Esclaves des mers / Das Schiff der Kindersklaven. 2009. HD.

Mario and his brother Alonso become committed to fishing in a coral-reef in the southern Philippines. With many other children of different origin they work for starvation wages on the ship of unscrupulous captain Murène. Together they drive shoals of fish into a big fish trap having to use the dangerous muro-ami technique in the coral-reefs. Fastened to a stone, the little divers jump into the water to reach the depth faster. Without any equipment they dive down 30 meters. The brutal captain treats the exhausted children like slaves. After little Boï is fatally wounded by a swordfish, the situation on the ship gets out of hand. When the boys get to know that the captain has killed Alonso and the fishing company had refused payment and the frequently mentioned bonuses, a bloody mutiny breaks out on the ship which drifts uncontrolled on the ocean. A group of boys leaves the ship in a boat. The little deep-sea divers are left to themselves, are found after a long time and, finally...
Director: Joël Farges.
Cast: Angeli Bayani, Anthony Buencamino, Philippe Dormoy, Bong Embile, Argie Fernandez, Bensar P. Hayli, Jerald Napoles.
France, 2009.
Language: Filipino.
Subtitles: German.
1280х716 HD
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