Pasanga 2. 2015. HD.

The film Opens with Two normal and healthy Kids Being born,kavin and Nayana,However as they progressively get older they Start getting Very hyperactive and are very troublesome, when they reach the age of seven 7, Both their parents apply them for a well known school who is One of the best in their area, The Andrews Group of School, ALthough their Parents were not Expecting Kavin and Nayana to get through into the school they Surprisingly do. But then the story takes turn, when Kavin and nayana start causing a lot of Mischief and being call to the headmasters office with their parents, and their Grades slip and With no option are made to leave the school. Finding a new school, they move to a different apartment, and here is where the duo meet, and also here they cause lots of mischief and on one occasion,throwing water balloons at the residents, and this is also where they meet therapist Tamizh naadan And his wife venba Tamizh naadan. Conditions get worse When All residents are called to a meeting and everyones protests to the kids' mischief, and both parents agree to put Kavin and Nayana in a hostel, Although Tamizh naadan trys to stop them from making this decision they still carry on and they are forced to go Hostel no matter how much they beg their parents. after months of Loneliness, the duo get depressed and so do the parents and bring the kids back and send them to Tamizh naadans "School", and it turns out that the kids have ADHD and Tamizh naadan explain what this is to the parents. here Kavin and Nayana feel much like the other kids and express their talents, and the School are invited in a Competition called Talentina and Here kavin and Nayana are selected to perform, kavin dances as it is his talent and Nayana explains her life story in the form of birds and the emotional speech makes them win.
Director: Pandiraj.
Cast: Nishesh, Baby Vaishnavi, Ramdoss, Vidya Pradeep, Karthik Kumar, Bindhu Madhavi, Surya Sivakumar, Amala Paul, Gnanasambandam, V. Jayaprakash, Vinodhini Vaidynathan, George, Rekha Haricharan, Samudira Kani, Soori, Seenu Ramasamy.
India, 2D Entertainment, Pasanga Productions, 2015.
Language: Tamil.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
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