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Som havets nakna vind / One Swedish Summer. 1968.

SE. som havets nakna vind är en svensk komedi- och dramafilm från 1968 i regi av Ulf Palme och Gunnar Höglund. I rollerna ses bland andra Hans Gustafsson, Lillemor Ohlson och Barbro Hiort af Ornäs.
Den unge Leander är en lyckad student i Schweiz, men på det erotiska området går det desto sämre. Han reser tillbaka till Sverige och tillbringar sommaren på sin mors herrgård i en Östersjövik. Där vänder den erotiska lyckan och träffar han en rad kvinnor med vilka han har sexuellt umgänge.
EN. One Swedish Summer is a forgotten gem from the days when skilled directors were at the helm of exploitation films.
Story of only boy in home living with his mother and other female relatives In an early scene, he gets up from his bed completely naked and stands in front of his elder relatives in order to prove he is a grown man, and then his teenage sister comes dancing into the room with her transistor radio pressed to her ear, but upon seeing her brothers nudity she forgets the music and develops a serious lust for him. He then has a sexual encounter with a female by the sea on the rocks as his also naked sister watches with obvious jealousy.
Days later, swimming nude again, he runs smack dab into the Nordic trio of cuties, all of whom, as we see through flashbacks, have developed odd sexual hangups, one of whom being raped by a priest which causes her to re-enact the scenario for pleasure again and again, and eventually does so with our hero, in a perverse scene that is quite out of place in this otherwise conservative yet butt-naked-flesh-everywhere film. Eventually, the sisters lust boils over and the siblings are close to giving in to desire...
Director: Gunnar Höglund.
Cast: Hans Gustafsson, Lillemor Ohlsson, Barbro Hiort af Ornas, Gudrun Brost, Gio Petre, Birger Malmsten, Anne Kulle, Ingrid Swedin, Barbro Hedstrom, Charlie Elvegård.
Sweden, West Germany, 1968.
Language: Swedish.
Download Som havets nakna vind / One Swedish Summer. 1968: … 8.rar.html



Our Little Girl. 1935.

Our Little Girl is a 1935 drama, in which Shirley Temple and Joel McCrea play the leading roles. The film was the final work of the veteran director, John S. Robertson.
The protagonist, Molly Middleton (Temple), is the daughter of a physician, Donald Middleton (McCrea), and his neglected wife, Elsa (Rosemary Ames), who becomes attracted to her husband's best friend, Rolfe Brent (Lyle Talbot).
Our Little Girl is largely overshadowed not only by its predecessors, Bright Eyes and The Little Colonel, but also its immediate successors, Curly Top and The Littlest Rebel all major hits for Temple that launched her international stardom. Unlike her other films of this period, it included no dancing and only one song. She played a character neither partially nor completely orphaned, as she had, or would, in nearly all of her other films. Our Little Girl was the penultimate film by Temple during her time at Fox in which she did not play an orphan. The last such film would be The Blue Bird: in her next thirteen movies, she would play the part of an orphan.
The doctor Don Middleton (Joel McCrea) is so immersed in his work that he neglects his wife, Elsa (Rosemary Ames), who begins spending more time with her husband's best friend. The two develop an intimate attraction. Don and Elsa decide to divorce, ignorant of the effect on their daughter Molly (Shirley Temple). When Elsa decides to remarry, Molly runs away from home.
Director: John S. Robertson.
Cast: Shirley Temple, Rosemary Ames, Joel McCrea, Lyle Talbot, Erin O'Brien-Moore, J. Farrell MacDonald, Poodles Hanneford, Margaret Armstrong, Leonard Carey, Rita Owin.
USA, 1935.
Language: English.
Download Our Little Girl. 1935: … 5.rar.html



Outcast of the Islands. 1951.

Outcast of the Islands is a 1951 film directed by Carol Reed based on Joseph Conrad's novel An Outcast of the Islands. The film features Robert Morley, Trevor Howard, Ralph Richardson, and Wendy Hiller.
Peter Willems (Trevor Howard), a selfish and ambitious man, is accused of stealing in his position as manager of a shipping port operation near Singapore. After he is dismissed for his misconduct he reacquaints himself with the trading ship Capt. Lingard (Ralph Richardson) who befriended him as a 12-year-old boy. Lingard agrees to help Willems regain his reputation by taking him to a trading village located up a difficult-to-navigate channel near the coast of Batam. Lingard's son-in-law, Elmer Almeyer (Robert Morley), operates a trading operation for Capt. Lingard in the village. Lingard asks Almeyer to take Willems under his wing and teach him the business. While Lingard is away on one of his sea trips, Willems abuses his trust, seduces the village chieftain's daughter Aissa (Kerima), attempts to steal Almeyer's business operation, humiliates Almeyer before the villagers, and shares the navigation secrets of the channel with an Arab trader who competes with Capt. Lingard. Lingard returns to discover the mess Willems has made and confronts Willems who has now been condemned by the villagers because of the shame he brought to the frail and dying chieftain. He abandons Willems to live in isolation and exile.
Director: Carol Reed.
Cast: Ralph Richardson, Trevor Howard, Robert Morley, Wendy Hiller, Kerima, George Coulouris, Tamine, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Peter Illing, Betty Ann Davies, Marne Maitland, James Kenney.
UK, 1951.
Language: English.
Download Outcast of the Islands. 1951: … 1.rar.html



Pafnucio Santo / Holy Pafnucio. 1977.

Pafnucio Santo is a 1977 Mexican drama film directed by Rafael Corkidi. The film was selected as the Mexican entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 50th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.
The controversial, sexy, surreal story of a messenger and his journey and encounters with many historical events and people like Auschwitz, the Ku Klux Klan, Frida Kahlo, Cortes and Emiliano Zapata (as a beautiful woman!).
Director: Rafael Corkidi.
Cast: Juan Barrón, Pablo Corkidi, Susana Kamini, Gina Morett, Piya, Jorge Humberto Robles, Sebastián, José Luis Urquieta, María de la Luz Zendejas.
Mexico, 1977.
Language: Spanish.
Download Pafnucio Santo / Holy Pafnucio. 1977:



パコダテ人 / Pakodate-jin. 2002.

JP. 『パコダテ人』は、2002年4月27日公開の日本映画。2002年2月9日北海道先行上映。札幌テレビ放送(STV)が初めて製作した映画。
函館にある銭湯大正湯の娘・ひかるは、はまなす学園に通う高校一年生。ある朝、彼女のお尻にシッポが生えた。思わぬ事態に、秘かな想いを寄せるクラスメイトの隼人と気まずくなるは、函館スクープの記者・早川に追いかけ回されるはで、大混乱に陥るひかる。しかし、家族の愛に支えられカムアウト。一躍、パコダテ人と呼ばれ時の人となる。がそれも束の間、寄生虫を持っているとの噂を立てられバッシングの対象に。そんな彼女に、遂に政府の調査団が迫る。強制連行されれば、人体実験されるかもしれない!? だが、隼人の活躍によって、シッポの原因が長尾製薬会社の新製品ウルトラシップにあったことが判明。ひかるも家族の元から引き離されずに済むのであった。それから数日後、もう誰からもシッポのことを咎められなくなったひかるは、函館山でデートを楽しんでいた。愛の証として、湿布を貼ってシッポを生やした隼人と一緒に。
EN. A girl of roughly sixteen years grows a tail and, in the process, starts a fashion fad. Yet, how will the government and society react when they learn her tail is really attached?
Director: Tetsu Maeda.
Cast: Aoi Miyazaki, Yô Ôizumi, Masato Hagiwara, Miyuki Matsuda, Yu Tokui, Kazusa Matsuda, Hôka Kinoshita, Erika Mabuchi, Shou Ohkura, Nao Ohmori, Yôji Tanaka, Ken Yasuda.
Japan, 2002.
Language: Japanese.
Download パコダテ人 / Pakodate-jin. 2002:



Panny i wdowy / Maidens and Widows. 1991. Episode 3.

Serial opowiada o stu latach polskiej historii z punktu widzenia kobiet, tytułowych panien i wdów. Akcja serialu zaczyna się w roku 1863, a kończy na początku lat 90. XX w. Telewidz śledzi dzieje pięciu dam, wywodzących się z zamożnej rodziny ziemiańskiej o wiele mówiącym nazwisku.
Epicka opowieść o stu latach polskiej historii z punktu widzenia kobiet, tytułowych panien i wdów. Akcja serialu (równolegle powstał też film pod tym samym tytułem) zaczyna się pod koniec powstania styczniowego, a kończy współcześnie. Na tle burzliwych dziejowych zawieruch reżyser opowiada o dziejach pięciu dam, wywodzących się z zamożnej rodziny ziemiańskiej o wiele mówiącym nazwisku Lechickich. W trakcie realizacji filmu autorka scenariusza, znana pisarka Maria Nurowska rozpoczęła pracę nad książką pod tym samym tytułem. Niebawem doszło też do poważnych różnic artystycznych między nią a reżyserem Januszem Zaorskim. Ich owocem były rozliczne polemiki prasowe, które prócz zaakcentowania stanowisk obu stron przysporzyły też filmowi i książce reklamy.
Episode 3:
Zakochaną w rosyjskim nauczycielu Susanne umierająca matka zmusza do zerwania z nim. Odtąd Susanne żyje w Lechicach samotnie. Nieznajoma kobieta przywozi jej z Syberii małą Karolinkę, córkę Karoliny i Edwarda. Karolina studiuje na Sorbonie. W niepodległej Polsce jest lewicującym adwokatem. Wraz z kochankiem Andrzejem broni przed sądem komunistów. Porwana na ulicy przez narodowców, zostaje kochanką jednego z nich, Jana. Rodzi bliźniaki. Endecka grupa Jana morduje Andrzeja. Na jego pogrzebie Karolina głośno wskazuje morderców i zostaje przez nich zastrzelona. Jan wpada w obłęd.
Director: Janusz Zaorski.
Cast:  Maja Komorowska, Katarzyna Figura, Ewa Dalkowska, Maria Gladkowska, Joanna Szczepkowska, Andrzej Zaorski, Jan Nowicki, Wladyslaw Kowalski, Artur Zmijewski, Wojciech Wysocki.
Poland, 1991.
Language: Polish, Russian.
Download Panny i wdowy / Maidens and Widows. 1991. Episode 3: … 3.rar.html



Inés de Villalonga 1870 / I peccati di una monaca. 1979.

ES. Inés es una joven de alta cuna que decide tomar los votos de clausura. Durante su estancia en el convento conoce a Jacobo, hermano de otra novicia, y se enamoran pero el joven resulta herido por los carlistas cuando intenta acercase a su amada.
Escrito por Angelino Fons, se trata de un drama subido de tono que explota el morbo sexual en el convento.
EN. 1870. Agnes, of the wealthy family of Villalonga, enter as a novice in a cloistered convent. He soon falls in love with James, a soldier brother of another inmate, Sister Jacinta, and is answered by it. To be together, the young man invents an excuse, but is wounded by the Carlist.
Director: Jaime Jesús Balcázar.
Cast: María Rey, Mónica Zanchi, Antonio Maroño, Daniel Martín, Marta Angelat, Glòria Martí, Mireia Ros, Antonio Molino Rojo, Manuel Bronchud, Asunción Vitoria, Víctor Vilanova.
Spain, 1979.
Language: Spanish.
Download Inés de Villalonga 1870 / I peccati di una monaca. 1979: … 9.rar.html



Paperhouse. 1988.

Paperhouse is a 1988 British dark fantasy film directed by Bernard Rose. It was based on the novel Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr. The film stars Ben Cross, Glenne Headly and Gemma Jones. The original novel was the basis of a six-episode British TV series for children in the early 1970s which was titled Escape Into Night.
While suffering from glandular fever, 11-year-old Anna Madden draws a house. When she falls asleep, she has disturbing dreams in which she finds herself inside the house she has drawn. After she draws a face at the window, in her next dream she finds a disabled boy named Marc living in the house. She learns from her doctor that Marc is a real person.
Anna sketches her father into the drawing so that he can help carry Marc away, but she inadvertently gives him an angry expression which she then crosses out, and the father (who has been away a lot and has a drinking problem, putting a strain on his marriage) appears in the dream as a furious, blinded ogre. Anna and Marc defeat the monster and shortly afterward Anna recovers, although the doctor reveals that Marc's condition is deteriorating.
Anna's father returns home and both parents seem determined to get over their marital difficulties. The family goes on holiday by the sea, where Anna finds an epilogue to her dream.
Director: Bernard Rose.
Cast: Charlotte Burke, Jane Bertish, Samantha Cahill, Glenne Headly, Sarah Newbold, Gary Bleasdale, Elliott Spiers, Gemma Jones, Steven O'Donnell, Ben Cross.
UK, 1988.
Language: English, Russian.
Download Paperhouse. 1988:



Pappa Pellerins dotter. Del 6. 1974.

Serien handlar om 11-åriga Loella Nilsson, som bor i ett torp i skogen tillsammans med två yngre syskon. Modern arbetar till sjöss halva året, men brukar komma hem på vintrarna. Fadern har hon aldrig träffat.
För att klara tillvaron har Loella två vänner till sin hjälp: skogsmannen Fredrik Olsson och tant Adina. Pappa Pellerin är inte Loellas pappa, utan en fågelskrämma som hon har ställt upp, dels för att skrämma bort främlingar, dels som en plats där de tre vännerna kan lämna saker till varandra.
En dag får Loella ett brev från sin mamma där hon meddelar att hon inte kommer hem den här vintern, då hon fått ett välbetalt arbete i Amerika. Hon förklarar vidare, att hon ordnat så att vänner till henne skall ta hand om småsyskonen, samt att Loella fått en plats på ett upptagningshem för barn. Loella blir mycket besviken och motsätter sig detta till en början, men faller till föga när tant Adina hävdar att det finns en mening med allt något som får Loella att intala sig, att hon kommer att träffa sin pappa om hon följer med in till staden.
Inledningsvis blir vistelsen på barnhemmet och i skolan konfliktfylld, och Loella har svårt att anpassa sig, men efter hand möter hon människor som blir hennes vänner. Sökandet efter fadern tar upp stor del av Loellas tid, och vi får ta del av hennes dagdrömmar om hur hon kommer att möta honom.
Director: Stellan Olsson.
Cast: Maria Gripe, Bolette De la Cour, Ole Blegel, Peter Blomberg, Birgit Eggers, Karin Ekberg, Lars Elfving, Peter Hüttner, Anita Linde, Kristina Merker, David Schwieler-Hermoza, Lilly Schwieler-Hermoza, Erik Tani, Ingrid Tani.
Sverige, 1974.
Language: Swedish.
Download Pappa Pellerins dotter. Del 6. 1974: … 6.rar.html



Parta za milión. 1990.

CZ. Režisér Rudolf Růžička natočil ve zlínském studiu dětský kriminální film Parta za milión. Zatímco v obdobných snímcích s kriminální zápletkou zpravidla děti pomáhají dopadnout pachatele, v tomto díle je to poněkud jinak. Klukovská parta z frajeřiny (kvůli sázce) přepadne poštu. Vzápětí se zjistí, že v pytli, který tam ukradla, nejsou dopisy, nýbrž téměř milión korun. Trvá to dlouho, než se chlapci rozhodnou lup vrátit. A mezitím se odehraje řada věcí. - Ve filmu je značný prostor věnován přípravě a provedení loupeže, a potom vývoji vztahů mezi dětmi, které se dostanou k velkým penězům. Tvůrci se snažili, jistě s dobrými úmysly, vnést do tradičního dětského příběhu něco nového. Zaujmout malé diváky dobrodružnou akcí a přitom přinést i poučení o neblahé roli chamtivosti a touhy po bohatství. Pokusili se charakterizovat své hrdiny bez obvyklé přetvářky, ukázat dnešní kluky takové, jací opravdu jsou. - Morální vyznění jejich filmu je však přece jen pochybné. Vědomí viny jednoho protagonisty nemůže vyvážit skutečnost, že se chlapci dopustili závažného činu, který zůstal nepotrestán.
EN. Using plastic guns, young Kadel and friends robbed the mail to retrieved a letter, not realizing the mailbag contained money and lots of it.
Director: Rudolf Ruzicka.
Cast: Zybnek Tihelka, Vít Holer, Jirí Majstr, Roman Hlavac, Milan Novák, Lenka Roubciková, Jakub Skopek, Jakub Janos, Stefan Vydra, Michal Horák, Frantisek Svihlík.
Czechoslovakia, 1991.
Language: Czech, Russian.
Download Parta za milión. 1990: … 0.rar.html



Path to Manhood: The Mek, Papua New Guinea. 2004.

High in the rugged highlands of the New Guinea rainforests live an elusive tribe called the Mek. Their villages cling to mountain peaks, which soar to a staggering fifteen thousand feet. The Mek\'s recent history is one of cannibalism and tribal warfare. They still maintain their ancestral customs, virtually untouched by the outside world. This is the story of one of the elders, Barnabas, and the coming of age of two young Mek boys, Mabet and Dimius.
Director: John Miles.
UK, 2004 (2002).
Language: English.
Subtitles: Portuguese.
Warning: poor quality video.
Download Path to Manhood: The Mek, Papua New Guinea. 2004: … 4.rar.html



Die Legende von Paul und Paula. 1973.

DE. Paul ist unglücklich verheiratet. Gegenüber seiner Wohnung lebt die alleinstehende Paula mit ihren beiden Kindern. Ihre Begegnung in einer Kellerbar wird zu Leidenschaft. Während Paula sich fortan im siebten Himmel wähnt, bleibt Paul distanziert, will den Schein seiner Ehe wahren und so seine Karriere schützen. Er kann die schönen Momente zwar genießen, aber die Affäre und ihre möglichen Folgen beunruhigen ihn. Erst als Paula ihren Sohn durch einen Unfall verliert und sich daraufhin von ihm distanziert, spürt er die Tiefe seiner Liebe zu ihr und kämpft um sie. Die beiden werden zum Paar. Kurz darauf wird Paula erneut schwanger. Die Ärzte sind davon überzeugt, dass Paula aus gesundheitlichen Gründen die Geburt eines dritten Kindes nicht überleben wird. Paula entscheidet sich für das Kind und stirbt bei der Geburt.
EN. Paul and Paula have had bad experiences with love: Paul is financially well off but has lost all affection for his wife, and Paula leads a troublesome life raising two children on her own. They meet and discover a strong passion for each other. Life seems like a dream when they're together - but their short flights from the burdens of reality are once and again interrupted by Paul's ties to family and career.
Director: Heiner Carow.
Cast: Angelica Domröse, Winfried Glatzeder, Heidemarie Wenzel, Fred Delmare, Rolf Ludwig, Käthe Reichel, Hans Hardt-Hardtloff, Frank Schenk, Dietmar Richter-Reinick.
DDR, DEFA, 1973.
Language: German.
Download Die Legende von Paul und Paula. 1973: … 3.rar.html



Pecado Horizontal. 1982.

PT. Após 15 anos sem se verem, três amigos (Marcos, Bruno e Guina) se reencontram durante um casamento na cidadezinha onde foram criados. Cada um dos três conta uma aventura sexual do passado ocorrida com alguma mulher da cidade. A partir daí, o filme é intercalado com passagens em flashback que mostram as histórias de cada um.
EN. In a small town, three men meet after 15 years for a wedding and, instead of attending the ceremony, they go to a bar and start remembering the past, along with their sexual adventures.
Director: José Miziara.
Cast: Mariza Sommer, Matilde Mastrangi, Zilda Mayo, Paulo Ramos, Antônio Fonzar, Danton Jardim, Clayton Silva, Felipe Levy, José Miziara, Renée Casemart, Rubens Moral, Genésio de Carvalho.
Brazil, 1982.
Language: Portuguese.
Download Pecado Horizontal. 1982: … 2.rar.html



Pervoe Priznanie / A First Confession. 1974.

A romance story about the first love set in a Georgian village.
Director: Pavle Charkviani.
Cast: Vaja Abuashvili, Irakli Kenchoshvili, L. Dolidze.
USSR, Georgia, 1974.
Download Pervoe Priznanie / A First Confession. 1974: … 4.rar.html



Pětka s hvězdičkou / The Inseparable Five. 1985.

Veselý dětský film o pětici sedmáků, kteří prožívají velké i malé příhody a dobrodružství v jihomoravské obci Čejkovice. Staňo Matička, Rosťa, Edison, Fera Ondráček a cikán Štefan Daniel zvaný Daňo jsou nerozlučnou pětkou kamarádů. Díky dalekohledu jednoho z nich jsou první kdo vidí příjezd nového mladého učitele Petra Mikeše. Pomohou mu se zavazadly a dokonce mu zařídí byt tak, aby byl obyvatelný, mimo jiné palmou, která v sále kulturního domu cudně zakrývá nahotu sochy Thálie. To je jen první z "průšvihů", které učitel s pěticí kamarádů během školního roku prožije. Když se za ním nakonec přistěhuje jeho dívka Petra a její uvítání se klukům zvrtne do další katastrofy, nemůže už zkušeného učitele nic rozházet. Dobře ví, že s klukovkou pětkou si ještě užije.
Director: Miroslav Balajka.
Cast: Jan Hartl, Dušan Blaškovič, Marián Zednikovič, Mojmír Maděrič, Václav Sloup, Simona Stašová, Milena Steinmasslová, Václav Babka, Eva Řepíková, Jaroslav Kuneš, Břetislav Rychlík, Alois Liškutín, Stanislav Tříska, Barbora Štěpánová, Zdeněk Dvořák, Iva Hüttnerová, Irena Žáčková, Eva Matalová, Milena Marcilisová, Matouš Rajmont, Miroslava Kolářová, Miroslav Kučera.
Czechoslovakia, 1985.
Language: Czech.
Download Pětka s hvězdičkou / The Inseparable Five. 1985: … 5.rar.html



Piccoli fuochi / Little Flames. 1985.

EN. The Italian childhood fantasy Little Flames (Piccoli Fuochi) concerns 5-year-old Dino Jakosic. Proving too much for his parents, Jakosic is often sent to his room, where he interacts with several bizarre "imaginary" playmates who bedevil the servants with their sadistic pranks (the audience is never certain whether the playmates are real or whether the boy is pulling off the pranks himself). Valeria Golino plays the family's new maid, whom Jakosic takes a liking to. He begs his playmates to leave Golino alone, but out of jealousy they plan an awful revenge on the poor woman. In a startling sequence, Golino's boyfriend is tied to a bed and set afire. Jakosic confesses to the murder (indeed, as mentioned, he may have done it), but no one believes him capable of so horrible an act. Little Flames does not so much end as stop abruptly, with Jakosic bidding his playmates goodbye after they've wreaked their last havoc. Be sure not to book this one for your kid's next birthday party.
A schizophrenic look at the sexual life of a five-year-old boy, from the child's and the adult's point of view.
IT. La vita affettiva di Tommaso (un bimbo di sei anni) non e molto ricca. Sensibile e pieno di problemi com'e, e poco seguito dal padre, uno scrittore inconcludente, e dalla madre, impegnata nel suo lavoro e un po' isterica. Per il che Tommaso si rifugia in un mondo di fantasticherie e di personaggi amici: un Re bizzarro e nano, un drago pacioccone ed un luccicante "robot" di latta. Il giorno, pero, che i genitori lo affidano ad una ragazza bella e sensuale, la quale gli si affeziona ed a cui il piccolo si attacca profondamente, la vita di Tommaso cambia in maniera radicale. In un misto di ingenuita e fantasia, oltre che di autentico bisogno schietto e ricco di "amore" (infatti, ad un certo momento si fa promettere che essi "si sposeranno per sempre"). Ma la ragazza ha gia una sua vita privata e ben altri rapporti con un bullo grossolano e anche manesco. Quando Tommaso viene portato dai due in moto fino alla casa di lui, il tipo, per tenerlo tranquillo, gli fa dono di un piccolo calcolatore e, mentre gioca con questo, il bimbo sente, con oscuro senso di disagio, tutto cio che sta accadendo nella camera vicina. Naturalmente egli comincia a detestare l'amico della "sua" Mara e la realta con le sue crudezze ha la meglio sui sogni ed i personaggi delle favole e delle fantasie infantili. Tommaso comincia lo sciopero della fame: mentre si trova in clinica sotto flebo, egli sogna che il bullo muore nel rogo della propria casa. In effetti il tizio sara trovato morto bruciato (una bottiglia vuota vicino al suo letto). Mara e interrogata dalla Polizia e poi, considerata innocente, e lasciata libera; sara pero licenziata dai genitori di Tommaso. Lei arriva perfino a sospettare che il bambino (nelle cui mani vede il calcolatore, datogli a sua insaputa dall'amico), sia l'autore dell'incendio. Ma una ipotesi simile e assolutamente folle. Cosi Mara tornera da Tommaso misteriosamente attratta dalla forza sincera di quell'affetto, mentre i due distratti genitori rapiranno, dopo l'oscuro episodio, quanto poco si sono occupati del loro figlio e di quanto amore egli abbia bisogno.
La buona riuscita del film e dovuta in gran parte al sapiente approccio dell'autore a una tematica per lui tutt'altro che nuova - basti ricordare quella che forse e la sua opera piu nota. 'Piso, pisello' - e alla formula ben indovinata dell'integrazione tra fantasia e realta. Un valido contributo e stato offerto anche dal piccolo Dino Jaksic, che ha saputo rispondere alle indicazioni del regista con i suoi occhi colmi di pensieri inespressi, sempre seri e malinconici. Valeria Golino, a tratti un po' insicura, e sembrata tutto sommato abbastanza disinvolta, piu che nei panni si dovrebbe dire nella pelle di Mara, cui fa da contrasto, con brevi ma piacevoli apparizioni, Daniela Giordano, dolcissima e affidabile maestra d asilo.
La vita affettiva del piccolo Tommaso non e serena: sensibile e pieno di problemi com'e, il bambino si rifugia in un mondo di fantasticherie e di personaggi amici. Un giorno, pero i genitori lo affidano ad una ragazza bella e sensuale, la quale gli si affeziona ed alla quale Tommaso si attacca profondamente.
Director: Peter Del Monte.
Cast: Dino Jaksic, Valeria Golino, Carlotta Wittig, Mario Garriba, Ulisse Minervini, Daniela Giordano, Simona Tedeschi, Patrizia Barbera, Giancarlo Caponera..
Italy, 1985.
Download Piccoli fuochi / Little Flames. 1985: … 5.rar.html



Materske znamienko / Pipo Schafft Alle. 1985.

Der kleine Tomas Pipo (Jozef Vrabel) Pipko aus Bratislava nimmt einen Irish Setter in Pflege, den er Silvo tauft. Er fahrt mit ihm auf dem Fahrrad zu Onkel Sirak (Viliam Polonyi) aufs Land. Dort trifft er Marian Djurina, genannt Maros (Andrej Belak), und Katka (Katka Sulajova) aus dem Kinderheim. Nach anfanglichen Schwierigkeiten werden Pipo und Maros beste Freunde. Als die Adoptiveltern mit Mario nicht zurechtkommen, nimmt Pipos Familie ihn bei sich auf.
Die Folgen dauerten jeweils eine halbe Stunde. Die Serie lief im gleichen Jahr unter dem Titel Pipo schafft alle in der DDR.
Director: Marta Gogalova.
Cast: Jozef Vrabel, Andrej Belak, Ivo Gogal, Jan Gresso, Mikulas Huba, Lubomir Kompanik, Iveta Kozkova, Jan Kroner, Zofia Martisova, Lubomir Pavlovic.
Czechoslovakia, 1985.
Download Materske znamienko / Pipo Schafft Alle. 1985:



Pippi Langstrump / Pippi Longstocking. 1969. The best episodes

SE. Pippi Långstrump är en svensk TV-serie från 1969 i 21 delar, baserad på Astrid Lindgrens barnböcker om Pippi Långstrump. Det var till största delen inspelad i och nära Visby och med barnskådespelarna Inger Nilsson ("Pippi"), Maria Persson ("Annika") och Pär Sundberg ("Tommy") i de centrala rollerna. På grund av svensk-tysk samproduktion deltog ett antal tyska skådespelare, vars röster dubbades till svenska i den svenska visningen.
1973 presenterades en omklippt version av TV-materialet som långfilmen Här kommer Pippi Långstrump. 1970 års Pippi Långstrump på de sju haven är dock en separat produktion med i stort sett samma skådespelare.
Pippi Långstrump bor ensam i Villa Villekulla eftersom hennes mamma är ängel i himmelen och hennes pappa kung på en Söderhavsö. Syskonen Tommy och Annika blir hennes vänner och de 21 olika TV-avsnitten handlar om deras äventyr ihop.
EN. Pippi Longstocking (Swedish: Pippi Långstrump) is a Swedish TV series based on Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking children's books. The show ran for 21 episodes, the first episode being broadcast 8 February 1969 on Sveriges Television.
The series' theme song, "Here Comes Pippi Longstocking" ("Här Kommer Pippi Långstrump") was composed by Jan Johansson (in one of his last works, before his death a year before the series aired), with lyrics by Astrid Lindgren. The song was sung by series star Inger Nilsson.
A mysterious young girl, Pippi Longstocking, moves into the abandoned Villa Villekulla. The redheaded Pippi, living alone but for a monkey called Mr. Nilsson and her horse Little Old Man, befriends two neighboring children, Tommy and Annika. Soon inseparable companions, the three youngsters embark upon a series of colorful escapades, which turn the small Swedish town upside down. Local busybody Miss Prysselius schemes to have Pippi put into a children's home, and sets the town's bumbling cops Kling and Klang on her with riotous results!
Episode List:
01. Pippi flyttar in i Villa Villekulla.
09. Pippi hittar en spunk.
11. Pippi är skeppsbruten.
12. Pippi håller avskedskalas.
14-17. Pippi Långstrump på de sju haven.
18-21. På rymmen med Pippi Långstrump.
Cast: Inger Nilsson, Maria Persson, Pär Sundberg, Hans Clarin, Paul Esser, Margot Trooger, Ulf G. Johnsson, Göthe Grefbo, Fredrik Ohlsson, Öllegård Wellton, Beppe Wolgers.
Sweden, West Germany, 1969.
Language: Russian (Swedish).
Download Pippi Langstrump / Pippi Longstocking. 1969. The best episodes:
Episodes 01, 09, 11, 12: … 2.rar.html
Episodes 14-17: … 7.rar.html
Episodes 18-21: … 1.rar.html



Plenilunio. 1999.

A lonely police detective tracks down a crazed child murderer. The movie develops both characters equally well. Most of us would be drawn more to the depiction of the killer as an aberrant type. He is well played as a person lost in his own world, with no friends, selling fresh fish, and drinking alone, unable even to ask for the check at one point, due to his acute inwardness. Our detective discovers the nude body of a young girl in the woods, the work of our killer. Unlike other films of this kind, this one moves (or plods) along at an absorbing pace, giving time for the detective to develop a relationship with an equally lonely school teacher. At one point, while they are making love, the killer is busy with another victim.
Director: Imanol Uribe.
Cast: Miguel Angel Sola, Adriana Ozores, Juan Diego Botto, Fernando Fernan Gomez, Charo Lopez, Chete Lera, Maria Galiana, Noelia Ortega, Chiqui Fernandez.
Spain, France, 1999.
Language: Spanish.
Download Plenilunio. 1999:



Poil de carotte. 2003.

FR. Poil de carotte est un téléfilm français réalisé par Richard Bohringer et diffusé pour la première fois le 14 avril 2003 sur TF1.
Benjamin Lepic, dit Poil de carotte, doit son surnom à la couleur de ses cheveux et à ses taches de rousseur. Sa mère a fait du petit rouquin son bouc émissaire. Quant à son père, il ne s'occupe de ses enfants que le week-end. Conscient du sort réservé à son cadet, M. Lepic convie son fils à une partie de pêche. Mais Mme Lepic ne compte pas laisser Poil de carotte s'en aller aussi facilement...
EN. A good-natured kid struggles to earn his mother's love without much success.
Director: Richard Bohringer.
Cast: Fanny Cottençon, Antoine Nguyen, Richard Bohringer, Jérôme Hardelay, Lou Bohringer, Christopher Boyadji, Constance Dollé, Henri Marteau, Damien Jouillerot.
France, 2003.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: English, French.
Download Poil de carotte. 2003: … 3.rar.html



Pornografie in Dänemark - Zur Sache, Kätzchen / Pornography in Denmark. 1970.

DE. Siegfried Maier kommt nach Kopenhagen um eine neue deutsche Brillenkollektion vorzustellen. Der dänische Optiker (Gerd Ernie Duwner) ist begeistert, schickt den verwirrten Handelsreisenden allerdings erst einmal, gemeinsam mit der Optikerhelferin Ulla in die Pornoshops von Kopenhagen. Das Angebot ist groß und Herr Maier wird immer verwirrter. Als man ihn dann auch noch für einen Pornodarsteller hält
Das hört sich bescheuert an? Ist aber noch wesentlich bescheuerter. Was für ein dämlicher und zugleich suspekter Film. Die Credits geben keine genauen Angaben, so dass man sich eine Zuordnung von Schnitttechnikern und Musikkomponisten knicken kann. Produziert wurde das Teil von der Repa Filmproduktion GmbH, als Verleih wird der Müller Film Verleih angegeben. Die Regie übernahm Michael Miller (wer immer das sein mag) unter dem Pseudonym Dr. Renato Frustratus.
PORNOGRAFIE IN DÄNEMARK ist ein teilweise fader, aber auch (der deutschen Synchronisation wegen) amüsanter Film. Es werden einige selten dämliche Dialoge geführt. Dabei hat man jedoch vergessen auf die Lippenbewegungen zu achten, denn hier liegt wirklich jedes Zitat (nicht nur im übertragenden Sinne) neben der Spur.
Die Handlung (darf man das überhaupt so nennen?) ist sehr, sehr dürftig. Die Sexszenen sind schmierig hoch zwölf. Die Unterwäsche der männlichen Darsteller kann als Sepp Herberger Gedächtnis Collection bezeichnet werden. Neben der Handlung (die eigentlich keine ist) bringt der Film ein wenig Flair aus den Reportfilmen, sowie Archivmaterial (scheinbar aus dem Mülleimer gepickt) ein. Das erste Drittel verzichtet auf Sexszenen, später mehren sich unerotische Asi-Sex-Szenen.
das Nutten-Aquarium, da wird gebumst bis die Socken qualmen. (Taxifahrer)
Fazit: Wenn man abgehärtet (und dem Schwachsinn nicht abgeneigt) ist, kann man auch hier ein paar witzige Minuten erleben. Alle anderen sollten vor Ansicht mit ihrem Facharzt sprechen.
EN. Is Copenhagen the "paradise" of pornography? An innocent but tormented German young man travels to the Danish metropolis in order to challenge his sinful thoughts. There he meets the charming and saucy Ulla, who shares a lot of hot tips.
Director: Michael Miller (as Renato Frustratus).
Cast: Hans-Werner Bussinger, Gerd Duwner, Chris Larsen, Miriam Liv, Ute Marin, Günter Vaessen, Siegfried Zügel.
West Germany, 1970.
Language: German.
Download Pornografie in Dänemark - Zur Sache, Kätzchen / Pornography in Denmark. 1970: … 0.rar.html



Prázdniny u starej mamy. 1976.

SK. Pôvodný televízny film o chlapcovi z mesta, ktorý nachádza na dedine ozajstných kamarátov.
Malý Paľo se vrací domů z pochodového cvičení. Ve schránce nalézá pohled o d kamaráda Štefana z Ilanova. Chce, aby tam přijel Paľo na prázdniny. Rodiče chtějí, aby jel s nimi na Jaltu. Nu, nakonec cestuje vlakem do Ilanova. Pavel přibezl Štefanovi dýku, legrace je v tom, že Štefan koupil Pavlovi naprosto stejnou. Další den u budovaného koupaliště vzniká spor. Pavel nestavěl, a Vincek nechce, aby se tedy zde koupal. Pavel tedy s kamarádem a holkou odchází. Nalézají přilbu, do které natrhají maliny. S těmito přijdou opět ke koupališti. Za maliny je možno se vykoupat, jenže kluci je sežrali všechny do jedné. Dochází k pořádné Bukovské pranici. Později se kluci koupou jen tak, protože spadli do vody při chytání pstruha. Vinco jim sebere šaty a hodí do vody, což vidí jejich kamarádka Julka a také později pěkně práskne. Jenže kluci museli s hanbou nahatí domů. Za to Vincovi rozebralo kolo a jeho součástky rozvěsili po stromě. Vinco jim za to zažene husy do jahod, když při jejich hlídání usnou...
EN. The original television film about a boy from the city, who is in the village of real friends.
Director: Dušan Kodaj.
Cast: Matej Landl, Mária Markovičová, Božidara Turzonovová, Igor Hrabinský, Ivan Rajniak, Lotár Radványi, Ľudovít Greššo.
Czechoslovakia, 1976.
Language: Slovak.
Download Prázdniny u starej mamy. 1976: … 6.rar.html


Schulmädchen-Report. Part-1. Was Eltern nicht fur moglich halten.
Schulmädchen-Report: Was Eltern nicht fur moglich halten (Schoolgirl Report Part 1: What Parents Don't Think Is Possible) (UK release title: Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl) is a 1970 German so-called sex report film directed by Ernst Hofbauer, based on a book by Gunther Hunold (which presented interviews with twelve girls on their sexual lives) and produced by Wolfgang C. Hartwig. The music by Gert Wilden combined beat lounge and acid rock.
The film was a commercial success in 1970, topping the German cinema charts for weeks. Although it still had elements of the "Aufklarungsfilme" (sex education films) of the 1960s, it was quite exploitative - and the audience knew it.
This was the first in a series that would last thirteen titles until 1980. According to IBDB Episodes 9 and 10 feature Ursula Reit also known as Augustus Gloop's mother Mrs. Gloop from the 1971 film "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory".
Director: Walter Boos.
Germany, 1970.
Format : AVI / 656x432
Duration : 78 min
File Size : 1360 MB
Download Schulmädchen-Report. Part-1:


Schulmadchen-Report. Part-2. Was Eltern den Schlaf raubt.
Director: Walter Boos.
Germany, 1970.
Format : AVI / 688x512
Duration : 85 min
File Size : 1360 MB
Download Schulmadchen-Report. Part-2:


Schulmadchen-Report. Part-3. Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen.
Director: Walter Boos.
Germany, 1971.
Format : AVI / 672x432
Duration : 76 min
File Size : 1360 MB
Download Schulmadchen-Report. Part-3:


Schulmadchen-Report. Part-4. Teil - Was Eltern oft verzweifeln lasst.
Format : AVI / 672x432
Duration : 76 min
File Size : 1360 MB
Director: Walter Boos.
Germany, 1972.
Download Schulmadchen-Report. Part-4:


Schulmadchen-Report. Part-5. Teil - Was Eltern wirklich wissen sollten.
Director: Walter Boos.
Germany, 1973.
Format : AVI / 672x432
Duration : 72 min
File Size : 1360 MB
Download Schulmadchen-Report. Part-5:


Schulmadchen-Report. Part-6. Was Eltern gern vertuschen mochten.
Director: Walter Boos.
Germany, 1974.
Format : AVI / 672x432
Duration : 84 min
File Size : 1360 MB
Download Schulmadchen-Report. Part-6:


Schulmadchen-Report. Part-7. Doch das Herz mus dabei sein.
Director: Walter Boos.
Germany, 1974.
Format : AVI / 528x336
Duration : 92 min
File Size : 1360 MB
Download Schulmadchen-Report. Part-7:


Schulmadchen-Report. Part-8. Was Eltern nie erfahren durfen.
Director: Walter Boos.
Germany, 1975.
Format : AVI / 720x448
Duration : 84 min
File Size : 772 MB
Download Schulmadchen-Report. Part-8:


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