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Anthology of short films.

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Anthology of short films. Part 56.

Continuation of the anthology of the best short films in the world, the 56th issue of the collection of shorts is published. Today there will be no information about the content of mini-films for there are a lot of them today, as many as 13 pieces, and I'm just too lazy, but here there is something to see)).
1. Zabawka. 2013.
2. Ezequiel y la galga María. 2014.
3. Lila. 2015.
4. Pierwsze. 2015.
5. Korotkiy roman o lyubvi / A short love story. 2018.
6. Suspended. 2012.
7. Daniël. 2012.
8. Quiero. 2012.
9. Eclipse. 2014.
10. Marc Jacobs. 2014.
11. Boy. 2004.
12. Bubeník Cerveného kríza / The Little Drummer. 1977.
13. Top 10 Youngest Moms Of All Time. (Documentary).
To be continued...
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Anthology of short films. Part 57.

Continuation of the anthology of the best short films in the world, the 57th issue of the collection of short films is ready for viewing. Today, mostly new films in high quality, exactly 9 pieces.
1. Laps. 2018.
"LAPS" is an Anti-Bullying Short Film centering around a talented young swimmer who is being bullied by some older boys on his team when they recognize his talent. Out of jealousy, the older boys antagonize him until he can't take it anymore. When he finally gets the chance to exact his revenge, he begins to think twice about the consequences of his actions and if it will really put an end to the difficult situation. A heartfelt and honest tale of a boy overcoming adversity, LAPS is a film that families and children of all ages can enjoy.
Director: Ian Lang.
Cast: Brayden Benson, Hunter Wayne Pratt, Cameron Judd, Ian Lang.
USA, 2018.
Language: English.
1280x546 HD
2. Pee Shy. 2004.
A boy becomes so frightened by his scout leader's campfire stories that he humiliates himself one night, and becomes the object of the scout leader's vicious humor....until the troop encounters something truly terrifying in the woods.
Director: Deb Hagan.
Cast: Pat Finn, Nick Offerman, Lucas Till, Blake Neitzel, Kyle Kaplan.
USA, 2004.
Language: English.
3. Vstrecha ili Poslednyaya stadiya evolyutsii. 2009.
Satirical film about the excessive passion of modern schoolchildren mobile phones.
Directors: Nikolay Svobodin, Anton Svobodin.
Cast: Kirill Kostin, Semen Buchi.
Russia, 2009.
Language: Russian.
1920х1080 HD
4. Penfield. 2011.
Is Penfield a place? No, no such place exists. A person then? No. There is no such person.- Is it perhaps a sensation?... Something like irritation in a member that already does not exist.
Director: Isabel de Ayguavives.
Cast: Sonia Madrid, Miriam Martín.
Spain, 2011.
Language: Spanish.
1368x768 HD
5. Moth. 2004.
Tommy is an unhappy seven year old boy who is still grieving for the death of his father, whilst battling with his new stepfather. When a moth dies in the palm of his hand he is fascinated by the residue it leaves behind - "magic dust, that helps the moths to fly" his mother tells him. Tommy becomes obsessed with moths, seeing them as the only way to escape from the conflict around and within him.
Director: Simon Corris.
Cast: Joseph Friend, Julia Ford, Brett Fancy, Thomas Grant.
UK, 2004.
Language: English.
6. Zvezdnoy nochyu osenney. 2018.
Fantasy on a poem by Vladislav Krapivin. The music for this movie clip was written by Vladislav Kruglov.
Director: Andrey Borodin.
Cast: Maksim Praslov, Pavel Ognev.
Russia, 2018.
Language: Russian.
1920х1080 HD
7. Kadetskiy vals. 2018.
Fantasy on books and poems by Vladislav Krapivin on the occasion of his 80th birthday.
Director: Daniel Anderson.
Cast: Pasha Kozakov, Maksim Praslov, Timofey Kamzolov, Misha Ditkovskiy, Vanya Derevyanko, Sasha Dudnikov, Timofey Konev, German Melikhov, Pavel Ognev, Pavel Slabov.
Russia, 2009.
Language: Russian.
1920х1080 HD
8. Fauve. 2018.
Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer...
Director: Jeremy Comte.
Cast: Louise Bombardier, Félix Grenier, Alexandre Perreault.
Canada, 2018.
Language: French.
2048x858 HD
9. Son of Samila. 2016.
New York-based French director Charlotte Rabate talks about her short, shot along the shores of Thailand: “It started with a location and a mermaid statue. We wanted to tell the story of a 12-year-old boy in a fishing village, abandoned by his mother at a very young age. The people of the village would tell him tales of a mermaid, who had no choice but to abandon her son. Once we arrived on location, we connected instantly with Man, a boy who had a story very close to our vision. Son of Samila became a hybrid film, a mix between fiction and reality, just like our character’s world.”
Director: Charlotte Rabate.
Cast: Panumas Mingmueng, Suriya Sahakaro, Somsri Tochanok, Prajoub Teebjeerngkul, Paphawee Yingtaweesuk.
USA, Thailand, 2016.
Language: Thai.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
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Anthology of short films. Part 58.

latest release of the anthology of the best short films in the world, the 58th issue of the collection of short films is ready for viewing. Today, mostly new films in high quality, exactly 8 minifilms.
1. A Gold Star Kid. 2017.
9 years old Matt is finding a 20 euro bill on the pavement. Matt is seeing a soldier in the restaurant which reminds his late father who was a soldier, and he changes his mind to pay it forward that 20 euro bill by the memory of his father.
Director: Reshan Fernando.
Cast: Nils Bento-Connault, Rachid Oumakhlouf.
France, 2017.
Language: English.
1920x800 HD
2. Ya ili R. 2018.
Two girls in summer camp exchanged bodies...
Director: Maksim Trapo.
Cast: Yekaterina Rybalkina, Sof'ya Khramova, Roman Kalinin, Liokadiya Tazhiyeva, Evelina Tazhiyeva, Serafima Kazakova, Adelaida Tazhiyeva, Yegor Putin.
Russia, 2018.
Language: Russian.
1920х1080 HD
3. Mishko. 2018.
Angel, shy and introvert boy, goes to pick apples for sale with his friend Mishko. But as the day goes by, Angel faces more and more the cruelty of Mishko and his own parents.
Director: Hanis Bagashov.
Cast: Igor Angelov, Verica Nedeska, Tarik Ramadani, Marko Ristovski, Veda Spasovic.
Republic of Macedonia, 2018.
Language: Macedonian.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
4. Delfinen / The Dolphin. 2017.
The "Dolphin" begins with Anna leaving her husband in the car to go back to pick up their 7-years old son Robert. The son is very surprised to see her, and Anna takes him on a fantastic journey to the beach to finish the swimming course, the DOLPHIN. They relive a lot of beautiful memories they have gathered from their former trips together. But something is wrong, and only when Anna and Robert swim together in the ocean, Anna has to face reality.
Director: Laurits Munch-Petersen.
Cast: Pernille Andersen, Viktor Andersen, Thure Lindhardt, Laurits Munch-Petersen, Iben Dorner.
Denmark, 2017.
Language: Danish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
5. Neon Heartache. 2013.
A young girl goes into her brother's room and tries to make sense of what she finds.
Director: Danielle Lessovitz.
Cast: Sean Dibona, Eden Einhorn.
USA, 2013.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
6. The World in Your Window. 2017.
Eight-year-old Jesse lives in a twilight world of sadness and silence, squeezed into a tiny caravan with his grief stricken father. They're in limbo, existing more than living. The child intuitively understands that looking forward is harder than looking back, and that's where life happens. But they are stuck, until an accidental friendship with a V8 driving Transsexual unlocks the means for Jesse to liberate his father and himself.
Director: Zoe McIntosh.
Cast: Joe Folau, Lena Regan, David Lolofakangalo Rounds.
New Zealand, 2017.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
7. What Are Friends For? 1980.
Two 12-year-old girls going through a divorce make a pact never to divorce their friendship.
Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal.
Cast: Melora Hardin, Dana Hill, Susan Adams, Michael Currie, Sally Kemp.
USA, 1980.
Language: English.
8. Ici, là, en bas. 2008.
Il était une fois un sexe de petite fille à qui l'on avait ordonné de se cacher dans un monde où on ne le nommerait même pas. Ici, là, en bas. Il était une fois une jeune fille amoureuse d'un jeune homme. Cette jeune fille était triste car son sexe s'était caché. Le jeune homme était perdu car celle qu'il aimait se cachait. Le sexe, lui, voulait tant aimer et être aimé, qu'il s'était mis à crier.
Director: Lise Lefèvre.
Cast: Laurie Lefret, Antoine Laurent.
France, 2008.
Language: French.
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Anthology of short films. Part 59.

Предновогодний, за номером 59, сборник свежих короткометражек со всего мира. Сегодня в антологии представлены 5 минифильмов.
New Year's Eve, number 59 issue of a collection of shorts from around the world. Today in the anthology there are 5 films.
1. Killing the spot. 2001.
Conservas de cerdo. Munecas. Boleros. Y plastico. Elementos dispares y conjuntados a la vez en la mente de un asesino, Bill. El Dr. Basil, su psiquiatra, intentara, en su ultima sesion, hilvanar todos estos elementos para comprender las motivaciones que han llevado a Bill al asesinato.
Director: Albert Perez.
Cast: Juan Marquez, Carlos Lasarte, Quim Bofill, Josefa Rosaler, Merce Llorens, Ignasi Bosacoma, Jose Maria Ponce.
Spain, 2001.
Language: Spanish, Russian.
2. Nadador / The Swimmer. 2013.
ES. Guillermo nunca se atreve a tirarse de cabeza. Pero una noche, cuando la piscina cierre, practicara hasta que lo consiga.
EN. A boy realizes how will his life be in the present and future with or without his crush.
Director: Dani de la Orden.
Cast: Joel Linde, Mireia Vilapuig, Christian Valencia, Laia Barot, Dani de la Orden, Cristina Rodriguez.
Spain, 2013.
Language: Spanish.
3. Sauna. 2018.
An anxious and ungainly teenage boy struggles against bullies, puberty, and his fears of mortality when his parents send him to a summer water polo camp.
Director: Charlie Polinger.
Cast: Alex Rubin, Wayne Baldwin, Zachary Alexander Rice, Mitchell Douglas, Nick Gore, Dylan Darwish, Greg Yoder, Jason A. Faulkner II.
USA, 2018.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
4. Volta. 2014.
A mother and daughter start out from downtown Athens and head to the northern suburbs of the city. Nina thinks she's going on a walk.
Director: Stella Kyriakopoulos.
Cast: Katerina Douka, Marisha Triantafyllidou, Christina Tsatsou, Giorgos Valais.
Greece, 2014.
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
5. Villdyr / Wild Beasts. 2017.
NO. Midt pa vinteren i Nord-Norge, omringet av en vill gjeng med kamerater, blir en ung gutts impulser pavirket av hans tiltrekning mot sin beste venn.
EN. Midwinter in the northern reaches of Norway. A group of kids run riot in the snow - but their mischief exposes a strange tension between two of the boys.
Director: Sverre Kvamme.
Cast: Mads Pettersen, Erlend Antonsen-Meloy, Karoline Marie Rosberg Olsen, Johanne Gjertsen Larsen, Andrea Mortsell Bjerkeseth, Adrian Lesteberg Solberg.
Norway, 2017.
Language: Norwegian.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
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Anthology of short films. Part 60.

This year's latest issue of a collection of shorts from around the world is number 60. Today, the anthology presents 7 films from around the world, both fiction and documentary.
1. A Equação do Amor. 2012.
Cecilia Flores School. 9:15 AM. 3rd grade class. Final exams. Ian, who wonders about dating Nina (who wonders about several other things except dating Ian), dreams about his beloved and gets confused in the solution of his test that can seal his destiny - will our South-American anti-hero be able to solve his problems and not leave this page of his life blank?
Director: Fábio Allon.
Cast: Yasmin Kopp Cominese, Patrick Gessé, Sofia Foitsik de Oliveira.
Brazil, 2012.
Language: Portuguese.
1280x720 HD
2. Swim Zack Swim. 2002.
Tells the story of a young boy's desire to become a competitive swimmer and the challenge of accomplishing his goal.
Director: Sterling Johnston.
Cast: Evan Phillips, Robert Gibson, Debbie Deckert, Adrienne Bissonette.
Canada, 2002.
Language: English.
3. Gotcha. 1991.
Young Marco likes to play pranks on others and really enjoys it, but then his antics backfire and Marco suddenly realizes he had inadvertently placed himself in an embarrassing situation.
Director: Howard Rubie.
Cast: Daniel D'Amico, Melissa Trovato, Barbara Magnolfi, Nicholas Papademetriou, Philip Dodd.
Australia, 1991.
Language: English.
4. Otecko sa mi nepáči.
7-dielny seriál, v ktorom sa v priebehu siedmich dní prehlbujú vzťahy medzi dcérkou a oteckom, upevňuje sa pritom aj vzťah celej rodiny. Keď sa malej Barborke čosi nepodarí, sťažuje sa na otecka čarovnému panáčikovi, ktorý jej občas pomôže. Každý deň otecka a dcérky je plný neobyčajných zážitkov, napätia i smiechu, pretože musia sami gazdovať v očakávaní príchodu mamičky a malého bračeka z pôrodnice.
Episode 2 - Výlet.
Československo, 1991.
Language: Czech.
5. Plavaniye - pervyye uroki / Swimming - first lessons. 2004.
The film shows how to swim for children from scratch: getting used to the water, a set of sliding exercises, setting hands, footwork, and most importantly, learning how to breathe properly.
Russia, 2004.
Language: Russian.
6. Kukolka. 2011.
The answer to the question - How does your child live? - test for the mother of 9-year-old girl Katya.
Director: Yuliya Zavyalova.
Russia, 2011.
Language: Russian.
1280x720 HD
7. Fægtemesteren. 2014.
Vi følger den 10-årige Ruben gennem en hel fægtesæson. Ruben elsker at fægte, og han er en af de bedste i sin aldersgruppe. Ruben forbereder sig til et stort internationalt mesterskab, som han skal til for første gang - et mesterskab, der betyder alt for ham at vinde. For første gang skal Ruben møde modstandere fra de store fægtenationer Frankrig og Italien. Modstandere, som er både ældre, større og mere rutinerede, så han er nødt til at give alt, hvad han har i sig, hvis han skal have en chance for at vinde.
Filmen er en del af serien "Sport Kids" sammen med "Chikara - sumobryderens søn", "Ruth" og "Varicella".
Director: Simon Lereng Wilmont.
Denmark, 2014.
Language: Danish.
1280x720 HD
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Anthology of short films. Part 61.

New, first this year issue of a collection of shorts from around the world is number 61. Today, the anthology presents 6 films from around the world - old and newest, fiction and documentary.
1. A Day With The Boys. 1969.
A group of boys spend their day outdoors exploring, wreaking havoc and letting their imaginations run wild.
Director: Clu Gulager.
Cast: Mike Hertel, Jack Grindle, John McCaffrey, William Elliott, Craig Williams, Mark Spirtos, John Gulager, Artie Conkling, Ricky Bender, James Kearce.
USA, 1969.
Language: None.
1344х720 HD
2. Menino da Calca Branca. 1962.
A favelado boy realizes his dream by winning a white trousers at Christmas. Dressed with her goes out the ways of the hill. Carefully do not dirty it avoid joking with fellows and seek the asphalt to move by keeping it clean. It mimics the adults dressed in white, feeling the same. When watching a street naked, the ball, falling in a puddle spreads mud on his present. He runs back into the arms of his habitat, reintegrated to his people.
Director: Sérgio Ricardo.
Cast: Zezinho Gama, Laura Figueiredo, Sérgio Ricardo, Wanda Daniel.
Brazil, 1962.
Language: Portuguese.
3. Twist & Blood. 2010.
Eleven years old so called Belly-boy is the laughing object among his tears. The parents at all cost want to change him, to slim him down. Belly-boy has yet his own way for relieving the negative emotions but it is a secret. With time he'll give it a way to his friend whom he fancies...
Director: Kuba Czekaj.
Cast: Adam Florczyk, James Fordham, Robert Grabowski, Arkadiusz Janiczek, Monika Kwiatkowska, Maria Maj, Wojciech Urbaniak.
Poland, 2010.
Language: Polish, English, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
4. Janek Bastard. 2017.
Krzysztof, an introverted 10 year old, faces his father's decision to hide a Jewish boy from a nearby village in the family's house. As the new boy prompts the father's attention, Krzysztof develops a flammable jealousy towards the other boy which reaches a dangerous peak and leads him to an irreversible act.
Director: Muriel Naim.
Cast: Jesse Willhite, Avery Walker, Angelique Wiesner, Mackinnley Balleweg, Maritza Brikisak, Bjarne Hecht, Tom McCafferty, Norbi Novak, Vladek Juszkiewicz.
USA, 2017.
Language: Polish, German.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
5. Love and Miss Lily. 2016.
A kindergarten boy must overcome peed pants, a tattling girl, and a playground stand off to win his pretty teacher's favor.
Director: Ruth Baird.
Cast: Rachel Lockhart, Kobe Humphries, Caige Coulter, Van Brunelle, Elisabeth Baird, Helena Claussen.
USA, 2016.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
6. Ostrov malchishek / Poiste saar. 1977.
EE. Pärnu poisteklubi traditsiooniline suvelaager Kõrglaiul, väiksel saarel Riia lahes.
EN. Traditional summer camp in Pärnu Boat Club On a large island on a small island in the Gulf of Riga.
Director: Virve Koppel.
USSR, Eesti Telefilm, 1977.
Language: Russian.
920x720 HD
Download Anthology of short films. Part 61:



Anthology of short films. Part 62.

A new issue of the anthology of short films is ready. Today I am very lazy and therefore only the names of films without additional information. So 10 shorts, mostly fresh in HD:
1. MisteRogers' Neighborhood. 1985.
2. Creatures. 2016.
3. Inschallah. 1989.
4. Charlotte Cardin - The Kids. 2018.
5. Kalle och Bollhavet. 2002.
6. Game. 2017.
7. Dr. Zack. 2010.
8. Timmy Slays the Talent Show. 2018.
9. Les jours sans fin / The endless days. 2017.
10. Pool Shark. 2016.
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Anthology of short films. Part 63.

A new issue of the anthology of short films is ready. Today the collection contains 8 mini-films from different countries and times.
1. Kinobilletten / The Cinema Ticket. 1995.
2. Øresund / Buster. 2012.

Buster is a seriously demanding and frantic child who forces his family and father to seek treatment, to find a cure for his speedy behavior. During treatment conducted by a naturopath the father is taken deeper behind his son's motivations uncovering what seems to be a crucial problem in modern society. One in four children in America are treated with tranquilizing medicine and in Europe leading doctors and child psychiatrists are calling out to bring attention to this increasing problem. How do we deal with frantic children?
Director: Martin Werner.
Cast: Lars Ranthe, Buster Bjørn Werner, Christine Albeck Børge, Uffe Rørbæk Madsen.
Denmark, 2012.
3. Web. 2017.
Three young triplets take matters in to their own hands when a baby rudely interrupts their lives.
Director: Dan Daniel.
UK, 2017.
4. Les enfants de l'histoire. 2016.
C'est la fin du cours de natation. Jules et Noam, 12 ans, ont trainé dans les douches et se retrouvent seuls dans les vestiaires de la piscine.
Director: Aurélien Kouby.
France, 2016.
5. Possum. 1997.
In a backwoods cabin, a boy called Little Man lives with his dad (a trapper), his older sister Missy, and his younger sister Kid, who is feral, spends most of her time under the table, and can imitate the sound of any animal. Their mother is dead. One day, while dad's in town selling skins, Missy teases Kid and gets bitten. There's Hell to pay when dad gets home, and Kid runs off into the night to spend it with her animal friends. Little Man, who narrates much of the story as well as his reflections in a whisper, must sort out loss and emptiness.
Director: Brad McGann.
Cast: Martin Taylor, Stephen Papps, Eve-Marie Brandish, Alexia Verdonkschot.
New Zealand, 1997.
Language: English.
6. Ce qui demeure / All That Remains. 2017.
7. Bloeistraat 11 / Bloomstreet 11. 2018.

Inseparable best friends spend their last summer holiday of childhood amusing themselves around the house. As summer progresses their bodies start to morph and shift and an awkwardness descends on their friendship. Puberty seems determined to interrupt their bond.
Director: Nienke Deutz.
Belgium, Netherlands, 2018.
8. Midtsommernattens skygge. 2011.
It's midsummer, the longest and brightest night of the year. Jon and Line run away from the summer party to hide at their secret place in the forest. The idyll is soon broken, however, when Line has to leave. This will be the last time Jon sees her. New student Truls comes to Jon's school. Will he be able to take Jon's mind off the tragedy?
Director: Stian Einar Forgaard.
Cast: Jon Vågnes Eriksen, Ingrid Philippa Bruun Larsen, Jesper Aarsland Fosdahl, Glenn Andre Kaada.
Norway, 2011.
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Anthology of short films. Part 64.

A new issue of the anthology of short films number 64. Today the collection contains 10 fresh mini-films from around the world.
1. Letizia. 2013.
Letizia is a young woman whose childhood was snatched by a ruthless father who cares because of his illness. Andrew clings to the only silent witness of his drama, his teddy bear called cremita.
Director: Nico Chacón.
Cast: Ana Chacón, Carlos Adrián Chacón, Daniela Chacón, Gabriela Chacón, Leticia Chacón, Laura Maldonado.
Spain, 2013.
Language: Spanish.
2. Rita Koeling. 2002.
Film about the timid boy Anton, who for the first time in his life falls madly in love with one of his classmates.
Director: Hubert Pouille.
Cast: Manon von Liebenstein, Jim van der Panne, Unna Huijsman, Barry Atsma.
Netherlands, 2002.
Language: Dutch.
3. Last day. 2009.
Kishinev. 1990 year. The head of the family is going to go with his family for permanent residence in Israel.
Director: Yevgeny Herzenstein.
Moldavia, 2009.
Language: Russian.
Subtitles: Hebrew, English.
4. Vizsgálat / Examination. 2016.
High school students are bullied at the school boy...
Director: Fekete Tamás.
Hungary, 2016.
Language: Hungarian.
Subtitles: English.
5. These Things Take Time. 2018.
An eight-year-old boy experiences his first heartbreak when he falls in love with his male third-grade teacher.
Director: Jerell Rosales.
Cast: Zackary Arthur, Timothy Cole, Jason Heymann, Samantha Krull, Makana Say, Jack McGraw, Meilee Condron, Ashley Ledbetter, Annmarie Nitti, Aiden Arthur, Alexa Brosamle, Chase Brosamle, Akinyele Caldwell, Zoey Gale, Kaylynn Gardner.
USA, 2018.
Language: English.
1920x804 HD
6. The Boy in the Ocean. 2016.
The 12-year-old German boy, Mathias, discovers his sexuality on a sailing boat i Denmark. Surrounded by water, trapped on the boat with his parents, who still treat him like a child, his desire is to get on land to have new experiences. His desire grows, when he gets fascinated by a Danish girl in the harbor.
Director: Friedrich Tiedtke.
Denmark, 2016.
1280х528 HD
7. Stejně Jako Já / Just Like Me. 2012.
A boy takes his younger brother shooting when his mother leaves them home alone.
Directors: Deana Disalvio, Michael Freise.
Czech Republic, 2012.
Language: Czech.
Subtitles: English.
8. A Better Tomorrow. 2013.
In the near future when water is scarce, Shin and Myra, two orphans following in their scientist father's footsteps, develop a technology that could turn the tides of time and heal the earth. But when dark forces kidnap them in an attempt to steal their father's invention, the device is mistakenly activated and a mysterious power unleashed. While trying to escape their captors, they are magically transported on a voyage out of this world.
Director: Hikari.
Japan, 2013.
Language: Japanese.
Subtitles: English.
1280х720 HD
9. Millimeterle. 2016.
X jumps first. Down in the water, he's not allowed to change position. The goal for Y and Z is to jump as close as possible to X. The one who jumps closest to X wins the game. Measuring their power and proving themselves is part of the boys' everyday life. Even for the 13-year old gentle-natured Yannik. Until his best friend's upcoming sexual curiosity suddenly puts him in a threatening situation. Where is the line between game and reality and what happens if that line is crossed?
Director: Pascal Reinmann.
Switzerland, 2016.
Language: Swiss German.
Subtitles: English.
1280х720 HD
10. Mécanomagie. 1996.
A landscape in which everything moves is afflicted with a figure which is in itself static, but which moves - a kind of mechanic man? In Mécanomagie both the borders of perception and (natural) laws are infringed so that something new may emerge: nature as a boundless state of ecstasy!
Director: Bady Minck.
Austria, Luxembourg, 1996.
Language: None.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 64:



Anthology of short films. Part 65.

The new issue of the anthology of short films number 65. Today the collection contains 8 minifilms both old and new, both documentaries and feature films from around the world.
1. Zamki na peske. 1968.
The poetic world of ten-year-old Kanatbek, who is building sandcastles, is confronted with the prose of the real world.
Directors: Yakov Bronstein, Algimantas Vidugiris.
USSR, Kirghizfilm, 1968.
Language: Russian.
2. Clinical examination of the child.
Director: Peter Coltman.
USA, University of Leeds, 2003.
3. Kuda poydyot Roma? 1985.
A documentary film from the series of newsreel "Soviet Sport" about boys who have not passed the selection of sports schools of the Olympic reserve.
Director: L. Danilov.
USSR, CSDF, 1985.
Language: Russian.
4. Making Maasai Men: Growing Courage Toward Circumcision. 2006.
In 1998, anthropologist Barbara Hoffman worked with a team of Maasai junior elders in Kisamis, a community in the Rift Valley of southern Kenya. All members of the team stressed the importance of the stages of the life cycle and the resulting changes to their status as they progress from children to adult Maasai elders. A male's transition from one step to another is celebrated as his masculine character is molded, honed and refined. Some of these stages are marked by ritual or ceremony, including shaving the hair, circumcision, and marriage. Shows an actual circumcision ceremony.
Director: Barbara G. Hoffman.
Language: English, Maasai.
Subtitles: English.
USA, 2006.
5. Man of The House. 2017.
Comedy and drama collide when a father tries to discipline his unruly child.
Director: Jall Cowasji.
Cast: Arunoday Singh, Meher Mistry, Rustom Tirandaz, Aarushi Jain, Henry Dada, Durga.
Language: English, Hindi.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
6. I Was in Your Blood. 2018.
A young boy falls in love with his babysitter.
Director: Joseph Sackett.
Cast: Colby Minifie, Tre Ryder, Inna Swinton.
1280x720 HD
7. Marc Jacobs. 2014.
A short film about a young boy living in Amsterdam Noord who longs to go on holiday to Morocco with his father.
Director: Sam de Jong.
Cast: Ruhi Belkadi, Oussama Addi, Chaalisa Belkadi, Achraf Meziani.
Netherlands, 2014.
Language: Dutch.
960x720 HD
8. Onán. 2002.
His father caught his 12-year-old son behind masturbation over a pornographic magazine, which he traded from his classmates for cigarettes. He does not punish him, but purposely asserts: "If you do this fifty times - you will die" The boy stretched his pleasure as much as he could for 49 times, and prepared for the sad outcome of tuning for the 50th.
Directors: Abraham López Feria, Pablo Tébar.
Cast: Christian Bautista, Sonia Castelo, Juanjo Cucalón, Daniel Esparza.
Spain, 2002.
Language: Spanish, Russian.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 65:



Schnäbi / Schniedel / Willy. 2006.

14 year old Leander is being teased by the other boys at school because he thinks his willy is too small. The teasing gets worse when he falls in love with Martina who is helping him with his geometry homework. As a result the boys play a game in the changing room and use their protractor triangle from geometry to measure completely different things...
Director: Luzius Wespe.
Cast: Felix Tunger, Maja Bader, Manuel Neuburger, Kilian Hurschler, Andy Knezic, Benedikt Lustenberger, Katharina Medic, Salomo Schweizer, Patrick Mölleken.
Switzerland, 2006.
Language: Swiss German.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Schnäbi / Schniedel / Willy. 2006:



Å snu seg mot solen. 2012.

NO. Norsk kortfilm. Lennart mistrives på skolen. Han hater gymnastikk og særlig den ufyselige gymlæreren. Så en dag flytter pene og mystiske Julia inn i naboleiligheten. De to utvikler raskt et godt forhold og Julia lærer Lennart å slå tilbake. Vennskapet blir imidlertid satt på prøve når Julias vonde fortid kommer imellom de to vennene.
EN. Lennart is bullied at school until the beautiful Julia moves in next door. She teaches him how to fight back, but what will happen when Julia's dark past come between them?
Director: Nina Knag.
Cast: Anna Bache-Wiig, Hedda Marie Bay, Kari Ann Grønsund, Agnete G. Haaland, Kyrre Hellum, Svein Roger Karlsen, Marianne Krogness, Katrine Lie-Jensen, Øystein Røger, Simon Sandbakken, Sebastian Warholm.
Norway, 2012.
Language: Norwegian.
Subtitles: Norwegian, Russian.
1280x720 HD
Download Å snu seg mot solen. 2012: … 2.rar.html



Damer. 1997.

NO. Det kan v?re lurt a forberede seg pa puberteten nar den kan komme hver dag som helst. Det mener ihertfall de to guttene i denne filmen. A melde seg pa kurs i synkronsvomming skulle vel gi en rimelig god sjanse for a treffe damer. Men vet gutta hva et slik mote kan utsette dem for-sann rent folelsesmessig? Det blir litt sterkt for dem i denne sorgmuntre historien.
EN. You may want to prepare for puberty when it may come any day, any time. At least that's what the two boys in this film believe. To enroll in courses in synchronized swimming would give a reasonably good chance of hitting ladies.
Director: Torun Lian.
Writer: Per Schreiner.
Cast: Teodor Gautier Teigen, Oyvind Kensland, Celine Engebrigtsen,
Norway, 1997.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Damer. 1997:



Sexy Thing. 2006.

Georgie, 12, is growing up in Sydney's Western suburbs in the 1970's. She's a tomboy, creative, and a dreamer; but always lives just outside herself and never quite in the present. She creates a magical underwater world to escape paternal abuse, and dreams of sharing this magical world, and the secret beneath it, with her best friend, Lisa. Lisa is in many ways Georgie's opposite: quieter, girlish, at home in her world; but she realizes that Georgie is hiding some silent hurt, and is willing to do anything for her.
Director: Denie Pentecost.
Cast: Jan Langford Penny, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Catherine McClements, Layla Trace, Chris Vance.
Australia, 2006.
Language: English.
Download Sexy Thing. 2006:



Veckopeng eller kyss / Truth or Dare. 2005.

SE. Veckopeng eller kyss? är en svensk kortfilm från 2005. Den regisserades av Malou Schultzberg, som även skrivit filmens manus och producerat den.
En tjej slår vad med killarna. Vinnaren får välja – veckopeng eller kyss? Men bara han som klarar av den svåra utmaningen – att gå genom damernas nakenbad. Vågar de det?
EN. It is summer in Sweden and two boys are given a dare by a girl they know: If they go into the women's area at the pool for naked bathers they will win a prize, if not the girl win one. And the prizes are either pocket money or a kiss.
Director: Malou Schultzberg.
Cast: Ester Sjögren, Buster Söderström, Filip Österlund, Jonas Kruse, Kajsa Svensson, Michaela Darliden, Kristina Thilén, Annelie Ekendahl Gierlöff, Ulla-Britt Norrman-Olsson.
Sweden, 2005.
Language: Swedish.
Download Veckopeng eller kyss / Truth or Dare. 2005: … 5.rar.html



Venus vs. Me. 2010.

Marie is growing up but she mixes up growing and illness. Desperately she tries to handle her complex thoughts and doubts, unable to share any of them with her young and absent mother. Still, there seems to be one place where Marie finds solace, the swimming pool. Image and sound emerge us under water, in a deafness that individualizes colors and sounds as if we are listening to them for the first time. What's interesting about this short is that it doesn't really follow a straight and classical narrative but a puzzled and kaleidoscopical insight into the main character's head. Sound and image are used to enter Marie's complex inner world. Emotions fade giving the impression of reconciliation. The director manages to show us a powerful, unique and touching insight into the complexity of childhood. A very clever and poetic short!
Director: Nathalie Teirlinck.
Cast: Thomas Ryckewaert, Sarah Van den Berghe, Brit Van Hoof, Geert Van Rampelberg.
Belgium, 2010.
Language: Dutch.
Download Venus vs. Me. 2010:



Wagen Nr. 1 kämpft sich seinen Weg. 1939.

A unique rare - a documentary film, whose name can be translated as "Machine No. 1 breaks its way," from Nazi Germany intended to show only for members of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP).
Medizinische Notstandsgebiete im Deutschen Reich.
Arbeit und Einsatz von Landärzten und Hebammen im schwer zugänglich
ländlichen Raum, medizinische Kinderbetreuung und Mutterberatungsstellen.
Indienststellung 80 motorisierter Gesundheitswagen zur
Gesundheitsaufklärung der Landbevölkerung in der Ostmark.
Zensur (DE): 26.07.1940, B.53928, Jugendfrei, volksbildend, Feiertagsfrei, Lehrfilm [»darf jedoch nur in Schulungskursen vor Mitgliedern der NSDAP, ihren Gliederungen und der ihr angeschlossenen Verbänden in geschlossenen Veranstaltungen vorgeführt werden«]
Directors: Karl Zieglmayer, Ulrich Kayser.
Cast: Gert Fröbe, Hans Marr, Annie Rosar, Emilie Giserau, Leo Kieselhausen.
Germany, Wien-Film GmbH, 1939.
Language: German.
Download Wagen Nr. 1 kämpft sich seinen Weg. 1939: … 9.rar.html



Sarkanais pleķis / Red Spot. 2008. HD.

LV. Pirms peldēšanas nodarbību semestra noslēguma sacensībām Pēteris nepaspēj pačurāt. Taču izvairīties  no atbildīgā peldējiena tik spiedīgā situācijā viņam trūkst drosmes. Vēl sliktāk kļūst tad, kad Pēteris uzzina, ka, pat netīšām iečurājot baseinā, ūdenī nepieludzami parādās sarkans pleķis. Šādu grūtību priekšā puikam ir jākļūst par vīru.
EN. 'Red Spot' is life time old story of a red spot appearing in the pool if someone pees in it. In the same time it is a story of Peter – eleven years old boy – struggling his inner fight between being one of his mates or fulfill his rebellion will to be different.
Director: Ugis Olte.
Cast: Rihards Lapsa, Rainers Duncis, Tils Indans, Karlis Moors, Sabine Linina, Inga Misane, Alise Bokaldere, Diana Martukane.
Latvia, 2008.
Language: Latvian.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Sarkanais pleķis / Red Spot. 2008: … 8.rar.html



Océan / Ocean. 2013.

Through the eyes of Jean, a child of ten, we share the everyday life of a family on holiday by the ocean. This summer, at the end of the seventies, Jean realizes that his father and his mother do not love each other any more. Suddenly, the family is confronted with death. Jean discovers the ambivalence of life, its violence, the weakness of men. In the car, in the night, the end of the holidays is loaded with new questions, fears, something like the end of childhood.
Director: Emmanuel Laborie.
Cast: Adam Lenglen, Julia Faure, Michaël Abiteboul, Cyrius Rosset, Stéphane Blancafort, Ellie Etienne, Stella Beuvard, Michel Tavarès, Géraldine Sales.
Mali, France, 2013.
Language: French.
Subtitles: Russian.
1024x576 HD
Download Océan / Ocean. 2013:



Subbota i voskresenie / Saturday and Sunday. 1982.

«Saturday and Sunday» is a Soviet short-length television feature film, the only director's work of cameraman Konstantin Apryatin.
Using no dialogue and with a lyrical score, this sweet film shows a weekend in the life of a young family with a small boy and his determined quest for a pet.
Director: Konstantin Apryatin.
Cast: Andrei Kuznetsov, Irina Alfyorova, Aleksandr Abdulov, Roman Filippov, Valentin Gaft, Vladimir Basov, Tamara Derbeneva.
USSR, Ekran, 1982.
Language: Russian.
Download Subbota i voskresenie / Saturday and Sunday. 1982: … 2.rar.html



Apnea. 2015. HD.

ES. Este cortometraje realizado en Estados Unidos recrea la relación de cariño entre una nana latina y un niña norteamericana que se encuentra a su cuidado. Con una marcada presencia del agua como elemento que une al corto, la película deja en evidencia la contradicción que existe en esta relación, ya que aunque se acompañan con ternura, ambos personajes añoran estar con sus propios familiares.
EN. Little Claire kills time while waiting for her mother’s arrival with María, her Ecuadorian nanny.
Director: Manuela Martelli.
Cast: Ximena Mieles, Rebeca Sandler.
Chile, 2015.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
Download Apnea. 2015:



Baby. 2000.

A teenage boy finds all around him has sexual overtones as he lives a teenage life of drugs and masturbation.
A mesmerising depiction of adolescent sexual anxiety, Baby will resonate with anyone who remembers being a sex-crazed teen. In this early example of his bold taste in acting roles, Ben Whishaw plays a moody teen recalling a sexually-charged visit to a swimming pool. Muscled divers and naked encounters in the shower catch his eye…but is he attracted to the female bathers too?
Director: W.I.Z.
Cast: Ben Whishaw, Janet Mitchell, Clive Hayward, Alex Michael, Mark Moore, Tabitha Denholm, Roberto Spina, Luis M. Sanchez, Andre Gayle, Adam Hughes, Rollo Dunford Wood, Surinda Grewal, Paul Kirsop, Anton Saunders, Helen Oldfield.
UK, 2000.
Language: English
Download Baby. 2000:



De Honger / The Hunger. 2013.

NL. De Honger’ heet die nieuwe film. Aanvankelijk was de naam ‘1963. Het verhaal speelt zich ook in 1963, meer bepaalde op een een woensdagnamiddag, op 29 mei om precies te zijn. Die namiddag gaan drie jongetjes spelen in de duinen. Hun spel wordt onderbroken wanneer ze een ontdekking doen die hun leven voorgoed zal veranderen. Een ontdekking ook die ze altijd geheim zullen houden.
EN. Wednesday afternoon, 29 May, 1963. Three boys are playing soldiers in the vast dunes of the Flemish coast. When one of them finds his sister making love deep in the dunes, their brother-sister relationship is put severely to the test.
Director: Benoit de Clerck.
Cast: Vincent Collin, Dorien De Clippel, Griet De Wolf, Carlos Dewulf, Mathias Van Mieghem, Daan Roofthooft, Julian-Benjamin Lens.
Belgium, 2013.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: English.
Download De Honger / The Hunger. 2013:



Le cri du homard / The Lobster's Cry. 2012.

Absolutely idiotic short film about how in the West see Russia. Not seriously perceive!
A Russian soldier returns from war service in Chechnya. Though greeted warmly by his family, he seems unable to adjust.
Director: Nicolas Guiot.
Cast: Claire Thoumelou (Natalia), Tatiana Gontcharova (Mother), Anton Kouzemin (Boris), Miglen Mirtchev (Father).
France, Belgium, 2012.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: Russian, French.
Download Le cri du homard / The Lobster's Cry. 2012: … 2.rar.html



Le tombeau des filles. 2011.

Sissi and Victoria are sisters. Whereas the younger is slowly emerging from the world of childhood, the elder tries in vain to be a grown up. In the room they share, Sissi is preparing for her gymnastic competition and Victoria has boys coming and going.
Director: Carmen Jaquier.
Cast: Sharon Oberson, Anissa Cadelli, Vincent Weber, Etienne Garachon, Paul Ferens.
Switzerland, Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne, 2001.
Geneve, Cinema Tous Ecrans Festival, Reflet d'Or du meilleur court metrage suisse 2011.
Locarno, Festival del film Locarno, Pardino d'argento (Concorso nazionale) 2011.
Language: French.
Download Le tombeau des filles. 2011: … 1.rar.html



Lesya. 2016. HD.

Amateur short film of a young Director and cameraman Dmitry Rogov born in 1999. This story is about a little girl Lesya, who is terribly afraid of the sea. She is trying to overcome her fear, but sometimes it is much stronger.
Bonus - a short documentary about the film.
Director: Dmitry Rogov.
Language: Russian.
1280x720 HD
Download Lesya. 2016:



Naděje zítřka. 2006.

CZ. Je jí patnáct. Je nejlepší ve všem. Především v tenise. Tedy alespoň v okrese. Prozatím. Otce miluje a nenávidí. Matku miluje a nenávidí. Ona je centrem všeho-rodiče mají jen ji. Takže, kdo jiný by měl být ten nejlepší... Ironická, pro někoho možná až krutá studie úspěchu a jeho extrémních důsledků. Podívejte se! Třeba se náhodou poznáte.
EN. She's fifteen. She's the best in everything. Most of all tennis. At least in the district. For now.
Director: Zuzana (Kirchnerová) Špidlová.
Cast: Marika Šoposká, Jakub Prachař, Alena Štréblová, Zdeněk Pecháček, Jiří Wohanka, Pavel Nečas.
Czech Republic, 2006.
Language: Czech.
Download Naděje zítřka. 2006: … 6.rar.html



Podróż / Journey. 2006. HD.

PL. Bohaterką filmu jest Iwona (Gabriela Muskała). Ma męża i dwie córeczki. Stanowią pospolitą polską rodzinę mieszkającą w typowym, jak na polskie warunki, blokowisku. Iwona pracuje jako kasjerka w supermarkecie spożywczym. Jej mąż, Janusz (Jacek Braciak), jest bezrobotny i tylko od czasu do czasu dorabia pomagając przy przeprowadzkach. Brak pieniędzy i ciągłe kłótnie są w tej rodzinie na porządku dziennym. Pewnego dnia do Iwony dzwoni jej dawny przyjaciel Wojtek i proponuje wyjazd do niego, do Londynu i rozpoczęcie nowego życia. Dla Iwony ta propozycja z czasem staje się coraz bardziej kusząca...
EN. It's a story of a young woman from Warsaw - Iwona who has two children and works in a supermarket. He lives with his unemployed husband in a block of flats. They are always short of money - that causes many quarrels and destroys their relationship . One day Iwona receives a great offer from her old friend - Wojtek. He wants her to move to London and start a brand new life.
Director: Dariusz Glazer.
Cast: Gabriela Muskala, Jacek Braciak, Karolina Paczynska, Katarzyna Paczynska, Maria Maj, Slawomir Orzechowski, Slawomir Grzymkowski, Aleksandra Poplawska.
Poland, 2006.
Language: Polish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Podróż / Journey. 2006:



Panorama. 2016. HD.

Dazed by her mother's death, 9-year-old Hanali travels with her father to a remote town where she meets Rosa, a mother who recently lost her child. Under the weight of their grief, delusion takes hold - pulling the two together as they seek to find what they've lost.
Director: Virginia Urreiztieta.
Cast: Samantha Castillo, Andrés Castro, Martín Gornés, Victoria Da Silva.
Venezuela, 2016.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Panorama. 2016:



Ophelia. 2013.

The forest, the dunes, the ocean. Thomas and Simon, 12 and 9 years old, pedal fast. They know she comes to sunbathe here everyday, naked, on the beach. Away from the rest of the world.
Director: Annarita Zambrano.
Cast: Audrey Bastien, Léo Castell, Django Desplain.
France, 2013.
Language: French.
Download Ophelia. 2013:


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