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Apflickorna / She Monkeys. 2011.

She Monkeys (Swedish: Apflickorna) is a 2011 Swedish drama film directed by Lisa Aschan, starring Mathilda Paradeiser, Linda Molin and Isabella Lindqvist. The film focuses on psychological power struggles between two teenage girls engaged in equestrian vaulting.
«She Monkeys is a modern western about power, sex, and creatures.»
When Emma meets Cassandra, they initiate a relationship filled with physical and psychological challenges. Emma does whatever it takes to master the rules of the game. Lines are crossed and the stakes get higher and higher. Despite this, Emma can't resist the intoxicating feeling of total control.
Director: Lisa Aschan.
Cast: Mathilda Paradeiser, Linda Molin, Isabella Lindquist, Sergej Merkusjev, Adam Lundgren, Sigmund Hovind, Kevin Caicedo Vega, Nasrin Pakkho, Rebecka Ahlström.
Sweden, 2011.
Language: Swedish, Russian.
Download Apflickorna / She Monkeys. 2011:



Après la guerre / The War Is Over. 1989.

FR. Après la guerre est un film français réalisé en 1988 par Jean-Loup Hubert et sorti en 1989.
Les Américains viennent de débarquer. Dans un petit village du sud de la France, on s'apprête à fêter les libérateurs. Trois jeunes garçons, Julien, Antoine et Gaby, au lieu de répéter avec le reste de la fanfare, préfèrent guetter l'arrivée des Américains qu'ils annoncent à la vue d'une file de blindés. Mais c'étaient les Allemands en train de se replier. Le maire est tué et l'on prévoit un châtiment exemplaire pour les garçons. Gaby est pris tandis que les deux frères Julien et Antoine s'enfuient vers Lyon pour y retrouver leur mère. Ils découvrent alors, réfugié dans un moulin, un soldat allemand cloué au sol par une sciatique. Franz-Joseph est en fait un déserteur et s'il parle si bien le français, c'est parce que sa mère est alsacienne. Après avoir été soigné par une rebouteuse, Franz accepte de faire route avec les deux garçons. Commence une longue marche dans les forêts pendant laquelle Julien et Antoine vont se prendre d'affection pour leur "ennemi", cet homme amer qui n'aime pas la guerre. Deux "collabo" en train de s'enfuir procurent à Franz des habits et une moto et le trio repart. Ils arrivent dans un village étrangement désert. Pendant que les garçons dorment, Franz découvre que les habitants ont été massacrés par les Allemands. Et quand un soldat américain l'aperçoit, Franz, bouleversé, s'accuse en allemand du massacre. Quelques minutes plus tard il est fusillé sous les yeux de Julien et d'Antoine.
EN. The film is set in France in August 1944 at the end of the war. German troops are in retreat as the allies are coming in. Two French boys run from home and on their journey they stumble upon a German soldier. Soon they become friends and together they head towards Lyon...
Director: Jean-Loup Hubert.
Cast: Richard Bohringer, Antoine Hubert, Julien Hubert, Martin Lamotte, Isabelle Sadoyan, Raoul Billerey, Jean-François Dérec, Jacques Mathou, Roger Miremont, Yveline Ailhaud.
France, 1989.
Language: French, Russian.
Download Après la guerre / The War Is Over. 1989: … 9.rar.html



Arakimentari. 2004.

A look at the life and work of Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and his impact on Japanese culture.
The film presents a huge number of Araki's works give an idea of the widest range of interests in taking pictures - from flowers to erotica, from clouds to the bandage, from portraits to landscapes.
Director: Travis Klose.
USA, 2004.
Language: Japanese, English.
Subtitles: Russian, English.
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Art for Teachers of Children. 1995.

Jennifer, an intelligent but insecure 14-year-old student at a boarding school, seduces her married dormitory counselor, a photographer who has offered to teach her about his art and winds up shooting her in the nude. She is naive, and he manipulates her into an affair that eventually is discovered. Years later, as the photographer is being investigated by the FBI, the adult woman remembers her first love as a case of herself watching the artist who watched her.
Director: Jennifer Montgomery.
Cast: Lisa Anomaiprasert, Coles Burroughs, Duncan Hannah, Bryan Keane, Caitlin Grace McDonnell, Jennifer Montgomery, Ruth S. Montgomery, Jennifer Williams.
USA, 1995.
Language: English.
Download Art for Teachers of Children: … 5.rar.html



Así del precipicio. 2006.

Three flatmates in Mexico City face uncertainties: Lucia who has a great job as an art director for TV commercials is abusing alcohol and cocaine. She risks losing her job, going to prison for assault, and she's woefully in love with a bullfighter who may be two-timing her. Carmen, an artist without income, can be manic - snorting lots of cocaine and hanging out with a gay man and a transvestite. What's her future? Hanna contemplates divorce from Abraham, a wealthy momma's boy, and she's disoriented by feelings of attraction to Sandra, a customer at her jewelry store. Can any of these poor little rich girls sort things out in a world of excess?
Director: Teresa Suarez.
Cast: Ana de la Reguera, Ingrid Martz, Gabriela Platas, Daniel Vives, Anna Ciocchetti, Sandra Romano, Alejandro Nones, Rafael Amaya.
Mexico, 2006.
Language: Spanish.
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Aventuras com Tio Maneco / Jorney to an unknown world. 1971.

PT. Tio Maneco (Flávio Migliaccio) leva os filhos de seu cunhado Alfredo (Walter Forster), os meninos Beto (Lui Farias) e Zequinha (Maurício Farias), para passar férias no sítio do avô em Mato Grosso. O avô é um rádio-amador maníaco, obcecado em contatar seres de outros planetas. Ao chegarem ao sítio, Tio Maneco e os sobrinhos descobrem um disco voador. Logo eles têm contato com seres minúsculos, que informam que o avô está em poder de um robô enviado pelos supercomputadores que dominam seu planeta, a fim de descobrir e destruir uma flor misteriosa. Esta flor pode ser encontrada com uma tribo de índios, cujo paradeiro só o avô conhece. Tio Maneco e os sobrinhos saem à caça do avô, enquanto este tenta enrolar o robô o máximo que pode.
EN. Jorney to an unknown world is a highly obscure Brazilian jungle adventure film from 1971 which seems to have been written with kids in mind. In a nutshell, the movie charts the adventures of Tio Maneco, a globe-trotting adventurer who decides to head off into the Amazonian rainforest with his three young nephews (a purely annoying one, a chubby annoying one, and a little annoying one). What follows is, well, difficult to describe...
Three boys and their uncle venture into the Amazon jungle in search of their missing grandfather who's been kidnapped by evil space robots! An unusual and hard-to-find kids film that mixes live-action, animation and some "mondo" footage to tell it's story.
Director: Flávio Migliaccio.
Cast: Flávio Migliaccio, Odete Lara, Walter Forster, Kleber Drable, Rodolfo Arena, Milton Vilar, Alfredo Murphy, Lui Farias, Mauro Farias, Maurício Farias.
Brazil, 1971.
Language: English.
Download Aventuras com Tio Maneco / Jorney to an unknown world. 1971: … 1.rar.html



Baby Love. 1968.

Now 15 years old, Luci grew up alone with her slutty mother in a poor district of London. After her mother's suicide, Robert, her mother's former high-school boyfriend, brings Luci to his home where she meets his rich wife Aimee and their teenage son. However, Robert is not the boy's biological father. Luci makes Robert think that he's guilty of her mother's death, because he left her after he finished university. Nevertheless, she wants to stay with his family in their beautiful home. It seems to them that she wants revenge. The whole family is confused by her strange behavior toward each of them, which is interpreted as sexual advances...
Director: Alastair Reid.
Cast: Diana Dors, Linda Hayden, Troy Dante, Ann Lynn, Sheila Steafel, Dick Emery, Keith Barron, Lewis Wilson, Derek Lamden, Patience Collier, Terence Brady, Marianne Stone, Vernon Dobtcheff, Yvonne Horner.
United Kingdom, 1968.
Language: English.
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Tatínek. 1979.

Děti umí někdy pořádně překvapit! Povídka z oblíbeného cyklu Bakaláři 1979.
Malá Renatka (N. Švédová) dává svému novému tatínkovi (L. Frej) otevřeně najevo, že ho nemá ráda a považuje ho za cizího člověka. Žárlí, že nemá maminku jen sama pro sebe. Když ale maminka (J. Preissová) onemocní, musí se o dítě postarat nový tatínek, který doufá, že tím dcerka pozná, že ji má rád… A jak toto sbližování dopadne? Na to už se podívejte v dnešním bakalářském příběhu.
Director: Jaroslav Dudek.
Cast: Jana Preissová, Ladislav Frej st., Natálie Švédová, Ema Skálová, Vladimír Čech st..
Czechoslovakia, 1979.
Language: Czech.
Download Tatínek. 1979:



Ballet, Sweat and Tears. 2013.

The painful journey from young hopeful to prima ballerina.
Every mother bringing her child to the Academy believes she will be an accomplished ballet dancer. You've raised your child and gone through all the trouble to hand her over, but at best she's going to dance at the back row of Corps de Ballet. Mothers wince when they hear that. Ballerinas are very graceful when they step, but that makes them very miserable because of the pain they suffer from. Sacrifices have to be made. Training is a very stressful experience. Exams and rehearsals are a never ending process. Evaluations are stressful as well. The child is nervous because she doesn't know if her performance is good enough to be accepted. If she is turned down her self-esteem suffers. You have to be very strong mentally and physically to face up to the challenge. If you are turned down, you don't need to give up on everything. There are many up and coming dancers in the theater. Everybody is given the opportunity to dance, but sometimes some of them have plenty of work.
Director: Alexander Avilov.
Cast: Timur Askerov, Lyudmila Kovaleva, Evgenia Savkina, Oksana Skorik, Diana Vishneva.
Russia, RT Documentary, 2013.
Language: English.
Download Ballet, Sweat and Tears. 2013: … 3.rar.html



Bambuľkine dobrodružstvá. 1982. 30 Episodes.

Bambuľkine dobrodružstvá je česko-slovenský rodinný 30-dielny televízny seriál z roku 1982.
Malá 5-ročná Bambuľka (hrá Monika Haasová) sa dostane k pánovi Dedovi Jozefovi (hrá Július Pántik), ktorý ju začne vychovávať. V každom dieli je na rôznych príhodách deťom vysvetlené, ako sa v danej situácii správne zachovať. Film sprevádzajú detské pesničky.
Episode list:
   1. „Prekvapenie“
   2.  „Marhuľový koláč“
   3. „Čistota pol života“
   4. „Veľké upratovanie“
   5. „Výlet“
   6. „Zázračné slovíčka“
   7. „Cukríková choroba“
   8. „Rozprávkový kufrík“
   9. „Dobrú chuť“
  10. „Kamaráti“
  11. „Sedmospáč“
  12. „Gól“
  13. „Siláci“
  14. „Zvedavec“
  15. „Exhibícia“
  16. „Haló, tu Bambuľka“
  17. „Maškara“
  18. „Straka“
  19. „Dve srdiečka“
  20. „Chorá opička“
  21. „Rožky“
  22. „Slivkový lekvár“
  23. „Primabalerína“
  24. „Fialky“
  25. „Najlepší obed“
  26. „Dubák“
  27. „Autíčko“
  28. „Motýlik“
  29. „Ďurko“
  30. „Narodeniny“
Director: Juraj Lihosit.
Cast: Július Pántik, Monika Haasová, Peter Guldan, František Laca, Július Tunčík, Viera Bálinthová, Vladimír Bartoň, Soňa Ulická, Milada Rajzíková, František Kovár, Helena Húsková, Ján Kákoni, Vlado Kostovič.
Czechoslovakia, Ceskoslovenská Televízia Bratislava, 1982.
Language: Slovak.
Download Bambuľkine dobrodružstvá. 1982. 30 Episodes: … 0.rar.html



Barn av byen. 1950.

NO. Om Oslo Kommunes barnevernsarbeid.
Solskinnsbilder fra div. barnehjem, bl.a. fra tuberkolosehjemmet i Åkebergveien, Ths.Heftyes legats barnehjem, Fagerholm, Breidablikk, og feriekolonier på Slagen ved Åsgårdstrand.
Produsert for Oslo kinematografer.
Filmen ble digitalisert som del av et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Oslo byarkiv og NFI/Filmarkivet Nasjonalbiblioteket.
EN. About Oslo municipality's child welfare work.
Sunshine images from div. orphanage, including from the tuberculosis home in Åkebergveien, Ths.Heftyes legat orphanage, Fagerholm, Breidablikk, and holiday colonies at Slagen by Åsgårdstrand.
Director: S. Maartmann-Moe.
Norway, 1950.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Barn av byen. 1950:



BBC: The Human Body. 1998.

Documentary series "The Human Body" is a very unusual and fascinating story of how, in fact, functioning in the human body, interaction between its major systems and organs.
Unique camera technology, using miniature cameras, introduced in the human body, and the use of specially developed computer graphics.
The series consists of 8 films of 50 minutes each, there is a fourth film "Puberty".
Director: Christopher Spencer.
UK, 1998.
Language: English, Russian.
Download BBC: The Human Body. 1998:



Begynnelsen på en historie / The beginning of a story. 1988.

NO. I Margrethe Robsahms debutfilm møter vi syv år gamle Marin, som bor på en idyllisk sørlandsøy sammen med moren sin og to brødre. Det er i slutten av 40-årene, og Marins far er i fengsel for angivervirksomhet under krigen. Marin opplever de voksnes verden som falsk. De voksne straffer henne ved å minne om farens svik, og samtidig blir hennes forsøk på å få vite hva som virkelig har skjedd med faren avvist og fortiet. Hennes eneste støttepunkt er tante Ally, en vimsete og velmenende person med skrekk for tordenvær. Sommeren er lys og vakker, men også en annen mørk sky ligger over Marin. Hun skal sendes på skole i hovedstaden til høsten.
EN. Begynnelsen på en historie (English: The beginning of a story) is a 1988 Norwegian drama film directed by Margarete Robsahm, starring Linda Pedersen, Wenche Foss and Linn Stokke.
It is summer in the late 1940s, and seven-year-old Maren (Pedersen) lives with her mother and two brothers on an island. Her father is in prison for treason during World War II. When summer is over, Maren has to move into boarding school in a big city, a fact that hangs like a cloud over the joy of summer for her.
Director: Margrete Robsahm.
Cast: Linda Pedersen, Wenche Foss, Linn Stokke, Frode Rasmussen, Liv Thorsen, Jan Frode Lunde, Morten Løge, Jan Aagre, Gretelill Henden, Christian Steinsland, Ove Birkeli Pettersen, Espen Benestad.
Norway, 1988.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Begynnelsen på en historie / The beginning of a story. 1988: … 8.rar.html



Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull. 1982. Episode 1.

In der fünfteiligen Romanverfilmung nach Thomas Mann geht es um den gutaussehenden Unternehmersohn Felix Krull. Der galante Lebemann hat eine Begabung dazu, sich durch Lügen und Tricksereien durchs Leben zu manövrieren. Er wickelt Frauen reihenweise um den Finger und drückt sich geschickt vor dem Militärdienst und anderen Unbequemlichkeiten des Alltags. So tritt Felix statt dem Dienst an der Waffe einen von seinem Patenonkel vermittelten Job in einem Hotel in Monte Carlo an. Hier beginnt nun sein Höhenflug in und mit der (zumeist weiblichen) Schickeria des Fürstentums.
Director: Bernhard Sinkel.
Cast: John Moulder-Brown, Magali Noël, Hans Heinz Moser, Pierre Doris, Alain Flick, Klaus Schwarzkopf, Daphne Wagner, Mareike Carrière, Franziska Walser, Rolf Zacher, Rita Tushingham.
Austria, West Germany, France, 1982.
Language: German, Russian.
Download Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull. 1982. Episode 1: … 1.rar.html



Белото Циганче / Beloto cigance. 1984.

MK. Белото Циганче е македонска тв серија снимена во 1984 година. Белото Циганче е роман за деца од македонскиот писател Видое Подгорец. За првпат, книгата била издадена во 1966 година. Исто така, таа била екранизирана од страна на Македонската Радио Телевизија.
Во серијата се работи за едно дете кое било оставено за време на војната во некое село. Додека бегале од окупаторот, група Роми го пронашле и го одгледале. Момчето се викало Таруно и немало никаква врска со Циганите, но научило да ги почитува нивните обичаи, научило како да преживее, да заработи за живот плетејќи кошници. Имал пријатели - Цигани и не судел по бојата на кожата туку по карактерот. Останатите луѓе едноставно не го поднесувале Таруно и го викале Белото циганче. Tој бил срамежлив.
Неколкупати се обидел да се спротистави на селските деца но секогаш завршувал во небрано. Таруно имал убав бел коњ по име Белка. Кога Белка ождребува, раѓа црвено ждребе со бел белег на предната нога. Таруно го одгледува ждребето како негово и го крстува Бреско. Кога Белка умира, кога Бреско е сеуште ждребе, немало кој да го рани и сите изгубиле надеж од него, но Таруно успеа да го одржи жив. Неколкупати Бреско бега и повторно се враќа. Некогаш го нема толку долго време што Таруно почнува да жали и плаче. Приказната за Белото циганче станува уште потрогателна со смртта на неговиот старател, Бабa Мулон го одгледал како свое дете и му помогнал да стане добар човек и умен човек.
EN. Beloto cigance is a Macedonian television series filmed in 1984. Beloto cigance children's novel by the Macedonian writer Vidoje Podgorec. For the first time, the book was published in 1966. Also, it was filmed by the Macedonian Radio Television.
The series is about a child who was left during the war in a village. While fleeing from the occupiers, a group of Roma found and bred. The boy was called Tarun and had no connection with the Gypsies but learned to respect their customs, learned how to survive, to earn a living weaving baskets. He had friends - gypsies and not judged by the color of their skin but by their character. Other people just tolerated Tarun and called White Gypsy. He was shy.
TV series, 7 Episodes.
Director: Aco Aleksov.
Cast: Ilija Dzuvalekovski, Snezana Stameska, Kiril Andonovski, Krste Jovanovski, Rubens Muratovski, Aneta Durcevska, Hristos Popovski, Trajce Ivanoski, Igor Madzirov, Petre Arsovski, Salaetin Bilal, Zora Georgieva.
Yugoslavia, Televizija Skopje, 1984.
Language: Macedonian.
Download Белото Циганче / Beloto cigance. 1984: … 4.rar.html



Ben Loke'ah Bat / Boy Takes Girl. 1982..

Two doctors from Tel Aviv join 'Doctors Without Borders' and travel to Thailand to help out refugees. They leave their daughter, Aya (aged 10) at a kibbutz where the children are housed by age, but not gender. Not only does she have to get used to dealing with a lot of children, making friends and enemies, she has to get used to sharing her room with boys. And sharing the showers with them too.
Director: Michal Bat-Adam.
Cast: Gill Dontchevsky, Ayala Fiszel, Erella Ashkenazi.
Israel, 1982.
Language: English.
Download Ben Loke'ah Bat / Boy Takes Girl. 1982:



Bestialita. 1976.

"Bestiality" was directed by Peter Skerl and co-written by infamous George Eastman of "Anthropohagus" and "Porno Holocaust" fame.This ultra-sleazy Italian thriller is about a young girl,who saw her mother having sex with the family dog.When the woman's husband returns home and sees this,he chains the dog to the house and sets it on fire.Years later this event turns little girl into a total nymphomaniac,who enjoys screwing various guests,who visit the island,where she lives with her dog."Bestiality" is a totally sleazy and politically incorrect film that shouldn't disappoint fans of Italian smut.Tons of sex and nudity with a little bit of zoophilia thrown in plus a surprisingly bloody and off-beat climax.The scene of woman having sex with her black dog is obviously simulated.
Director: George Eastman, Peter Skerl.
Cast: Philippe March, Juliette Mayniel, Enrico Maria Salerno, Ilona Staller, Leonora Fani, Marisa Valenti, Katharina Williams.
Italy, 1976.
Download Bestialita. 1976:



Blumen für den Mann im Mond / Flowers for the Man in the Moon. 1975.

Adam, Evchen, and Manni are looking at the moon through their home-made telescope. Evchen isn't interested, and dismisses the moon as a lump of cheese. Manni, who is a big fan of technology, sees satellites and a car driving over the moon's surface. But Adam hears the moon speak, and hears it ask for flowers to cover its surface. From then on, Adam is determined to breed a kind of flower that can grow on the moon. Although he is made fun of at school and is yelled at by his father, who develops extra-nutritious vegetables for Professor Vitamin, Adam keeps trying. Eventually things take a positive turn. Kondensmaxe, in his airplane, finds Professor Vitamin's old magic greenhouse. It turns out the Professor was herself concerned with developing such a flower, before the war, and is willing to assist Adam in his research. Manni and Evchen support him every step of the way, and so does Adam's grandfather. Eventually Adam's mother even convinces her husband to assist the children...
Director: Rolf Losansky.
Cast: Jutta Wachowiak, Stefan Lisewski, Sven Grothe, Annemone Haase, Gerhard Bienert, Dieter Franke, Astrid Heinze, Dirk Forster, Yvonne Die?ner, Ronald Schwarz, Carl Heinz Choynski.
DDR, DEFA, 1975.
Language: German.
Download Blumen für den Mann im Mond / Flowers for the Man in the Moon. 1975: … 5.rar.html



Borgere av i morgen. 1950.

NO. Film om Oslos folkeskoler. Historisk blikk på Oslos første skoler, elevtallets utvikling og videre hvordan en moderne skole av 1950 setter elevene i fokus.
Produsert for Oslo kinematografer.
Filmen ble digitalisert som del av et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Oslo byarkiv og NFI/Filmarkivet Nasjonalbiblioteket.
EN. Film about Oslo's primary schools. Historic view of Oslo's first schools, the development of the pupils and further how a modern school of 1950 puts students in focus.
Director:Erik Løchen.
Norway, 1950.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Borgere av i morgen. 1950: … 0.rar.html



Boys and girls alone. 2009.

Ten boys and ten girls, aged between eight and eleven, are given the chance to experience life without adults for two weeks.
An ambitious four-part documentary series sees ten boys and ten girls aged between eight and eleven being given the chance to experience life without mum and dad for two weeks. Living in two 'villages' and separated on gender lines, they decide everything about how they live - what they do, what they eat, when they get up, whether they clean and wash and how they organise and entertain themselves.
Who will cope best without mum and dad? And who will build the better world - boys or girls?
Episode 1:
In the first programme, the children arrive in their exciting new surroundings and get to know each other. With comfy beds, and stocks of food, necessities and toys, there's everything they could need to have a...
Episode 2:
After only three days of adventure, the boys - most of who can't cook - are wet, hungry and missing their mums. Meanwhile, the girls have gone from baking cakes to splitting into warring gangs. Looking on, their...
Episode 3:
Last week the children struggled with money, and their self-appointed leaders faced revolution. Now they have a new challenge: a two-day camping trip in the great outdoors.
Episode 4:
The boys and girls face their biggest test: living with the opposite sex. It's not a prospect that thrills everyone - and as the girls make a grab for space they test their limits of the boys' hospitality...
Director: Mark Henderson, Martin Fuller.
United Kingdom, Channel4, 2009.
Language: English.
Download Boys and girls alone: … 4.rar.html



Busters verden / Buster's World. 1984.

DK. Filmen 'Busters verden' er en børneserie og film fra 1984, og det er forfatteren Bjarne Reuter der har skrevet manus, baseret på hans børnebog af samme navn.
Drengen er søn af en arbejdsløs tryllekunster, og Buster forsøger at bevare sin optimisme, selvom han bliver mobbet af de store drenge på skolen.
Samtidig kæmper han med at beskytte sin handikappet lillesøster for omverdenen, og jobbet som bybud er heller ikke let.
EN. Busters verden (Buster's World) is a Danish children's television series and movie from 1984. Based on a play by Bjarne Reuter, Buster's verden deals with the experiences of young Buster Oregon Mortensen. The television series was a break-through for director Bille August, and the soundtrack also provided a hit for the young singer Nanna Lüders Jensen.
Buster is an aspiring magician battling his status as a geek. Making things more difficult is his small size. This movie chronicles Buster's unique way of dealing with bullies, school, his first job and girls.
Director: Bille August.
Cast: Mads Bugge Andersen, Katarina Stenbeck, Peter Schrøder, Katja Miehe-Renard, Signe Dahl Madsen, Jannie Faurschou, Berthe Qvistgaard, Bent Raahauge Jørgensen, Lillian Tillegreen.
Denmark, 1984.
Language: Danish.
Download Busters verden / Buster's World. 1984: … 4.rar.html



Carmen Og Babyface. 1995.

A sister and brother must deal with their parents' divorce in this Danish family drama. It is set during the Berlin crisis in 1962. Carmen, the nervous one, and her brother Adrian, aka Babyface, lead happy lives. Their father is a ceramist, and their mother is an earth momma. After their pappa runs away with an apprentice, the family harmony is shattered. The devastated mother and her children move to a drafty old cottage in the country. The children are outcast by their new schoolmates. Carmen avoids them, but Adrian is bullied. He finally does find a friend, but the friendship is temporary. Adrian's teacher finally provides him the nurturance he craves. An electrical storm brings ominous developments to the little family.
Director: Jon Bang Carlsen.
Cast: Joen Bille, Erich Brandt, Aksel Erhardtsen, Kenneth Friis, Sofie Gråbøl, Ulla Henningsen, Kai Løvring, Rikke Løwenstein, Waage Sandø.
Denmark, 1995.
Language: Danish.
Download Carmen Og Babyface. 1995: … 5.rar.html



Celia / Celia: Child of Terror. 1989.

In suburban Melbourne in the 1950s, amidst the Red Scare and a rabbit plague, Celia (Rebecca Smart) is a troubled nine-year-old caught up in these events, as well as family crises, and whose response to them eventually leads to tragic consequences.
Director: Ann Turner.
Cast: Rebecca Smart, Nicholas Eadie, Victoria Longley, Mary-Anne Fahey, Margaret Ricketts, Alexander Hutchinson, Adrian Mitchell, Callie Gray, Martin Sharman, Clair Couttie, Alex Menglet, Amelia Frid, William Zappa, Feon Keane.
Australia, 1989.
Language: English, Russian.
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Charlotte for Ever. 1986.

Stan, screeplay writer, had his time of glory in Hollywood. Today, alcoholic with a certain envy for suicide, his only link to life is his daughter, Charlotte.
A writer played by Serge Gainsbourg, is asking his agent for money which he needs because he is broke. His agent argues with him, and asks for the script he is supposed to be working on. After some prolonged begging, he finally gets the cash after promising to finish the script.
His daughter Charlotte is used as his on screen offspring here for a sense of reality. They argue constantly about her mother's death in a car accident in which she blames her father for causing. We get repeated flashbacks of a Porsche crashing into a fuel tanker and a fiery explosion. In between, old Serge drinks, has sex with various prostitutes, and reads from classic literature, including Lolita, to his fifteen year old daughter. He has inappropriate behavior with her, including some brief nudity of young Charlotte. The film goes nowhere, it just drifts from scene to scene with no direction. Why Mr. Gainsbourg would subject his young daughter to this subject matter at fifteen...
Director: Serge Gainsbourg.
Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Serge Gainsbourg, Roland Bertin, Roland Dubillard, Anne Zamberlan, Anne Le Guernec, Sabeline Campo.
France, 1986.
Download Charlotte for Ever. 1986: … 6.rar.html



ছেলেটা / Chheleta. 1986.

'Cheleta' is the story of Gopal, an orphan boy who lives in his own world that is close to nature. The milk-woman of the village and another village woman care for him but he is a carefree soul. His best friend is the stray dog. He is rebuked for his ways but he doesn't care for anything. He is thrashed by villagers for his naughty ways, thrown out of social gatherings but nothing affects him. The only being he is concerned about is the dog. So, when the dog is killed by Sammadar for eating his food he is left heartbroken. He is an ordinary boy close to nature in the imperialistic society and so seems to be a misfit.
Director: Santosh Ghoshal.
Writer: Rabindranath Tagore.
Cast: Sabitri Chatterjee, Gopal Dutta, Mamoni Dutta, Partho Pratim Ghosal, Partho Mukerjee, Mrinal Mukherjee, Raja Mukherjee, Somenath Mukherjee, Indrani Roy, Taniya Sharma.
India,  Angel Digital Private Limited, 1986.
Language: Bengali.
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Child Bride. 1938.

Jennie is a twelve-year-old girl living with her parents in extremely rural mountain country. Her schoolteacher, Miss Carol, though a mountain girl herself, has gone off to be educated and returned in hopes of stopping the tradition of child marriage which permeates the culture. Jennie's father Ira is a good man who tries to protect Miss Carol from the men who threaten her if she doesn't call off her crusade. One of these men, Jake Bolby, has his eye on little Jennie and plots to make her his bride.
Director: Harry Revier.
Cast: Shirley Mills, Bob Bollinger, Warner Richmond, Diana Durrell, Dorothy Carrol, George Humphreys, Frank Martin, George Morrell, Angelo Rossitto.
USA, 1938.
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Chroniques sexuelles d'une famille d'aujourd'hui / Sexual Chronicles of a French Family. 2012.

Three generations of a French family open up about their sexual experiences and desires after young Romain is caught masturbating in his biology class.
Director: Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr.
Cast: Mathias Melloul, Valerie Maes, Stephan Hersoen, Leila Denio, Nathan Duval, Yan Brian, Adeline Rebeillard.
France, 2012.
Download Chroniques sexuelles d'une famille d'aujourd'hui / Sexual Chronicles of a French Family. 2012: … y.rar.html



Cienie / The Road Home / Shadows. 1987.

PL. Mały Georg (Rafał Synówka) dowiaduje się w 1945 roku, że jest zgermanizowanym dzieckiem polskim. Wraca z repatriantami do kraju, gdzie w sierocińcu odnajduje go matka (Marzena Trybała). Powolna nauka polskiego rozpoczyna się od przypomnienia imienia - Jurek. Matce okazuje zainteresowanie Edward (Bogusław Linda), miejscowy pełnomocnik rządu. Decydują się wziąć ślub. Jurek z niechęcią patrzy na przyszłego ojczyma, tym bardziej że coraz większy wpływ na niego ma dziadek (Jerzy Bińczycki), wróg "bolszewików", tworzący legendę ojca chłopca, kawalerzysty zaginionego we wrześniu 1939 roku.
EN. During the Second World War, tens of thousands of blonde, blue-eyed Polish children were snatched from their parents and given to German families. Lebensborn was part of Hitler's plan to expand the Aryan master race within the Third Reich. In 'The Road Home', eight-year old Jerzy returns home at the end of the war to a joyful reunion with his long-lost mother and grandfather. But problems arise as he is taunted by his peers and, longing for his missing father, burns with resentment for his new communist stepfather.
Director: Jerzy Kaszubowski.
Cast: Zygmunt Bielawski, Jerzy Binczycki, Mieczyslaw Janowski, Jerzy Kaszubowski, Andrzej Kowalik, Bogdan Kuczkowski, Eugeniusz Kujawski, Igor Kujawski, Eliasz Kuziemski, Slawa Kwasniewska, Boguslaw Linda.
Poland, 1988.
Language: Polish, English, German.
Subtitles: English.
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Cream Lemon Live Action: Ami on the Poolside. 2006.

Ami, raised in China, is a high school student who practices Chinese martial arts and swimming. She comes back to Japan because of her mother's remarriage. Hiroshi, a careless college student, likes to take women’s pictures secretly. Hiroshi goes to a girls swimming pool locker room to take photos with his friend, Takimoto. When he gets home, Hiroshi sees Ami whom he saw at the locker room. Ami's mother and Hiroshi's father gets married and they go on a honeymoon, leaving the two alone in the house. Whenever Hiroshi tries to get near Ami, her martial arts prevents him but gradually they become closer…
Director: Hirota Mikio.
Cast: Kitagawa Emi, Takamine Kakeru, Watanabe Takuma, Anna Tomo, Ezure Kenji, Kitagawa Sayaka, Kosaki Emiri, Kubota Kiyomi, Morikawa Rinko, Nakamoto Tsukasa, Shibata Aya, Yasuma Rie, Mochizuki Misa.
Japan, AMG Entertainment, 2006.
Language: Japanese.
Download Cream Lemon Live Action: Ami on the Poolside. 2006: … e.rar.html



Crepuscule. 2009

In this impressionistic experimental drama, a woman walks a fine line between sanity and madness in a world of constant twilight. Nellie Benner plays a young woman who works at a filling station and lives a life of emotional isolation. No one seems to pay attention to her, and she lives in a run-down flat that looks as if it's decaying before our eyes. As the woman wrestles with the demons that are taking hold within her mind, she frequently confronts herself in the mirror, often while naked. An older man (Titus Muizelaar) who has seen the woman through her windows becomes fascinated with her, but his attempts to integrate himself into her world have strange and unexpected consequences, especially when a gun enters the picture. Shot almost entirely without dialogue.
Directors: Victor Nieuwenhuijs, Maartje Seyferth.
Cast: Nellie Benner, Titus Muizelaar, Rietje Janssens, Arie van Dok, Maarten Wijsmuller, Philippe de Voogdt.
Netherlands, 2009.
Language: None
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