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Anthology of short films.

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Y qué patatín y qué patatán. 1971.

ES. Y que patatín... y que patatán es una película filmada en blanco y negro de Argentina dirigida por Mario Sabato según su propio guion escrito en colaboración con el guion de Mario Mactas que se estrenó el 30 de septiembre de 1971 y que tuvo como protagonistas a Juan Sabato, Sergio Renán, Julia von Grolman y Fernando Siro. Es el filme póstumo de Calcaño y fue exhibida en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Venecia de 1971.
Cinco episodios que muestran a niños en situaciones límites. Una mirada cruda de la infancia.
EN. Five episodes that reflect a critical look on the universe of children. An ironic metaphor about the training of children and how they respond to limiting situations in their lives.
Director: Mario Sábato.
Cast: Héctor Alterio, Sergio Renán, Walter Vidarte, Julia von Grolman, Cipe Lincovsky, Fernando Siro, Walter Santa Ana, Elena Cruz.
Argentina, 1971.
Language: Spanish.
Download Y qué patatín y qué patatán. 1971: … 1.rar.html



Anthology of short films. Part 73.

The new issue of the collection of short films number 73, today the program has 10 mini-films, including a very ancient one.
1. Na hory / On the Mountains. 2018. HD.
Příběh o tom, co dětem může způsobit obyčejné brouzdání po internetu. A rodičům změnit život...
Director: Brano Holícek.
Cast: Pavla Beretová, Martin Finger, Gabriela Mícová.
Czech Republic, 2018.
Language: Czech.
1920x1080 HD
2. Commando Maria. 2014. HD.
Two mischievous young boys armed with peashooters go to the beach to snipe unsuspecting sunbathers, but find themselves distracted by an attractive young Swedish woman.
Director: Anna van Keimpema.
Cast: Maas Bronkhuyzen, Damien Bonning, Emma Waslander, Sofie Ott De Vries.
Netherlands, 2014.
Language: Dutch, Swedish.
1280x720 HD
3. Stolknoveniye. 2019. HD.
A boy from the USSR pioneer camp falls into a modern children's recreation camp.
Director: Irina Volkova.
Cast: Artyom Berdnik, Ksenia Yartseva, Dmitry Urosov, Maxim Kiseev.
Russia, 2019.
Language: Russian.
1920x1080 HD
4. 9 pasos / 9 Steps. 2017. HD.
Saul's father is losing patience with his son who wakes him up every night. But Saul is very afraid of the dark corridor between his room and the bathroom.
Directors: Marisa Crespo, Moisés Romera.
Cast: Jordi Ballester, Pablo Muñoz.
Spain, 2017.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
5. Teeth and Pills. 2018. HD.
Teeth and Pills is a surrealistic and grotesque black comedy short set in timeless American suburbia. Imagine mixing some odd characters from a Todd Solondz movie, weird vignettes from Miranda July, the absurd humour of Quentin Dupieux and the attention to detail of Wes Anderson. Then add 500 grams of black humor and two spoons of provocation, cook it slowly in a 1950's American kitchen and you will have an idea of what this short movie will taste like...
Director: Andrea Vinciguerra.
Cast: Lela Bergeron, Robert Dunn, Agatha Ayling Eynon, Gemma Goggin.
UK, 2018.
Language: English, Russian.
1280x720 HD
6. Fremde Kinder: Kiran. 2012. HD.
The story of Kiran, who lives with his mother in a yurt in the Pyrenees. Kiran is eight years old and knows how to plant lettuce, which meadow-plants taste good and which you should not eat. His greatest wish is to go to school to learn to read and write at last...
Directors: Alexander Riedel, Bettina Timm/
Germany, 2012.
Language: French.
Subtitles: German.
1280x720 HD
7. Two Naughty Boys Teasing the Cobbler. 1898.
Boys blow peas at the cobbler, who throws a boot and hits a woman.
Director: James Williamson.
Cast: Alan Williamson, Colin Williamson.
UK, Williamson Kinematograph Company, 1898.
8. Andrea. 2010.
Director: Alicia Segovia.
Cast: Clarissa Malheiros, Danae Reynaud.
Mexico, 2010.
Language: Spanish.
9. Dingi. 2012.
Dingi a short film by renowned German film-maker Veit Helmer in cooperation with Goethe-Institut is heading towards the Big Apple!!
Director: Veit Helmer.
Bangladesh, Germany, 2012,
10. The Lumière Brothers' First Films. 1895-1897.
A collection of short films made by the Lumiere brothers, a team of pioneering filmmakers in turn-of-the-century France. Three fragments in which for the first time in the history of cinema on the screen you can see children.
Directors: Louis Lumière, Auguste Lumière.
Cast: Mrs. Auguste Lumiere, Antoine Lumière, Auguste Lumière, Bertrand Tavernier, Félicien Trewey, M. Winckler.
France, 1895-1897.
Language: None.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 73:



Anthology of short films. Part 74.

Another one issue of Anthology of Short Films, today it`s number seventy four. There are 6 mini-films here, all in high resolution
1. Alice ou la vie en noir et blanc / Alice or Life in Black and White. 2005.
Alice, having trouble with her self image, tries to hide her weight and eating disorder from her school and parents.
Director: Sophie Schoukens.
Cast: Fanny Duret, Nicole Duret, Valérie Lemaître.
Belgium, 2005.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English.
2. Volta. 2014. HD.
A mother and daughter start out from downtown Athens and head to the northern suburbs of the city. Nina thinks she's going on a walk.
Director: Stella Kyriakopoulos.
Cast: Katerina Douka, Marisha Triantafyllidou, Christina Tsatsou, Giorgos Valais.
Greece, 2014.
Language: Greek.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
3. La ritirata. 2009.
osa is thirteen. She has a younger sister, Lucia, and a younger brother, Dumì. At the time of the story her parents are away. She has a daily chore her mother gave her and that everybody knows about, especially her grandparents, to whom she and her brothers have been left. Rosa has a big love that she has to take care of, that she has to protect at any cost, and she is the only one to know about it. It is a love that is special and dangerous. Rosa races through the fields, every day the same path underneath a scorching sun, to reach and stay with her love, even if only for a few hours. His survival depends on her. But someone has been spying on her and she is forced to commit an extreme gesture to save her love. And he has to do the same not to compromise her. World war two is around them and in the rest of the world.
Director: Elisabetta Bernardini.
Cast: Valery Usai, Julian Siravo, Romano Talevi, Federica Dezi.
Italy, 2009.
Language: Italian.
Subtitles: English.
4. Girlfriends. 1997.
A Northern Black girl (Britney Nicole Mitchell) of about ten years of age is sent to live with an aunt in the South since her mother can no longer afford to care for her. There, a good friend (Brighton Hertford) is made, but racist neighbors eventually separate the two..., yet not before they can swear an allegiance of friendship to each other. Twenty or so years later, the White girl is married and living with a physically abusive husband. Will her old friend's vow to help out whenever there is trouble be kept?
Director: Deborah Pratt.
Cast: Nicholas Bellisario, Troian Bellisario, Denise Cheshire, Susan French.
USA, 1997.
Language: English.
5. El Cuento de Antonia. 2016. HD.
Battered by incessant winds, this community welcomes Antonia with a ritual of stripping bare the stories she embodies. Being recalcitrant to established orders and endowed with a beauty that defies the widespread poverty, she is the protagonist of a visionary tale for today's Colombia.
Director: Jorge Cadena.
Cast: Mitchailet Lemus, Edwin Padilla, Flor Martinez Rojas, Eudes Rosado.
Switzerland, Colombia, 2016.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1820x1080 HD
6. Petits gestes / Small Gestures. 2002.
A young girl before the mirror. She pretends it is cinema: she acts, flirting, in front of the camera. This very short film allies the insouciance of an child in front of a camera with the reflective, chiselled writings of Jean-Luc Godard.
Director: François Rossier.
Cast: Apolline Gratrand-Dévé.
Switzerland, Germany, 2002.
Language: French.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 74:



Anthology of short films. Part 75.

Next issue of Anthology of Short Films, seventy fifth now. Today, the program has six fresh high-resolution mini-films.
1. She-Pack. 2018. HD.
Anarchy emerges at a public pool party when a group of small girls push the limits of their strength and power.
Director: Fanny Ovesen.
Cast: Elen Kippersund Frogner, Martine Hammerstad, Håkon Mathias Vassvik.
Norway, 2018.
Language: Norwegian.
1280x720 HD
2. Wing: The Fish That Talked Back. 2007. HD.
Wing is six years old and is living in the Netherlands with her family, who are expatriates from China. Little Wing is fascinated by marine life and curious about her ancestral homeland of China. Fantasy and reality begin to mingle in a story concerning little Wing, an old lady who does not talk, some fish and a cup of tea.
Director: Ricky Rijneke.
Cast: Moon Lee Ho, Kiemlang Tjong, Winola Wong.
Netherlands, 2007.
Language: Mandarin.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
3. Girls Room. 2007. HD.
A timid young girl's horrific trip to the school bathroom results in an unexpected friendship.
Director: Maria Gigante.
Cast: Amri Berry, Erin Burniston, Hannah Doty, Alexandria Frisch.
USA, 2007.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
4. Benidorm 2017. 2018. HD.
A tsunami is aproaching the coast of Benidorm. The city becomes empty. Teresa, the owner of a seafront hotel, decides to stay as if nothing was going to happen.
Director: Claudia Costafreda.
Cast: Yolanda Ramos, Tamar Novas, Mara Bahima, Andrea Belil.
Spain, 2018.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
5. Pastel. 2017. HD.
A shy girl must learn how to dance with her brother for their parent's wedding. The dance will mean another pressure to accompany her step into adulthood.
Director: Lallie Doyle.
Cast: Edie Deffebach, Hadley Heckmann, Abigale Martin, Meleah Moore.
UK, 2017.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
6. Vihollinen sisälläni / The Enemy Within Me. 2019. HD.
Cutting is a globally growing phenomenon among today's youth. Physical pain seems to ease internal anxiety. You can look outwardly balanced and healthy yet experience deep anxiety and loneliness. They might see their own body as the only thing they can influence and control. The pain and blood from the cut can create a positive feeling of independence and existence. The pain releases endorphins, which increase pleasure and soothe the mind - you can quickly get hooked. But there is hope - it is possible to leave this dangerous, mind- and body-damaging habit behind.
Director: Milja Viita.
Finland, 2019.
Language: Finnish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
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Anthology of short films. Part 76.

The new release of an anthology of short films. Today there are six films in the program, interesting and all kinds ...
1. Garden of Eden. 1954.
American nudists film.
Director: Max Nosseck.
USA, 1954.
Language: English.
2. A Nena Azul / The Blue Child. 2018. HD.
Hermosa, bellísima narrativa que nos lleva a las cuevas de gigantes, a los cuentos de la Galicia inmortal y al misterio de la Costa da Morte.
Director: Sandra Sánchez.
Cast: Carla Díaz, Lucía González, Sergio Zearreta.
Spain, 2018.
Language: Gallegan.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
3. L'ultima partenza / The Last Departure. 2015. HD.
Il film racconta una storia tutta al femminile, attraverso il rapporto di due donne e una bambina tramite una perdita in famiglia. Come molti Napoletani negli anni 80 trascorrevano le vacanze nei posti limitrofi di villeggiatura. L'ultimo giorno di vacanza giunto, i sentimenti non rivelati per tutta l'estate verranno messi alla prova attraverso l'innocenza di una bambina e il suo amico di giochi.
Director: Chiara Minopoli.
Cast: Laura Schettino, Concetta Marrocoli.
Italy, 2015.
Language: Neapolitan.
1920x1080 HD
4. Om mej och mina vänner. 1973.
Detta barnprogram handlar om Malena som inte tycker att det är så roligt längre sedan hennes bästa kompis flyttat till Norrland, för nu har hon ju ingen att leka med. Men det finns ju faktiskt människor överallt, så vi får se hur det går...
Producer: Margareta Krantz.
Cast: Malena Jönsson Peter Bodén Alice Eklund Peter Malmsjö Kerstin Wolgers Maria Bodén.
Sweden, 1973.
Language: Swedish.
5. Un millón de niños luz. 2011. HD.
The purest darkness covers everything in black. A candle is lit. A girl draws a candle. Draw a boy and it appears. Both smile... But the boy also wants to draw.
Directors: Laura Arensburg, Mariano Swi.
Argentina, 2011.
No dialogs.
1920x1080 HD
6. Niña que espera. 2007. HD.
Angélica, niña de ocho años, se topa con Carlos y Ana en el aeropuerto. Angélica insiste en que ellos son sus papás. Ellos lo niegan. ¿Quién tiene la razón?
Director: Esteban Reyes.
Cast: Julio Casado, Ximena Gonzalez-Rubio, Juan Ríos.
Mexico, 2007.
Language: Spanish.
1280x720 HD
Download Anthology of short films. Part 76:



Anthology of short films. Part 77.

The new release of an anthology of short films, number seventy seven, the last for this year. Today there are ten films in the program, almost all fresh in HD. This time I am very lazy and therefore only the names of the mini-films...
1. Fool's Day.
USA, 2013.
2. Monstagram.
USA, 2017.
3. Freak.
Sweden, Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, 2017.
4. Les jumeaux ne sont pas des Enfants.
France, 2012.
5. Tyler.
USA, 2014.
6. Een meisje wordt vrouw / A Girl becomes a woman.
Denmark, 1978.
7. Spring.
USA, 2017.
8. Desintegración.
Spain, Dream Zero Films, 2014.
9. Curricán.
Spain, UK, 2015.
10. Por un infante difunto.
Spain, Tinieblas Films, 1998.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 77:



Agosto / August. 2015. HD.

IT. Un bimbo, una bimba e il vagabondare sospeso tra gli indizi dellestate. Agosto unatmosfera, il caldo che dilata il tempo e lascia esplodere i luoghi negli occhi dei due piccoli protagonisti.
FR. Deux enfants, la campagne. Les heures que sécoulent, lentes dans un chaud mois daoût. Leur désir daventure.
EN. For the courageous idea to narrate the magical suspension of childhood expanded time, Agosto received the Jury Special Mention. The short film is the first collaborative work between Adriano Valerio and Eva Jospin. It is about two children and their adventures in the countryside during a very hot month of August spent in Northern Italy.
Directors: Eva Jospin, Adriano Valerio.
Cast: Ada Thoretton, Oscar Thoretton.
France, Italy, 2015.
Language: French.
Subtitles: Italian.
1280x720 HD
Download Agosto / August. 2015:



Anthology of short films. Part 78.

The first in the new year release of Anthology of short films, numder seventy eight, is ready. Today in the release are 8 short films, almost all new in HD.
1. En aout. 2014. HD.
Margaux, six years old, awakens early on this August morning. She goes to the window and sees her father putting objects and cardboard boxes into the car.Her mother is still sleeping. This summer morning promises to be a singular one for the little girl, who is about to experience a significant moment in her life.
Director: Jenna Hasse.
Cast: Jenna Hasse, David Lemoine, Clarisse Moussa.
Switzerland, 2014.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
2. Am See. 2002.
DE. Eine verstorende Stimmung in einer idyllischen Landschaft. Die Familie halt an, um an einem See zu bleiben. Zwischen den Eltern liegt eine Spannung, die Kinder sehen zu. Das ruhige Wasser ladt zum Schwimmen ein...
EN. Little Jacob is travelling with his parents and sister. The four stop on the banks of a lake, where father and son decide to go for a swim. At a certain point, the man leaves the water and Jacob remains alone in the middle of the lake. One can make it through childhood even in an absent-minded family
Director: Ulrike von Ribbeck.
Cast: Christopher Buchholz, Simon Engelke, Carolin Hermsdorf, Geno Lechner.
Germany, 2002.
Language: German.
Subtitles: English.
3. Resolute. 2018. HD.
A father is faced with keeping a promise when an epidemic hits home.
Director: James Paul Duncan.
Cast: Karen Boles, Katie Hubbard, Art Parsells.
USA, 2018.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
4. Tick. 2018. HD.
In a post-pandemic society, a vampire in hiding is forced to make a stand when confronted with the oppressive regime who kidnapped and enslaved her family.
Director: Ashlea Wessel.
Cast: Alison Brooks, Ava Close, Alexander De Jordy.
Canada, 2018
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
5. Daddy's Little Girl. 2015. HD.
A precocious little girl uses her self-taught science knowledge to take control and finally tackle the problem of her abusive father head on.
Director: Chad McClarnon.
Cast: Robin-August Fritsch, Michael Kitts, Sulivan Street.
USA, 2015.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
6. Ainhoa. 2016. HD.
Ainhoa Short Film es una sobrecogedora historia sobre uno de los dramas sociales más injustos de nuestra sociedad.
Director: Iván Sáinz-Pardo.
Cast: Aurelia Schikarski, Natalia Mateo, Fele Martínez.
Spain, 2016.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
7. Rehearsal before the concert in the children's ballet school. Elaginoostrovsky Palace in St. Petersburg.
Russia, 2016.
1280x720 HD
8. Tot v sapogakh / The one in the boots.
And Tot v sapogakh came. And he wanted to conquer the Russian Land. But the guys from the children's camp stood up for her defense.
Directors: Natalia Zlobina, Vladimir Kochurov.
Russia, 2015.
Language: Russian.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 78:



Downside Up. 2016. HD.

NL. De wereld is alleen bevolkt met mensen met het syndroom van Down. Tot op een dag een jongen geboren wordt, die anders is. Hij is niet normaal, want hij ziet er een klein beetje anders uit en gedraagt zich ook een klein beetje apart.
De tot de verbeelding sprekende beeldtaal van de film dompelt ons onder in een verhaal waar normaliteit ter discussie wordt gesteld.
EN. In a world where the whole population consists of people with Down syndrome a normal boy struggles to fit in.
A boy born into a future world where everyone else has Down Syndrome. The message, as you might guess, is about acceptance and trying to provoke thinking among non-disabled people about what it is like to function in a society where you area the odd one out.
Director: Peter Ghesquière.
Cast: Hélène De Vos, Jan De Vroey, Milo Huyghebaert, Peter Janssens, Paul Mertens, Jelle Palmaerts, Nico Sturm, Tineke Van Haute.
Belgium, 2016.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
1920x1080 HD
Download Downside Up. 2016:



Anthology of short films. Part 79.

The newest issue of Anthology of short films, numder seventy nine, is online. There are eight mini-films in this collection, almost all new ones including the latest short film by Iván Noel in 4K resolution.
1. Lil Bois. 2018. HD.
Lil Bois is the first film in the traditional and endangered Australian Indigenous language of Ngandi. It also features the languages of Wagilak and Roper Kriol.
Lil Bois (Little Boys), a short film written and directed by Ngandi man Grant Thompson, recently won the Best Ensemble Acting Award from the Cheboksary International Film Festival in Russia.
The film is about a shy boy and his friends who return to their camp after swimming in a billabong, only to find the camp empty and their families gone.
Director: Grant Thompson.
Cast: Dwayne Daniels, Jude Emmett, Joshua Murrungun, Noah Murrungun, Andy Lukuman Peters.
Australia, 2018.
Language: Aboriginal.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
2. Éclair. 2016. HD.
Ohrid, 4th of may 1980. Marko, son of the cook in the Marshal's villa, get's a chance to try the food that has been cooked in front of his eyes all his life.
Director: Marko Gjokovik.
Cast: Igor Angelov, Zvezda Angelovska, Boris Damovski, Dina Jovevska, Sara Klimoska.
Republic of Macedonia, 2016.
Language: Macedonian.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 HD
3. How Does It Start. 2019. HD.
It's 1983 and 12-year-old Rain wants sex, the only problem is she has no idea what that means. With her self-absorbed parents distracted by their recent divorce, Rain is left alone to navigate the complexities of love and adulthood, and learns to do it her own way.
Director: Amber Sealey.
Cast: George Basil, Leonora Pitts, Nican Robinson, Carson Severson, Lindsay Beamish, Sebastian Cabanas.
USA, 2019.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
4. Piel de Cordero. 2019. 4K.
Funny short film about the games of devilish children.
Shot in July 2019 with students from the Noel Films theatre school.
Director: Iván Noel.
Cast: students.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
3840x2160 4K
5. Je suis la fessée / The spanking. 2016. 2016. HD.
9-year-old French boy Max (Antoine Glémain) wants to be the perfect son. To this end, he offers his mother Jody a book with instructions for administering the perfect spanking.
Director: Yves Pinol.
Cast: Antoine Glemain, Isabelle Turschwell.
France, 2016.
Language: French.
1280x720 HD
6. Down the Stairs. 2016. HD.
Clayton Carver is having a great deal of trouble communicating with his young daughter Maddy. Rendered mute by a horrific trauma, Maddy has difficulty expressing herself. Frustrated to the brink, Clayton handles the situation the only way he knows how and reality begins to spiral out of control.
Director: Linda Gabriele.
Cast: Audrey Stith, Jonathan Hodges, Kimberly Warnecke, Christopher Butturff.
USA, 2016.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
7. Into the Light. 2016. HD.
Three young girls escape the reality of their situation with the prayer that a handsome prince will come and save them from their captors so that they can live happily ever after in the castle.
Director: Molly Vernon.
Cast: John Enick, Nia Johnson, Julie Oliver-Touchstone, Sara Gaston, Dan Braverman.
USA, 2016.
Language: English.
1920x1080 HD
8. Seuele voorlichting / Puberty: Seual Education for Boys and Girls. 1991.
This se education film provides the expected information for youth entering puberty, but does so in an explicit manner.
More info: imdb
Director: Ronald Deronge.
Writer: André Singelijn.
Cast: Hielde Daems, Willem Geyseghem.
Belgium, 1991.
Language: Dutch.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 79:
2 parts archive:



Fanny Farveløs. 1997. HD.

Det er en rigtig dum dag. Grå-gammel-leverpostej-karklud-januar-mandag-morgen. Fanny er også lidt snotnæset, så det er nok rarere at blive hjemme under dynen. Fanny spiller syg, og mor hopper på den. Men lige lidt hjælper det, for mor skal på arbejde, og så må Fanny slæbes til dagsygeplejersken og børnepasseren fru Helger. Der er dømt nederlag. Men så sker miraklet. Fru Helger er til fest og farver og eventyr. Og dagen flyver af sted i store kjoler, balsale og badekar - og der er naturligvis også en hvid ridder på en hvid hest!
Director: Natasha Arthy.
Cast: Martin Brygmann, Anne Marie Helger, Sidse Babett Knudsen.
Denmark, 1997.
Language: Danish.
1280x720 HD
Download Fanny Farveløs. 1997: … 7.rar.html


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