Amazon Indians. 3 Films.

Three very interesting and nice documentaries about endangered tribes of Indians of the Amazon.
1. Korubo: A Fight to the End.
This documentary gets inside the world of the most fearsome indians of the Amazonia, the so called Korubo. The cameras will be able to shoot for the first time the daily life of this secret Brazilian tribe.
Director: Luis Miguel Dominguez.
Production: New Atlantis, Avatar producciones, 2004.
2. Kayapo. Txucaramae - Tribe of Chief Raoni.
Amazonian tribe, they are rather unfriendly. He took the name of its leader Mejaron Txucaramae, its called Kayapo tribe, living ambushed in бла-бла-бла...
3. Amazonia. Ultima llamada.
The film is about Zo'e tribe, even some representatives of the endangered indigenous Amazonian jungle.
4. And a little bonus - a short video about the Xingu Indians and their commercial side of life today.
All video 1280x720 HD.
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