick Corporon.
Cast: Trent Carlton, William Kidd, Shawn Kissinger, Lauren Dobbins Webb.
USA, 2014.
Language: English.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 34:



Anthology of short films. Part 35.

The first in the new year issue of a collection of short films, number thirty five. In this issue 5 short films, one documentary and a little bonus.
1. Off ground. 2013.
We see two people standing in a light grey room. A slender woman of 50 and a 12-year-old boy. They are joined togetherlike the links of a chain, their arms entwined, clasping their hands behindeach others backs. They change position at a constant rate. One flowing movement. Never losing touch with each other. A game played by a mother and her child. A kind of tango. The sound of feet. Breathing. And faint smiles. Until suddenly the womans hands let go of each other.
Off Ground is a dance film about a boy and his terminally ill mother. In the film, choreographer Jakop Ahlbom and filmmaker Boudewijn Koole explore the transition from one state of consciousness to another.
Director: Jakop Ahlbom, Boudewijn Koole.
Cast: Louise Le Cavalier, Antonine Masson.
Netherlands, 2013.
1280x720 HD
2. Jongens zijn we / We Are Boys. 2009.
We are boys is a story about growing up and what it means to be a boy. Jim and Sam are best friends. They've known each other forever and spend their days pestering their neighbors, sailing their boat and catching frogs. But in a year's time Jim - the oldest of the pair - will leave the village to go to secondary school. And Sam will stay behind. As the story unfolds it becomes clear that this could be the last summer the two best friends will spend together.
Director: Tomas Kan.
Cast: Sam Schouteren, Jim Stuurman.
Netherlands, 2009.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
3. Vacation in Yugoslavia. 1997.
Amateur Documentary film about a family travel on Yugoslavia (jugoslavie 1998 vystava 1997 rakousko trebon).
4. Duck Children. 2001.
In a school play a group of children dressed as ducks move perfectly together except one of them. The play continues with the arrival of a duck girl bearing jam tarts and the alarming arrival of a man with a big paper-mache head bearing a shotgun.
Director: Bob Blundon, Sam Walker.
Cast: Emily Gostlin, Rhianna Dyer, Craig Woods, Ruth Coleman, Guy Mosley, Oliver Gostlin, Mark O'Donovan, James Smurthwaite.
UK, 2001.
5. Paul et Virginie. 2014.
Paul lives alone with his mother Virginie. Weakened by disease, she is unable to go about their daily life anymore. Paul, driven by the unbreakable bond of love that exists between him and his mother, tries to take matters into his own hands.
Director: Paul Cartron.
Cast: Igor van Dessel, Edith Van Malder, Laurence Warin,
Belgium, 2014.
Language: French.
1280x720 HD
6. Holger & Vilde. 2010.
SE. Holger & Vilde skildrar den starka vänskapen mellan en pojke och en flicka och hur den förändras på deras väg att bli vuxna.
Holger & Vilde spelades in i Linköping, juli 2009 som en pilot för en långfilm. Filmen är producerad av Envis Film med regi & manus av Erik Green Petersson. Fotograf är Lisabi Fridell, producent är Malin Idevall. Huvudrollerna spelas av Marcus Karlsson (Holger), Sara Svedberg (Vilde), Ebba Hultkvist (Vildes storasyster) & Sanna Krepper (Holgers mamma).
Filmen har visats på filmfestivalerna i Cannes & Göteborg samt tävlat i Tysklands största ungdomsfilmfestival i Frankfurt under 2010.
EN. Do you remember how much of a difference a few months in the summer made when you were a kid?
The Swedish director Eric Green Petersson will help you recall in his 2010 short-film Holger & Vilde.  The film features a bitter-sweet story about friendship, growing up, first love and everything in between. Holger and Vilde are best of friends, which makes them inseparable.
When the summer holidays begin they have to split, but they promise each other theyll re-unite as soon as possible. While on their own, they face different situations, meet new people and thereby they dont fully realize how much they have changed during their separation
Director: Erik Green Petersson.
Cast: Marcus Karlsson, Sara Svedberg, Ebba Hultkvist, Sanna Krepper, Marika Strand, Sven Angleflod, Julia Avenstedt, Ralf Novak Rosengren.
Sweden, 2010.
Language: Swedish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
7. Piccole Labbra / Little Lips. 1978.
Two fragments of the famous and scandalous film "Little Lips" Katya Berger starring. One of them is deleted scene, and the second scene was changed.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 35:



Anthology of short films. Part 37.

The thirty-eighth issue of a collection of short films. Now 8 mini-films, all fresh and in high quality.
1. Trold. 2013.
Troll is a story about a pregnant and religious girl, Mille, 13 years old, who endures a life filled with sexual abuse.
Director: Fili Seifert.
Cast: Cecilie Larsen Ellebye, Thomas Kirk, Linda Elvira, Micas Wolff, Yasmin Yacobi, Søren L. Mühldorff, Kenneth M. Christensen.
Denmark, 2013.
Language: Danish.
2. Punani. 2015.
Masturbating in a bed filled with dolls and teddy bears, teenage girl Agnes is tired of hearing about how accepting God at her confirmation will serve as a rite of passage to adulthood. She seeks out to find her own path to adulthood - and she enlists her older brother's friend to help her.
Director: Emilie Marloth Frøkjær.
Cast: Julie Brochorst Andersen, Lasse Fogelstrøm, Oscar Dyekjær Giese.
Denmark, 2015.
Language: Danish.
3. Millennium. 2013.
13-year-old Karl and Thomas have been childhood friends but are now drifting apart. Thomas likes Katzy and Katzy likes Karl. The boys have stolen 30,000 kroner because Thomas wants to impress Katzy with an unforgettable party.
Director: Kristian Sejrbo Lidegaard.
Cast: William Rudbeck Lindhardt, Jonathan Werner Juel, Carla Rasmussen, Jannick Raunow, Sofia Holst, Emil Eir-Hansen.
Denmark, 2013.
Language: Danish.
4. Lulus første gang. 2016.
Lulu is being bullied at her school. Her safe haven is on the internet, where she is dating Sebastian. Sebastian wants to meet in real life, but Lulu is afraid. When her secret relationship is exposed, Lulu suddenly finds it necessary to prove herself - by losing her virginity. But is that how to do it?
Director: Tone Ottilie.
Cast: Line Hesdam, Maya Livingstone, Elias Munk, Adam Ild Rohweder.
Denmark, 2016.
Language: Danish.
Subtitles: English.
5. Gemmeleg. 2011.
Johanna (12) is babysitting her younger sister, Marion (8), as their mother, Susanna (40) is throwing a garden party for her neighbors and friends. A man at the party notices Johanna, and with sexual confusion, she takes advantage of his interest.
Director: Andrea Sand Gustavson.
Cast: Alisa Ayvery, Mille Maria Dalsgaard, Mia Dinitzen, Jo Adrian Haavind, Annabella Høeg Sørensen, Emil Wilk.
Denmark, 2011.
Language: Danish.
6. Et liv. 2014.
Mette har en barndom som så mange andre børn. Hun leger, tegner, ser fjernsyn og er sammen med sin mor og far. Men under overfladen krakelerer familieidyllen, da Mettes far har en dyster side. På det seneste er hans overgreb på moren begyndt at intensivere, og da moren efter alvorlige skader kommer på hospitalet og senere det lokale krisecenter, står Mette over for nogle store forandringer i sin tilværelse.
Director: Stine Ilona Eilertzen.
Cast: Thomas Biehl, Helle Halsboe, Sophie Hald Jensen, Kaja Kamuk.
Denmark, 2014.
Language: Danish.
7. Daimi. 2012.
Visceral field notes charting Daimi's chaotic existence as she rattles around a decrepit household; her mother dead in the bathtub, and her only companion a piglet that subsequently transforms into an infant.
Director: Marie Grahtø Sørensen.
Cast: Bebiane Ivalo Kreutzmann.
Denmark, 2012.
Language: Danish.
8. Älskade unge / Dear Kid. 2016.
During a swimming lesson a mother starts to feel uneasy about the coach's relation to one of the kids, but she has no proof. She faces a dilemma; to make an accusation of the worst kind, or to ignore a child who is possibly getting abused.
Director: Frida Kempff.
Cast: Jonas Eskil Brehmer, Cecilia Milocco, David Ramirez Knezevic.
Sweden, 2016.
Language: Swedish.
All Movies 1280x720 HD
Download Anthology of short films. Part 37:



Anthology of short films. Part 38.

The thirty-eighth issue of a collection of short films. Today, five mini-movies from different countries.
1. Mécanomagie. 1996.
FR. Des Jitzert, des êtres presque humains que lhomme ne peut voir, parcourent les terres agraires du Luxembourg. Leur présence est source de phénomènes lyriques et mystérieux.
EN. A landscape in which everything moves is afflicted with a figure which is in itself static, but which moves - a kind of mechanic man? In Mécanomagie both the borders of perception and (natural) laws are infringed so that something new may emerge: nature as a boundless state of ecstasy!
Director: Bady Minck.
Cast: Misch Dimmer, Diane Becker, Raoul Chennaux, Sabine Stoltz, Denys Baldelli, Nordine Ries, Kim Thies, Jean-François Wolff, Jean-Claude Henkes, Bernard Jenkins.
Austria, Luxembourg, 1996.
Language: German.
2. Boys. 2016.
BOYS is a story about two best friends on the first day of summer. Set in 1999, Brian sleeps over at Jake's house as they have done countless times before. This night, however, the two encounter new sides of themselves. Overwhelmed by the discovery, Brian decides to walk back home as he is facing a whole new path in his life. It is a story about desire, adolescence, and the realization of being different.
Director: Eyal Resh.
Cast: Kevin Brief, Alexis Jayde Burnett, Melissa Burnett, Wyatt Griswold, Pearce Joza, Nora King, Christine McGraw, Suanne Spoke.
USA, 2016.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
3. Itsy Bitsy Spiders. 2013.
Mysteriously and little by little, young Edwin is devoured by an odd, persistent and utterly compelling obsession: he draws pictures of spiders. So powerful is his compulsion, that Edwin covers entire walls in the apartment with sketches of his beloved arachnids, forcing Agatha, his hopeless and troubled mother, to seek professional help from a doctor. What does Edwin see in those drawings?
Director: Bertrand Paré.
Cast: Julian Feder, Jessica Galinas, Britt Prentice, Matthew Vorce, Joe Maggard, Bruce Hammond, Gabriel Burrafato, Rusty Meyers, Joe Palubinsky, Mark Justice.
USA, 2013.
Language: Russian (English).
1920x1080 HD
4. Toreadory iz Vasyukovki. 1965.
A short film based on Vsevolod Nestayko's book about the hilarious adventures of two inseparable friends.
Director: Samariy Zelikin
Cast: Alexander Bartenev, Alexander Minin, Nikolai Ushakov, O. Svistunov, E. Pustovoit.
USSR, 1965.
Language: Ukrainian.
5. Zand. 2008.
Luuk is a truck driver who seems to be a goodhearted father for his eight-year-old daughter Isabel. After Luuk divorced from his wife Karen, Isabel lives with her mother. Whenever Luuk has the chance he takes Isabel to the sea or for a ride in his truck, which only carries sand. On one of those occasions Luuk discovers the horrific reason why Isabel is so quiet that day. From that moment on Luuk has to cope with a new and unexpected situation. Luuk kidnaps his daughter in an attempt to protect her, but he slowly loses control.
Director: Joost van Ginkel.
Cast: Jack Wouterse, Veerle Witkop, Margot Ros, Ruben Lürsen, Edward Koldewijn.
Netherlands, 2008.
Language: Russian (Dutch).
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Mirtis ir vyšnios medis / Death and the Cherry Tree. 1968.

A glimpse at three children at play: a boy interested in war games and being in charge, a young girl who has tired of his domination and wants to fix him a pretend meal, and a newcomer, an older girl willing to cater to the boy but also mature enough to use her feminine attractions to gain her own control. The story ends with the young girl deserted by the boy and sadly returning home
Director: Arunas Zebriunas.
Cast: Inga Mickytė, Misha Andrievsky, Olga Vazlina.
USSR; Vilnius TV, 1968.
Language: Lithuanian.
Download Mirtis ir vyšnios medis / Death and the Cherry Tree. 1968: … 8.rar.html



Mishka. 2017.

Misha tells the story of a conflicted 13-year-old and her grim secrets. In the face of an unsettling reality, Mishka makes an alarming decision in a desperate attempt to revert her childhood self.
Director: Cleo Tellier.
Cast: Matia Jackett, Ray Galletti, Devyn Nekoda, Kiki Hammill, Nicolas Ballarini, Alexandra Bacci, Katie Uhlmann, Hershel Blatt, Austin Macdonald.
Canada, 2017.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
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Mon chéri. 2015.

DE. An einem heißen Sommernachmittag wird der einsame Franklin zum ersten Mal zum Spielen mit anderen Kindern in seiner neuen Heimat eingeladen. Doch als sie ein neu bezogenes Haus erreichen und seine Mutter beobachten, kocht die Stimmung über und Franklin muss wieder eine Rolle übernehmen, für die er nicht vorgesehen ist..
EN. On a hot summers day, lonely Franklin is invited to play with other kids for the first time since moving to a new village. But when the children stumble across a recently moved-in house and observe his mother, things take a drastic turn and Franklin once again has to play a role that he is not meant for
Director: Steve Bache.
Cast: Miljan Châtelain, Dagmar Poppy, Jonna Domroese, Pepe Trebs, Björn Hollman.
Germany, 2015.
Language: German.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Mon chéri. 2015:



Munted. 2011.

Innocence and prejudice weave together in a childs story of betrayal.
Munted is an unusual story about an accusation of pedophilia and its terrible consequences. Set in 1961 in a remote rural community, it tells the story of a ten-year old girl and her friendship with a brain damaged artist. Told through erosions between film and drawing the film is a lyrical and brutal account of the cost of rumour and prejudice.
Set in the early 1960s Munted is an unusual film that tells the story of a mother who returns to retrieve Katrina, her almost feral daughter, from her sisters farm. When it is evident that her sister is not going to give the child up, the mothers attention is drawn to the childs strange relationship with a brain-damaged botanical artist who rents a small cottage on the property.
Across the years of her childhood Katrina has befriended this man.
The artist, who can barely speak, paints delicate if somewhat discordant pictures of the world that surrounds him and it is via these that the story is told. For the first part of the film we are not sure of the safety of their relationship, but following a revelation, we see the cost of rumour on the innocence of their world. As an accusation of pedophilia takes hold the film builds to a dramatic and unforgiving climax.
Director: Welby Ings.
Cast: Ella Edward, Phil Peleton, Tammy Lee, Lise Baldwin, Erroll Shand, Yvonne Stewart, Katrina Ings, Tess Renneberg, Kayla Renneberg, Amy Bridson, Nathaniel Lee, Brian Gordon.
New Zealand, 2011.
Language: English.
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Muñecas / Dolls. 2010.

ES: Cuando Valeria decide dejar de tocar el piano, sale a la luz un secreto que rompe la armonía familiar.
EN: Valeria's family is all love and harmony. However - when Valeria decides to terminate her piano lessons- a secret comes to light- and everything inside the family starts convulsing in an atonal tragedy...
Director: Miguel Salgado.
Cast: Mariana Beyer, Sophie Gómez, Guillermo Larrea, Meraqui Pradis.
Mexico, 2010.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
Download Muñecas / Dolls. 2010:



Anthology of short films. Part 39.

The 39th issue is a compilation of short films on air, it consists of eight mini-films of different countries and epochs - from old Soviet to modern Western ones. Today, I will not disclose the content of the films because I'm lazy)).
1. Brakkvann.
Norway, 2007.
2. Ståtrold.
Denmark, 2009.
3. Mi primer beso.
Spain, 2014.
4. De Loods.
Belgium, 2015.
5. Devochka i smert / Girl and Death.
Ukraine, Russia, 1997.
6. S lyogkim parom.
Russia, 2010.
7. U yunykh aybolitov.
USSR, Belarusfilm, 1980.
8. Rusalchyn tyzhden.
USSR, Odesskaya kinostudiya, 1988.
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